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Health Care: The End of the Beginning

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It would appear that my oracle has once again hit the mark. This time about the passing of Health Care — a subject that consumed much of its prescient interest in forecasts signed off on 1 November 2009 for Predictions for 2010.

In it, I said some misshapen Frankenstein’s monster of a bill would pass “early in 2010.” I am sure I said it on earlier radio shows but I do clearly recall back in January adding on Coast to Coast AM that the bill would pass “no later than March 2010.”

In the book, I described the 60-year fight to get it passed as the halfway point in the process. Now the real fight for Health Care moves forward. I expect my oracle will be right again that the beginning has ended in 2010 and a steeper climb is ahead of us. A fight will soon come to bring in a public option. The process may take 20 years before a financially balanced and humane health care system grants America at last a place among other modern industrial democracies as a civilized society that attempts to take care of its people’s universal health care needs.

On this historic day when the primitive entity of Health Care’s first evolution was passed into law, an unexpected message has come through from my prescient muse.

I am guided to say this, even though you need to know things to come so you can prepare and profit in treasure and spirit from it. What this way comes will be a social and ethical struggle ultimately as significant as the contest beginning with civil war in the 1860s that ended a century later with civil rights reform.

I have been instructed today not to take for granted the pearls from Predictions for 2010 describing in detail how the first of many Health Care bills passing will set in motion a potential future that brings to the Democratic Party seats gained, not lost, in the 2010 US mid-term elections. Neither can I just cast in the wind visions of how Barack Obama may win a second term in 2012 that will be as different as night and day to his stumbling first.

Thousands of you have generously supported this website by purchasing my eBooks and giving donations, thank you. Much more information on Obama’s second term and what’s in store for us politically because of this reform I can outline here in the blog, but there’s so much more detailed information on this in the book Predictions for 2010, as many of you who have already read it, know — much more than I can fit in these blogs. For that detailed information, you might want to check out the book. Click here.

Over the years, people of all political persuasions have castigated me for reporting forecasts that go against their fragile expectations. The left-winged people write as many nasty letters as the right-winged people. I am a “great prophet” only if what the oracle says agrees with them. This mysterious oracle blissfully does not care a wit about any of our expectations, least of all mine. Thus, when it possesses me, I must be neither a left or right wing, but a “free-winged” messenger.

Those of you desirous of a second Obama term…

It is important you know how signing Health Care into law today is but a pebble beginning a potentially positive political avalanche. There are whole chapters in Predictions for 2010 providing you oracular advice how to make that future happen.

Those of you desirous not to see that future…

You too are provided whole chapters that can help redefine American conservatism and bring the Republican Party back into political significance in the 2010-midterm elections and beyond.

I am only the messenger. A message is passed to you dear friends reading me on your computer screen over the years who gained help and understanding from its accurate forecasts of the future. If you have yet to buy a single book or offered a small donation for what this web site has given, do not postpone. Know that one of these days the lights may go out on this blog page forever. Do not take for granted what is here being given to you.

Donate some small amount to its continuance here, so it can go on giving you these accurate predictions every three-to-four days for the rest of the year. In addition, think about buying a physical book or an eBook from our web site Store. The books waiting there, such as Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named MABUS and Predictions for 2010, take the examination of your future to a deeper and richer dimension than the blog.

Thank all of you for reading me and thank all of you in the past and in the immediate future who have supported and continue to support this work by buying books at HogueProphecy Store and donating to us.

John Hogue

(23 March 2010)

PS–Unless a prophetically significant news event postpones it, I will next post part two of the planned seven-part series I am finishing writing and editing today on The Media’s Mask of Nostradamus. Also check out what I wrote about the current troubles of Pope Benedict XVI foreseen back in December 2006, see Catholic scandal.

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