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Neptune in Pisces is Hobbit Forming

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Neptune returns to Pisces and gives us a surging wave of revolution just like what happened in Europe in 1848. Revolution’s wave is not solely political or social when this transit returns every 164 years. Neptune in Pisces influences all things intuitive, bold and artistic in human imagination. The returning 13-year long cycle may focus on several art forms or powerfully change and expand just one. Yet fundamentally in all cases, these Neptune-Piscean cycles make available the stimulation of human “communication” of the higher mind and heart in us, in the arts, in painting, in the sciences – empirical or political – in theater, music, dance, and so on, even religious communication can experience schism, revolt, reformation and counter-reformation during these rare transits.

For instance, back in 1520, there was an explosion of the Renaissance out of Italy and across the rest of Western Europe. The social network of the printing press came into full power and influence, spreading ideas across frontiers, creating a demand to the end of Christian religious tyranny that prevented people from reading their scriptures in their own languages. Painting and sculpture reached new heights through Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Raphael. Science began its rebellion against Astrology with Copernicus beginning what Galileo in the next century would complete: a new understanding based on evidence of the cosmos and the solar system that threw Earth finally out of its superstitious-religious position in the center of God’s universe.

Jump forward 164 years and one revolution of Neptune around the Sun back into Pisces in 1684 and art and music has evolved into a new form of communication in music. The Baroque period reached its full flowering with Lully, Biber, Pachelbel, Corelli, and Purcell. Johan Sebastian Bach would be born a few years into the transit, as would be Rameau, Handel and Scarlatti.

Bach would become the the harmonic and orchestral foundation upon which modern classical music would be built another round around the Sun of Neptune in 1848 what would bring into full flower Romantic music. However more than this, the 1848-1861 transit brought a total revolution in music and performance – a new concept of multimedia as well as the seeds of modern musical atonality. These innovative breakthroughs are perhaps best exemplified in the operatic theatrical works of German composer Richard Wagner.

Richard Wagner. Public domain.

He created during the onset of that transit, a series of essays and books on the future of art and music. He conceived the concept of art forms merging more than one discipline to enhance a theatrical performance – in other words, the idea of multimedia art – over 100 years before artist Bobb Goldsteinn coined the word in 1966.

Wagner called his concept Gesammtkunstwerk (the total artwork or synthesis of the arts) and used it to create his revolutionary “Music Dramas” making opera orchestras and singers servants of drama. He stripped opera of its arias and recitatives and the opportunities for people to break the magic of a performance with their loud applause. Wagner made the music support the drama on stage as one long, oceanic Neptune-in-Piscean wave of evolving sound and leading themes, a river of sonic language, with no break until the drama’s end.

Wotan summoning Loge the Fire God; Die Walkure. (Painting by Arthur Rackham, public domain.)

The singers in such works like Tristan und Isolde, Die Meistersingers, his Teutonic myth tetralogy Der Ring Des Nibelungen (including the music dramas Das Rheingold, Die Walküre, Siegfried and Götterdämmerung) and Wagner’s passion play Parsifal, make singer-actor and orchestra play the roles of conscious and subconscious mind. The singer is the one-tenth personality, the orchestra in the pit, hidden from view, the nine-tenths of the subconscious. The singer and orchestra resemble the symbolic sign of Pisces. The singer is like that little Piscean fish tied to an invisible “big fish” of the orchestra playing the vast subconscious of the character or the collective and oceanic harmonies and disharmonies deep and welling up beneath his or her surface world on stage. Very moody stuff. Orgasmic. Very Neptune in Pisces!

Siegmund and Sieglinde. Die Walkure. (Painting by Arthur Rackham.) Public Domain.

Now we return this year for another astrological around. The Neptune-in-Pisces Gesamtkunst wave will do less to revolutionize music. The new media at the forefront is the World Wide Web, the Internet, etc. There is Facebook altering your world once again in the next few weeks with a completely new “Timeline”.

That is nothing. You ain’t seen nothing yet! From 2012 through 2026, prepare to see yourself literally wired into your Internet social media.

This new transit will also revolutionize the current “Alpha Male” art – that is the dominant popular art form of our times – the movie. This art form will undergo a metamorphosis starting this year through 2026. Prepare for the conversion of all 2-D movies into 3-D. It starts next month with the modern-Wagner of Space Opera, George Lucas, releasing The Phantom Menace, the first episode of his six-part, digitally re-mastered Star Wars Epic in 3-D.

What is coming in cinema arts is be a bigger revolution than silent movies talking in 1929 with the release of The Jazz Singer. A great many new and classic movies in 13 years will be re-mastered in 3-D and there will be other sensational breakthroughs – literally. You will be able to have 4-D movie experiences where you can see, smell and feel the feelings performed in movies. The computer gaming media will merge with cinema. Multimedia takes on multi-narrative storytelling, alternative story lines.

Brunnhilde’s immolation on Siegfried’s funeral pyre, Gotterdammerung. (Painting by Arthur Rackham.) Public domain.

During the last Neptune-Pisces transit as with the present, mythology was and will be the rage. Wagner in particular conceived all of his great myth-music dramas that are still performed to this day, from swan knights of mystery saving damsels in distress in Lohengrin, to Valkyries riding to Valhalla and Germanic Armageddon in his Ring Cycle. Perhaps someone will at last portray Wagner’s vision in visual 3-D grandeur to match what John Culshaw and Georg Solti at last accomplished in recording. Link to Wagner. It has always been my Sun-in-Scorpio-in-“Piscean”-12th-house dream to see Solti’s Decca Ring of the Nibelung recording married to the CGI revolution I foresaw and wrote essays about as far back as 1973 when I was a sophomore at Rolling Hills High.

(Peter Jackson, are you reading this?) 🙂

The power of mythology is once again on the rise in popularity in our times. An uncertain future ever inspires us to find that medium of myth to redress and reconnect with essentials truths and struggles in the journey of becoming human beings. In the next 13 years we will see new myths reach their crystallization with the completion of James Cameron’s second and third parts of Avatar. The mythology of American superhero comic characters are only just reaching their stride and the genre will continue successfully for another decade.

Many delays prevented Peter Jackson from finishing his cinematic quintology on Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. I would say the delays are a blessing in astrological timing. I cannot think of a better time to release The Hobbit – a prequel to Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings cycle – than later this year as Neptune moves deeper into Pisces. Time to get dreamy, and mystical, to delve deep into “riddles in the dark” of Piscean waters navigated by Neptune as our spiritual guide of oceanic consciousness.

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (

John Hogue
(24 February 2012)

March will soon stampede hell horses of future potential into the bottleneck of the present moment. I will have to find some way to keep ahead of events in March, because this is when the year 2012 becomes comparable to the natural disasters of 2011 with its human storms, human unnatural disasters of collective madness. Before March charges in, I hope to say something in my next article about those voting in Republican primaries pursuing their seemingly irresistible destiny to pick the “biggest loser” to put before the American people during the presidential election this coming autumn.

Arizona and Michigan will have their primaries on 28 February. Then comes my state caucus (Washington) on 3 March as a warm-up to what I have already predicted will be the catapult of state caucuses and primaries on 6 March (Super Tuesday) that will give Mitt Romney a lead in delegates that will allow he need never look back at Santorum, Paul or Gingrich. Romney becoming the Republican candidate will cause a rebellion, a schism in the political Right. I detail this in Predictions for 2012.

Still, I must caution my readers that my oracle has a bad time choosing losers in a presidential contest, so, with that caveat in mind I will look into Rick Santorum’s future astrologically and assess his anti-Earth, pro-Christian apocalyptic fundamentalist dogmatism in my next article. Look out for The Armageddonomics of Rick Santorum posted early next week, unless more things explode in the world requiring my attention first.

For instance…

The Israelis and Iranian leaders dare and double dare preemptive strikes on each other’s cities this coming March.

I look into the Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s glowering eyes and I see a latent insanity there. His look betrays all hope in me of a return during mounting crisis of rational brinksmanship of earlier Israeli foreign ministers and prime ministers. That man’s eyes, no less glowering than Netanyahu’s these days, makes me think I might have to publish again my collective prophecy vision and commentary from far off 1994 explaining how the Jewish State might “accidentally on purpose” trigger a Second Holocaust.

An Israeli attack on Iran right now is madness incarnate. I personally cannot fathom how the Netanyahu government can actually go through with this military adventure and not ponder the catastrophic strategic and national consequences of such an act. Bombing Iran can only delay Iran’s nuclear program a few years. Bombing Iran could unleash nuclear reactor meltdowns that will impact the world. Does Israel survive the worldwide backlash for this? Would Israel becoming a pariah threaten all Jews once again in a new global wave of anti-Semitism?

There is nothing good or strategically right coming for Israel if its leaders choose premeditated war. How can a nation that has so boldly acted in the past against REAL (and not unproven) nuclear threats coming from Saddam Hussein unilaterally strike Iran without first weighing prudently the practical consequences of its actions? The US Pentagon “and” US Central Intelligence Agency make it once again prudently clear that there is NO EVIDENCE that Iran is seeking to build a nuclear weapons capability. Yet, does this temper the “dumb” beat to war of those neoconservative and Zionist supremacist influences on the Western news media from FOX to CNN (Cable News Nutworks)?

I look into Avigdor Lieberman’s fishy, bulging eyes. I see the reflection of the same madness that has driven other rational governments to commit irrational strategic acts to the detriment and destruction of their people.

I honestly do not know what will require my comment next. So to be best apprised of what will be posted here, join my free newsletter list and like 10,000 other members, you will be the first to know what prophecies of oracles are cooking next in your near future.

Also, read my newest book that details already what is coming this year. Click on 2012.

I close inviting all of you once again to receive information about the only thing that stands in silent enlightenment between life and the devil of our programmed madness. These times nourish the irrational in us. And yet, reason also is just the other side of illusion’s irrational coin.

Who holds and habitually flips this two-faced coin of reason and unreason?

One must see reason and unreason from a deeper, eternal place beyond the “holder”. Meditation takes us into the great Within that abides and transcends the human mind-storms of our times. Meditation is my way. Contact Me, and I will freely share information and links about my way.

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