Predictions for 2014, Halloween Trick or Treat Climate Change, St. Jude Storm, Australian Wild Fires, a mild Autumn in the Pacific Northwest and the Frankenstein Obamacare “Obamascare” Foreseen

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DATELINE: 31 October 2013

Trick, No Treat from Neptune in Pisces
As St. Jude Storm Pummels Europe

When the days get short I go into nocturnal mode. I work the nights preparing two new books, Predictions for 2014 and Nostradamus: Premonitions of 9-11 as well as updating and soon publishing my eTablet editions of Nostradamus: A Life and Myth and Nostradamus: End of End Times. Working well past midnight in Pacific Northwestern time until just before dawn finds me awake receiving readers’ emails from Europe with keypads still warm with tips European fingers.

Brett, one of my British readers, was first to make me aware of the St. Jude windstorm lashing the southwestern and Channel coasts of England just as it bansheed through:

“We are in the middle of what could be a hurricane in the UK. I was reading your predictions earlier this evening about a stronger hurricane season. We had 108-mph wind measured on St Martin’s on the Scillies [Islands] at 23:07 (11:07 pm).” (See St. Jude Storm).

Equal in help to news services are your emails describing what you see and hear happening around the world that ties in prophecy with current events. You, my readers, bear witness to prophecy’s collision with events.

There is just too much happening for one overworked prophecy watcher like myself to catch all that is speeding up in our world with climate change, earth disasters, plus the positive side of upheavals of the old and fossilized habits of suffering humanity. You are often the first one making me aware of new systems of governance, economy and religiousness requiring my observation and comment. Thus I very much value and encourage your input.

Thanks to Brett (and the past-midnight hour of my night watches birthing books), I was onto the St. Jude storm as it was shrieking up the Channel Coasts of England and Europe. I sent battening-down-the-hatches Brett the hottest links on the storm before his power might go out. He replied the following day with further information about the storm plus an important question about the future.

Thank you for your email and the following is an account of the St. Jude Storm Event: We were given advanced warning of the approaching St. Jude storm yesterday and everyone was well prepared.

Yesterday afternoon most of the railways cancelled their planned services for this morning and just as well that they did because trees fell on the train lines making it dangerous for the morning rush hour. There were fatalities but without the advanced warning, there would have been a lot more fatalities and damage.

Most of the damage was caused by falling trees. The storm woke me up early this morning as the wind speeds increased. I used the radar and satellite facilities to track the oncoming storm using the following site:

There were also live updates on twitter using the #ukstorm hash tag and a couple of the interesting tweets are listed below:


Three flood warnings and 46 flood alerts have been issued by the Environment Agency #UKstorm

Jersey [England] wave buoy (62027), located 5 miles south of Jersey, just recorded a 21-foot wave.

108 mph wind measured on St Martin’s on the Scillies at 23:07 #ukstorm2013


Jersey wave buoy (62027), located 5 miles south of Jersey, just recorded a 24-foot wave.

Current maximum wind gust recorded at 0300 is 83.95 mph at Needles Old Battery – Isle of Wight.

Highest winds in Jersey recorded at St. Helier Harbor. Mean speed 46 kt, severe gale F9, gusting to 59 kt (68 mph) at 4 am.

Then at 6 am, SkyNews had reporters based in Brighton and around London reporting on the damage.

John, as the methane Supervolcano is released into the atmosphere, do you think there will be more extreme hurricanes in the UK?

Brett is talking about predictions in Chapter 11 of Predictions for 2013-2014 entitled An Invisible Supervolcano Erupting. Since 2009, I have recorded my oracular warnings about a huge fuming of the greenhouse gas methane out of the thawing permafrost of the Arctic that I foresee is the nudge that tips climate change into a cascading global warming slide by 2018 onwards.

Brett asks if this meltdown of “impermanent” permafrost will lead to more St. Jude hurricane storms and my answer is a vigorous “yes”!

People! Hurricane Sandy that flooded New Jersey and New York one year ago, day before yesterday and St. Jude hitting England, as well as pummeling French Brittany, Normandy, the Netherlands and German coasts up to Denmark is not a fluke only. It is part of the whole “whale” of the heating oceans ramping up to whale on you with mounting frequent storms as far north and as deep south into temperate regions of the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. It is happening in part because the Earth cannot contain anymore sequestered carbon like the permafrost because of our industrial carbon pollution heating and melting it. Thus carbon sinks in the Arctic and later, methane hydrate in the continental shelves of the continents will add heat and violence to our oceans and their storms upon us.

Humanity is under attack from Mother Nature rooting out and destroying “Stupid” in us, by us, and perhaps will eradicate “us” if we do not act “smart” with the planet’s ecological balance.

I have been watching this climate shift coming a long time. Now it is here.

For instance, almost 24 years ago I was warning all my readers along the northern European coastlines about what to expect in the 21st century:

Hurricane warnings systems may be called for as far north as Oslo or Vladivostok.

Predating me by 71 years was Swedish prophet Anton Johansson’s vision of St. Jude superstorms to come, made in a vision from 1918. This prophecy almost sounds like news copy about the St. Jude storm this week yet that was but a salt water flooding “taste” of the future our iniquities with air pollution are conjuring.

Then I was shown Holland, Belgium and the German coast of the North Sea, which all were heavily visited [by storm and flood]. Among the most afflicted cities I heard the names of Antwerp and Hamburg mentioned…Even Denmark’s western and northern coast and Sweden’s western coast had suffered.

1000 for 2000 Startling Predictions, p. 17

Click on the cover to read more about this book.

Click on the cover to read more about this book.

The visions I have and Anton Johannsen had, will soon be ours today, not a Halloween nightmare of distant tomorrow. It will—it IS—happening now this week in England, last year along the Jersey Shore. It happened with the punches of terrible typhoons that, at the height of the 2013 Typhoon Season this year slammed the southeastern Chinese shoreline on average every few weeks! It hit the Philippines almost as frequently. Typhoon floods drench Thailand now and Vietnam, and even spin as far south as Mindanao and Borneo these dire days! This is the Neptune Effect, if you will. The power of Planet Neptune’s long transit that began in 2011 and 2012 and will not relent on stirring up powerful storms and floods from Boulder Colorado to Bangkok until far off 2026.

With these cyclones, monsoons and hurricane force winds, Mother Nature is sending us a message. Earth Mother is saying, grow up, wake up, or be washed off the planet’s evolutionary stage.

Mother Earth matches her biblical floods with fires, as the next article attests.

DATELINE: 31 October 2013

From Halloween
Tricks of Water
Tricks of Fire:

The Great Australian Burn

 I first visited Australia in 1987-1988 to do a Channel Nine documentary on Nostradamus that intended to contact Sean Connery to play the seer of Salon, Provence, moving in and out of time warps from his 16th-century clothes to 20th-century, late eighties duds.

I had missed the worst fires in White Australian memory by one year. The current firestorms hitting eastern Australia early in their springtime in 2013 are far worse and only the beginning of what will come. Summer of 2012 was the driest in Australian record. So Southern Hemisphere’s sunburnt island continent by October 2013, early spring Downunder, will not only erupt with high summer-like fires three months early, but this is a new “abnormal” prelude for apocalyptic fire storms coming in the next five months of what will also be the worst and longest fire season in Australian record.

Mother Nature is on to our “Stupid” faster than the crack of an Aussie howitzer. Few of you may know this. HogueProphecy will tell you. The worst of a ring of mega fires besieging the sprawling metropolis of Sydney in a crescent of exploding gum trees were set off by Australian soldiers in the Outback on military maneuvers, firing live ammunition and artillery into the desiccated bush lands.

Bob’s your “monkey’s” uncle, mate!

Equally strange is the weather happening this Northern Hemispheric summer and early autumn. Mother Nature’s climate bashing stick has two ends and our weather in the Pacific Northwest has enjoyed for the most part an unusually soft “grip” of global warming. We had THE BEST summer sunshine and warm days since 1987; moreover, autumn continues to be seasonably mild.

There were signs of the stick though. 2013 was the second year in a row of unusually violent and long lasting thunderstorms assaulting our usually thunderstorm-minimal climate during August and September. One night, September had thunderstorm systems rage across the western half of Washington State! It looked like an artillery barrage on the Somme set upside down around here.

Fall has also been mild enough to nestle a high-pressure system over us for three weeks. It settled down for a long stay over us like an invisible-though-great-and-clucking air chicken, flattening its warm air “feathers” pressing cold air down and close to the ground across the Pacific Northwest. Its “nest” was made of downy fog and smog trapped in the stagnant folds of its “molting” mists. I record weather up here since 1986 and I do not recall a pea-soup fog-athon lasting three weeks without a significant break.

Still, we got the good end of the high-pressure stagnant air alerts. Not China. Pollution there in October got so bad that in some cities, like Harbin, you couldn’t see 33 feet ahead and the parts per million pollution measurements soared beyond a healthy 25-point limit to exceed last winter’s shocking 400 to 500 ppm of gunk. It rose in Harbin to 1,000 ppm! Similar reports happened in Beijing and around the northeastern Chinese industrial regions where hundreds of millions of people hack and cough up their lungs.

I am reminded of my oracle’s prediction for autumn 2013 through the end of winter 2014 for China. I recorded this forecast back on 23 April:

Karma works in strange ways. The Chinese economy, the greatest air polluter on Earth, will in the next three years suffer a killer inversion layer over the northeastern regions including Beijing and cities northeastward into Manchuria. This is a weather phenomenon appearing either in the winter of 2013-2014 or 2014-2015 that will hit you far worse than it did in the winter of early 2013. Each event will be longer lasting and more deadly, trapping pollution low to the ground, not letting it escape until the stagnant air turns lethal to thousands of people. The health of hundreds of millions of people living under the pall of smog in Northeastern China is already diminished by respiratory systems weakened where on average the pollution damage to the body is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarettes a day. Over 1.2 million premature deaths are blamed on air pollution each year in China.

Predictions for 2013-2014, Chapter 12: It’s Global Warming, Stupid!

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Click on the cover and read more.

Click on the cover and read more.

DATELINE: 30 October 2013

Predictions for 2014
The Extended Advance Donor Edition

I have decided to expand the special donors edition of Predictions for 2014 with an appendix chapter about Mattias Stormberger. This simple Bavarian cow herder from the 1700s is more than a “German Nostradamus”. He is among the clearest forecasters of our future. So much so that his prophecies about the oncoming disasters for Germany in the First and Second World Wars were banned by Hitler’s propaganda minister

Josef Goebbels might be happy to use the obscurity of Nostradamus for propaganda but Stormberger’s clarity about Hitler and his Nazi regime, recorded nearly two centuries earlier, was a real threat. Banning wasn’t enough. Gestapo officers combed Germany to find anything published about Stormberger and burnt it!

For a long time I wanted to write about him and it came to me that my first deep examination will be given to all those friends of HogueProphecy who have supported my web site and me with their contributions over the years. This Stormberger is for you!

Those who already donated will receive this extra chapter too, thank you

Please join those HogueProphecy friends and donate $12.50 or a little more Predictions for 2014, and get on the list to receive my holiday gift! Downloads will begin around 21 December.

DATELINE: 30 October 2013

Halloween ObamaScare

So far, my predictions about Obamacare being a misshapen monster that no Republican attempt can or ever will kill, seems to be correct. Here is what I logged off about Obamacare’s future, staring back on 1 November for Predictions for 2010:

The Health Care cure will be passed in late 2009 or early 2010…With health care reform’s passing begins in 2010 the long struggle of the people to have provided a healing system free from a care-less business of illness. Legislating reform was relatively quick and easy. Corporations putting monkey wrenched loop holes in the language, far easier. The people of America will have to fight for their health care rights battling special interests every step of the way long after President Obama has left office

Health Care Reform “was” passed early in 2010, in March. Since then, it has survived a Supreme Court review and 40-plus attempts to kill the legislation by a Republican Party ruling the House of Representatives. This lead up to the most recent and desperate attempt, a Debt Ceiling, Budget Crisis extortion. In short, kill the monster, or we’ll turn off Dr. Frankenstein’s power to zap it alive by shutting down the US Government. (The only problem being, that ObamaMonster Care was passed and already financed to lumber and stumble with its “Abby Normal” brain tucked “forward” like an Obama slogan.)

Five months before the shutdown, I made this prediction about Obamacare’s resilience to all monster mashing:

America is destined to have its own social welfare system updated by the mid-2020s adopting one modeled after the best traits of the universal health care system of the United Nations of Europe as a US citizen’s basic right.

Predictions for 2013-2014, documented on 10 May 2009

DATELINE: 30 October 2013

Nostradamus Decoded on MSN
A nearly Skeptical
(Rather than Cynical)
Inquiry into Nostradamus

Television has rare moments when it comes close to the kind of documentary I wish they would produce for you concerning Nostradamus, free of the stereotypes, the built in bias as a template upon which to build all misleading story narratives. Instead, you get in various degrees, the degree TV producers believe you are too stupid and dumb to understand higher documentary works.  They usually trickle down upon you faux skeptical inquiries that are cynical romps over the legacy and dead body of Nostradamus.

In my opinion, Discovery Channel was guilty of one of the worst cynic romps in skeptical sheep’s clothing (Nostradamus: A Skeptical Inquiry [2002]). Nevertheless, one should never close doors on a bad media experience. Usually, the door stays open both ways; despite my need from time to time give hard and public reviews about the performance of radio hosts and TV productions. The professionals never shut each other out.

They get the point of my criticism. They don’t misread my clarity as aggression. They aren’t threatened by my making where I stand with their work sharp as clean air after a thunderstorm.

In most cases those who receive my radio or TV reviews get over the hits and work with me, often collaborating on better productions next time around. Case in point, History Channel’s Lost Book of Nostradamus (2007). I panned it. The producers read the review and decided to work with me on an improved second attempt that became Nostradamus 2012 the following year.

Discovery Channel also came back through my open door and asked me to be a major part in Nostradamus Decoded (2009). It has its flaws (in that statements were made, mostly in the final 15 minutes that in my opinion went “neggo” on Nostradamus. If given a chance, I would have easily countered these like I often did in other parts of the documentary. Despite this, it is a significant improvement and more balanced skeptical inquiry into Nostradamus.

Joan, one of my readers, made me aware on my birthday, two days ago, that MSN was rebroadcasting the show. She added, “I just looked at the MSN site again. It appears that the Nostradamus video has been so popular today that it has been added to the MSN “Trending” label, as well. The trending label is given to the most popular videos, and hence, the most viewed each day.”

I like giving gifts to others on my birthday, because I already received the gift of being born 57 years ago, 57 October 29ths ago.

My gift to all of you is a link to watch Nostradamus Decoded.

The work of Nostradamus, in my view, was intended to show us a way through dire potentials of our future to a better life. Our future is a Halloween horror story, but with the right telling of future tales, it can have a happy ending.

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Click on this cover to read more about this new eBook.


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Go ahead, click on it. What could happen? This future or something better?

Go ahead, click on it. What could happen? This future or something better?

Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse

Available now on:




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