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 DATELINE 11 October 2013
John Hogue calling Art Bell:

“What is the Dark Matter with You about Me?”

HogueWaterFrntNWest-4 ArtBellSittingHandsOut___________________________________________________

Back on 8 October, I was honored to appear as the 14th guest on Art Bell’s newly launched XM Radio show Dark Matter. I have been doing shows off and on since our five-hour marathon all-nighters on Coast to Coast AM starting in 1994. Many of our shows to this day have attained classic status and are rebroadcast on Coast frequently. I have done A LOT of radio since 1987 and though it sounds boastful, it is a fact: no other prophecy scholar has appeared on more radio shows on more continents than I have. It is also, in my view, not too untoward to express that I am in a unique position as a seasoned “guest” of 26 years of appearances to critique a host’s performance, to compare and measure hosts because I have been on the air with every level of interviewer from mediocre to masterful. Art Bell is, in my estimation, way up there in the top five hosts I have had the pleasure to meet on the air.

Art Bell, around 1994.

Art Bell, around 1994.

So then, it was with great joy and professional anticipation that I received his email inviting me to “take a ride” on his new show literally a few seconds after my Coast to Coast AM interview ended at 2 AM, back on 4 September 2013. (You can listen to that interview with George Noory—among out finest, concerning predictions for the rest of 2013 through 2014—by clicking on Nostradamus.)

My first Dark Matter show was scheduled to begin at 7 pm October 8 for a planned three hours. In the last minute, Art had another guest take the first hour to speak on what could come next for the US and world economy if the US debt ceiling isn’t lifted.

John Hogue around 1994.

John Hogue around 1994.

Not a problem, I thought. This often happens. The new guest was another forecaster. I could continue the thread of forecasts farther along in my segment. The largest chapter in my new eBook Predictions for 2013-2014 is about the future of the economy and a looming economic depression danger. I opened the chapter with a refreshed view of monetary predictions of Ayn Rand (a mostly misunderstood philosopher by detractors and supporters alike). Then I take the reader through six segments covering predictions about the false recovery, when the bond market bubble might burst and the consequences in the future of not reforming—if not indeed abolishing altogether—the current funny-money, fiat economy. The final segment explored prophecies about what would replace it.

I had provided Art with talking points concerning this important issue for his listeners and anticipated that we would give the economy a good discussion, though talking points are only a blue print for a show and we might be carried down completely different currents of question and answer. There was time. XM Radio had given Art a wonderful advantage of having an open-ended radio slot. That means we could recover that lost hour if Art so chooses which in the end we did.

DarkMatterBkandWhtLogoThree hours is tough enough to cover a subject as often deep and complicated and emotionally and politically charged as Prophecy. People have great religious expectations about what happens in the future and if what I have to say goes against their hopes and fears, I owe them an explanation why I’ve come to such conclusions, which takes time. So, even with three hours, it is a daunting subject that in my many shows I’ve tried successfully to discuss in layman’s terms as concisely as is possible. Add to that challenge forecasting the future of nations, the ecosystem and the economy. As a guest I need time to give the listeners a background about fascinating though often alien subjects like astrology, divination etc. The best hosts understand that some elaboration and setting up of an answer is necessary. George Noory who took up Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM some time after Art Bell retired around 2007, gets that need. I think George is among the best hosts I know and is especially intuitive facilitating a guest’s need to establish background, atmosphere and explanation to his or her answer.

Sir Georg Solti, one of my favorite classical music conductors. Click on the picture and watch him in action.

Sir Georg Solti, one of my favorite classical music conductors. Click on the picture and watch him in action.

It is my experience that the best radio hosts are like conductors of a symphony. They control the tempo of the show and if necessary speed or slow that tempo down by “correctly” anticipating where the guest is going. Their interjections are like cues of the baton to the instrumentalists. This is not an easy-to-acquire skill. You can use your baton to direct or derail the tempo, throwing your show off the beat. It takes not only a good listening mind but also an intuitive ability to rightly anticipate the next “beat” of the show.

A good Host-Conductor carries a symphony of listeners and his soloist guest along to a full educational and fully entertaining conclusion of the orchestral “piece” that is his or her radio show. If it is conducted right, what an endorphin rush an interview can become. George Noory and I had such a show on 4 September and I was flushed with anticipation that Art Bell’s show a month and four days later could be as good.

DarthGumpyCatInstead, it was the worst show Art and I ever did since 1994.

Now the good news.

It was, in my opinion, the only bad show we ever did since 1994.

Therefore, now that we’ve got that past us, we can do better next time, but first, a few things need to be cleared up and boundaries need to be redefined.

Tuesday night was the culmination of a growing pattern of escalating concern. Starting around the turn of the century I noted in our shows a growing grumpiness and even episodes of outright bullying coming from Art Bell. In addition, in my view, his otherwise brilliant sense of timing, and guiding of his shows began to lapse. I increasingly found him asking me to answer a complicated question, then, just a few words in, he’d step on my lines, interrupting.

All of this is documented and archived, by the way, if you want to check it. Just listen to our shows starting from around September 1998 through 2007. You might detect how Art strayed more and more over the years from arguing to being argumentative with me.


There came out of my receiver during these telephoned-in interviews a growing atmosphere of discordance and intimidation from the host. More often his interjections were way off subject, breaking the flow, slowing rather than picking up the pace.

Then, Art Bell came out of retirement and started Dark Matter. I hoped that whatever that static electric mood was, it had vanished in the six-year hiatus. Unfortunately, with Tuesday’s show, I’m sorry to report that this undercurrent of negativity from Art Bell towards that furry Hogue fellow has increased.

I would prefer to keep this issue private if this issue wasn’t happening on the public airwaves. I also owe so many of you writing in since Tuesday, an explanation for what you also view as Bell’s odd behavior.

Many of your letters cover this general tenor of concern:

“What is eating Art Bell about John Hogue?”

“Why does he bully Hogue around, rudely interrupt him and often in a way that shows he’s neither listening to what Hogue is saying nor anticipating what is coming next?”

“Why does Art let other guests have whatever time they need to set up their responses? Then when Hogue comes on, he’s pushy, petulant, and impatient. He demands one-word or three-word answers to deep and profound questions that are impossible to answer with a mere ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ or in sound bytes?”

“Why is he playing Grumpy Cat when John Hogue is on?”

“Was Art just having a bad night?”

“Did he have too much coffee Tuesday night?”



Your guesses are as good as mine, folks. Frankly, after what happened I began contemplating for the first time whether I want to do another Art Bell show.

If he intends to repeat Tuesday’s performance in the future, there won’t be another show.

You know, if Art wants to change the game and make our interviews more adversarial, I welcome that. I love a good fight on the air as much as I like to spar with many of my readers. I even give juice to the hit-and-run emailers. As many of you who read me know, I’m very tough on people that base an attack on a lazy, light skim, or upon outright ignorance, of my work.

I no longer have time or interest in suffering such foolishness.

Too much is happening in the world that needs thoughtful commentary, well-prepared and balanced debate and intelligent discussion about quickening prophetic trends.

I no longer have the time or the need to appear on shows where hosts don’t read me and don’t know where to take the interview. I’ve left my experiences in the early days of Talk Jock Radio behind.

Grumpy Hogue.

This is my best “Grumpy Hogue” picture, just to be fair to Art, although I call it my “Grumpy Owl” look because of the beak. Thank goodness the views on my island are pretty enough to warm the cockles of a grump, fat bird. Moreover,  I’ve lost 45 pounds since this photo was taken in February 2012, before the “end of the world” on 21 December 2012. (Happy Hogue!)

I’m done with the cliché approach of lesser radio hosts, the sensational provocation, shot blind, trying to catch the guest off guard. In a world where “Stupidity” itself is becoming our greatest enemy and the greatest threat to the continuation of our civilization’s survival, I just don’t want to support bad radio host habits anymore.

Art Bell is NOT one of these interviewers, so I have ever hoped.

That’s why Tuesday’s show was so bewildering. It was the first time in all these years that Art’s approach conjured up in me distant shadow memories—an inkling only, but that in itself, was too much—of my early days suffering the insensate slings and arrows outrageously shot, ever missing the mark, by intellectually vacuous Talk Radio head cases. Tuesday’s show didn’t bring forth fond memories of great shows Art Bell and I are capable of.

I’m open to great shows with Art Bell in the future. Shows where the host gives me the space to answer difficult questions. Shows where the host successfully cuts in to change direction or tempo because they are listening to what I’m saying. These are the kind of shows I do on Coast to Coast AM.

If Art Bell doesn’t like where Coast is going since he left and wants to make the show more confrontational and gritty, great!

A few caveats…

Be prepared.

If you want a fight, do your own research on my work and do it thoroughly. No skim reading inspired sucker punches like Tuesday night. Come up with your own talking points and questions and send them to me.

If Rosemary Church of CNN International or the reporters on BBC International Radio didn’t need my prep notes to take punches at Hogue, neither will Art Bell from now on. The CNN television segment aired live on the 500-year anniversary of Nostradamus’ birthday, 23 December 2003. CNN International informed me that Church and I went live to one billion viewers around the world.

Rosemary Church, CNN International.

Rosemary Church, CNN International.

The BBC International Radio show, aired live the week before. It pitted me and Peter Lemesurier, refereed by a couple of equally sharp and prepared hosts in a hard-punching debate where both battling Nostradamus experts gave as much as they took before a listening audience of 250 million people.

That was fun and exhilarating. Not only were a quarter-billion listeners entertained but they also learned a lot in a short time about apposing views about Nostradamus and his prophecies.

That’s where I want to go next time on Dark Matter. I’m inviting Art Bell to take us there on a ride of mutually prepared and professional excellence.


This is from 1994, the year of our first radio show. It was taken in London by the Royal Photographer of Queen Elizabeth’s consort, the Duke of Edinburgh.

Want to take “that” ride, Art?

I know I do! Let’s go there, buddy.


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What follows is a selection from one of my Facebook streams I received from fans of Art bell after the Tuesday show. I decided to share some of these (posted on 8-9 October) so that you all can get a taste of the tone of criticism so many of you have emailed in about the show. For the most part, my readers are fair and balanced with Art. What I gather from the vast body of input—of which this is the tip of the iceberg—they all agree on one thing, even the people who stitched off the show and even those who unsubscribed from XM Radio because of Bell’s badgering of Hogue: they want Dark Matter and Art Bell to to succeed and to thrive as much as I do.

Here we go:

Do not rush to listen to the replay. Art was confrontational and harpooning towards John. Asked a question and John could not even finish his sentences before Art would rush him along demanding a freeze dried two-second response for a 1000-year-old question…

[HOGUE INSERTED NOTE: Muyska is talking about the time a caller asked me for distant future predictions. I replied that I could take the listeners on a journey through the five evolutions of politics coming to humanity “after” democracy in the next 1,000 years. Art in my view jumped on me the next moment, commanding quite sharply that I only had a few words allotted to set the stage for a journey of 1,000 years of prophecy. I protested with some disbelief and disdain clearly in my tone, saying “Now Art… give me a least one-minute to set the stage for a prophecy spanning a thousand years.” It was not the only “Now Art” moment, either. That’s a phrase I’ve never had to use on any of our shows before this one. Now back to MUYSKA who was bewildered and frustrated by further assaults from Art as I was on the receiving end of them. If I weren’t the guest and was just a listener I would of done what Muyska and many more of you did next:]

…This went on and on throughout the portion of the show I listened to. Finally, I just turned it off and thought how refreshing it is to listen to John with George [Noory] on Coast to Coast AM. I had waited for weeks too hear John on with Art, it was so disappointing. I would venture to say Art might want to switch to decaf.

Pluto has another 2 years at this Croquette Game

[HOGUE INSERTED NOTE: an astrological clarification. AZ SUE is talking about the many Uranus-Pluto Squares going on a few years in—a bad one right now!—and I recall off the cuff two more coming at us until nearly half way into 2015. This square is the key “bad mojo” from the stars influencing all the craziness in the world, what with mass movements that are leaderless, and leaders that react to progress who are headless stupid. What with the spying of the NSA status quo (Pluto afflicted) identifying all demonstrators, whistleblowers and protesters as terrorists (Uranus afflicted). Obama’s war with Syria intentions suddenly foiled by Kerry’s diplomatic joke goof (Uranus pulling the rug out from under one). Egypt’s revolution collapsing into a new military dictatorship (Pluto being bad ass).

GrumpyCatwObamasThen there’s political weird: movements like the Tea Party well intending and ready to derail the US government for months. Let the US default on paying its bills for the first time in its 237 year of its existence and return the world to an economic recession if their extortion of the majority in Congress doesn’t overthrow Obamacare. (That’s Uranus being wacko, Muslim Brotherhood US-style extremist!) Last but not least: the clash Bell had with me for three hours on Tuesday. His sudden Uranian pounces on my lines. (Uranus afflicted loves sudden strikes, ambushes.) I think the guest before me talking about the Debt Ceiling shut down triggered Bell’s mood more than caffeine. It is about to work up the whole human population on this planet if it continues beyond next week.]

Good Show. Felt really good to hear you two together again!!!

Click on this picture to get more information about my interview with George Noory.

Click on this picture to get more information about my interview with George Noory.

Art was not confrontational, he was involved! Lately he lets guest talk and talk and the fact is John is very illustrious and the simple folk have a hard time following him…he should of given John the full 3 hours and then he would not have to speed through the last two hours of a highly complex subject! John is a wealth of information and likes to explain how he has reached his view point and and prove his validity by what he has stated in the past…and for those people that do not follow his writings as we do it becomes too much to follow…so Art was doing what an interviewer does which is to guide the subject and try to stir interest. I myself have criticized Art for being too laid back and allowing people to go talk for 30 minutes uninterrupted! Thank you John for all the wisdom and true information you digest and share with the world! God Bless you!

Almost finished [listening to the show], I enjoyed it too but it did need that extra hour – I wish Art had taken it from another guest whose subject was not as complex. I mean, I understood it but I’ve been following John for decades now.

I downloaded Radio Rage… then what???

For me, I found it a bit odd that Art would be pushing me along. In all my years in radio I’ve never had a host demand not once but three times “on air” to shorten my replies, even though, as I protested on air, that you don’t ask a profound question and then tell your guest to keep their answer to two or three words, or just one word: “yes” or “no”.

I was so disappointed in Art Bell that I’ve discontinued my subscription with Sirius Radio (and that was a bloody hassle as well!). He was miles too short with John and lost my respect as a result.

I was rather surprised at Art’s approach, and I would have thought he knew you better, John. He seemed to think it was a New Year’s Eve show with ding-ding or bonk-bonk on neat little predictions.

[HOGUE INSERTED COMMENT: I just want to put this out on the record here that if Art and I do a future New Years prophecy show, I am not open to doing ding-dong, bonk-bonk, dog and pony show stuff. That’s too Talk Jock Radio for me. Not interested.

Now to NANCY P’s “second” review of the show.

She took a second listen and apparently her mind. If you remember, her first review of the show was far more positive. She’s one of the few readers who defended Art’s approach. Upon a second listening, however…]

I went back and listened for a second time [on] the YouTube, edited version of last nights show. I first heard it at 5 am this morning and I have to apologize because Art was very impatient and I was wrong (perhaps [my first review came] a bit too early). I have seen [Art] go to two extremes. Last week his guest pretty much did what ever they wanted to, as in the case of the Linda Moulton [Howe] interview which I wrote in the comment section to Art because the woman is a walking warehouse of UFO related stories; however, it sounds like she is reading everything from some pre-written and pre-recorded report!

[In the case of John’s interview, Art came] to [the point of] being down right pushy and frankly (I love Art) but [he was] rude! I was also taken aback that he was steering listeners to his website by the use of a picture of the skeleton of a would-be alien, supposedly found at the construction site of the new Denver Airport… I debunked [that] story by posting on his facebook page the real story, which was some kind of publicity stunt by the Airport. I was very much surprised and frankly felt that I am being lied to and used, which is the reason I stop listening to C2C and only listen when John is on.

I felt that George [Noory] had exploited the end of the world topic in every form possible and John was the only guest that had not done so and it is to John’s credit that he stays on the path of truth. So frankly, I have no idea [where to go next] to listen [and not otherwise be] exploited for our curiosity [in our] search for knowledge and the truth?

One may go inside and listen to their [the?] heart; the truth resides there!; not with some outside political, spiritual nor religious zealot’s position…. we could use more free and independent individuals, rather than “yes boss” types.

RemoteViewersMeteorStrikeCartoonAZ SUE
Ed Dames is a big joke…Art got that right.

[HOGUE INSERT: Actually AZ, I pretty much called Ed Dames that. I don’t recall Art supported that view. He didn’t call him a joke. Art did admit that Dames got a lot of things wrong but he seemed to defend that. At that point in the interview if felt like Art was, as they say, “leaving no good deed unpunished”. He got on my case for hitting Dames for his famously, wildly inaccurate predictions while my predictions are dated, documented and there for all to read for years. He didn’t like that I was implying he should read them. At one point when he started shouting, it sounded like he was defending his lack of knowledge of my work, that it was too much effort to be informed. I think that’s what I heard. That’s how it came across to me and I was shocked at such a lame excuse that I just let it pass. That is not the higher standard to which I will hold Art Bell’s feet to fire in the future.]

All talk show hosts play the provocateur, to keep the show interesting…I didn’t find him to be confrontational…just succinct.

[HOGUE INSERT: well at least Art got one good review. I would only ask AZ, what is more important, succinct commentary that has no meaning, because it’s just “yes-no” “black-white”? We can be succinct and as meaningless, uttering similar doublespeak like that coming from the “Obama Nation”—“Change we can believe in”—or from Sarah Palin’s Mad Hatter Tea Party, “Take back America”. Succinct, simple, meaningless.


AZ, a good wine takes time.

Ripple, however, is an instant buzz. Cheap wine pumped with too much alcoholic content for sensation’s sake is best loved by street bums laid out all up and down Seattle’s Skid Row. Ripple’s affect is a cheap shot of a succinct drug!

Provocation without substance entertains the moronic in us. When I provoke I do it with substance and I invite Art Bell from now on to rise to that level with me. No more cheap shots of “Ripple”. Let’s give our listeners good wine, next time.]


G.C. the Extraterrestrial.

Hmmmmm well how long has Art been on the air with this new show? Maybe he was having a bad night; maybe something personal was bothering him, which negatively influenced the discussion with John. Obviously from the Art I am used to should have been a very enjoyable and insightful evening. Has anyone asked Art “What’s Up”. How about going to the source and let’s see what he says.

John why not have your own radio program? You know there are online radio stations offering free blocks of on air time. Not sure of the details but would be cool to hear you in this kind of format and you could take callers too like on C2C. I will still listen to the [recording of Tuesday’s show], as I am sure there are bits of wisdom and truth coming through the rush and haze.

Sounds like Art had too much coffee! John has so much graciousness and kindness even with those punches coming. Way to go John!

Thank you!

Thank you!

Oh JOHNNNNNNNNNNNN …um…ever considered doing a radio show???? just thinking out loud here… The world is readyyyyy….hello universe calling Johnnnnnnnnnnnnn……olley olley oxen freeeeeeee.

On the subject of Radio. In the works are some segments for YouTube. Also some documentaries. If you were listening to and watching me on radio and TV since 1987, these media have rarely given me chance to tell it as I really see it. They either jump on my talks or render down through editing my statements into simplistic sound bytes. I would say that none of you have ever heard or seen the unfiltered Hogue. In the future, that will change, and I predict you will be quite surprised what I say when untrammeled, un-trampled, and unfiltered. For now, you can read my articles and eBooks and get your Hogue fix unfiltered.


Carpe Diem

I honestly felt like Art was hyped up on coffee or an energy drink because his rhythm was totally off. As you said before you even got a full sentence out, he was speaking. He’s been quite relaxed since he’s been back that’s why I think it was artificial. Honestly, I was getting a bit frustrated with him. I was trying to listen to your answers but they became so convoluted due to the interruptions.

I love listening to you both but that wasn’t the best interview I’ve heard him do.

Art does admit he was pushing John about 2/3 of the way through. Yes, he sounds pretty wired at times, I agree. So try Decaf Art!

Frankly, I think he got an ear full last Friday and the many comments that people posted. He seemed flustered…perhaps it was the first hour topic. He is really upset with the government shut down, he even went so far as to say BASTARDS ON MONDAY WHEN referring to the House! and you know that he does not allow any cussing on his show.

[HOGUE INSERT on 11 October, the following observation was posted on Facebook and with this one I will end this individual author and collective reader review. Nancy is replying to me:]

The guest he had on Wednesday had apparently heard your show and how I know that is that when Bell announced that he was going to open the phone lines and if he mind taken any calls…Dr. Karum (I think it was on fukishima) said, ” I will take phone calls but only if I am afforded the time to answer without any interruptions…” OKKKKKKK….  And Art seemed taken a bit a back with that and slowly said…ah yes of course…SO my dear! It seems that we were not the only ones to take note!

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