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Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal Foreseen

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Black fire flashing in his eyes, President Obama late night addressed his nation and confirmed in action what my oracle had foreseen and anticipated 21 months ago, even though it long remained a lone prescient voice in a wilderness of future gazers who just did not believe Obama meant what he said. Well, he does mean what he said about withdrawing US troops from Afghanistan, starting next month, July 2011 and by the time July 2012 comes around he pledged that 33,000 US soldiers will leave Afghanistan. My oracle believes that number will be far higher as we will see.

Here then, is a review of some of my oracle’s predictions, dated and documented within the blog pages of as well as published and dated for my annual yearly predictions in the e-books

Predictions for 2010 and Predictions for 2011. Note the posting dates in red. Each set of quotes are followed by an assessment from today.


8 September 2009:
Lex, the web master of the Coast to Coast AM, produced this concise and comprehensive overview of the subjects George Noory and I tackled the night before in a radio show broadcast across North America (click on Coast to Coast AM)

“Appearing during all 4 hours of the show, prophecy scholar and expert on Nostradamus, John Hogue discussed his predictions for 2009, the future of the economy and the Obama presidency, and also touched on Nostradamus’ writings about the Antichrist. In reviewing some of his previously published predictions for 2009, Hogue reported that he’d been accurate about foreseeing Obama handling three international crises by the early spring, and that the new Republican Party chairman would be an African American.

“Obama will be a two-term president, but he won’t come into his own until his second term, when he’ll evolve from being an agent of compromise to fighting to change the system, Hogue stated… The war in Afghanistan will turn into a quagmire, like Iraq was to the Bush administration, and the US will disengage from the conflict sometime between 2010 – 2013, he predicted.

If you link to that archived show you will hear me tell George Noory that Obama would initiate a troop surge of 40,000 soldiers but he would put an 18 month deadline on the troop surge and begin pulling US forces out of Afghanistan. It is important to remember that when I said this in early September 2009, Obama was months away from deciding on the troop surge. There was no talk of a deadline until he later announced his plans in December of 2009 to put an 18-month deadline on the surge securing Afghanistan amounting to an added 33,000 US and 8,000 NATO troops (40,000 in all).

In a blog posted 8 October 2009, click on Afghanistan War, I made the following observation based on a prediction signed off nearly 9 months earlier on 24 January 2009, see italics:

8 October 2009:
The future historians will tell you what I say now: America lost the war in Afghanistan at the Battle of Tora Bora. If Obama is seduced into thinking by a blast of CEOs-in brass at the Pentagon that he can win what was lost by digging in deeper into that broken chaos of a corruptly ungovernable country, he will fulfill my warning passed for the prophetic record in Predictions for 2009 [published on 24 January 2009]:

I see in Obama a Kennedy-like obsession about going into Afghanistan and perhaps even Pakistan to hunt down Usama bin Laden…

Is that sign of blunder coming to test Obama’s first year in office?

Yes! Mars passes through Cancer from 8/26/09 to 10/17/09.

We wait to see if Obama will Kennedy or L. B. Johnson himself into his own ill-aspected Mars in Cancer Vietnam. (The Gulf of Tonkin Incident in 1964 under Johnson’s watch, which became grounds for the Vietnam War, happened under the same [astrological] aspect.) The other recourse is to ignore the rush of war and visualize Obama begin a methodical strategic retreat that will see US involvement in Afghanistan all but end in the next three years.

I am of the oracular mind that Obama will dramatically increase US military involvement for a time much shorter than the Pentagon chiefs want in hopes of dramatically seeking out and destroying al-Qaeda, even though it is no longer strategically significant and could very well be the cause of the collapse of Pakistan as I warned in Predictions for 2009.

Obama did make his momentous decision to surge troops into Afghanistan during the Mars in Cancer transit; however, he is on record being mindful of the mistakes of Johnson in Vietnam and has said he would not keep US forces trapped in a strategically untenable situation. Though most news network talking expert heads dismissed this possibility for the next 18 months of a serious withdrawal, my oracle did not.

The oracle’s views were reflected in prophecies for 2010 signed off on 1 November 2009:

1 November 2009
Afghanistan under Obama is little different in popular opinion than Afghanistan under eight years of Bush indecision. The country wants the troops home, however Obama seems poised to listen to the brass and bemedaled Pentagon CEOs of the military industrial complex who want to keep the war business there going on. He’s sending a lot more troops soon, unless I’ve happily misread my oracle.

Predictions for 2010

A month later, on 2 December 2009, Obama announced his troop surge in Afghanistan in a speech held at the US Military Academy at West Point. In the next passage my oracle anticipated in detail the surge, the number of NATO and US troops in the surge, the record combat casualties to come in 2010, the bloodiest losses in the war so far, and the timeline for surge troop withdrawals to begin 18 months later (July 2011):

1 November 2009
When Obama reads about the mistakes of Vietnam he should avoid turning Afghanistan into his own “Vietnamistan” by enabling what President Kennedy planned but Vice President Johnson ignored. Kennedy had the intestinal and strategic fortitude to plan a withdrawal from South Vietnam and cut US losses early in his second term. Assassination and Johnson’s ascent to the presidency ended that plan. Johnson poured in more troops and there we have his cautionary tale. If Obama isn’t careful, all of his good will, political capital and dreams of changing America will be squandered in an obsession of deeper involvement in Afghanistan. Obama’s change revolution undermined just like Johnson’s Great Society.

Beware of it in 2010 Mr. Obama because I know you will raise US troop involvement in Afghanistan to its highest level. You will endure tolls of American dead and wounded per month as high as the Iraq Occupation at its peak. I also discern with oracular help that you have bargained with the Pentagon to affect a compromise strategy. The generals prevailed upon you to receive their 40,000-troop increase, but you will counter putting the surge on a short time leash of 18 months. If Afghani urban civilian populations aren’t protected and their infrastructure improved, if the endemic corruption of Afghani government isn’t hosed down to a tolerable stink. If moderate Taliban supporters don’t have a “Taliban awakening” akin to the Sunni awakening, the true source of the Iraqi Surge success, if Taliban and al-Qaeda bases aren’t closed and cratered by the Pakistanis, then President Obama, you will pull all US troops out of Afghanistan in time for the 2012 presidential elections

Predictions for 2010

The final lines above give glimpse to the future after July 2011. At the time of this assessment (23 June 2011), there are hopeful signs of negotiations between the warring Pashtun factions: the Karzai Regime US forces prop up talking with elements of the Taliban insurgency leadership. I do foresee a political solution coming in the wake of troop withdrawals that will precipitate more troops leaving Afghanistan than announced yesterday by President Obama in his current time table: 10,000 by autumn 2011 followed by another 22,000 by Summer 2012. My oracle commented on this possibility while enlarging its vision when I signed off on the following prophecies for 2011 on 21 December 2010:

21 December 2010:
Obama will make 2011 the year of “terrible twos” for his liberal and antiwar base. He’ll try to win Republican favor by extending the Bush tax cuts another two years. He will announce that the deadline to begin combat troop withdrawal in Afghanistan set for July 2011 will be pushed back two years. A date for ending the war pushed two years after that to 2014.

(Let me state for the premonitory record: this isn’t what will really happen. These pledges of intent by the president are “just words”. He will begin the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan in July 2011. Moreover, Iraq will be emptied of all but around 15,000 military advisors by the end of 2011.)

…What will happen in Afghanistan in 2011?

I’ve predicted for a while now that tribal solutions between Taliban and Hamid Karzai-leaning Pashtuns is the only potentially positive solution. Obama will bust a Nixon-in-Vietnam move. He’ll cut losses declaring “Peace with Honor”. The Pashtuns will then bring back what was once called the “national covenant” that had ended with the deposing of the Afghan king by Soviet forces invading Afghanistan in 1979. The covenant will return by 2012 as a frail political creature, a loose association of tribal leaders ruling like warlords and mafia bosses in a patchwork kingdom with a weak federal center, granting strong autonomy to tribal warlords.

Predictions for 2011


I will close this review of prophetic successes with a review of my interpretation of a Nostradamus prophecy about the advent of a “Black King” who I believed is America’s first African American President destined to take troops into Pakistan and kill a top candidate for Nostradamus’ third Antichrist, Osama bin Laden. The segment is from Nostradamus and the Antichrist Code Named: Mabus (see the e-book, click on Nostradamus). This passage is one of the earliest oracular assessments I recorded about a game-changing event in the Afghanistan conflict, the killing of Usama bin Laden on the ground in Pakistan by US Special Forces. I wrote this in the summer of 2008 publishing it at the end of September 2008. Note the passage in red:



Sa main derniere par Alus sanguinaire
Ne se pourra par la mer guarentir:
Entre deux fleuues craindre main militaire,
Le noir l’ireux le fera repentir.

6 Q33

His power finally through the bloody USA
He will be unable to protect himself by sea.
Between two rivers [Mesopotamia–Iraq] he will fear the military hand,
The black king will make the angry one repent of it.

A right interpretation depends on divining who is the subject of these vague third person personal and possessive pronouns. Play with it in French and the anagram Alus sanguinaire (Bloody Alus) becomes L’USA sanguinere (the bloody USA). Le noir (the black) may be an anagram for le roi n(oir): “the black king.” Earlier interpretations had a black robed Shia cleric of Iran or Iraq who makes the angry one, such as Saddam Hussein, repent; however, if this applies literally to an African American future president, then it might describe Barack Obama’s Iraq policy in future action.

The Greek Meso (between) potamia (two rivers) is Iraq geographically defined as the land between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. This round of interpretation presumes President Bush the angry one made to repent his invasion of Iraq by Obama who pulls out combat troops in the first 16 months of his presidency. Another candidate for angry one is Usama bin Laden who will repent ordering al-Qaeda to infiltrate Iraq during the Bush administration. The Black president (king) will increase US forces in Afghanistan, killing or capturing Usama in a military incursion into Pakistan


History quickens again, especially in natural disasters. In the year of the 12 great catastrophes — one at least per month — it is hard to decide which historic event will win this dubious sweepstakes in June. Will it be the Arizona Wallow Fire, the state’s greatest fire in recorded history? Should we consider the “fire in the skies” of prolonged record-breaking heat waves across much of the southern and eastern portions of America? The 12,000 people of Minot, North Dakota, who must evacuate their flooding city? Shall we give the reward to the great volcanic eruption two weeks ago of Puyehue, the Chilean volcano, now sending an ash cloud a second time around the Southern Hemisphere disrupting flights in and out of Australia and New Zealand and covering wide areas of Chile and Argentina in ash?

What would be your choice, my readers? Send me your comments in the box below, or contact me privately.

The subject of my next blog will depend on what current event or events conjoin prophetically urgent messages in these accelerating times. We will certainly assess my 2011 predictions about the weather, which once again appears to be my oracle’s most accurate take. Also accurate was its insight into the outcome of important Supreme Court rulings and the future of the watchdog Elizabeth Warren, the TARP oversight Panel Chair and President Obama’s “special advisor” tasked with creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Though Republicans and Democrats in Congress, beholden to our corrupt Wall Street and the big “Bangsters” will ensure she never is elected head of the CFPB, Obama will find a way to put her in charge.

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John Hogue

(23 June 2011)

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