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Neptune in Pisces 2012: Ride the Revolution Wave

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The slow transits of outer planets through astrological signs define the climate and flavor generational ages. In the case of Neptune’s transit through the signs, it influences cultural trends and artistic and collectively intuitive expression, especially related to new forms of media that help generate a wider interconnection of people. People (popular) movements will arise. New art forms and political concepts appear, broadcasted via new media and social networks. Neptune in mystical and subjective Pisces will bring a collective awareness of mass communal aspirations, grievances and a collective will to reform albeit emotionally, irrationally driven and hard to define or organize.

It takes Neptune 164 years to complete its cycle through all 12 signs of the Zodiac and around 13 years to pass through each. The last time Neptune entered Pisces was on 18 February 1848, just three days before the birth of Communism, when Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published The Communist Manifesto.

Neptune, the symbolic lord of the oceans rules Pisces, the most oceanic of astrological water signs represented by two fish tied together: one represents the conscious one-tenth of the human mind, the other the nine-tenths of the subconscious mind. There is therefore a struggle between these bound forces of consciousness and unconsciousness, which, for individuals, if helped by other aspects in their chart can see them either intuit deep spiritual revelations, or be a victim of hidden, subconscious enemies.

Painting of the 1848 revolution in Berlin. Public domain.

On a collective level, Neptune in Pisces generates mass wave phenomena such as popular movements and revolutions. February 1848, not only saw the birth of such a political mass movement of Communism, but experienced the opening surge in France of what would become a tidal wave of European revolutions, later labeled “the Spring of Nations” or the “Springtime of the Peoples” or the “Year of Revolutions.” Those involved were mostly from the middle classes, also urban factory laborers and the working urban poor. There was a collective awakening of nationalistic identity in some cases, as was the case in rebellions across German states and the Austrian Empire. All shared a disdain for the current ruling political authorities and governments under which they endured, demanding universal male suffrage, better working conditions for labor. Many had gone into the streets to protest economic conditions caused by food shortages from a wave of potato blights of the 1840s – the most notorious being the Irish Potato Famine – that resulted in the poorer working classes spending an impossible-to-sustain 40 percent of their meager earnings on food.

Perhaps it is a marker of Neptune’s early degrees wandering through Pisces that these slapped together coalitions of diverse middle classes, workers, reformers, socialists and radicals could at least look beyond all differences to share a common perception. They belonged to a vast and disempowered majority versus an overlording minority of kings and aristocracies holding power over them with police forces and armies. The 99-percent against the one percent of 164 years ago were more a mob than a movement and one by one each met ruin by cannon, bullet and bayonets employed by the one percent.

The first street demonstrations happened in France (February 1848), then spread the following month to the German states and Austrian Empire. After that, the wave of revolution hit Denmark, greater Poland, Romania, and Ireland and even crossed the Atlantic to Columbia and Brazil. Europeans surged to the barricades and collapsed in din and bloodshed upon the cobblestones of Paris, Dresden, Berlin, Budapest and many other European cities from spring into summer. A hail of bullets fired from serried ranks of armies amassed shoulder-to-shoulder in narrow streets put most of these rebellions down. Tens of thousands died, and except for constitutional monarchies being established in Denmark and the Netherlands, the status quo challenged elsewhere in Europe generally won out and kept control of the masses. Even where it began, in France, the Second Republic established after the abdication of King Louis Philippe in a few short years was replaced by the dictatorship of another Bonaparte.

The revolutionary wave could inundate nearly 50 countries thanks to the rapidly growing popularity of the newspaper, (the social networking tool of the day) spreading a shared sense of collective grievance and protest across a continent. Though these early versions of socialism, communism and national movements were mostly unsuccessful in their first baptism of fire in 1848, by the time Neptune’s transit in Pisces ended in the early 1860s, the seed of social reforms began to take hold. Czar Alexander II freed the Russian serfs. Abraham Lincoln publishing the Emancipation Proclamation gave freedom to African American slaves during the US Civil War. Eventually, popular nationalist movements would forge many of the modern states of Europe, such as Germany. Socialism – both Nationalist and Communist – for better or worse spread throughout many corners of the world.

Nostradamus may have foreseen 1848. He was ever one to presage great and historic shifts in history’s future narrative triggered by France. The French began the wave of revolt in 1848. Did he anticipate it?

Here is how I vetted two prophecies that show he did in my examination of the complete prophecies of Nostradamus:


8 Q42
Par auarice, par force & violence
Viendra vexer les siens chiefz d’Orleans,
Pres saint Memire assault & resistance.
Mort dans sa tante diront qu’il dort leans.

Through avarice, through force and violence
The chief of Orléans will come to vex his supporters,
Near Saint Memire assault and resistance.
Dead in his tent, they will say he sleeps within.

By the year 1848 the avaricious Louis Philippe was universally disliked. He spent the revolution mostly asleep in his canopied bed (tent). The fighting in the streets started near the Rue de St Merri (perhaps in cryptogram Memire). Philippe did not die in the revolution; Robb, however, believes that the word dead may be figurative for his psychological death. Witnesses describe him emerging from his bedroom looking more dead than alive. He stood before members of his cabinet in a nightcap and soiled nightshirt, with a two-day-old growth of beard. In this condition he officially signed his abdication.

King Louis Philippe.

Louis Philippe. Public domain.

Nostradamus makes a pungent French rhyme of line 2’s Orléans and line 4’s dort leans, but in English (leans = lying down) the impact is reduced to a literary gelding. One might restore its vitality by saying Philippe is a Duke of Orléans who leans closer to being a king, and is found either lying down on the job or lean-ing when the council come for his signature of abdication.

Quatrain Indexing Date: (1)842 = 1842: a near miss for 1848?

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies (1997), pp. 647-648

9 Q89
Sept ans sera Philip. fortune prospere,
Rabaissera des Arabes l’effort,
Puis son mydi perplex rebors affaire,
Ieusne ognyon abysmera son fort.

For seven years fortune will favor Philip,
He will beat down the exertions of the Arabs:
Then in the middle (of his reign), a perplexing and paradoxical affair.
Young Ogmios will destroy his stronghold.

The French grew restless under the Bourbon King Charles X. He was deposed in the 1830 revolution by Louis Philippe, Duc d’Orléans. He too was deposed in the even bloodier Europe-wide rash of revolutions in 1848. Both Louis Philippe and his successor, Louis Napoleon, feature prominently in Nostradamus’ prophecies.

Louis Philippe’s first seven years were a era of prosperity and domestic peace. The successful conquest of Algeria during that time brought added glory, both to France and to its royal house. But things began to sour midway in his 14-year reign. By 1838 riots were erupting in Lyons, Grenoble, and Paris over the limited right to vote. The new Bonapartists rallied around the dead emperor’s nephew, Louis Bonaparte (poetically described by the prophet as Ogmios, after Ogmion, the Celtic Hercules, god of eloquence and poetry). Louis Philippe had him imprisoned, but to no avail. The French people persisted in their perplexing, paradoxical love affair with Napoleon’s dictatorship and, in time, this would precipitate Louis Philippe’s downfall.

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies (1997), p. 749


On 3 February 2012 and 164 years later, Neptune’s revolution wave has returned for a new 13-year flood. We got a little prelude to what would come last spring when Sea God Neptune briefly splashed a planetary trajectory in and out of Piscean waters. The Arab Spring of 2011 became the cyclic echo of the “Spring of Nations” or “Springtime of the Peoples” in 1848. It also had its popular street revolutions, barricade clashes and the toppling of modern “kings” (dictators) across the Arab regions of North Africa and the Middle East with the fall of Ben Ali in Tunisia, Mubarak in Egypt, then Gaddafi in Libya and Saleh in Yemen.

The bloodiest and longest lasting of these street battles rages on in Syria threatening a sectarian civil war and the downfall of the Shiite Bashar al-Assad regime, allied to Syrian Christians pitted against the Sunni Muslim majority. Like the monarchs of Denmark and the Netherlands in 1848, Arab kings in Morocco and Jordan have so far survived open rebellion after initiating political and economic reforms. Climate disasters causing food prices to dig out of threadbare pockets 40 percent of working class earnings to put food on a family’s table in the 1840s returned when droughts in Russia in 2010 took the fifth largest grain exporter (and number one grain importer to North Africa and the Middle East) off line. The pain at the Arab market bazaars hit home in early 2011 with soaring wheat prices pushing millions to join the Arab revolutions in the streets of Tunis, Cairo, Alexandria, Benghazi, Amman and Damascus.

A wave of social conscience arises again with some slight alterations. Nationalism awakening in 1848 has become a yearning for a kind of democratic internationalism today. It is a collective call to fairness, the right of a real chance for freedom and a share of prosperity. It aims to break down the growing divide in humanity between an ever smaller minority with all the wealth oppressing an every growing majority facing hollowed out middle classes and a growing sea of the impoverished, working poor.

This was EXACTLY the same issue, the same divide, the same social inequality that made hundreds of thousands hit the pavement of European cities of 1848, causing them, like in Tahrir Square, Cairo, in 2011, to break up the pavement and hurl it at the armed thugs of dictatorial Authority.

Will this new transit of Neptune in Pisces be the next wave of neo-Communism and neo-Socialism as some in power as well as regular people fear? Will history repeat itself with new political concepts, or ugly old political concepts with new facelifts and names be suppressed in the short term by a heavy handed crackdown of a new corporate-aristocratic authority, only to crystalize a dozen years hence?

This time when Neptune sails through a long transit of Pisces, the tsunami of revolutions will spread beyond the Arab regions to demonstrations in cities across the globe. It has already done so, returning to the streets of 1848 in Europe. It will spread to Asia. The wave has already crashed against the facades of big business, banks and Wall Street with the 99-percent/Occupy movements across the United States that went global in 2011, but that is only a prelude of what is coming.

Once again Neptune in Pisces will see communal and universal demands and grievances against a new aristocracy, a corporate plutocracy, awaken in the masses. In 1848, the explosion of the modern newspaper social network spread the rebellion out of France and across Europe and parts of Latin America. In 2011-2012, the newspaper-inspired revolutions of the past transit cycle become the Twitter and Facebook social network inspired revolutions of the Arab Spring gone global with the aid of Internet.

Even now, in the past few weeks, a new social awareness of people power hot-wired to the Internet has prevented the passing of lightly veiled censorship laws trying to muzzle free speech online. New versions continue to come up for public overthrow, such as H.R. 1981. Also, there is a global corporate attempt to muzzle the internet with international law known as ACTA. Write your legislators here in America and all around the world. Protest these attempts to silence web sites like this and other citizen journalism with poorly written, vague, legislation, open to abuse of your free speech rights by the establishment.

Today’s corporate aristocracies are just like kings and princes of 1848. They lobby, bribe and pull the purse strings tied to buy politicians. The order will come from above and their politicians will let slip the police, the military. Your lobbied leaders will make the declarations of emergency and martial law necessary to scatter and dismantle the barricades of today that are the encampments constructed before the banks and stock exchanges and crowding city parks and squares from Tahrir, Cairo, to Zuccotti Park New York. The plutocrat-compromised politicians will amass their national guards in 2012 and call out their armies if necessary to pull down tents and barricades and suppress rebellion in the streets. There will be violence. There will be blood on the streets once again, just like 1848.

I predicted in 2012 a second tsunami of revolutions across the world that will surge back and forth, eddy and surge again all year. Millions will be involved and like in 1848-49, there will be a new call to the barricades and there will be a violent reaction coming from the Establishment. I have dedicated much of the subplot of my new e-Book of  forecasts  for 2012 to this subject. An entire chapter goes in-depth into what I anticipate will be 2012’s “American Spring” – an answer and a further evolution of last year’s Neptune in Pisces influenced Arab Spring. My oracle also details the military style crackdown coming and when.

John Hogue
(10 February 2012)

Post-Prophecy Statements
When history starts to flood in this new Neptune in Pisces era, subjects to illuminate in prophecy rush on, pool up and a tide of article ideas surmount the levies and burst out of the riverbanks of my article deadlines. I have a second part to this Neptune-Pisces theme concerning the future of multi-media. You may see it posted four or five days from now. Then again, I think the wholesale massacre taking place in Syria desperately begs I refresh my interpretation of Nostradamus’ Quatrain 87 of Century 1, which I presented in Nostradamus: The War with Iran.

A river runs through the main cities of the Syrian Sunni rebellion standing defiant and now under siege by the al-Assad and Alawite minority-ruling regime. The river that passes through Ar Rastan, Homs, Hamah and other cities where millions are surrounded and being shelled in preparation for the tanks to rumble in is named by Nostradamus, who, in the prophecy says it will now flood red with blood. He has even dated it astrologically, alluding to Neptune as the god of upheavals and quakes, both made of volcanic violence of sectarian civil war and literal earth temblors. We are in for a rocking and rolling year!

There are other topics begging my attention: the race to become the “biggest loser” (winner, that is) of the Republican Primaries who President Obama, as foretold by my oracle, will defeat in November. This week, Rick Santorum threw a Colorado, Missouri, and Minnesota-sized caucus wrench in the corporate spokes of Mitt Romney’s political machine but see what corporate-Romney money can buy when I can get around to writing that article.

There are further maneuvers of the CEOlygarcy in a creeping takeover of democracies around the world to “drone” on about and I mean literally. Americans, are you aware that your privacy may all but disappear in 2015, when the FAA might allow government agencies and security forces to fly fleets of robot drones over domestic skies, filming your every move, 24/7?

I have a whole lot of Australian readers out there waiting for me to say something (anything!) about what could become the worst year of weather disasters on Australian record books – and that’s saying a lot, mate. I know. I lived in Australia for a time. It is situated in this strange triangular positioning with China and the US that makes all three of these places naturally predisposed to unnaturally violent weather mood swings. If you thought weather in 2011 was a raving wanker. Dag what’s coming in 2012, mate. It’s a bit of a bastard.

I am getting an earful from people living along the frozen River Danube in Eastern Europe. They are undergoing one of the region’s worst winter freezes in decades, whilst people across North America are asking for some predictive insight into the weird winter of 2011-2012 that in many places has so far been a winter that “never was”, yet in other places a winter that came early and “never stopped” like in Colorado. Alaska is having a hurricane winter of wind and dozens of feet of snow. My newsletter members in mukluks want to know what is coming too. Will days of ice turn to days of fire this summer? What of the blizzards burying Japan and the Koreas right now? Will natural disasters take down the dictatorship of the Kim Jong “young” Un?

So many subjects need my attention. I will eventually get to all the above and much more.

If you are not already a member of my free newsletter, you can sign up here and be the first to know when one of these subjects of interest are at last addressed in a HogueProphecy article.

You can get my take on many of these themes already, right now, quick as the speed of light, by purchasing my Predictions for 2012.

Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code Named MABUSThere is also Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named Mabus, if you want to know why dead candidates for the title of Antichrist, like Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden may better fit Nostradamus’ bill for his third and final Antichrist than Barack Obama.

I am also engaging my contacts in Italy to see if Pope Benedict XVI actually is going to resign this April. If he were, that would bring forth the final pope in medieval Irish seer St. Malachy’s fascinating papal succession prophecies. These purport to name in cryptic 111 Latin mottoes and one final Latin coda the succession of all the popes from the 1140s to Judgment Day.

If Benedict resigns, his successor will be the Last Pope.

Last but not least, my readers have been writing in asking why I am not appearing at the Conscious Life Expo held at the LAX Hilton in Los Angeles, this weekend. This will be the second time I have not been invited. You write to me about how strange this is, as I have an important understanding of the 2012 phenomenon that expresses my view somewhere between cynicism and hair-on-fire belief-ism in the mystery of the Mayan Calendar and have in the past panels and discourses at the CLE given that balanced view to welcomed interest.  I cannot answer why I have been “uninvited” two years in a row. They do not explain this to me. Perhaps if you, my readers, who have missed me at the expo, would ask in my stead, we may all find out why I am excluded from speaking at the threshold of this important prophetic year. Why am I not welcomed?

If you would like to contact the Conscious Life Expo and inquire why I am not invited, please write them by clicking on Conscious Life Expo.

Please be civil, and respectful in your inquiry.

One last thing. The most important thing of all. None of the above matters more than awakening your witnessing consciousness. I can share the techniques that help me awaken the lost treasure that wandering eyes of ego ever run away from, because it is right here and right “now”. If you wish, I can freely share information and links to these meditations. Just Contact Me.

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