Osama and Mabus: New Nostradamus Revelations

When a vision in prophecy sails close to the haven of the present, one begins to uncloak the obscurity of its form. The answers to riddles in the dark sea of possibility coming close to harbor beacon light are illuminated for a moment by events. When a prophecy sails near to its final resting place, and its appointed birth in time comes present at last, an interpreter of prophecy plays harbor master, poised to throw a rope to tie on history’s mooring the emerging shapes of things to come.

Today’s article is a tale of two poets: one a candidate for Antichrist, the other a 16th-century seer who may have foreseen an Antichrist’s terminal fate four-and-a-half centuries before it happened.

Peter Bergen, the last Western journalist to interview Usama (incorrectly pronounce Osama) bin Laden wrote in his recent Time Magazine article The End of bin Laden, that the George Washington of Wahhabi Islamic extremism, the founder of the al-Qaeda (the base) terrorist organization, fancied himself a poet.

He wrote a death wish in Arabic verse, which translates: “Let my grave be an eagle’s belly, its resting place in the sky’s atmosphere amongst perched eagles.”

Bergen rightfully called Usama bin Laden’s verses morbid. I too have read many of them. Bin Laden’s poetic metaphors take him down paths of myth and fantasy he does not anticipate too well.

Why be in an eagle’s belly? Why not desire in verse to the liberated eagle’s spirit, flying on footless pathways on air, soaring free in limitless sky?

Why desire to be eaten like prey? You then have given poetic power to the eagle that devours you. You are then just lunch.

What usually sits in eagles bellies in high aeries, digested and made effluent falling from high twig nests are a belly grave legacy: the waste products of devoured fish, rabbits and rats.

A graying Antichrist Candidate, Usama bin Laden, watching himself on TV not long before he was killed.

Usama bin Laden, I think the eagle had a near midnight snack of “rat” the day US Navy Seals in stealth helicopters raided your compound in Abbottabad on May Day (Pacific Time). These Americans put one well-aimed bullet through your morbidly poetic heart and one in your metaphor-muddled head. It is strange you wrote of resting in the belly of an eagle, because elite troops of the country you had attacked on 9/11 hail from a nation represented by the animal totem of a Bald Eagle.

Was Usama an accidental prophet in his verse?

A poet far less accidental in his verses of prophecy and no less morbid than bin Laden, was Michel de Nostredame, who wrote under the Latinized surname Nostradamus.

Those verses comprising his history of the future span the years 1555 to 3797 and beyond. Some focus on three Antichrists. The first is code named Napaulon Roy (King Napoleon). The second is Hister (Adolf Hitler). (Read more about these by clicking on Antichrist.)

Prophecies about a third and final Antichrist are definitely trying to find anchor in the present ever since his famous “1999” prophecy (10 Q72) may have cunningly hid the date of dreadful attacks of one of four chief candidates for the Antichrist in our times, Usama bin Laden.

L’an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,
Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d’effrayeur.
Resusciter le grand Roy d’Angolmois.
Auant apres Mars regner par bon heur.

(Literal translation)

In the year 1999, September month,
From the sky will come a great King of terror.
He will bring back Genghis Khan.
Before and after Mars rules happily.

(A translation capturing Nostradamus’ rhyme)

In the year 1999, month seven
From the sky will come a great King of terror.
The King of the Mongols he will awaken
Mars rules happily before and after.

It is easy for non-French readers who have only read Nostradamus in translations to overlook the sing-songy, A-B-A-B, cadence of his quatrain poetry. Fortunately, this famous verse is relatively easy to convert into English preserving the meaning with the rhyme, not so true of many other quatrains, though.

Nostradamus clearly spells out a date for our times so it is most important. Far more important than 2012, a date he never mentions. (Sorry all you twenty-twelver authors who have made an industry trying to sacrifice the prophetic heart of Nostradamus by spreading him over the temple altar of your Mayan Calendar flights of imagination.) Nostradamus describes in this verse a history shaking act of a great terrorist coming out of the sky during the time China, becomes a superpower. They resurrect the memory of Genghis Khan.

The fact of the matter is, during the 1990s, the greatest king of the Mongol hordes who conquered China had be “rehabilitated” in Chinese schools by the Communist government as a good totalitarian role model. This fact is used to frame the time of this prophecy when Mars (god of war) rules happily before and after the terrorist event.

The dating in the first line has layers of meaning. The initial one being literal for the great earthquakes following those lands cast in the Moon’s shadow mentioned in detail elsewhere in Nostradamus verses in a solar eclipse. He says it takes place just prior to the great cycle of the centuries being renewed (the year 2000-2001). The path of the Moon’s shadow he described did indeed pass over Flanders, as well as Greece, Turkey and India during the eclipse of 11 August 1999. (Note the 9s and 11s). After which great earthquakes did rock Greece, and especially Turkey seven days after the eclipse in the city of Izmit, just outside of Istanbul, killing an estimated 45,000 leaving 600,000 homeless.

The important eclipse and date of the quakes in Greece and Turkey are also alluded to in the first line. Follow Nostradamus’ classical allusions and you can unlock his secrets. He plays with a double entendre on sept mois. It means the seventh month (July). It also literally stands for Septembre or the old seventh month September before Roman dictator Julius Caesar and Emperor Augustus Caesar created new months named after them: July and August. In this quatrain Nostradamus implies both July and September. The old and new seventh months in the calendar bracket the solar eclipse in August 1999 before the great millennium’s turning that so interested him as a shift in human destiny far more significant that 2012.

There is a third meaning hidden in line one. It dates the violent, civilization-shaking action of a potential antichrist happening around what Nostradamus sometimes calls in other verses the renewing of the “great motor of the centuries”. This shift of the second Christian millennium to the third is incorrectly identified by most of us as the year 2000. Nostradamus was aware as many astrologers would be aware that 31 December 2000 is the last day of the old millennium. The first of January 2001 launches the new.

In Year One of the new millennium, the “great King of terror” descends from the skies in jets hijacked by his minions. They plunge like missiles into the twin towers, or the “hollow mountains” of “the great new city”, New York City, which Nostradamus famously described in detail in Century 6 Quatrain 97and Century 10 Quatrain 49. Read more about these two remarkable prophecies here: 9-11.

Veteran HogueProphecy readers will be aware of this but for all the hundreds of thousands of new readers visiting Hogueprophecy.com since Usama bin Laden was killed, Nostradamus not only used anagrams to hide names of future people in history, he also may have scrambled numbers in codes.

Thus, 1999 seventh — or September — month is a code dating Usama bin Laden’s attack. Replace the one with a nine. Replace the three nines with three ones and you get 9-11-1 September month.

In my book Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus, I show how applying Nostradamus’ rules of anagramming can see the names of four historic figures waging the so-called War on Terror that Usama bin Laden’s Pearl Harbor style attack started in 2001 decoded out of the anagram Mabus. They are:

1.) Usama (Maaus=Ma(b)us) bin Laden, if you replace one redundant letter a with the one letter missing in the puzzle (b), you get Mabus.

2.) g.w. Bush, if you follow the rule of reversing and turning letters upside down, g and w then make m and a, which equals Mabus(h). Drop the redundant h and you get Mabus.

3.) Apply the law of reverse-mirror imaging and Mabus=subam=sudam gets you the correct Arabic phonetic pronounciation of Saddam (suh-daam) Hussein.

4.) Apply the correct pronunciation of Obama (oubama or ubama) and then mix the spelling: ubama=maabu. Replace the redundant letter a with the missing s, and you get Mabus.

Depending on which side of this war on terror you pin your allegiance, either Bush and Obama are good leaders fighting the evil Saddam and Usama, or vice versa. What is truly remarkable and unique in Nostradamus prophecy is the potential confusion possible in the mind of the 16th-century seer peering into the dark potentials of centuries yet formed trying to isolate protagonists with similar names: Obama fighting Osama, for instance.

I mean, how many times have you, my readers, caught yourself in conversation saying Obama when you meant Osama or made the gaff the other way around? Even love-Obama blinded comedian Bill Maher on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher accidentally on purpose last Friday made the slip calling Osama Obama on live TV.

Imagine if you were not mesmerized by a 21st-century TV but under the spell of some 16th-century magical litany running in your nutmeg buzzed head in the middle of the night as you sit yourself in a white hooded robe, barefoot, on a brass tripod over a boiling bowl of steaming sulfuric waters. You are not talking at the TV this time but you are having a paranormal conversation, either with your own psychotic secret self, or a disincarnated “messenger” with his hair on fire, you just conjured out of the ethers with your laurel wand.

You blurt out in 16th-century French:

“Qu’avez-vous dit, Monsieur de l’ange de feu ? Obama ? Ou estoit cela Osama est le Troisieme Antechrist ?”

Translation: “What did you say, Master Angle of Fire? Obama? Or did you say Osama is the Third Antichrist?”

I am not at all certain Nostradamus could easily separate hero from antichrist in his prophetic verses about who Mabus is, but the prophetic consequences of the Antichrist’s sudden and violent death, as explained in 2 Q62 and 8 Q77, potentially stoke apocalyptic fires in the Arab-Muslim world.

We look at these in literal English translation:

2 Q62
Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

8 Q77
The Third Antichrist very soon annihilated,
Twenty-seven years his bloody war will last.
The heretics [are] dead, captives exiled,
Blood-soaked human bodies, and a reddened, icy hail covering the earth.

In brief, Nostradamus uses similar narratives to link a longer vision in several quatrains consciously scattered out of sequence to protect future evil ones from recognizing themselves, changing plans and winning wars they should have lost as Nostradamus foretold. Line one in both quatrains above links them together because of similar language. Thus Mabus and the Third Antichrist are one, soon dying or very soon annihilated. The death either undoes the world of people and animals, or he is killed at a time when people have disrupted the natural balance of nature (animals); in other words, our climate changing times caused by human air pollution. Our times will experience the greatest mass extinction of animals since the death of the dinosaurs, if the current rate of natural land and ocean habitat destruction continues for a century.

Death of Mabus brings vengeance from his followers so terrible that 100 nations belligerently respond. Again, the mention of thirst and famine dates this event at a time when humanity has a growing potable water and food sustainability crisis ongoing.

The upheaval in the Arab world right now was directly triggered by higher food prices caused by more hungry mouths to feed in the year that will see the birth of the seven billionth child. Potable water as well is becoming the ever more rare and precious new gold — blue gold. Wars will be smoldering soon over water rights. Wars in the times of the Antichrist.

Mabus dies at the sighting of a comet. Does Nostradamus mean a great comet like Comet McNaught, the one appearing to the naked eye the night before Saddam Hussein was hanged? In two weeks time it became the brightest comet in 60 years.

Is it Comet Elenin, currently approaching the Sun at the time of Usama bin Laden’s takedown?

Elenin is very small and will be hardly visible at all. Perhaps its passing is more significant because of its yet unknown ability to trigger massive natural disasters around the time of the death of the Third Antichrist?

Amateur astronomers using NASA’s website have found that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Small Body Database Browser has predicted the three most recent 7.0+ magnitude earthquakes with striking accuracy each time the small, nondescript Comet Elenin has lined up with the Sun and Earth upon its approach. Earth on first line up on 27 February 2010 experienced a magnitude 8.8 temblor hitting the Chilean coast sending a tsunami across the Pacific.

On the second line up on 4 September 2010, a 7.2 quake hit Christchurch New Zealand.

On a third line up on 11 March 2011, a 9.0 quake shook Japan sending a devastating tsunami into the northeastern coast of Honshu Island and other strong reverberant waves across the Pacific Ocean.

Comet Elenin.

The JPL Small Body Database Browser calculates two more alignments of the Sun, Earth and Elenin in 2011 will happen on 26 September and 23 November.

Consequences stemming from the death of Mabus as the Antichrist may result in a 27-year war, though in his Epistle to Henry II Nostradamus says the war is 25 years long. They could be two different time lines, the 27-years first followed by a 25-year period. That is, if Nostradamus intended Saddam Hussein to be Mabus.

Nostradamus foresaw: 27 years his bloody war would last…

If you count the years from the time Saddam became Iraq’s dictator to his death by hanging you are describing a period of perpetual warfare, inside and outside of Iraq’s borders. It climaxed in the invasion and occupation of Iraq by US forces. These were caught in the bloody crossfire of yet another civil war between Iraqi Shia and Sunnis at the time of Saddam Hussein’s hanging, 27 years after he became dictator of Iraq.

Facts do parallel 8 Q77’s third line. Many heretics of true Islam are dead, banished and scattered. The final lines also imply the scattering of al-Qaeda, its many operatives and leaders now wasting away far from their homes in prisons, such as that in USA held Guantanamo, Cuba.

As stated earlier, Nostradamus may have mistaken two or more candidates as one Antichrist. Perhaps the “vengeance” mentioned in 2 Q62 – a possible retaliation to Saddam’s death and/or that of Usama bin Laden — is developed further in the second verse (8 Q77). The red rains might imply a use of chemical, biological or radiological weapons of mass destruction that triggers a further 25 years of conflict set in motion by a terrible act of retaliatory vengeance for the death of the Third Antichrist.

In my next report on new Nostradamus revelations after the death of Usama bin Laden, I will show how the milestone event of Usama bin Laden’s annihilation, his burial at sea, the Operation name of the Navy Seals attack on his compound all offer fresh insights into Nostradamus’ Antichrist prophecies. The new evidence ties the death of bin Laden to that of Libyan dictator, Muhammar Gaddafi, happening any time now but no later than 2013.

The 25-year war of the Antichrist may actually be caused by another kind of retaliatory revenge not initially anticipated even today by al-Qaeda. It may come out of Libya, infect and radicalize the Arab Revolution, dragging Russia and America into a terrible destruction of people and animals through a thermonuclear war no one but a few of history’s greatest seers, have anticipated.

If you are a member of my free blog bulletin list, you will be the first informed of more articles to come on this theme. If you are not yet a member of my free HogueProphecy Bulletin list, you can join here.

John Hogue

(10 May 2011)

PS Prophecies:
Mother Nature’s World War Heats up

There are just too many things happening these days to focus solely on one subject per article. So I will periodically insert these new “PS Prophecies” segments at the end of articles.

A few words today about oncoming natural disasters. Before bin Laden was killed, the prophetic focus was on historic tornadic devastation as the North American winter of epic blizzards and historic storms transformed into the globally warmed spring of super-tornado attacks. The late April 2011 tornado outbreak in the US southern states that killed over 300 made me muse recently on Coast to Coast AM (link to you archived show page) that major disasters, politically, economically and especially seismic and climate-oriented seem to be slamming the human civilization once a month in 2011. I said for the first time and for the record on that radio show broadcast across North America that I may have to call the year 2011, The Year of 12 Catastrophes. For instance:

Cyclones drown much of Queensland Australia in historic floods, click on Queensland cyclone.

Tunisia spreads Arab revolutions across North Africa and the Middle East leads to Egyptian Revolution and Libyan Civil War: click on Arab Revolution.

The Japanese Quake and Tsunami. I predicted a Pacific tsunami for 2011, click on tsunami.)

The great tornado outbreaks in the US Southern states. Click on Tornado.

The Mississippi River is flooding in a way not seen in 75 years. See predictions, click on Memphis flooding.

The Full Moon on 17 May will be in earth sign Taurus, a sign of earthquakes. A new seismic event may be coming next, click on earthquake prediction.

The redoubling intensity of weather and natural disasters from an already and historically violent 2010 is one of my oracles most accurately chilling themes in Predictions for 2011.

These days accurately forecasting one disaster after another is not enough. For decades now, I have promised my readers that when I sensed the human race had at last entered a century of tipping points in its sustainable existence on this planet, I would begin sharing meditation techniques I have used since 1980. They can help one be an individual answer to human abuse of each other and the planet, rather than a part of the collective problem.

Let me share with you a new web page about a seminar coming up in August where you and I can bring a golden future to humanity, one individual at a time by sharing with you self-observant techniques I have used. Click on Meditation.

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  1. Posted 13 March 2013 at 5:36 pm | Permalink


    I forgot to add that all of the evidence points to YOU being the reincarnation of Nostradamus. Just the obvious fact that you have been the champion of Nostradamus for so long, and have provided the correct interpretations of his work, clearly demonstrates that you possess the soul of this great prophet. You even look like him.


    Kevin Williams

  2. Posted 1 March 2013 at 12:59 pm | Permalink

    John, here’s a strange one for you:

    The link I provide here shows a plethora of photographic and historical evidence that John F. Kennedy was the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln.

    Now, Barrack Obama is the latest reincarnation of the Lincoln-Kennedy soul, a walk-in to be exact.

    Even the public recognized Obama to be Lincoln when he was first elected president. Just Google: obama lincoln reincarnation

    My theory: The Lincoln-Kennedy-Obama soul (LKO soul) reincarnates at times when America is in a crisis.

    The LKO soul will probably save America again, but it will cost him his life as in previous past-lives.

    It is probably due to some karmic debt he must pay from being a ruler in Europe.

    Here is the link:


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