Nostradamus Syria Prediction

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War was thundering all week, day and night, northwest of my little island village in the Pacific Northwest. The naval air station on the north end of Whidbey Island is the home of all EA 18-G “Growler” squadrons of the US Navy. These are usually the first jets flying into enemy airspace. They jam radar and fire missiles on radar stations, punching a hole into enemy electronic air defenses through which the other US carrier based fighter-bombers pass. If there was another US-NATO “no fly zone” being prepared for Syria, or an imminent threat of an Israeli air strike on Iran that pulled the United States into yet another Middle Eastern quagmire, the Growlers will need to be ready.

I have not heard the afterburners thunder this much since nearly a year ago when a storm of low frequency roars and grumbles escalated into an ovation of heaven sundering thunder as a flock of Growlers few over my village heading east over the Cascades. Two days later, US and NATO air forces enacted a no fly zone over Libya, just in time to turn Muhammar Gaddafi’s armored tank thrust at the rebel stronghold city of Benghazi into a flame rusted, burned out wreck yard alongside the road, upon which Rommel and the Afrika Korps attacked and retreated in the Second World War.

Does this week of thunders mean military action over Syrian or Iranian skies is coming?

Before over-endowed military industrial budgets replaced the baritone thrust bluster of EA 6-B Prowlers with basso-profundo Growler jets, I reported the former were doing their day and night aerial drills at this level of intensity from 2005 through 2007. In articles from that time, I tried then as now to calculate how much of this military show is just a whole lot of hot thunder-bluff and thruster-rattling. Back then, a whole lot of saber rattling was going on as the Bush administration, Vice President Dick Cheney especially, was mongering for part two of the Neoconservative strategy for unilateral action to shoot down Middle Eastern rogue states first and ask questions about how to occupy them and turn them into subservient democracies later. Iraq and Saddam Hussein’s regime had been taken down. Iran’s Islamic theocracy was meant to be next.

Not only was the US rattling sabers and regularly parading carrier strike groups in a show of power back and forth through the Strait of Hormuz, Israel’s air force seriously and publicly began considering long range attacks on Iran’s nuclear industrial sites and reactors. They made quite an operatic show of flying rehearsal-bombing runs from air bases in Israel all the way to the Rock of Gibraltar and back again – the distance it would take to strike targets in Iran if they had to fly around the Saudi Arabian Peninsula. Many of my readers in Israel were also reporting the same thunderous rehearsals over Israeli airspace and wondered if this was the beginning of a war with Iran.

Nothing came of it, not for a lack of wanting a war, but lack of political solvency. By 2007, the US occupation in Iraq was going badly with the highest death tolls of US soldiers caught in a crossfire of a sectarian civil war between Shia and Sunni Iraqis. There was a rising wave at home of anti-war and anti-Bush administration opinion. Many a Neocon crowding the Bush cabinet before the Iraqi invasion in 2003 were gone. The “bomb Iran hawks” and their guru, Cheney, were out of favor and no matter how many times US naval and air forces taunted the Iranians, they remained passive. In Israel, the Kadima Party running the Israeli government was undergoing political collapse when Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was caught in a corruption scandal. It sent Israeli politics into a chaotic period of elections that made any unilateral strike on Iran by right wing, hawkish Zionist supremacists in the Knesset an untenable option.

Now, five years later, there is a new thought of war and rumor of war mongering arising out of the Knesset and the right wing Binyamin Netanyahu government. The “open secret” proffered is that Israel will make a military strike on Iran’s nuclear installations sometime next month – March 2012. I would add that the sun is in Aries then, the sign ruled by Mars, God of War. March in ancient times was the month that launched the “march” of wars when spring made the weather more suitable for killing one’s fellow man.

My oracle has not predicted a war with Israel and Iran dragging the US into it in 2012. Skirmishes and shooting are likely. Still, the oracle does not see the full-scale catastrophe of a US-Israeli-Iranian conflict any sooner than 2015 or 2016. Indeed my oracle forecasts a last minute diplomatic breakthrough in 2012.

What was predicted in my forecasts for 2012 is some kind of US and NATO involvement in the growing civil war inside Syria.

As we have seen explained in my recent article about the Strait of Hormuz – the narrow passage into the Persian Gulf wherein 25 percent of all global oil is shipped, Nostradamus had a lot to say about future conflicts in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf naming the Strait of Hormuz and describing the melting and sinking of fleets. He also forecasts the near future of Iran’s chief Arab ally, Syria, in the following verse (Century 1 Quatrain 87) published in 1555:

1 Q87
Ennosigee (Neptune) feu du centre de terre.
Fera trembler au tour de cité neufue:
Deux grands rochiers long t˜eps ferõt la guerre,
Puis Arethusa rougira nouueau fleuue.

Earth shaking fire of Neptune from the center of the Earth.
Will cause the towers around the New City to shake:
Two great rocks for a long time will make war,
And then Arethusa shall color a new river red.

The first line opens with a dating. Ennosigee (Old Friench for the Latin Ennosigaeus) is a surname of Neptune, God of Oceans. It means the Earthshaker. Neptune rules earthquakes and tsunamis, not just natural phenomena but by extension seismic events in politics and war. In my last article, we examined Neptune’s previous transit 154 years ago in its home sign Pisces shaking up Europe in 1848 with a tsunami of street revolutions. Neptune once again entered Pisces for several months in 2011 and early this February 2012 entered again for a 13-year transit. Neptune has already quaked the world with revolutions across North Africa and the Middle East, including what may become the bloodiest of them all in Syria raging non stop since last February 2011. At first, civilian demonstrations for democratic reforms were answered by point blank gunfire from the al-Assad regime’s tanks and artillery. 12 months later, official reports of fatalities cannot keep up with the mounting death toll in street massacres that exceed 6,000 with up to 50,000 more incarcerated and tortured.

We can expect the return of Neptune the Earthshaker in 2012 to widen the violence in Syria, not lessen it.

Ennosigee implies submarine quakes and tsunamis. I would be pleasantly surprised if 2012 came and went without one or more off shore super-temblors piling tsunamis inland into Japan, into Tokyo, or over the coasts of, Alaska or the west coast of of Canada or the United States and Mexico.

The towers in Nostradamus’ quatrain swaying in a new and futuristic city may be skyscrapers of Tokyo or those of San Francisco and Los Angeles, when the great rocks (fault lines) let slip the Earthshaker.

Volcanic eruptions corresponding with earthquakes are also hinted at in the last line of this quatrain. Arethusa is a classical Greek nymph who in legend changed herself into a spring. By calling Arethusa red, Nostradamus warns us of lava flows. This may indicate huge volcanic eruptions hitting major population centers during the transit of Neptune through Pisces (2012 – 2026).

However, before we are stuck in the grove of this seismically literal interpretation, never doubt Nostradamus will hide a second, more metaphorical meaning for rocks making war and rivers running red.

I wrote the following interpretation of 1 Q87, published in early 2007:

There is a Syrian connection to the classical town named after the goddess Arethusa. She is not only the goddess of volcanoes (earth-shaking fire) but possibly used to name modern day Ar Rastan. It was once an Ancient Roman settlement along the Orontes (Asi) River just inland from the Syrian Mediterranean coast, between Himms [Homs] and Hamah. The Asi River running red with blood is one of Nostradamus’ stark stabs at poetry about a future battleground along northern Syrian approaches to Lebanon and the Bekaa Valley – one of the principle routes Syria uses to supply Hezbullah. This could be Nostradamus’ description of Israeli air and missile attacks on the road to Lebanon, or ports along the nearby coastline where Syria has its only access to the sea.

Nostradamus: The War with Iran

Evolving the interpretation forward five years and a new civil war in Syria later and perhaps this interpretation gains more chilling clarity reflecting current events.

Homs, Syria’s third largest city is just ten miles north of Ar Rastan on the Orontes (Asi) River. The Orontes runs through the heartland of the 12-month old Syrian Revolution. It passes through Hama, Homs and Ar Rastan – all scenes of major massacres of civilians demonstrating in the streets for government reforms. All of these cities have become targets of relentless shelling from the Syrian regime’s tanks, helicopters, mortars and heavy artillery. The greatest loss of life is in Homs, a city of 1.6 million souls, where entire neighborhoods have been blasted into rubble and vast plumes of black clouds loom from artillery striking oil pipelines and refineries on the approaches of this center of Syria’s industrial heartland. The worst regime blitz of Homs began last Saturday killing an estimated 400 people the first day. It is estimated that hundreds more each day have fallen in the onslaught, as the regime softens up the city before sending hundreds of armored troop personnel carriers and T-72 tanks into the rubble strewn streets to spar and crush a rag-tag resistance only armed with AK-47 rifles, a few grenades and RPGs.

Fault lines of of another kind have gripped, tugged and built up sectarian tensions in Homs, Hamah and Ar Rastan – all strongholds of the Sunni majority, which the al-Assad regime (consisting mostly of the Shia Alawite minority and Syrian Christians) has tried over the past half century to dilute with a steady influx of Alawites. Now the two great rocks of Shia and Sunni Muslim dogma “make war” along the Orontes.

And that river runs through it all – metaphorically speaking. It runs red. Not with lava but the spilled blood of thousands yet to be slaughtered as Syria descends into full-scale urban civil war. Think Beirut. Think Lebanon in the 1970s. Not one city shattered by street fighting but a dozen.

This apocalyptic potential if actualized may spread and unhinge a volatile region, just when brinksmanship between Israel and the US with Iran has escalated to levels of severity and threat not seen since 2005 – 2007. As stated earlier, the cities on the Orontes now under fire are the main supply routes for Iran’s allies in Lebanon taking aim at Northern Israel with 20,000 rockets. There may be one more interpretive layer hidden in 1 Q87 that takes us from Syria and returns us to Iran. First let us review the prophecy:

1 Q87
Earth shaking fire of Neptune from the center of the Earth.
Will cause the towers around the New City to shake:
Two great rocks for a long time will make war,
And then Arethusa shall color a new river red.

This time the rocks of tension are Judeo-Christian (US and Israel) versus Muslim Syria allied to Islamic theocratic Iran. I view the following as a picture published in 2007 that better comes to us as a shadowy, chilling potential for war when astrology prophecies of Nostradamus once again frame these bellicose potential events in future time: 2015 or 2016:

This could foretell the seismic quake of Israeli tactical nuclear weapons drilling deep into Iranian underground nuclear installations at Arak, Natanz and Esfahan [Iran]. Nostradamus either gives an allusion to a new terrorist attack on New York as consequence to a war with Iran, or it is foreseen here accidentally or purposefully out of time sequence – the new city is New York. It shakes with the attack on 11 September 2001. In other prophecies (6 Q97 and 10 Q49) Nostradamus describes the latitude of New York, and the collapse of what he calls great “hollow mountains” that are “plunged into the boiling cauldron” of their own fiery debris. The acts therefore are reversed in his mind. The towers shook and then the earthshaking of Iran as consequence. The two rocks, figuratively speaking are Syria and Israel. If it is about Iran then expect their Syrian ally pulled into the fight. This war will be far worse than all others Syrians fought with Israel.

Nostradamus: The War with Iran

John Hogue
(17 February 2012)

I wrote much more about why there will not be a major war with Iran just yet, in the following chapter: Hot Crises and a Cold Depression. You can read it in my newest e-book: Predictions for 2012. When you purchase this 64,000-word book of prophecy for only $12.50, you are keeping alive. You are financially helping this news agency of Prophecy continue to report on potential future trends of current events. Moreover, what I say at HogueProphecy is the first layer of initiation into deeper understandings of the future. By reading any of my books, both printed and electronic, I am sharing a deeper and more comprehensive presage into tomorrow’s events. I invite you to explore my new bookstore page.

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  2. Jacob Baxter
    Posted 27 March 2013 at 5:50 am | Permalink

    Billionaires who run the White House are making people of the world Muslim…

    Beyond the fact that you are writing a lot of Islamophobic clap trap, you write a 2,684 word comment and expect me to load it up on “my” web site?

    Jacob, put thousands of dollars of your own money and thousands of hours of your own time designing it and a dozen years of developing a readership and set up your own web site for that. Don’t think you can piggyback on the hard work of others. Don’t be a mooch. Especially a boring one.

  3. Petar Bronzan
    Posted 4 March 2012 at 8:42 pm | Permalink

    Hello. I heard prophecy that one crazy leader will bomb try to bomb Europe with nuclear weapon. One of bombs will fall in Mediteranian sea near Italy or France and all fish will die. People who will eat fish will die. This crazy leader is not antichrist , but one person who will destabilize Europe and make it more easier for antichrist to take over?
    Who could that be?

    I think your source is expanding imaginatively on a Nostradamus quatrain that I would propose is more about an meteor strike in the Aegean Sea and not related to terrorists or nuclear blasts. Thanks for passing this along, though.

  4. Sandra
    Posted 25 February 2012 at 1:39 pm | Permalink

    John, you stated that Obama would be a two-term president. I do not see how if things remain on their present course. The crisis in Syria and Iran is helping to inflate gas prices. And history has shown that when gas prices spike, the party in the White House almost always loses the election. The public almost always blames the current president for the high gas prices. Downfalls and recessions also follow gas price hikes. Is the situation in the Middle East going to ease enough near November to lower gas prices and allow Obama to be elected a second term?

    These are irrational times. The logical conclusions of your letter will not apply to the final outcome, which is, that Obama will win a second term, despite logic.

  5. Posted 18 February 2012 at 3:41 am | Permalink

    Fascinating read as always. I also have heard the “rumbling” this week- I live near Mountain Home Air Force base (it’s outside Boise), and suddenly there was this rash of night training that they needed to do over urban areas. Not only do I hate the noise, but why now? What are they prepping for???

    Thank you, Nancy, for the report. Thanks to Internet, citizens can find out a little more about what’s going on. The US military is definitely on a higher state of alert and readiness these days. In a way it is prudent, because of Israel’s threat to unilaterally attack Iran in March and because the Syrian situation is going to get much worse. I think Israel is using threats as a form of psychological warfare against Iran. Iran has made it clear that it will meet Israeli assassinations of nuclear scientists with its own measured spy-ops. What we have here is a dangerous regional “cold war” between the two. One misstep and “boom!”

    • francoiskdevos
      Posted 5 June 2013 at 10:47 am | Permalink

      Al-Rastan was built on the site of ancient Arethusa. According to Roman historian Appian, the city was established by Seleucus I Nikator, founder of the Seleucid dynasty in the 3rd century BCE. Most sources agree Seleucus named it after the city of Arethusa in Greek Macedonia, but others claim it was named after a village in Sicily with the same name.Arethusa had originally been a native Syriac town called “Arastan,” mentioned in the First Council of Nicaea in 325 CE, whose name was Hellenized as “Arethusa” by Seleucus. To a lesser extent, “Arastan” continued to be used, particularly by the indigenous inhabitants, alongside “Arethusa.”

      Thanks, Francois for further archaeological background after what appears in the article. Arethusa might also be Nostradamus’ classical word play for Syria as a whole via the grammatical trick of synecdoche (where a town like “Paris” stands for “France”.) Arastan is right in the heart of the Sunni rebellion.

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