US Government Shutdown Deepens, GOP Moderates to be Primaried in Prophecy, plus an Osho Meritocracy Prediction

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As Guy Fawkes might say, if he were alive today, “Remember, Remember the fifth of October…” For those of you who have seen V is for Vendetta, a future-myth variation on the life of the rabble-rouser Guy Fawkes who threatened to blow up British Parliament in his Gunpowder Plot on 5 “November” 1605 and was hung for the threat. Hang around future history buffs for what is developing in October through November 2013 is a battle royale finally joined by the Tea Party versus Obama Nation and his Democrats. Let light on the Comet ISON fall on the mendacity of the US polarized and broken government deadlocked and name calling to a new and lower level that will affect all people on the planet. Unless the moderate wing of the GOP decides to step in and do something real radical, like find common ground and moderation in our immoderate political climate, this standoff between the Left and the Right will go on and on, past the debt Ceiling deadline too. It could even go far into November, past Guy Fawkes’ date to celebrate saying “Fawke off!” to the dysfunctional US Government.

Predictions for 2013-2014 (which Art Bell and I will be discussing on his new XM Radio show Dark Matter on 8 October along with my new eTablet edition of Nostradamus: The War with Iran) has a prophetic caveat intended to that dwindling and dying breed of Republican legislator, the moderate. This prophecy comes from Chapter 4: Get’er Done, America! When Saturn is in Scorpio in the subsection “Reform Now or Revolution Later”. What you less idealistically inclined Republican legislators in the House of Representatives could do is something wonderfully radical and unexpected and that is exactly what is needed during the peak of the Uranus-Pluto Square peaking over our heads now and through December. This is just the time for such a surprise. Gee, do I dare even say what is possible? That you could actually “work” with other like-minded legislators after you pull your support away from the hair-on-fired up, and Koch Brother billionaire bought Tea Party Caucus? Couldn’t that pull the rug out from under these cantankerous times!

Anyway, this is what my Oracle had me write about it, documented on 10-12 April 2013:


So, Republican establishment legislators up for election, listen well. Putting up the unyielding partisan front in defiance of the Donkeycrats is pure Dumbopublican. If you want to keep your seats forget this strategy, pronto. The corporately financed extreme right wing elements hijacking the Tea Party will vote you out anyway in midterm election primaries of 2014, whatever you do. That is the plan. If you think you can sway the financiers and the hard-core voters your way you must be an Obama trying to woo Senator Mitch McConnell or John Boehner to swing his way.

You want to keep your jobs? Find common ground with moderate Democrats and move the country forward getting done what can be done.

Start with things you can easily agree to legislate with Democrats. Build from there. Do that and you improve the opinion of the American people about Congress. There’s no way to go but up, as all of you GOPeons and Donkeycratic legislators are measured less popular in the polls than pimps and communists.

The people want you to get things done.

What’s left of 2013 is your chance. Early 2014 begin the mid-term election primaries. If you get the country moving again in 2013, you can face those right wing-nuts with evidence of solid, objective progress. You’ll have a platform accentuating the practical and pragmatic and by 2014 with a momentum of bipartisan accomplishments. You might as well take that risk, because there’s new candidates gunning for your job, armed by billionaires to “hunt for bear” and they’re waiting for you down the road around GOP primary gulch to bushwhack you because these folk really BELIEVE what you only pretend to support their very extreme and polarizing agenda.

You’ll never have ballots stuffed with your name on them on the midterm election day, unless you do your part to change the perception of being a dysfunctional polarized Congress. You could even shame those do-nothing Democrats and win over the moderate majority. Face the extremists of your party with a majority of Americans having a renewed respect for Congress, for bipartisan solutions. They’re truly tired of gridlock and those who promote it won’t have an easy time unseating you, if you get off your “seat” at work to initiate politically moderate, centrist, consent-tric progress.

For the sake of the nation, there are reforms that reasonable men and women must put aside left or right wing ideology and do…

(My oracle then gave a very long and detailed list of what the US government must do now to reform itself, revitalize the nation and economy during the final months of this current and very karmic return of Saturn through Scorpio. If these things are accomplished America can avoid a shooting revolution in the 2020s and redefine its greatness once again, as it always has a chance to do every 28 years when Saturn passes over its natal position in Scorpio. Miss this opportunity and a must weakened America, a broken union of states will be left with the exact same issues to resolve when Saturn returns in 2042 to the sign of economy, inheritance, death-and-taxes, and national rejuvenation. Click on prophecies for 2014 to see where you can find that list of reforms)


My last article stream about the US Government Shutdown stimulated A LOT of debate amongst my readers on its comments section and on Facebook. I will share the debate stream with you now. In it, is a talk about Meritocracy the future system waiting beyond what we mistakenly call Democracy as a political system. What we have is “mob”-ocracy and it invariably leads its people to a date with fascism, which is something my oracular eye has been set upon approaching from the future out in not too far off 2020. With moderate Republican help—help by doing nothing this month—you might see fascism coming even sooner to the present moment near you.

Now to the stream that started flowing on 2 October 2013. You can join in by either leaving a comment in the comment’s box. If for some reason it doesn’t take your comment, just send me the comment at

Here we go!

But the Senate dems won’t negotiate . Harry Ried is the one leaving the parks and the VA shut down.It’s only the government’s nonessential services. Yawn, call me when this president and his flunkies reach puberty . The tea party is as much a force in it’s absence as it’s presence. We sat it out in 06 giving Pelosi and Ried their posts as a way to curb the madhouse spending of the Bush-bots. Sadly, Li’l Jorge Arbusto never met a bloated pork-laden budget he couldn’t sign.

Sounds like you’re wearing the red colored glasses here, Keith. Anybody wearing your blue colored glasses want to challenge this with your own projections?

First, the reason Boehner is showing signs of ovariological fortitude is because the GOP is dying. Killing itself trying to go with mr.RNC PRBS’s game plan. . I hate the repubican party because they are not smart enough to delve into history and see their greatest victory. With the way things have been going the only Godsend the GOP could hope for is Hillary Clinton winning the 16 primary. Or the red state/blue state thing may have projected itself on my glasses.

Red RNC colored glasses see what they see. DNC the same

This is “us” in the US.

I’m a conservative libertarian In order to maintain my individual ideology I have to see through the purple haze. I used to have that poster Sort of. To many people can’t see the three dimensional dynamic image.

The fundamental question is this: Can one be truly individual if one is identified by any label? Were you a conservative libertarian before you were born? Will you be one after you are dead? Labels change. What lasts underneath them? Liberal. Conservative. Just two lenses in the same 3D polarized eyeglasses. “Who” is wearing these label filtering sunglasses? Who allowed someone else to put them on you. Who are “you” undivided by labels (individual)?

I’ve been up a long time I’ll get back to you but I break with this: I wasn’t a father, a grandfather or a trucker before I was born but those are labels that fit me. If I was to be more brusk about my political tendencies I’d say Free-market limited anarchist with a faith in the singular self-sufficiency of the moral and educated individual to do what is right for all lives touched when presented with the opportunity

ALL need to go, in this Congress Of Crows…..Good Sir.

Blame Harry give-me-all-your-money Reid. Blaming a loose knit collection of pro-constitutional voters is not just short sighted but potentially bigoted. Until the Democrat-led Senate passes a budget that dies not increase debt it is all on his watch.

I’m failing to see the downside of these shutdowns. I wish they’d shutdown or starve out the really destructive parts like the Dept. Of Education, the energy dept. Dept of Labor, and the Bureau of Land Management.

Isn’t government already shut down? To me, like most Americans, the most shocking aspect of a possible government shutdown was the implication that the federal government was working in the first place.

This much I know is true…I would not want to live in any other country…so I bite the bullet and watch the crazies run it…hoping the next generation does a better job at protecting our Mother Earth and stopping the dummying down of our nation’s citizens, especially our youth…

Have any of you reading this stream noticed how no one has even addressed my fundamental question? It’s as if it wasn’t there. Is it because all the blue and red and identifying glass ware makes it impossible to address?

It’s very confusing…I barely understand all of it and I can only imagine what young people think about it. I think people are afraid to answer wrong. Individuality is not recieved well these days. I want to understand all of it…but with so many extremists having opinions you really have to know what YOU believe. In this world that is ahrd thing to do. Scary.

This thing called Democracy is a great ideal, provided people behave consciously and with respect for each other. When that feature is eliminated, Democracy fails, and fails completely.
It is time for a Meritocracy in which people are actually qualified and trained to govern without politics being an agenda.

I am politically non gendered,,,,I have voted all across the board in my voting days…And I am still disgusted how things work,,you are right,,,the gop has found themselves in a mess of their own making,,and the dems have nothing to make a deal with,,So where does that leave us?

Well put, Chetan. When people ask my about my political persuasion, I tell them that the downside of being a futurist is living with my political party not even existing yet for a century. I am a Meritocrat. What is needed is Mertiocracy–and not this idiotic version of entitlement that Obama’s preppy grad school friends believe in. It is a subject of one of my future books. In short, Meritocracy was described best by Osho who was one of its preeminent prophets. Here’s a passage about it from my book The Millennium Book of Prophecy:

As envisioned by Osho. Excerpts from:
The Greatest Challenge: The Golden Future (1987)

•Step One: A Democracy is a “Mobocracy” is a “Hypocracy”

Either there will be an ultimate war – which means death to all and everything – or a total change of the whole structure in the human society. I am calling that change “Meritocracy.”

Choosing the government should be a very skillful, intelligent job. Just being twenty-one you may be able to reproduce children – it needs no skill, no education; biology sends you well prepared. But to choose the government, to choose people who are going to have all the powers over you and everybody, and who are going to decide the destiny of the country and the world, just to be twenty-one is certainly not enough.

•Step Two: Intelligentsia of the World, Unite!

I would like all the universities – within each state – to call a convention of all the chancellors and the eminent professors; of the eminent intelligentsia who may not be part of the university; painters, artists, poets, writers, novelists, dancers, actors, musicians. It would include all dimensions of talents, all kinds of people who have shown their caliber – excluding politicians completely.

All Nobel Prize winners should be invited – excluding the politicians again….So from each state a delegation should be chosen for the national convention, which goes into details of how the Meritocracy can work.

From the national candidates there should be an international convention of all the universities of the world and the intelligentsia. This would be the first of its kind because never has the whole intelligentsia of the world come together to decide the fate of humanity.

They should write the first constitution of the world. It will not be American, it will not be Indian, it will not be Chinese – it is going to be simply the constitution of the whole humanity.

“…And a world constitution will be a declaration that nations are no longer significant. They can exist as functional units but they are no longer independent powers. And if the whole intelligentsia of the world is behind this convention it will not be very difficult to convince the generals of the world to move away from the politicians.

And what power do politicians have? All the power that they have we have given to them. We can take it back.

The members of the World Government will choose the world president. But the world president will be chosen not from members of the World Government, but from outside. And one thing should be absolutely certain about him – that he is not a politician. He can be a poet, a painter, a mystic, a dancer, but not a politician.



•Step Three: And from Now On, Prepare People for Power

…For thousands of years you have never prepared anybody [for power]. If somebody is going to be a boxer you don’t just push him into the ring and say, “Start!”…You don’t just give a guitar to somebody who has never seen the instrument before and expect him to be an Amadeus Mozart or a Ravi Shankar. Now this is your fault.

So I propose two institutes in every university. One institute is for deprogramming. Anybody who gets a graduation certificate will first have to get a clearance certificate from the deprogramming institute – which means it has deprogrammed you as a Christian, as a Hindu, as a German, as an American, as a Communist, as a Mohammedan, as a Jew, or whatever trademarks you had. It [the institute] has taken out all the rubbish, because this [conditioning] has been our trouble.

So while you are being educated you are in a very silent and subtle way being prepared to be in power, in such a way that power cannot corrupt you, that you cannot misuse it.

I am not asking much, just an eight-year preparation parallel to your [collegiate, graduate and doctoral] studies. And if the whole government is meditative, deprogrammed, unprejudiced – just visualize it – then bureaucracy disappears, hierarchy disappears…

Once we move the power from the mob into the hands of intelligent people, people who know what they are doing, we can create something beautiful.

Rajneesh Chandra Mohan (Osho), prophet of a new humanity.

Rajneesh Chandra Mohan (Osho), prophet of a new humanity.

The vision of Indian mystic Osho is pure spiritual punk. He is pure Uranus.

Osho supports a golden rule of governing expressed in Socratic terms:

“Those who know, should rule.”

There is vast historical evidence that human misery is primarily caused by people surrendering their power to those who are the least emotionally and spiritually qualified to wield it.

Osho advises the intelligentsia to initiate a variation of the meritocratic revolution described in Aquarian-born Ayn Rand’s book Atlas Shrugged. In her story, all the gifted inventors, artists, and businessmen – those holders of human genius who make the world work and evolve – get fed up with the envy and obstructions hurled at them by the common folk.

They decide to abandon civilization to the mediocre mob and, one by one, mysteriously slip away to a commune known as Galt’s Gulch, named after the guru of the revolution, John Galt. The masses run amok and nearly destroy civilization. The book ends with the meritorious few happily waiting to be called back to society from their hideaway. But they will emerge from their Shangri-la only on one condition: The world must be run only by the merit of genius.

The intelligentsia in Osho’s version of Atlas Shrugged quietly withdraw their influence from politicians and establish a branch of “Galt’s Gulch” in every university and college on Earth. What could the power freaks do about it? Who would write their speeches and cover their Dan Quayle-isms? Can the leaders of any country launch a missile or scam out a bogus treaty without the help of brilliant intellectuals and scientists? An old and befuddled actor in the role of president needs to surround himself with a brain trust, just as Frank Sinatra masks a voice past its prime with a good orchestra.

“Who will be John Galt?”

(COPYRIGHT John Hogue 1994, all rights reserved.)

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very good…how do we get this type of thing started? Where do we begin?? I have always said the problem with politicians is the people, the ‘unknowing’ people , who elect them…and I too am Uranus…and isn’t this what most people fear? A One World Order????

As my Mother would say”who will put the bell on the cat?” Who decides who is “unknowing or unintelligent”?

Ask the right questions. Be concerned about the right things. New World orders are outside symptoms. Look to yourself, Deborah and the rest of you having this peripheral debate about politics. Look at the “political mind” that’s been planted in you. First begin with yourselves. All of us have been burdened with these red and blue identity glasses. All of us have adopted as our own versions of a political mind. Meditation can help you begin to see the glasses put on your consciousness and the mind imposed that isn’t your servant but your master. Meritocracy is a system that balances power over others with the wisdom of meditation over the power of the personal ego. Osho in the quote above stated clearly the first steps to take to start this movement. The other way is to read my articles and books as they have consistently provided you the thread of meditation and the light to expose the mechanical mind that must function to make you all predictable and stupid–your actions easy to forecast. I especially direct your attention to two books: Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: MABUS. Read the “Antichrist Unconscious Epilogue. That is the most fundamental essay I’ve written concerning the nature of unconsciousness as an evil we are all duped to live by without knowing it. Start from there: Nostradamus Mabus

Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code Named MABUS

Click on this cover to read more about “Mabus”.

Next step, I ask you to read my most recently published eBook. It is full of predictions evenly matched by solutions to how we can fix politics, the economy, the climate, etc. STEP ONE learn how your unconsciousness makes you a slave and by understanding its nature you can be set free. STEP TWO, look at what you can do in the outer world to change it with that new light of a meditative though active engagement in your world, click on predictions.

I meditate…not enough…and I am of neither party…but what about the fear of One World Order??

Deborah, you don’t meditate enough. Look at FEAR ITSELF. Go deeply into it. Watch how the programmed mind makes you get distracted by the “cause” of your fear, such as One World Orders. When you realize there is no cause, then effect, but something the other way around, “EFFECT” without a “CAUSE” then you might see FEAR itself with a deep understanding that unchains you from all its “CAUSES”. Then you can act with the intelligence your society has tried so hard to suppress with its programming to make you a divided, afraid, mediocrity.

My life has never been as free as I am now. (except when I walked to Washington from Kansas City with my , then, 22 year old son..we had no watch, no calendar and certainly no cell phone)…I grow much of what I eat…raise chickens for egg protein (we just had 8 chicks hatch)…and always wish I had a friend like me (is that egotistic?)…I do my best to live in the moment…and to make happiness the emotion that my brain constantly tells itself to feel and ‘be’ in…I’m not much for ‘predictions’…though I follow your works and am impressed with your ‘knowing’…I shall stay in touch…

Sal Alinsky was Obama’s mentor…that’s what he taught in Chicago as a community organizer…so whatever is in the book, Rules For Radicals, is what B.O. is cramming down the throats of his opponents. jus sayin ….so to your question I answer, yes

Well John…you are so right…I started meditating more after your post…and this afternoon I cannot express the difference…I not only have more energy, but I am more focused…see things much more clearly…and have less depressing thoughts…thank you…even tho I knew I needed to do more, sometimes you just need someone to remind you…see ya in the astral world…ps..also joined the meditation page with Osho.

Keith, in your reply to my fundamental question earlier in the stream you said, “I wasn’t a father, a grandfather or a trucker before I was born but those are labels that fit me.” Putting my question of fundamental spiritual importance in a new way: Who is this ‘me’? Who is saying these labels fit this ‘me’? Can “it” be the labels you wrap around “it”? Put it in yet another way, you are not a hammer, even if its fit’s you, that is, it fits in your “hand”. The hammer is no more your hand then the truck driving wheel of your truck makes you a trucker. The truck runs itself, “you” are not its engine. You may guide that engine with a wheel. You may attend to that engine with tools, but you are not the engine of your truck. The label “trucker” is utilitarian but is it actually what you “are”? I drive my vehicle called a car, I am not “the car” any more than you are the truck. You are fathering. You are grandfathering. That’s something the mystery that is you is passing through, is “doing”, but that does not make you a “doing”. Nor do these labels as they come and go in your use of them, define the mystery that appears one time in life being a trucker, being a father, a grandfather… Does the hammer by fitting in your hand make you a “Hammer”? So, this fundamental question I have asked you and ask all of you reading this is not answered by any of your labels whether these fit you or not. My question to all of you to meditate on goes far deeper than that. It asks, who is this “labeler” who is not these labels?

You label yourself

No, Margie. I “use” labels, I am “not” the labels. I “drive” the car, “I” am not the car. I am not the “I”…Meditate on it.

When I meditate I am part of the universe …not the center to which the universe revolves around…

Let it all be. The sky has clouds. The sky lies empty. The tail light is on, then it is off, and on again. There is an awareness of being aware, of being unaware, of being aware…


If any of these metaphoric hints resonate something underneath the words, underneath your mind, beyond your heart, beyond your awareness but “there”, not-thereing…waiting forever for you in this single moment, I offer techniques of meditation that can help nourish an effortless effort of witnessing consciousness. Just Contact Me, and put in the subject line: Meditation. I will send it to you and if you’re email server is not bouncing my sendings, these should get to you within 24 hours. If your requests for meditation have been returned with silence, (and that goes for your book gift donations not being received) it is your server that is blocking me. Use Gmail and we can reconnect.



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  1. Pratima Petersen
    Posted 6 October 2013 at 4:58 am | Permalink

    Arj! It’s BEYOND WORDS……!

  2. Doug Cutler
    Posted 4 October 2013 at 11:05 pm | Permalink

    How can you say it is the Republicans that are so stubborn? The House has offered to change their stand on that obamination obamacare several times. It is that three or four tailed donkey butted obama, reed , pelosi etc. that refuses to be moderate. The so called moderate dems have not been very moderate voting nearly 100% of them not to budge on obamacare. The repubs in the house are showing signs of being the moderate ones. Why are you for a health plan that the dems have unconstitutionally forced on us and they and their cronies are exempt from? Where are all those moderate dems you talk about?

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