Debt Ceiling Postponed. Government Shutdown Ends. Women in US Congress take charge, averting Debacle as Hogue Predicted. Art Bell Un-friends Hogue on his Facebook Page over Dark Matter criticized. Hogue is movin’ on. What about Bell?

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 DATELINE 20 October 2013:

Women in Congress Step up
To Temporarily End the Debt Ceiling Crisis
Plus End the Government Shutdown

Friends, what a few weeks! Both internationally and personally. The great and distant planets that help a forecaster divine the nature and upheavals of our era—Uranus squared Pluto—are but butting heads in the first act of a global revolution that will last for decades. Authority (Pluto) is challenged unexpectedly by Uranus, the ruler of sudden surprises, not all of them nasty and often-sudden turns that take us down new and better pathways in our lives. That is because Uranus rules justice for all, fairness, and it rebels against any injustice.

It is the time when power is challenged, whether it is the people questioning political power, or in my case, a mere radio “guest”, daring to publicly questioning the authority of a legendary radio host’s power to grasp my work and properly prepare his attack of it.

The sudden clash comes, Uranian in its unsettling blows to establishment and established mindsets. Many of us want the power of Uranus to relent its destabilization of our sleepy lives.

We want Pluto’s law and order and mind-static status quo.

Right now, Uranus is in a frictional relationship with that.

We want good friends to stop fighting. We want our polarized world to come into concord.

This is not an easy time for that.

That blessed time will come when the pond of the collective human mind goes still “only” after we face how we say and do one thing unconscious of how we all stir the storm waters with egos we deny exist and programmed minds we deny we have.

Uranus rules Aquarius, so the Magus magician of Chaos is pulling rugs out from under our relationships with power and Pluto-cratic corporatized political authority, because Uranus of Aquarius rules humanitarian solutions.

The catalyst that ended the great AmeriCAN’T standoff between President, Democrats and Republicans in Washington DC that shut down the US government was a hu-woman-itary act of a handful of women US Senators.

As Uranus the Gomer Pyle would say: “Surprise! Surprise!! SURPRISE!!!”

In Chapter 6 of Predictions for 2013-2014 my oracle had foreseen it. The following subsection entitled American Versailles, a Woman’s Care for the Future, I wrote and documented back in April 2013:

Women may be the hope for the US governing future if by reforging personal relationships across party lines; some empathy can be generated to find ways of enriching personal relationships.

Laura Basset writing for the Huffington Post stated, “Senators John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) said on Wednesday afternoon that their female colleagues can take most of the credit for driving the compromise that is expected to temporarily reopen the U.S. government and raise the debt ceiling before Thursday’s deadline.

“‘Leadership, I must fully admit, was provided primarily from women in the Senate,’ McCain said after the bipartisan deal was announced.”

Women in Congress took the first and hardest step. Now we are fifty percent along the way in solving a slow-moving political and economic disaster that has only been kicked down the time line into January and February. America needs is mother leaders to compassionately drag the men-children out of donkey-brat-versus-brat-publican polarization. Please ladies of the House and Senate, fulfill my Oracle’s trust in you in this prophecy recorded on 12 April 2013:

It’s still a long way off before the number of feminine legislators will reach a corresponding representation of the American populace that is more than half female. Yet women in power will continue to swell in numbers. The times are supportive of this shift for decades to come. Perhaps by 2044, when the cosmic cycle clicks back to the collective unconscious leaning towards yang, male forces, there might be a Senate and House with 51 percent of its members women. That rhetorical presumption assumes there will be a US Congress still existing in those far-off times.

Women may be more naturally predisposed to care about the future in a protective way. They bring us all into this world, birthing us into lives already in motion. Arbitrary political deadlock is a dead end waiting in the future that a mothering soul could never accept.

Predictions for 2013-2014
(Now available at

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HogueWaterFrntNWest-6DATELINE: 14 October 2013

Art Bell Answers John Hogue’s Review
And John Hogue Inserts his Replies
Proposing a New Professional Relationship

I wrote and posted a review of my appearance on Art Bell’s new show Dark Matter (8 October 2013). I did it to clear the air and hopefully initiate a public debate between us. I am happy to announce that Art has sent his answer.

For the sake of clarity and continuity, I have inserted my point-for-point inserts into his letter (below).

I am hoping that Art will take my answers as both direct clarification and constructive criticism from someone who has been an equal collaborator as his guest for 19 years of radio shows on Coast to Coast AM.

Let me make something clear at the onset. My words in the following, though they may be intense and hard-hitting, were not written in anger or in reaction. I love Art. Whatever happens to our professional relationship that Love will remain for me. Be warned, especially you astrologers reading this, that my words are written in a cool and centered space of someone who is a 12th House Double Scorpio (sun and rising sign) so they are naturally intense.

I my readers find anything else flaring up out of my words at you, I would cordially ask them to look at whether it is coming from me, or rather, it is coming from their reaction, reflecting back from “my” mirror of words.

Now to the letter:


John Hogue has decided to blast me on his Facebook page AFTER the show was over, saying among other things that I was unprofessional and did not let him respond to profound questions with profound and never ending answers.

Art Bell is being inaccurate and the smarminess in this opening sentence resembles the unprofessional tone he sometimes used during our show on Tuesday night (8 October 2013).

You also kept saying “read my book” again and again.

For nearly 20 years I have provided Art Bell anywhere from 20 to 30 written questions per show. Although I have no issue with that, it has become ever more clear that Art Bell’s investigation into my work strays no deeper than those questions. That makes our discussions less prepared and effective when he goes on the attack. Further, his statement is inaccurate. I recall only asking him to “read my books” no more than three times in three hours on air, and I indicated why he needed to, which he does not address here.

Yes, I did try to move you along for the sake of our listener’s. If you felt slighted you could have sent me a private message or even called, perhaps a message here on Facebook because you are in my friends list, or responded on the spot since you were there on air, but no, none of that.

First off, I “did” respond on air in a number of “now Art…” moments. Moreover, I spelled it out loud and clear to you and to the angry listeners Art tried to work up to call in (unsuccessfully). I told both the callers and Art: be prepared, or I’ll go after you. Hard. “With my double-Scorpio stingers.”

Art Bell’s premise about Facebook is a little behind the times.

When Art last retired, Facebook was in its infancy. Since he’s been away, the media revolution has undergone “The Quickening” he wrote about.

Now Facebook is an Internet hegemon, a global public forum with an ever-changing understanding of what is private and public.

Networks of friends share with other friends who then share with their networks and so on…

It’s not that private anymore.

Yes, I am one of Art Bell’s Facebook friends.

I’m also a frequent guest appearing on Coast to Coast AM.

Art’s acidic barbs thrown at George Noory and Coast are also an indirect attack on anyone who regularly appears on Coast.

Long before I appeared on Dark Matter last Tuesday, what Art Bell has been writing against Coast had long gone viral all over the world and by his own promotion reached well beyond Facebook.

Art Bell went after Coast even in TIME Magazine last month!

Check out David Dickey’s article for The Culture section (Take Back the Night: the king of insomniac radio is ready to reclaim his crown):

“Bell says the decision to come out of retirement was entirely his,” reports Dickey, “a response to the direction that Noory has taken the show—closer to talk radio’s over-caffeinated political chat…than the open-minded exploration of the supernatural that defined Bell’s tenure. Noory, he says, has ruined the franchise.” (TIME, September 23, 2013)

And he’s upset in the next passage because “I went public”???

Compared to the prodigious global spread of Bell’s anti-Coast media spin listed above, I find the following protest about my lack of professionalism humorous to say the least.

Not my idea of professional but alright, since you went public I guess [Facebook] is the correct forum to respond in.

Then comes a gooey putdown spiced with faux-apologies and bovine clichés…

I am sorry you felt hurried John but my view is that if you want a Host who will introduce you and then take a nap I know you know where to find him, not my idea of professional, or perhaps your own show where you can profoundly drone on till the cows come home.

Be honest, you are not sorry.

You want more concise examples of unprofessional moments? For starters, the snide, pontificating tone you take in the above passage was often used on air last Tuesday.

Here’s another example. It happened around the end of the second hour. You said, if I recall, something to the affect of: “John Hogue will actually make a prediction…”

I had “actually” delivered many predictions by then, which I made you acknowledged on the air after that cheap shot.

Here’s another example. A caller asked me to make distant future predictions. Trying to help you get me concise, I said I could quickly take everyone forward, down 1,000 years of future human political evolution. Then you jumped on my lines. I was ordered to keep it real short. I can’t recall if this was when you hurled one of your “three words only” bombs. There was even a shout for a one-word answer too, which I gave you.

Then there’s the best example: the shouting meltdown. That’s something you never did on the air with me in 19 years! I like to call it “Art Bell’s Thousand-Year Prophecy Meltdown”.

You went into an apoplectic fit—mixed-up memory and all.

The tape will show that I had to blow it back, then calm you down and help get your questioners issue straight.

Then, once chastened, sullenly mumbling I was right, I heard no apology.

I know when a Guest is so interesting that I should just keep my mouth shut and do many times. That was not one of those nights.

You’re right. It wasn’t one of those nights. Nights I cherished being your guest. You were off your rhythm. Now the good news. It’s the only crappy show we did, so take heart, Art.

You know, I have a unique and ongoing experience since 1987. I keep taking the measure of many hundreds of talk show hosts and counting on five continents. I’ve also taken the measure of interviewers in over 100 television spots and documentaries: Discovery, History Channel, NBC, FOX, BigSky TV (London), RAI TV (Italy)…

Do the math.

I must be an interesting guest.

Otherwise, why was I on ABC’s the View, CNN International, BBC International Radio, just recently on Russia Channel One, and last but certainly not least, a string of popularly rated interviews with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM?

John Hogue, 1994, the year he began appearing during the era of Art Bell on Coast to Coast Am. Photo shot in London by the Royal Photographer of the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elisabeth's consort.

John Hogue, 1994, the year he began appearing during the era of Art Bell on Coast to Coast Am. Photo shot in London by the Royal Photographer of the Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elisabeth’s consort.

I’ve taken my measure of a lot of hosts in 26 years.

Maybe, just maybe, if I say Art Bell was off his game last Tuesday, it might have some merit?

Let go of your Noory-Coast grudge, Art. Coast and you are history.

Move on.

Let’s talk about the future and your new show Dark Matter.

You want to make our DM shows more adversarial and gritty dialogues?

Great! I’m in.

I have no problem doing “fight radio” with Art Bell, but after the last show, there’s going to be, as Bill Maher would say, New Rules.

1.) Art Bell prepares his own shows. The days of propping him up with my 20 to 30 questions per show since 1994 are over.

2.) Let’s switch the game. Art Bell will send me 20 to 30 hard-hitting questions that “I” must concisely answer—feet to fire, with no BS.

3.) As a flustered Dolores Cannon and Shaun Hannity found out the hard way, ignoring this caveat: back up your barbs. Know what you’re talking about or my counter punches will be swift and devastating.

No more sucker punching the guest like last Tuesday.

DM is real Radio and I have no intention of allowing it to be hijacked by Guest’s who are unwilling to have a dialog. If you want to make a speech please run for office.

The one who is being political is Art Bell and I would add, he’s a little confused. One day I read him in cyberspace publicly say he doesn’t want politics on his show. Yet on my appearance we did some political predictions.

He’s on XM Radio but he doesn’t want any cussing.

OK, no problem. Then I hear from his and my connected Facebook friends that he recently cussed on the air about the government shutdown. (Understandable, but again, at cross purposes with forcefully declaring rules on the air not to cuss.)

In my experience, Art Bell last Tuesday doesn’t sound like he knows yet what he wants DM to be and he carried me along on his confusing ride. I hope he’ll soon find his voice and his rhythm, but I think this lingering “grump” about Coast to Coast these days pulls him back into grudges from the past, and keeps his creative energies muddy, mean and muddled about Dark Matter’s future. I predict Dark Matter will not be a success until he can let Coast go and move forward into a new future clean.

Now there’s a concise prophecy. See, Art, I’m getting better. 🙂

I try very hard to be polite to my Guest’s but I also have a responsibility to my listener’s if required, and it was. Sorry your feelings were hurt.

That again smacks as insincere apology, masking a lot of passive-aggressive anger.

Art Bell’s response to my review ends as it began, with a tone of oily distain, under which sleeping barbs lie, wearing expressions of apologetic masks.

This is not our first dance together on the airwaves, Art.

We did this dance of ideas two to three times a year starting in November 1994 up to at least 2006 or through 2007.

I know well your responsibilities as host for 19 years and counting.

I number you among the most gifted hosts when it comes to moving a show and changing the tempo. Over the years, you skillfully conducted my equally important contribution to those shows, many of which are classics.

I am fifty percent of this classic radio ensemble. My input and review of the last show has some depth of experience behind it:

Tuesday was not among your best performances as a host.

Want to try it again?

I suggest we return to this point in six months. Let’s let time lower the temperature level between you and me and also let time cool the savage missives of your more abusive and threatening fans.

You now know my new rules for the boxing match.

Want to take a ride?

It’s your show.

It’s your call.

Whatever your decision, thank you Art Bell for the great times past and potential times, future.

DATELINE: 19 October 2013

Hogue Closing the Circle
Leads to Art Bell Closing the Door:
A song and some words on
The Cult of Personality

Jacob, one of my Facebook friends, and I had an interesting interchange Friday night into Saturday morning about recent developments in my review of my Dark Matter interview and the huge storm of discussion that erupted on Art Bell’s and my Facebook Friends pages. Jacob had made me aware that after our back and forth, Art Bell had more to write to his Facebook Friends about it and wrote that I ought to go over there and read it.

I tried and immediately collided with the closest thing in Cyberspace to a brick wall. So I wrote Jacob back:

Hi Jacob, I just noticed that Art Bell unfriended me. Don’t know when. I guess his act of passive aggression speaks for itself. For the record, my door is always open to my favorite Grumpy Cat. Everyone reach out and give Grumpy a psychic cuddle…

Its funny you’re all about the Future and He’s so hung up on the past!

Yes, you have put it rightly. It is a tension between a past point of view and a need to embrace the future. It reminds me of what the Hopi Prophets have said. In the Great Purification coming that will see the fourth world we know unutterably changed through a kind of global death and regenerative process, those who embrace this change will be transformed. Those who hold onto the past with all their tenacity, could drop dead from their own fear of change.

This is the Hopi message for all of us: to embrace and celebrate change.

Yes, it is scary, it is insecure. Meditations of Osho have been my chief aid in embracing that purifying change. I invite anyone to come along with me, but if they cannot, I respect that and walk on. I embrace the golden future, not the fear that is tyrant in our past-oriented mindsets.

Excellent reading. To quote Frank Herbert Walker’s Dune “Without change something sleep’s within us all…The sleeper must Awaken.”

[HOGUE INSERT: after Jacob quote Duke Leto Atreides of Planet Caladan and Arrakis, he passed along a rock video by Living Color called Cult of Personality. It inspired this review.]

Cool song and video. Especially like the lyrics and the ambient bridge to the song. LC did something similar to what I did in my book on Messianic prophecies, I leveled the playing field of religious messianic cults of personalities, having Buddha and Christ rub shoulders with Hitler, Jim Jones, and so on.

I love how the song video ends with the girl switching off the TV after FDR says, “The only thing we have to fear is ‘fear’ itself.” It’s not that some of these figures in the video are being criticized, though they are good teachers and leaders. The video goes after the “attachment”, the “cult” fixation we have about them. We turn them into icons of projected co-dependence rather than regard them as our helpful and loving friends and fellow travelers a little ahead of us, showing the way further on the path of truth.


A lot of people in my spiritual family of Neo-Sannyas had made my teacher, Osho, a figment of their projections in their own Cult of Personality. This was never Osho’s intention, as it never was Buddha’s or Christ’s, or the intention of revolutionaries in human rights, such as Gandhi, or Martin Luther King. So, for me, the girl switching off the TV is not switching off FDR’s beautiful statement, but the hypnotic mistake of the mind that absorbs that statement not as a challenge to inwardly test and explore on one’s own two feet, but as an excuse to become the “boob” sucked into the TV tube mindset. A follower, rather than a disciple.

There’s a great difference between these. A follower is dependent on the teacher. A disciple chooses to allow the teacher in as a catalyst for his or her own transformation as an individual. A real teacher, like an Osho, sets you free.

Don’t believe it!

Test my statement.

Experiment with the meditations he gave me. See if they resonate with you. Contact me and leave in the subject line: Meditation. I will freely send you leads, links and information about them.

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Go ahead, click on it. What could happen? This future or something better?

Go ahead, click on it. What could happen? This future or something better?


Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse

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