Nostradamus, the “Barbare” (Libyans), the Source of World War III?

In Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus, I returned to a prophetic narrative of the 16th-century French prophet that warns of a Third World War coming “after” the Cold War ends, when Russia, like America, adopts an eagle totem as its national symbol. America has the bald eagle and since the fall of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s, the Russian Federation that replaced it adopted a variation of the old Czarist totem, the two-headed eagle.

Nostradamus variously identifies these powerhouse countries as the two great Kingdoms of the North, or the Great Brothers of the North [or Aquilon, after Aquila, the Eagle Constellation in northern skies. Then in a classic Nostradamian double entendre the prophet describes these brothers will become friends at a time when one of them he calls the new land of Americh is at the height of its power. The prophecy is in a quatrain indexed as Century (volume) 2, Quatrain 89 in his magnum opus Les Propheties.

The numbers are a date: 2 [February] [19]89, the month Soviet forces pulled out of Afghanistan in defeat.

In December 1989, President H.W. Bush and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev declared the Cold War officially over. America the victor became the sole world superpower. At that time the two great leaders will become friends promised Nostradamus but with a twist. The Latin/French blended word he used for frienddemis — can also mean halved or split. America and Russia are otherwise known in the prophecy as the brothers who are not yet brothers.

A leader and/or a people he calls barbare threatens their fragile attempt at friendship. The many allusions to them in the prophecies hint powerfully to two possible translations. They are the Barbary Corsairs: a contemporary version of Islamic terrorism raiding the Mediterranean shores of Nostradamus’ France in the 16th century. These Islamic pirates-cum-terrorists of his day hijacked and sunk ships. The modern Islamic terrorist-pirate hijacks and crashes planes. Nostradamus’ Judeo-Christian bias might also hint barbare means Islamic barbarian, the kind of ruthless, bloodthirsty autocrats one sees in modern times, such as the father of Bashir al-Assad (Hafez al-Assad) of Syria, Saddam Hussein of Iraq and today’s Muhammar Gaddafi of Libya. They are Arab dictators, terrorists like al-Qaeda, Usama bin Laden who like Saddam Hussein is a candidate for Nostradamus’ third and final antichrist who set in motion the threat of Armageddon.

Thirdly, barbare could be an anagram for Arab.

Reduce the redundant letters r and b to one letter each and you get the French spelling for Arab: arabe out of barbare.

Barbare stands literally for Barbary, as in the Barbary Coast pirates, against which the young United States of America fought in its first war as a nation in 1805. The capital of the Barbary Coast is Tripoli, the stronghold of Muhammar Gaddafi and the pro-Gaddafi tribes of Libya who contest control of the oil rich North African nation with mostly Eastern Libyan tribes in the current Libyan Civil war of 2011.

America once again is at war with Libya in a coalition of NATO nations, sanctioned by the Arab League, joined by the air forces of the UAE and Qatar of the Gulf States to establish a no-fly zone against Gaddafi’s armed forces.

This coalition exists because members of the UN Security council voted for its prosecution to protect civilians from Gaddafi’s threat of a mass massacre of Eastern Libyans by his army. The vote for this Resolution #1973 went through without a veto. It is important to note that Russia abstained while American voted in favor of the No Fly Zone. What followed where momentous air attacks wiping out Gaddafi’s air defenses, command and control centers, military air fields and later the obliteration of his armored thrust to the suburbs of the rebel stronghold of Benghazi.

Russia in the first hours of military strikes clearly stated its regrets at military action moving forward with such violence against what had once been an old ally in the Soviet, Cold War era. Gaddafi, being one of the longest lasting tyrants in power of modern times came to power at the peak of the Cold War tensions overthrowing King Idris of Libya in a military coup in 1969, forty-two years ago.

Now, with all this background in mind, the next prophecy of Nostradamus, Century 5 Quatrain 78, is perhaps a chilling vision of the near future:

The two [America and Russia] will not remain allied for long: within 13 years they will give in to Barbare power [“Barbary” Corsair: read Islamic barbarian pirates = Arab dictators, terrorists, or a Third World war arising unexpectedly from tensions over a conflict against those of the modern Barbary Coast, of Tripoli, of Western Libya, etc.]. There will be such a loss on both sides, that one [perhaps America in this case] will bless the bark of Peter and the cape of the pope.

Let us follow the prophecies further:


Kingdoms given to men incapable of prudence. [Is he implying US President Obama, Russian Prime Minister and future President Vladimir Putin in Russia, over a conflict started by the irrational Libyan Colonel Gaddafi?] Then for the great brothers [US & Russia] death and dissention. (2 Q95)

There will be let loose living fire and hidden death. Horror inside dreadful globes. By night the city will be reduced to dust by the fleet. The city on fire, helpful to the enemy… (5 Q8)

At sunrise one will see a great fire. Noise and light extending towards the North [Aquilon in French — the realms of America and Russia, signified here by their eagle emblems]. Within the earth, death and cries are heard. Death awaiting them through weapons, fire and famine. (2 Q91)

The rule left to two [Russian and America in 1989]. They will hold it for a very short time. Three years and seven months having passed, they will go to war. Their two vassals rebel against them. The victor is born on Americh [American] soil. (4 Q95)

To recap this trend of a dire and unexpected thermonuclear conflict between America and Russia over Libya, it begins with America becoming the sole superpower. The two enemies of the Cold War begin a path towards friendship in 1989 as dated by Nostradamus. They both become “eagle kings” in the early 1990s when Russia drops the hammer and sickle red banner for the Czarist white, blue and red tricolor emblem of the double-headed eagle.

The friendship is fragile, halved and prone to imprudent leadership, undermined either by an Arab (Arabe=barbare) leader, and regional Arab revolution, or a barbare (Barbary Coast, read Libyan) source. Then, either quickly after that, in 3 years and seven months, or in a longer breakdown of US-Russian friendship 13 years later, the US and Russia fight a nuclear war perhaps set in motion by unanticipated consequences arising out of the present conflict in Libya.


The idea may sound ludicrous. Nevertheless, if you have been following my books over the last 25 years, especially those books looking at collectively shared prophecies, such as The Millennium Book of Prophecy and 1000 for 2000 Startling Predictions for the New Millennium, many of history’s greatest seers with unquestioned impressive accuracy believe there are three world wars set to threaten our destiny. The 17th-century German prophet Stormberger framed this collective theme of a final, unexpected world war, saying humanity walks with open eyes into the third world war’s apocalyptic end of civilization. With eyes wide shut to the dangers, they did not see it coming. Can you see Stormberger is on to something?

For decades now a majority of us believe the nuclear danger of the Cold War years are behind us. We live under the illusion that thousands of nuclear weapons still sitting around in their silos or stored away will not in a short time be rolled out, switched on and aimed at us once again.

In Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies, written in the mid-1990s and published in 1997, I often came back to the Libyan scenario that an incident would set in motion a Third World War after the Cold War was over. I wrote extensively about a number of prophecies describing a future act of terrorism, coming forth from “an iron fish” leaving a weapon at the mouth of the Tiber, the watery river road reaching Rome and the Vatican. I explained a potential scenario implied by a number of Nostradamus’ prophecies about the governments of North African nations like Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Egypt succumbing to a fever of radical Islamic passions. Each of these nations have a small flotilla of diesel powered Soviet era attack submarines, any one of which could be used by the man who would make war (perhaps the Third Antichrist Nostradamus warned famously about in other visions) described in the following prophecy from Century 2 Quatrain 5:

Qu’en dans poisson, fer & lettre enfermée,
Hors sortira qui puis fera la guerre:
Aura par mer sa classe bien ramée,
Apparoissant pres de Latine terre.

When weapons and plans are enclosed in a fish,
Out will come a man who will then make war:
His fleet will have traveled far across the sea,
To seem to appear [surface] at the Italian shore.

I published the following passage about this quatrain in 1997:

“In several places Nostradamus makes it clear that there’s a Libyan (Barbary) connection to a future (terrorist) invasion of Southern Europe. Muammar Qaddafi, an admitted protector and supporter of Abu Nidal and other terrorist organizations, also possesses five Soviet-made Foxtrot Class diesel-powered attack submarines in his fleet. Whoever the man is with plans and special weapons to make war, his underwater journey to destiny may be dated in the hidden double meaning of the first line: When Mars and Mercury are in conjunction with Pisces.”

Nostradamus hid dates in sentences, such as in line one. Fish (submarine) also stands for the astrological sign of Pisces. Weapons stand also for Mars (the planet Mars, God of War). Letters, papers, (plans) stand as symbols of the ruler of intellect, Mercury. Enclosed is a code for in conjunction. Thus the line, When weapons and plans are enclosed in a fish, can become the astrological code for the date of the prophecy: When Mars and Mercury are in conjunction with Pisces.

Exact conjunctions of Mercury and Mars in Pisces are rare even thought both separately and frequently pass into Pisces every few years. Conjunctions bracket 2012. The first recently at the end of February 2011. Another will come February 2013.

February 2011 marked the spread of the Arab Revolution out of Tunisia to Yemen, Algeria, and Jordan and most significantly into Egypt and Libya. The next conjunction is two Februaries away in 2013. Perhaps Gaddafi could resist that long in the bloody civil war turned into a stalemate by NATO jets and missiles leveling the battleground, rendering both sides into armed rabbles. Just today (30 March 2011), Gaddafi’s forces have once again routed the undisciplined and outnumbered rebels before Sirte, pushing them back beyond the strategically important oil refinery town of al-Brega. Gaddafi’s professional and mercenary soldiers have hid their surviving armor and hit the coastal road to Benghazi Mad-Max, post-apocalyptic style driving in similarly beat up looking, sand blasted civilian vehicles one saw their jittery amateur, R-R-RPG (rompa-room-rocket-propelled-grenade) launcher shouldering adversaries drive. NATO planes cannot distinguish between gangs in vans and trucks that are friendly or fiendly. I anticipate the Gaddafi RV caravans next will decorate their vehicles with the rebel tricolor flags beginning their next offensive into Eastern Libya as a guerilla infiltration.

The strains of the Libyan conflict begin to work to negative effect on American-Russian relations. Former Cold War vassals of the two contest the region, the Arab nations (many of which, like Libya, Algeria Egypt and Syria are former allies of the Soviet Union) radicalized by revolutions versus the US ally Israel, the Saudi Arabian monarchy and the Gulf emirs.

The next most likely time window for world conflict comes when Neptune’s transit of Aries begins (2025-2038). During that period there will be a conjunction of Mercury and Mars in Pisces in March 2026.

That is EXACTLY 13 years beyond the next conjunction in 2013!

Perhaps events in 2013 will cause us to begin the countdown to a third world war one year after all the hoopla about ages changing and rebooting in 2012.

Events of the last 16 years seemed to steer away from my interpretations from 1995 — that is until now. American and European air power bombs Gaddafi the Barbare Corsair in Tripoli, with Russia abstaining and complaining.

We see the Arab world rocked by revolutions and in the initial phases there is much hope for a democratic outcome, yet equally possible like other revolutions of the past, the more organized and ruthless parties emerging could later turn these mostly secular revolutions of moderate Arabs into something extremist and totalitarian — far worse than the dictatorships they overthrow. Thus Tunisia, Algeria, Libya and Egypt become Islamist states.

This is what Nostradamus warned in his prophecies: a march westward of radical Islam out of modern Persia (see Iran predictions) into the Arab world. Egypt was specifically mentioned.

I am not saying this has to happen but I am wondering for the first time in 16 years if events are taking us back to the timeline I considered in detail when composing my interpretation of Nostradamus’ complete prophecies in the mid-1990s.

In the next blog we will look at the future of the Arab Revolution as viewed by the ever-pessimistic prophet Nostradamus.

I will return to a detailed account set forth by him in an Epistle to his king, Henri II of France, penned in 1558. We will refresh this prophetic narrative, moving my mid-1990s interpretation forward to events of our time and see how they might now better frame a clearer picture of a future danger to the world that war in Libya has put back on track for the train wreck of our destiny. By encountering this nightmare in its early stages we might anticipate the reasons why great brothers, great friends of the North — Russia and America — could do the unimaginable: be dragged down into a conflict that would unhinge the world in a nuclear war no one believed possible.

I do this not to terrorize you, reader, but to galvanize your power in the present day to make this future warning of Nostradamus a figment of his or for that matter my imagination, not a reality of your near future 3 years and 7 months or after events in 2013 begin a 13-year countdown to apocalypse.

John Hogue

(30 March 2011)

An illustration from "Nostradamus and the Antichrist".Libya is just one firestorm in history. Do not get caught in the media’s one-dimensional news cycle. Read Predictions for 2011 and Nostradamus and the Antichrist.


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  1. Ray
    Posted 5 September 2013 at 2:50 am | Permalink

    Given the current situation over Syria at the moment i’d say soon we are all fucked!!! This has to be the prelude to WWW3. Cant see how they can get past this. Obama has no choice now but to attack to save face and credibility of America. Pution is moaning and if he doesnt get his way he will throw the toys (Nukes) out of the pram. It is as plain as the nose on your face! Pity Obama and Putin dont see it (or do they?). Is Obama the third antichrist and has planned this? Either way it looks like its all going to be over for eveyone soon!

  2. Posted 12 May 2013 at 7:08 am | Permalink

    Hi John,
    I am in Australia and I heard from translations that the person that starts WWIII has 7-7-7 letters in his name? I also understand that WWIII will start soon after the arrival of a comet or asteroid and many lights in the sky.
    I am wondering if 7-7-7 is not the number of letters in someones name that starts WWIII but more-so a date? 07 or 16 or 25 of July, 2014. Each of these three dates translates to 7-7-7. Also there are two comets passing very close to earth late this year / early next year. One is expected to light up the night sky as the passes by, the other has a chance of colliding with Mars – could Mars be MABUS and how would this impact earth?

    Something to think about? regards, Brett.

    • J.C.
      Posted 26 March 2014 at 7:39 pm | Permalink

      Hi Brett,
      If you’ll follow the link, it should have a post about June 6th, 2006. This is about the number 666 and it’s counter part 777. There will arise a false church having 777 as well (misguided leadership/spiritual wickedness in high places), not just the blessed true church of Jesus Christ. The number 777 refers more to 3 groups of 7 (characteristics/geography/political allignment) more so than the translation equivalent of any given name translated out of the greek or Hebrew septuagints. You can find more on this through American Evangelist Perry Stone (show-Manafest on TV/google_youtube). Also, there is an amazing pamhlet about the false christ and church and the beast it empowers through wicked/corrupt doctrine (leadership/belief or what have you…. That pamphlet it published by a magazine’s group known as (com) (I’m not sure which anymore) and that is owned and dist. By United Church of God. Also, as mentioned above by John Hogue, I find it interesting that a (?) is left at the mouth of the Tiber by an alleged submarine (since the people of the above mentioned church, not affiliated with John Hogue, consider the Catholic Church to be the false church. Located in Rome, Italy….just odd maybe there’s a connection maybe not, either way (we will find out on the 4th-5th month of the 2,000 and 14th year (A.D./A.C.E.). Perry Stone also writes a book where he claims the Antichrist is a returned messiah of the Muslim faith (Islam). Very Interesting to say the least. (It put Islam and Christianity+judaism and catholicism at war, just like Nostradamus foretold (not Islam, but radical Islam).

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