Chemical Weapons used in Syria, Alex Jones False Flag, Boston Marathon Bombing Links to Islamic terrorism, Waco Blast Investigation and Bush Mabus Nostradamus

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29 April 2013

Chemical Weapons
Used in Syria?
A Definite “Maybe

On a dirty paddock in Khan al-Assal outside of the rebel stronghold of Aleppo, Syria, lay the corpses of a herd of sheep with spring lambs. There are no signs of shrapnel tears or pools of blood from some conventional missile or artillery warhead. The sheep seem to have fallen over where they stood. They were playing dead like kids, keeling over all at once after singing that children’s song dating back to the Black Death years, making light whimsy of the 13th century wave of bubonic plague that rapidly killed off a third to half of Europe’s population in two to three years.

The still forms in the paddock looked like the Syrian sheep were playing dead after singing, “Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies, ashes! ASHES! We all fall DOWN!”

George Ourfalian of Reuters news agency took the picture you see of the dead sheep on 23 March 2013 purportedly giving the first photo journalistic proof that a red line had been crossed in the Syrian Civil War waged by Free Syrian Army forces of a Sunni majority since early 2011 against its Shia minority in power. The regime consists of Alawite tribes in control of forces of Alawite dictator of Syria, Bashir al-Assad. All the signs are there that either by artillery shell or short range missile, a chemical warhead was detonated – mostly likely a lethal cloud of Sarin gas was released by aerial burst because of the swooning instant of the carnage in the paddock.

I do not know if any human had been there. There are no signs of someone being dragged away and the mute van in the corner, nor the poor stone brick hut to the left indicate any human dead.

I have seen videos of people rolled into Aleppo’s besieged hospital foaming at the mouth and blinded, temporarily I hope, by some chemical agent. These video clips come from around 23 March. Most of the victims were young men of fighting age, members of the Free Syrian Army, I suspect, divested of their bandoleers and AK-47 assault rifles.

Two more reports of chemical weapons attacks have happened around the blood reddening of the partial lunar Eclipse on 25 April 2013.

I documented some prophecies several weeks before this happened. They calculate when these and other chemical weapons attacks may at last have crossed the red line we have heard US President Barack Obama warn could bring the United States and its NATO allies into an open conflict with Syria.

These forecasts below will appear in my forthcoming eBook about how May 2013 to the end of 2014 is a last chance to choose a better path to the future in the space of 18 months – a time that represents a last call to reform, a last chance to begin treading a new path for humanity. It is a time of the last breath before a plunge into a future by mid-decade more guided by a momentum of human stupidity and unconsciousness that could threaten to undermine our civilization beginning in 2015 through 2025.

I have already written the rough draft for all my predictions about Syria – most of them in early April and the last just five days before the partially eclipsed April Full Moon and the last string of chemical weapons attacks reported. These predictions will appear in that new book, entitled Predictions for 2013 and Beyond. As usual, I document all of my predictions in ways that prove they were written on specific days, hermetically sealed and that seal dated. Today, I will share a few of these predictions about Syria. The rest will appear in this eBook (my 22nd book since 1987) still currently being written and designed.

2013 and Beyond will be out later in May. It will include a 13thchapter about Comet ISON coming into our skies at the end of this 13th year of the 21st century. ISON could burn brightly as a portent anticipated by the Hopi Prophecies of the Blue Kachina. The chapter will look into these Hopi visions as they might describe the death and rebirth of our world coming soon.

The general release of my book after Memorial Day will not have that chapter in it.

Only you, who have already advanced donated and patiently waited for its release will see it. Moreover, only you who donate now before Memorial Day weekend will be able to read that chapter. This gift goes to my readers who understand that Hogueprophecy needs your financial support to continue. Millions of you from all over this troubled planet with an uncertain future have been reading my prodigious output of articles about prophetic-trending current events for over a dozen years and have not contributed to this website’s further existence.

Please do it now.

See how you can help us continue and receive my gift of an eBook about your future that has this extra chapter about the Hopi Blue Kachina, only for “you”. Click on predictions.

Now then, here are a few Syrian astrological forecasts, appearing in that book, I made and documented on 7 April 2013, two weeks and four days before the partial lunar eclipse when more chemical attacks were purported to have been launched by the Syrian regime on targets in and around Aleppo. My Oracle’s predictions point to a far more important lunar and solar eclipses coming in May 2013: a New Moon in Taurus on 10 May; a Full Moon in Sagittarius on 25 May – the latter being the day I hope to begin downloading the special advance donator copy of Predictions for 2013 and Beyond.

Today (29 April 2013), I wish to describe what will happen in Syria within the time frame of the 10th and 25th, because I predict these events will happen before this book is published:

From Libya in 2012 comes Obama’s next regime change attempt in Syria… The red line set up for Syria is the al-Assad regime invoking NATO come in to save hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrian when he begins using its Sarin and mustard gas chemical weapons on the rebels.

As spring hastens, watch for an incident in May, a firing of chemical weapons. It will be blamed on the Syrian regime but it will come from jihadist elements in the Free Syrian Army (FSA) firing stolen chemical mortar shells from any number of Syrian Army bases and stockpiles scattered throughout the large areas of the country they have already seized from the regime.

Predictions for 2013 and Beyond
Chapter Two: The Obama Prophecies
Subsection: Flies in the NeoCon Ointment

Ever since the new claims of chemical attack, the US Naval Air Station up on the other end of my island in the Puget Sound has been rumbling and thundering day and night on training missions. And like what happened in early 2011 with Libya, when another no fly zone was about to be enabled, US navy jest are starting to pass over my little sea village thundering off to the east.

Are they going all the way to the Middle East?

We will watch events.

29 April 2013

Alex Jones Flagging False

Internet and YouTube have many freelance cyber journalists and blog-meisters out there. I am one of them. Internet is fast becoming the place where the real news is reported. The national news networks and cable news networks on television have mortally wounded themselves, profusely bleeding off viewers to find other sources for news online because of the pabulum and baby-talking anchors, from Wolf Blitzer on CNN to ABC’s Diane Sawyer with that patronizing “mommy talking down to the kids tone” she indulges on ABC nightly news. I am happy to see demographic studies showing this tidal wave of viewers abandoning these icons of the dying television news age. It is appropriate that those TV executives who think dumbing down their news will keep the audience watching, are losing their audience. The only ones who are being stupid and dumb are the network and cable news producers, those Mesozoic reptilian brains that cannot think in Cenozoic mammal or adapt to mammal-think.

The dinosaur kings of the jungle are going down, yet the jungle is still a dangerous place. This jungle of mass-information is still in a primal stage. There are many false trails into mental mangrove bogs and mud traps. A lot of the “animal” journalists are mimics of the real thing, or worse, people that are often onto real news stories but are blindsided by a sincere lack of self-observation. They do not seem able, some of them, even the most authentic among the conspiracy watchers, to encounter a fundamental conspiracy: being blindsided by the biases of their own cultural, political and religious upbringing and conditioning. They doubt everything they see but their own ability to clearly doubt and question themselves.

Alex Jones, in my opinion, is one of these important and influential Internet Jungle journalists. One of my readers, Karen, made me aware of an Alex Jones Show excerpt posted on YouTube on 17 April 2013. As usual his gravelly voice was quite breathless about uncovering yet another False Flag conspiracy: The Boston Bombing on 15 April was triggered off by US Navy Seals with backpacks exploding two bombs set in the crowds watching the finish of the Boston Marathon. Jones was adamant that this was perhaps the biggest scoop, the biggest news story of his career and was apparently loath not to rush to judgment and get the message out about it. So Karen asked me about that show in the following email. I watched it and it became the catalyst for my long-awaited comment on Alex Jones:

Greetings Mr. Hogue. Just wondering what you think about this video regarding the Boston “bombings”. My oldest Son posted this on his Facebook page and Facebook deleted it without explanation to my Son – we thought this was quite interesting! I would like to know what you think about this. Thank you!

First off, this is the video in question. Click on Alex Jones Show.  Here is the article it prompted out of me:

The point of perception of Alex Jones is somewhere in a twilight world between real and imagined conspiracies. There are definitely things going on, but sometimes I think Jones’ rush to judgment accidentally serves dark forces in the government. He sometimes becomes “their” patsy, psychologically speaking. He flies off in a direction “they” want him to take which sometimes is away from the real conspiracy plotted, to some fringy world that makes such conspiracy reporting look kooky.

I do not question Alex’s sincerity. It is true. It is living large and loud about uncovering what is truly a creeping threat of fascism overtaking this country. I would, however, think that if this story in the YouTube link is the most important he has ever exposed (his declaration that day), a little more cautious and skeptical observation of the developing story was warranted. Your biggest scoop can quickly become your biggest “goof” from what looks like a “kook” if you let yourself be played by the very forces you are trying to expose.

If I were him, I would have let the story develop over the next several days, especially past Saturday. This story is too important, if it is true, to fly off to judgment in the fog of the first few feverish days of reporting; otherwise, he’s behaving just as irresponsibly as a Wolf Blitzer often does, scooping first and asking rational questions later. He then appears to be a sensationalist rather than a journalist. I know that is not Jones’ intent, but perception is a powerful thing, often trumping truth if an often mistaken man is the messenger of truth.

Jones has a character flaw, an impetuous side. He is impatient to get a solid lead and too stuck in his narrative to question it and consider other mundane possibilities. He just jumps in bellowing and combative. His ballooning intensity button gets pushed and he does not see who is pushing it. The forces he is trying to expose play him. Jones then comes off as some bombastic, overreacting, over-imaginative, hair-on-fire “Interneter-nutter on talk radio and YouTube TV”.

Osama bin Laden in Abbotobad, Pakistan, watching video of himself. US DoD, Public Domain.

These forces play him well, just like they played Osama bin Laden. In the latter’s case, it was well known that he intended to attack the US. I had been aware of this as far back as 1990 when I lived in India and had access to reports about bin Laden’s long-term strategic intentions to establish a jihadist Caliphate that might require direct attack on the US homeland.

Al-Qaeda’s attack on the US on 11 September 2001 was not cooked up by the Bush Administration as some “false flag” attack, some “Reichstag Fire” excuse to turn the US into a police state after setting up a false and perpetual state of emergency. Al-Qaeda is real, not some made up US Wahhabi wank job imagined by the CIA as an excuse to get the country and US Congress in lockstep with G.W. Bush, pass the Patriot Act, suspending many personal freedoms for our own safety.

That is what those who want to take your freedoms “want” you to think. They need an easily duped, loudly excitable, bellowing, Rush to Limbaugh judgmental radio show host to harrumph and harangue-up the climate of fear and suspicion “away” from its real source and intent.

Osama bin Laden was “allowed” to attack the United States.

Why create a false flag terror attack when a real threat from a real enemy can play into your Neoconservative need for a “Pearl Harbor” event like 9-11? Yes, that was what the Neocons in their many manifestos and Mein Kampf publications called the need. More on that a little later.

To explain metaphorically how al-Qaeda, was real threat used in a false flag event, let us return to the greatest false flagging success in modern history, Hitler’s Reichstag Fire. If the al-Qaeda attack was a false flag like the Reichstag Fire, Hitler would not need to have Goering and his henchmen burn the German Parliament building down, then find some mentally retarded guy calling himself a communist as the patsy. Why make up a terrorist when you can unlock the doors of the Reichstag. Let a “real” communist terrorist in! Let “him” burn it down. You then get your enabling acts on “his” risk.

Move forward from 1933 to 2001. You let in and monitor al-Qaeda terrorists. You watch them train. You pretend to be securing the country while you let them commit and act of terror that will not do that much damage to the country, but will create a “real flag” event exploited “falsely”.

The exploitation of the real terror attack is the conspiracy.

The neoconservatives stacking President G.W. Bush’s cabinet sought and found “their” patsy to commit a needed “Pearl Harbor event” requiring a national emergency, the real intent of which is to undermine US freedom and silence opposition in the press and legislature to hasten their greater agenda.

That agenda is to take down of seven “rogue” nations in North Africa and the Middle East in five years.

That plan was already in the works a few weeks after the smoking fires under the ruins of the twin towers in New York City had scarcely started cooling.

This is not hearsay, or some rushing to judge. My source is retired US General Wesley Clarke. He exposed the plan on YouTube in 2007.

Before I share the transcript of Clarke’s statements, here is a passage from Nostradamus: The War with Iran that quotes a neocon manifesto published just the month before G.W. Bush debated Al Gore in the first presidential debates in early October 2000. Bush when asked about Iraq in the debate had said with a bit of glee in his eye and a smirking smile, “Oh, we have a plan for Iraq.” He must have read the neocon paper published the month before. He is an excerpt from my Iran book about it.


The 2000 report, Rebuilding America’s Defenses, written by project participants that included [neocon writers] Kristol, Kagan and the future Deputy Secretary of Defense, Paul Wolfowitz, sagaciously stated the following in Chapter V: Creating Tomorrow’s Dominant Force:

Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.

One year to the month later, terrorists pulled off the new Pearl Harbor on 11 September 2001. The “plan for Iraq” alluded to cryptically by a smirking candidate Bush in the first presidential debates of early October 2000, went forward. It was in the same neocon report quoted above and here, released a month before the debates:

While the unresolved conflict in Iraq provides the immediate justification [for US military presence], the need for a substantial American force presence in the [Persian] Gulf transcends the issue of the regime of Saddam Hussein…Over the long term, Iran may well prove as large a threat to U.S. interests in the Gulf as Iraq has. And even should U.S.-Iranian relations improve, retaining forward-based forces in the region would still be an essential element in U.S. security strategy given the longstanding American interests in the region.

The “plan” Bush nudged and winked about in the first debate has regime change coming in two acts. Act One opened in early 2003 with the overthrow of Saddam Hussein and the force-feeding of democracy in what was left in the ruins of Iraq. Act Two: come hell or high dissent in America’s body politic and Congress, regime change in Iran must follow Iraq.

Nostradamus: The War with Iran – Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse

(Chapter Four: The Axis of an Evil Neocon Job)

Click on this cover image and read more about this book.


The plan for Iraq got a Pearl Harbor event of terrorism: 9/11. This was allowed to happen so that upon the momentum of a shocked and frightened nation Bush and his neocon cabinet would say “jump” and US Congress would say “how high” when they passed war enabling actions two years after the debate (October 2001).

General Wesley Clarke saw the following memo a few weeks after 9/11 had happened showing the plan was well along just days after the Pentagon had been hit by a hijacked jet. Here is the next excerpt from Nostradamus: the War with Iran that opened the Neocon Job chapter:


 U.S. General Wesley Clark (Ret.), former NATO Supreme Allied Commander in Europe (1997-2000), gave an interview on stage before an audience to Amy Golden of Democracy Now on 2 March 2007. The interview has since gone viral on YouTube. In it he told a story about his visit to the Pentagon ten days after its western façade was drilled by an exploding hijacked civilian airliner flying at 530 mph at grass top level, killing 57 onboard American Airlines Flight 77 and 125 in the Pentagon – the third of four American target objectives of al-Qaeda’s terrorist attacks on the United States on 11 September 2001. Clark had gone to visit Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld and Under Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz. After which he relates in the interview:

I went down stairs just to say hello to some of the people on the Joint [Chiefs of] Staff who used to work for me and one of the Generals called me in and said “Sir, you have ah… Come in. You’ve got to come in and talk to me for a second.”

I said, “Well, you’re too busy”.

And he said, “No, No…” And he said [with emphasis], We’ve made the decision, we’re going to war with Iraq”.

This was on or about the 20th of September [2001].

I said, “We’re going to war with Iraq? Why?!”

He said, “I don’t know” [crowd laughs].

He said, “I guess they don’t know what else to do” [Crowd boos].

So, I said, “Well did they find come information connecting Saddam to al-Qaeda?”

He said, “No, No. There is nothing new that way, they just made the decision to go to war with Iraq.”

He said, “I guess its, like, we don’t know what to do about terrorists, but… we’ve got a good military and we can take down governments.”

So I came back to see him a few weeks later and by that time we were bombing in Afghanistan.

I said, “Are we still going to war with Iraq?”

And he said, “Oh, it’s worse than that.”

He reached over on his desk and picked up a piece of paper.

He said, “I just got this down from upstairs from the Secretary of Defense’s office today.”

And he said, “This is a memo that describes how we are going to take out seven countries in five years. Starting with Iraq and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and then finishing off Iran.”

[Amy Goodman] “Go through the countries again?” [Crowd laughs].

[Wesley Clark] “Well, starting off with Iraq, then Syria and Lebanon, then Libya, then Somalia and Sudan and back to Iran.”

Nostradamus: The War with Iran – Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse

(Chapter Four: The Axis of an Evil Neocon Job)


Alex Jones missed that direction in the 9/11 conspiracy. The government HAD a conspiracy in motion but it was a conspiracy of omission rather than commission. Alex took the bait of the latter, flummoxed, and growled with bountiful energy his support and endorsement of a string of ridiculous conspiracy theories. Just the kind of silly stuff a real dark shadow government wants spread around.

The real conspirators enable the excitable and hysterical reporters on Internet to flap and feather about a wild, Donald-Duckian goose chase missing the real conspiracy of passive omission. You passively allow someone to attack the US who could not do much damage to it, except to its democratic freedoms. You let Osama’s mayhem through the unlocked door and US freedoms go out that door in your national emergency response.

Jones naively puts his public influence into “their” propaganda story, tailored to be bait for excitable theorists who bought the idea that one of the most mediocre administrations in modern history could pull off robot-controlled airliners drilling skyscrapers that are carefully wired for high explosive demolition.

I can hear members of the shadow government laughing and high-fiving. Jones has become their unwitting tool. He is “their” patsy a sincere but unwitting servant of his easily manipulated, misunderstanding mind. With the conspiracy of Stupid making so much noise out there, the real conspiracy of omission remains safely hidden, because all the mainstream sees and hears is the noise of Stupid. In this way, the majority of the American people rejects all credibility behind real investigation into the real conspiracy.

I am sorry to say this because Jones is truly trying to uncover real conspiracies and he is brave to do so. Nevertheless, bravery is not enough. Rash and impetuous courage is not enough. A banzai charge just gets you killed in war. A banzai charge of an Internet journalist rushing a line of fact yelling untested conspiracy theory just kills his or her credibility.

More intelligent, patient and skeptical testing of Jones’ own perceptions as a journalist are required, otherwise Alex Jones is so easily marginalized and branded by his own impetuous character flaw as a kook. He takes the bait repeatedly and is hooked and reeled away from the real conspiracies.

The Boston Bombing thus becomes the biggest “fish” story of his life and he is the flounder caught connecting all the dots with the fishing net he is tangled within. There were the backpacks, the baseball caps, etc., that US special forces wear when off duty or under covert duty in civvies somehow ties into two Chechen American fellows acting as patsies for an attempt to create perpetual marshal law, an imminent overthrow of the government.

Well, it did not happen. Of course the reason given by conspiracy neurotics is not and will never be that this terror attack was launched by two lone-wolf radicalized US Chechen Americans, period. Alex Jones on his 17 April show already hedged against failure of his “Biggest story in 18 years” by saying it was a botched false flag attack, even before the two Chechens “patsies” were identified.

Though the city-wide Boston lockdown that ensued from passing pictures around of the two perpetrators was ridiculous over reaction, it was lifted the following morning when Tamerlan one of them was shot dead and the other was lying wounded and surrounded in a boat parked in the back yard of a Boston suburb.

The whole security overdrive after the Boston bombings shows to what an extent US police departments have slowly been transformed into a paramilitary police force. This militarization will eventually be used on the citizenry when free speech becomes a terrorist act to power. Jones is on track about that but his sensationalist and excitable tendencies look for an explosive, sudden coup. He is missing what is really taking place: a very slow and gradual creep of fascism overtaking America. It is coming  like that other obvious planetary disaster that no mountain of scientific data can make Ales Jones recognize, global warming. Fascism does not come suddenly. It turns up the heat of its tyranny gradually, and your freedoms become like the bull frog in the jar of water under a slow burning flame of fascism. It heats up the water so slowly that Mr. bull frog “freedom” adapts to it, gets comfortable with it, until freedom is boiled alive with a whimper.

The more important thing to watch in the coming weeks and months is how two lone-wolf terrorists bombing the Boston Marathon might be exploited by shadow elements in the government to slightly turn up the heat of fascism just a little more so you will feel safer. If you are like Jones, looking for some big and splashy keystone cop bungled coup, your missing the slow moving catastrophe. It seems we humans throughout history are good at identifying and tackling a dramatic and sudden disaster, but pretty clueless in catching the less distinct and far more subtle slow moving crisis, like the encroachment of fascism, the climate creep of global warming, until it may be too late to prevent them.

I am reminded of some of Jones’ tangents on the YouTube 17 April broadcast to which I counter now. A lot of people wear khaki pants and black shirts. That fact doesn’t extend later to anyone presuming or insinuating that the two Chechen Americans, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, are Navy Seals or patsies of such because Tamerlan wore khaki, a black jacket and had a baseball cap that looked like those Seal Team security teams at the Boston Marathon where wearing. Though insinuated there is no connection to Seals wearing black baseball caps with the distinctive death head white skull with long upper teeth and  Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s black cap because it had a white “D” displayed instead. Its stands for his alma mater, Dartmouth University, where he was enrolled.

His younger brother Dzhokhar had a white cap, no khaki pants.

The shredded backpack after bombing looks like what it was, a black backpack just like the one the Tamerlan was wearing. To my eye it was definitely NOT the right size to be one of the Navy Seal packs seen worn by security, which were much larger, two of which Jones seemed to believe in the 17 April YouTube TV segment were set off to explode a fumbled and fake terror attack.

All seriousness aside for a moment, I can see it now, how assumptions replace facts. Hypothetically speaking, if I had been visible on a security camera with the same style backpack, wearing khaki pants, a black shirt, sunglasses and a black ball cap, Jones might use his vast imagination to find some way to make me a member of the shadow government.

The problem is my long beard is very un-Navy Seal, but hey, after writing this castigating article against Alex Jones, he must now believe with little need to check his facts that “I” am a member of the shadow government. Any projection that supports that myopia in his mind will be single-pointedly used to strengthen it.

For instance, if I was on those security cameras with every circumstantial detail of attire fitting but my long beard, he would find a reason for it, to save his theory. I just got back from doing “in country” surveillance in Afghanistan. I had the beard to blend in with the Afghanistani  natives. Seals do that.

The other problem is my love handles.

Oh! I know, they are actually not love handles but C-Four explosives wrapped round my waist.

I must be trying to look overweight so I can blend in with the other Americans, like Alex Jones.

The fact that surveillance photos of me over the last few months might show a decrease in the munitions pack’s size cannot be explained away as fat Hogue on a diet.

I am just miniaturizing my fanny packed, love handle roll of weapons of mass destruction, right? This is not a dietary act of mass digestion.

All kidding aside, I hope Alex Jones might someday become more self-reflective and understand how these dark forces behind power are very clever about studying our weaknesses, our character flaws. They then manipulate these to their own ends.

That is why meditation must become an integral part of all-investigative reporting. We all need an ability to observe our own mind, how others can manipulate it and make us succumb to a more subtle manipulation of which we are often blind sided by our own habitual and conditioned thought patterns.

I would be happy to share with Alex Jones meditation techniques that might help him be a better champion of our freedoms and a more intelligent watchdog of black shadowed powers that indeed are working to turn the United States into a fascist regime, very very slowly yet inexorably.

If any of you reading this feel deep inside the call to meditation, just contact me. Put in the subject line: Meditation.

I will freely share with you the techniques I use. No greater gift I can I you. I give it freely.

29 April 2013

What Hogue got Right and Wrong
About the Boston Bombing
Being an Act of Domestic Terrorism

I have been pretty hard on Jones. Now it is my turn for self-reflection.

When I goof, I will report it. I will not blame my faulty theories on some shadowy government maneuver.

I also began posting articles and updates on the day of the Boston Marathon Bombing (15 April), plus updates on 17, and 18 April 2013. If you have read them in this link, you will note that I do proffer opinions and possibilities but I caution my readers that the situation is fluid. I warned that information could require patience and time to be accurately sorted out and that I would do this in good time.

Sorry to say, that is another thing you will not often see or hear on Alex Jones television and radio feeds or see posted on his URL. You will rarely if ever see Mr. Jones be patient or cautious when coming to his conclusions. I did not hear or see him in the link above from his show on 17 April acknowledge that the fog of chaos after a terror attack dumps out a lot of information that could easily be misconstrued as true when false. With only two days passing, Jones was already bellowing that he had his biggest story, the truth, the conspiracy uncovered. I will not do that to you. I will wait and watch myself and my mind’s ability to filter information as fact. The worst critic of my own narrative is “John Hogue”.

You can see the complete evolution of my Prophecy News Flashes from 15-17 April 2013 by clicking on Boston Bombing.

In brief, here was my line of thinking and misreading the facts.

The bombs went off on Patriot’s Day and Tax Day together on a week that would also include the anniversaries of the Waco Massacre and the Murrah Federal Building Oklahoma Bombing (19 April) followed by Adolf Hitler’s birthday on 20 April – the anniversary of the Columbine School Massacre. To me, the Boston bombing looked like the beginning of a wave of related or unrelated lone-wolf domestic terror attacks from extremists that could be generally right wing, Neo Nazi and/or white supremacist in origin. They could also be extreme zealots of the anti-tax and anti-Federal, second amendment militia kind of variety.

My educated guess openly leaned towards a white or Caucasian American citizen. Though I did not rule out Islamic terrorists, I did not believe it was Islamic inspired. Upon review, I was definitely wrong about that. Still, it is strange how the mind can misread an intuitive message. I saw two white Caucasians, one of them in a white baseball cap, as I reported in writing in those blogs. I misread wrongly the right visions.

I was right about them being white Caucasians, and they were American citizens, but they were ethnic Chechen Caucasians, from the Caucasus Mountain region, where the White Race was born. That is where the word Caucasian comes from.

But still, readers, I will not Alex Jones my way out of this mistake. I got it flat wrong about the Boston Bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev being a pair of right wing, white supremacist “cracker” Caucasians. The older brother Tamerlan (age 26) had come back from the Caucasus province of Dagestan in the Russian Federation radicalized, his kid-brother Dzhokhar (19) was his first convert. Once back in the USA, Tamerlan posted on his YouTube account videos about the Islamic version comparable to what you might see on Christian Evangelist web sites anticipating their angle on Armageddon.

Islam has its own rich tradition of Armageddon prophecy. I inserted much of it in the major upgrade of Nostradamus: The War with Iran and you can read it in that eBook: click on Islamic Apocalypse Prophecies.

One other prophetically ironic bit about Tamerlan. He is named after Tamerlane (1336-1405), the Muslim Mongol conqueror who terrorized Central Asia and was responsible for tens of millions of deaths. There is a famous fulfilled prophecy about him. When the ancient stone covering Tamerlane’s tomb is rolled aside, out from his tomb would come “the source of a terrible war unleashed on the world.”

No punk Tamerlan with a pressure cooker bomb is wielding a weapon of mass destruction but not three days after Tamerlane’s tomb was opened in June 1941 by Soviet archaeologists, Hitler invaded the Soviet Union, where he was buried. The German-Soviet conflict became the epicenter of the Second World War.

In little more than 3.5 years, the Soviets would completely defeat their invaders. In that brief time, 2.5 million German, an additional 1.3 million Axis allied soldiers, 2 million German civilians and 27 million Soviet soldiers and civilians were killed. A terrible war indeed was unleashed in an Armageddon on the Russian steppes that killed nearly 33 million people – over half of all those killed in the Second World War.

One of my readers guessed right that a “right” wing terrorist did not cause the Boston Bombing. Kathleen logged her comment on 17 April. Here is what she wrote with my inserted reply entered the same day. (I have left her snarky letter unpunctuated and misspelled as I received it, reflecting back to the source some snark in my reply):


of course, the tea party and right wingers strike again. left wingers never do things like this. Maybe its just a nutcase? Maybe just an evil person?

You said it was Tea Party people [in my Boston Marathon Bombing article and updates], I didn’t say it. What I said is that every movement has its fringe elements. Try to read my words without your biased filters on, if that is at all possible for you, “of course”.

The future history like the past moves in cycles. The left extremists had their day in the past. Now, we are entering a period where more and more terrorist acts in this country are coming from right wing extremism, neo-Nazis and people who have taken their beef with the Federal Government beyond civilized activism or legislation. I support and respect the freedom of members of the Tea Party who use civilized means to solve, in their view, America’s problems. If ELF or any other extreme left-wing organization blows up people, Hogueprophecy will be just as quickly reporting it.


I did as promised, taking my time to get the facts straight. This article is my reply. That still leaves two incidents from the week of April 15 with its bombings, poisoned letters and fertilizer plant blasts open as possible domestic right-wing acts of terror.

Remember, the week that started with the Boston Bombing and many anniversary dates for acts of domestic terror to echo, had two envelopes with ricin poison inside intercepted before either got to President Obama or US Senator Winkler from Mississippi.

After rushing to falsely arrest Paul Kevin Curtis, an Elvis Presley impersonator (thank you vuury much!), the FBI “keystone cops” snapped out of their comical silent movie – and an Alex Jonesian rush to judgment. They settled down to real police work. They arrested a white Caucasian with a very Germanic last name, James Everett Dutschke of Mississippi, for sending the ricin-laced letters.

“I’m a patriotic American,” Dutschke told The Associated Press. “I don’t have any grudges against anybody. … I did not send the letters,” Dutschke said.

The FBI is sure they at last have their man, but evidence will tell.

The final word is still out on whether the West Texas fertilizer plant exploding the evening before the Waco Massacre/Murrah Fed. Bombing anniversaries on the 19th was another example of what happens when you either deregulate laws for dangerous materials in Texas; or, a terrorist arsonist set the badly regulated place off.

I do not intend to “keep up with the Alex Joneses” out there. I take my time to assess these issues. I think it is important to follow what a Native American mystic once advised:

Source: Deva Padma. Check her art out at

“When life moves faster outside, slow yourself down inside.”

In other words, calm yourselves. Breathe. Look at a thing with “respect”, which means to “look a second time, closer than before”, with any initial emotional impact set aside. Look at the thing again, knowing your own foibles, your own prophetic biases, your own narrative bubble, your patterns and habits to rush to judgment. Otherwise you will be another Alex Jones.

Investigations have begun in West Texas. They are sifting through the ruins. Maybe some evidence remains in the crater that was that factory that may yet intimate arson, a new Tim McVeigh, lighting his echo of the Murrah Fed. Building blast and was this time the New McVeigh that got away.

29 April 2013

G.W. Bush
Nostradamus Antichrist?

Last and certainly least in this new article stream from 29 April is the story of G.W. Bush surfacing in the news again after his half-billion dollar Presidential Library was opened in Dallas Texas this weekend. Good news, the no-tax and spendthrift president who burned through 2 trillion dollars in two Middle Eastern adventures – Afghanistan and a wild goose chase for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – DID NOT spend another $500 million to build a temple to his better-to-make-forgettable presidency. The Bush Library at half-a-billion bucks was not wasted on a one-book library built around a podium with “My Pet Goat” lying open on it.

Bush at last has come out from hiding from the public eye and withering scrutiny for his many failed military and economic adventures. I am not being partisan when I write this. The GOP leaders found him so embarrassing to the Republican Party that he was not invited to their 2012 National Convention. During the convention his name was mentioned at speeches there only a few times, mostly in one speech by his his former Secretary of State and National Security Advisor, Condi Rice, conveniently broadcast early, as any mention of Bush was not ready for prime time remembrance whist pitching the GOP brand.

Bush’s short term memory and that of the US corporate news who interviewed him this weekend worked well together to make the window in the public eye brief and surprisingly lacking in a good journalistic bollocking of the 43rd president.


The four main candidates for Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist. Click on the picture and read more.

This rare Bush sighting also deserves as brief as possible some mention of his role in prophecy as one of four key candidates for Nostradamus’ third and final Antichrist. (Read more about the first two antichrists by clicking on Nostradamus Mabus)

The third Antichrist is code named Mabus by Nostradamus. Moreover, it so happens that G.W. Bush can be derived out of this code name for him:

G.W. Bush = g w bush. Turn g and w upside-down 90 degrees to get m a, as in: m a bush. Drop the redundant letter h, which you are allowed to do in Nostradamus’ laws of anagram, thus: m a bus(h) is Mabus.

To be fair to Bush, Mabus can also be decoded out of Saddam (Hussein), Usama bin Laden and Obama. Click on Antichrist.

Here is the Mabus prophecy. It was written and published in 1555 and indexed as Century 2 Quatrain 62 of Les Propheties by Michel Nostradamus:

Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra,
De gens & bestes vne horrible defaite:
Puis tout à coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comete.

Mabus very soon then will die, [then] will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

The death of Mabus, whoever he is, either triggers a war or happens during a time of horrible undoing of animals and man. The use of the French defaite (undoing) related to both people and animals elsewhere in the prophecies hint of some ecological planetary disaster, such as global warming as the cause. The death of Mabus, whatever the cause, will hasten a quick vengeance from 100 nations (powers symbolized by the old French meaning for main for hand, a code for the iron gauntlet-covered fist of a king or nation’s power. These hundred armored hands strike back during a time of intensifying droughts and famines when a comet passes. The comet is a portent, either dating the death of Mabus or equally dating his death and the undoing of animals and people.

Saddam Hussein, a Mabus candidate, was hung as consequence of Bush’s invasion of Iraq on the very day Comet McNaught became visible to the human eye.

The Comet could also be metaphorical for the comet-like fall of the Space Shuttle Columbia that happened as a portent of disaster just weeks before Bush invaded Iraq.

Comets that could be candidates for this Mabus Comet keep coming after Bush and into Obama’s presidency. We have ISON’s appearance in the second term of another potential candidate for Antichrist. The democrats have elected for a second time a president with a name converting to Mabus:

Obama = ubama = maabu = ma(a)bu = mabu(s) = Mabus. That is, if you allow the laws of anagram that reduce or replace the redundant a with the last missing letter s to complete the word puzzle.

Click on the cover.

In Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named MABUS, I had argued that each Antichrist could be a descent into a new low in evil. Napoleon had many positive attributes, then came Hitler, one of the most idiotic politicians in history. Perhaps the third Antichrist would see evil in three steps descend to a most dangerous but least considered form of evil: an unconscious mediocrity wielding ultimate power.

Bush was definitely a mediocrity, but he is out of office now. Obama is still working to get a better verdict from History’s judgment. Though well spoken and charming, the verdict on Obama being an all-talk, little-doing mediocrity as president is still out.

On Bush’s watch the economy collapsed. He spent blood and treasure catastrophically in a failed war and occupation in Iraq. The collapse of Iraq into a second civil war from 2013-to-2014 will fulfill that statement.

Obama, as I will point out in my forthcoming book in the chapter entitled The Obama Prophecies, may yet see the economy crash even harder. Obama by 2015 or 2016 might get the US trapped fighting a greater calamitous war, this time with Iran.

The following quote from my eBook on Mabus ended the chapter on Bush. It was written in the summer of 2008 and published by HogueProphecy Publishing by the end of September of that year.

There was talk at Samuel Weiser – one of the larger dinosaurs of print – about publishing the book in paper. I had already made the evolutionary jump to mammalian eBook publishing but I was interested. It was never my intention to leave the printed book world. The printed book world left me. It stayed behind the changing times.

Anyway, the reptilians of print rejected Mabus. (Too “mammalian” perhaps?) My agent at the time said my chapter on President Bush was the cause for rejection. I replied, “Funny, I guess those conservative corporate types must have liked my Obama-as-Mabus chapter.”

I think the ending to the Bush chapter was the culprit. For a president that has earned history’s many and various shoe throws of calumny for this mediocre presidency, do some of you think my coda of calumny is original?


Bush could leave office at the end of his term on 20 January 2009, or be impeached, forced to leave earlier and still be a target for terrorist assassins as a private citizen. It can’t be ruled out at least until the end of 2009 that Mabus-Bush could still succumb to terrorist attack at the beginning of the war he starts with 25 to 27 years of worldwide conflict following as consequence. The forces that Bush Junior believed, perhaps erroneously, tried to “kill his Dad” the ex-president, might seek vengeance on ex-president Bush junior.

It must be remembered that “vengeance” is a key trigger word in the Mabus prophecy.

I would add that this destruction and undoing of people and animals could transpire not solely through a war he might wage. If the Third Antichrist is President Bush then this terrible destruction could come in later decades as a result of his political alienation of the US with the world. It comes through his ill-conceived and shortsighted economic and global policies, which already mark his credibility in a state of shambles and his presidential legacy in historic disrepute never suffered by a US president.

The good or the evil a president launches has momentum. Bush’s critics believe he has set in motion a number of tragic legacies. The future may not remember him as Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist but historians might damn him for setting in motion or exacerbating many of the 21st century’s worst future problems.

It may be remembered in the decades to come that on his watch terrorists attacked Americans when warnings to prevent such had been made clear. Many individual freedoms enjoyed by Americans as a consequence were lost to enable a war on terrorists. Under Bush’s terrorist emergency, more power was gathered under the office of the Executive Branch than the US Constitution ever allowed, giving a president more power than the congressional and judicial branches. This will lead to more dictatorial presidencies in the future.

Soon after Bush’s War on Terror got started it sidetracked into a bank-breaking bloody occupation of Iraq. He goes to war “and” cuts taxes rather than raises them. The first time any military power tried that, and there’s reasons why it doesn’t work. Wars are expensive. Occupying failed states – more expensive. For instance, to build Iraq’s infrastructure you have to sacrifice funds to sustain and repair your own rusting and crumbling roads, power stations, schools and what not.

Under Bush’s tax policies a sizable majority cut of the distribution of wealth has moved out of the hands of a majority of Americans into the paws of six percent of the corporate wealthy. They in turn have outsourced millions of US jobs, severely harming the American middle class: the economic foundation of US democracy. On his watch, the dollar began falling from its perch as the number one global currency. On his watch began what may visit upon his successor a deep global recession or even depression by 2010.

Bush, the CEO of a string of bankrupted oil and gas exploration companies, has pushed restrictions on drilling, forest logging, air and water pollution back 30 years. American scientists under Bush stagnated. The objective became a prisoner of the irrational council of Bush’s “higher father.” God it seems, or oil interests he supports, told him there was no global warming, causing America the chief super-polluter to retard its participation in fighting climate change for a half dozen precious years. Its late entry into this struggle to lower greenhouse gas emissions has guaranteed a far harder road to climate rebalancing ahead, rife with climate tipping natural disasters that undermine economic and political stability, bringing on wars.

President Bush may not be Mabus, the fallen catalyst for 27 years of war, but he may be remembered as catalyst for destabilizing and spiraling a world down into the arms of such an Antichrist thanks to the powers invested in idiocy that accelerated waste, pollution, ecological degradation, the unraveling of the Middle East and heightened the fever of global warming – all key factors foreseen by Nostradamus and many seers, ancient and modern, for triggering the derailment of civilization no later than the 2020s.

Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named Mabus
Chapter Eight: g.w. Bush = m.a. Bush(h)


If you resonate with this passage, and want to read more about this book and perhaps help this work continue by purchasing the eBook it came from, read more about it by clicking on obama mabus.

Bush appears in other Nostradamus prophecies, see the W prophecy. He is not out of danger, even though retired from office. If he should die “out of office” at a time that sees the other elements of this prophecy fulfilled then he could yet be the Mabus, Nostradamus intended. In the meantime, it is now Obama’s turn in his second term, with a great comet coming, to face the judge and author of this terrible prophecy.

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If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the “Contact” email button and I will post them here with my inserted replies. We already have collected a large number of interesting comments. Let yours join the fun. Just remember. Keep it clean; keep your comment intelligent and thoughtful if you want to see your views posted to the world on these pages. The only person allowed papal indulgences to write 7,200-word article streams like the one above is me.

First a few comments from my Facebook friends:

“Al-Qaeda’s attack on the US on 11 September 2001 was not cooked up by the Bush Administration…” Jones has never suggested that it was as it is being alleged. Jones has only said that “dark forces” controlling government officials caused it happen in order to roll out the new and improved Patriot Act.

Hi Gerald, Jones is not being straight will people then. In my book about the coming war with Iran (click on nostradamus iran), you can read in detail with names named, who are behind it and what strategic philosophy has been working towards these goals since 1992. The Bush cabinet was absolutely dripping with these people in his first term. Jones may be afraid of calling a spade a spade, but I am not. The Bush administration was directly involved in this conspiracy of omission, allowing bin Laden to venture in. Look at all the actionable intelligence reports they received leading up to the 9-11 attack.

To say that the Bush administration was not involved is like a murderer stabbing someone with a knife saying that the knife was not involved when he gripped it, controlled it and ran the man through with that uninvolved blade.


Not everyone likes his style, but as George Noory pointed out, Alex has been right on the money for the last 15 yrs. and usually way ahead of the pack in seeing what is to come.

Jones has not been right, but he has been “righteous”. There is a big difference. It has a religious bias about it, like an evangelist who reinforces his or her belief system by picking out only the data that supports his or her bias.

When you are this kind of righteous blind man or woman — blind to your own mental games and narrative — how can you ever be wrong? Moreover, if you are very good at convincing yourself your biases are true, you can also be good at propagating that “truthiness” to others. Be mindful of this, Donna. The mind loves to pick and choose data to build an egoistic narrative. Meditation exposes these habits to us.


Thank you for this posting mr Hogue.

You are most welcome. I have been waiting for the right time to say something about Alex Jones. His “big scoop” about the Boston Bombing was the right time. Alex Jones is like many of us, habitualized to look for the big quick and easy story, full of drama. We are attracted or seek to find and expose the big crises, but we are abjectly terrible in identifying the slow moving crises.

Fascism is a slow moving crisis. It will not come suddenly but gradually. That is how it is coming.

Alex Jones is not using his intelligence to recognize that. He is a bit of a drama king and it gets in the way. His outbursts make the quest to uncover these real conspiracies more difficult because his man-child screaming moments and baby-man temper tantrums negatively reflects on all in this field of investigation.

Over-the-top people used to insinuate themselves into UFO investigative reporting. Their bombast and kooky theories turned the mainstream off – made the whole UFO thing a joke of little green men. Some of these characters were actually plants from the government, meant to undermine the credibility of the movement. You see the same thing happen in a street protest movement, often the wildest rabble rouser is an undercover cop trying to incite a riot. If he is successful the damage to credibility goes to the demonstrators.

Let me make this quite clear, I am not saying Alex Jones is one of these government plants. It is worse. He is a man of the times. He is a voice for an American nation undergoing a slow crisis of dumbing down and becoming infantile.


Hi, I read your critic about Alex John… How about you? Saddam, Obama just a dictator and terrorist, but real Anti-Christ is institution: Vatican! Remember, no more “false flag”.

A good question. How about “me”? Well, I back up what I say. And in that article I invited “you” to go to links and get the books that detail what I say about Saddam, Obama and the real institution of what is “antichrist”.

I call it the Antichrist Unconscious. It is the programmed, conditioned mind, Huseyin. It is the habit of identification. I ask my readers in the Mabus book (click on nostradamus mabus) to confront the only real antichrist there is, the one reflected in the mirror. Not that image with the borrowed name  “Huseyin”, with all the borrowed ideas of politics and religion and identity packaged in that reflection in the mirror called “Huseyin”. That image in the mirror is not the Antichrist; it is not an “institution” like the Vatican, as you call it. It is a “condition” that lurks somewhere unseen “behind” the eyes judging that reflection in the mirror.

It is everyone’s unconsciousness. How it expresses itself in the many-numbered stupidities and evils, institutionalized or not, is peripheral to the root problem. Cut the roots, Huseyin, of this Antichrist. It is not outside of anyone, it IS everyone, when every one of us is living a sleepwalker’s life, dreaming we are awake. Do not be too concerned with my sleepwalking or anyone else’s sleepwalking. Be solely concerned with waking up from your own, Huseyin. I offer meditation to anyone reading this. Contact me now and put in the subject line: Meditation.




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  1. Willard Bickford
    Posted 27 June 2013 at 6:39 pm | Permalink

    Mr Hogue, consider Jeb Bush the third Antichrist. He has a strong possibility of being elected president in 2016. The three antichrists could be President HW Bush, President GW Bush and then Gov Jeb Bush. President Obama is just a stooge to keep the Democrats happy. I believe the corporate facists control both parties now. Alex Jones and the rest of the media is simply there to divide and conquer the masses. Love your webpage. Your insight into Pope Francis cheers me up. Heard you on Coast to Coast tonight. Thx

    Hi William. Thanks for the interpretation. Jeb Bush’s first names (John Ellis) make him J.E. Bush, ergo the nickname JEB. There’s nothing in the J.E. that fits the rules of Nostradamian anagramming like G.W. (which can be turned upside down and swiveled to make g.w. become m.a. So, as far as his name goes, J.E.Bush doesn’t fit as a candidate.

  2. Posted 1 May 2013 at 11:15 am | Permalink

    Dear Mr. Hogue, Maybe its Bush senior dying this year … and the comet SION this year… ? Abbie

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