Apocalypse Now? Even Newsweek takes up the Theme

Even the mainstream news media is waking up and smelling the apocalyptic times of 2011. The best example was the most recent offering of the struggling dead-tree papered Newsweek magazine, which for years now is facing a paper tiger end time because news evolves from paper to photon and electron-fashioned pages. To sustain publication in a paper pampered Cretaceous era’s shrinking ink surface, the Newsweek brand has imitated a more bloggardly blunt and sensationalist tone of the electronic media. I would call this new kind of hyperbole: hyperblogey.

My favorite weekly paper milled news magazine came out of my P.O. Box 666 all black and white and red with hyperbloggic flying subtitles like How Ignorant are you? and They have found Atlantis? on the periphery of an airbrushed tidal wave behind the manic main title APOCALYPSE NOW: Tsunamis. Earthquakes. Nuclear Meltdowns. Revolutions. Economies on the Brink. What the #@%! Is Next?

I noticed another indication overlooked by Newsweek editors of the oncoming apocalypse in that title. Nostradamus foresaw one of its first warning signs to be a loss of learning and letters. The Newsweek copy editor’s computer did what mine does. When spelling “is” after an exclamation mark, the computer automatically capitalized “Is”. The editor in a decadent, fin de seicle lapse, left it capitalized.

I turn to page three to read what the new Editor-in-Chief named ??!#@%!?? has to say about the new edition. I cannot make out her signature. I mean, is her name Tina Brawn, Eva’s lost descendant, or is it Tuna Brawn, or Tina Brown…???

Whoever she is, she is also the Chief Editor of the e-zine The Daily Beast. She must be as advertised, an intrepid e-News blogger type. Her declining handwriting skills are a giveaway. Being solely on the computer keyboard day and night does to handwriting what wearing Darth Vader’s helmet and mask for 20 years did to Anakin Skywalker’s facial skin color and tone: make it pasty, slack and unrecognizable. Her handwriting is getting almost as unintelligible as mine.

Anyway, one sees “Tuna” (Tina?) in sketchy portrait all bled white like Anakin-cum-Vader. All the Newsweek in-house writers and editors must submit to this cartoonish portrait vogue next to their articles. They each look to me like variations of a white faced clown caught in a paparazzi camera flash semi-made up before painting red round cheeks and gluing on the bulbous red nose had happened. (Gad! I hope she, or Nial Ferguson, or the other staffers are succumbing to a guilty pleasure by reading Hogueprophecy.com today because this is my “embarrassing-portrait” intervention in print. Please lose the half-painted and powdered clown look. It’s indecent Bozo!)

So, along with Newsweek cover headlines like George H.W. Bush was not a wimp and Oprah Winfrey mending fences and Steven King on Can’t-Miss TV, the title of Tina (Tuna?) Brawn’s Notebook segment on page 3 contributed a less subtle alliteration like The Mayhem Mounts: Meltdowns, revolts and economic stress. Her intro had Rasputin-like resurrections of mad dog Gaddafi, asking, “has the world gone crazy” because of the onslaught of news?

All seriousness aside, the Tuna is onto something. History has sped up and it has got a Charlie “Sheen” about it. It is something HogueProphecy readers have been savvy about for years. You all know how bad it must be getting when the Cretaceous thunder-lizard corporate paper and dodo booby TV couch potato’s boob tuber news outlets actually blare out the stuff they usually ridicule us mammal bloggers and e-citizen journalists underfoot for saying. These are indeed apocalyptic times and they are going to continue to get more intense because apocalypse has gone mainstream in our lives.

Whoa there, reader!

How many of you think you know what the word apocalypse means? I doubt even Tina the Brown Tuna, Editor-in-Chief of Newsweek knows because like most news writers, when it comes to eschatalogical, end time themes, her journalism and etymology skills are put aside. Just say “Apocalypse” or “Nostradamus” to these people and they reach for their clichés about the new age and people with placards saying the end is near, blah blah… With shallow consistency, they uphold bromides and brush-offs usually supported by the even more shallow understanding of their smug audiences who passively let the news writers think for them as they patronize them.

Apocalypse is not what most of you habitually lull yourselves into thinking it is. So, when I say the apocalypse is going mainstream, at least understand fully what I mean.

This is what I wrote long ago for The Millennium Book of Prophecy about that word. The times warrant a review:



The word conjures visions of divine revenge and the Earth splitting open, welcoming sinners to Satan’s reception. It threatens the final moment when destiny’s back is against the wall and history’s excuses have run out. It is a spiritual foreclosure. A time to pull a mantle of mountains over one’s head and hide from St. John’s acid trip of angels with swords for tongues, who hang on every bleat and low of a lamb with seven eyes. And why? Because Captain Karma (a.k.a. God Almighty) is looking in the Book of Life and your name isn’t there. The Judgment Day has come!


Words by themselves have no life except that which we invest in them. They pass down the centuries, taking on new psychological charges like stories whispered down a queue. The Greeks never intended this world to be a noun of doom. Apocalypse literally means “to uncover” or “to expose” the truth. There is an naked truth here, hiding beneath the changing fashions of syntax. However, the price of truth revealed may be a degree of change one is not ready to risk. Why else, then, do we react with such hopelessness and fear to a word that signifies the real hiding behind the false? Can we see only catastrophe in the revelation of truth?

…The taste and smell of fear experienced around the phenomenon of apocalypse originated with St. John of Patmos. In his essay, Apocalypse , D.H. Lawrence attributes to the Bible’s final prophet a “second-rate mind” that dirtied the meaning of apocalypse enough to make it the war cry for overzealous members of Christ’s flock. These hysterics forgive poor sinners today, secretly hoping they’ll get their own in spades on Judgment Day.

Despite St. John’s fear-mongering, he might be right in another sense. Perhaps there is a real catastrophe waiting for those unprepared to understand this word’s essential meaning. No one likes it when reality overturns one’s cup of dreams. No one can honestly say they’d gladly flash a revelatory torch inside the dark closet of their unconscious: before revelation’s light can dispel the darkness of unwanted fear and evil, it must first reveal the illusory stuff our dreams are made of.

The first time I had the pleasure of experiencing a performance of Ian McKellen in a role was back in the 1981 biographical film as D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930) entitled Priest of Love after one of the English writer's finest poems. I highly recommend viewing this movie. Here is a line from the poem, "I shall always be a priest of love and a glad one. Once you've known what love can do, there's no disappointment and no despair."

The first time I had the pleasure of experiencing a performance of Ian McKellen in a role was back in the 1981 biographical film as D.H. Lawrence (1885-1930) entitled Priest of Love after one of the English writer’s finest poems. I highly recommend viewing this movie. Here is a line from the poem, “I shall always be a priest of love and a glad one. Once you’ve known what love can do, there’s no disappointment and no despair.”

Perhaps the greatest dream is believing we are securely in control of our lives. And perhaps the revelation we fear most is discovering that security is a fairy tale.

St. John’s Sunday school nightmares aside, you don’t need to consult the [doomsday prophecy segment of this book] to get my future drift. The Judgment Day doesn’t need a God/Father figure or one more prophetic interpreter’s projection. It only needs a few too many CFCs leaking from the air conditioner, or just enough people to stand by and believe reductions of nuclear overkill can be called nuclear disarmament.

Judgment Day can be a secular phenomenon. It comes with just the right critical mass of denial to assure disasters have their day, whether God, the promise of heaven, or the nightmare of hell exist or not.

There is a prophetic train of thought that says we can’t get to the future from a present ruled by the motivation of the past ten thousand years. The next great age will only come for those who are ready to change, to drop those traditions of the dying Adamic Age which no longer work to keep the human race growing in consciousness. Tomorrow of Blessings — the second half of this book — takes a look at the minority future view. These prophecies indicate that in the eleventh hour an Apocalypse of Consciousness will preclude a global death.

Taken from the Introduction to Part Three, “Tomorrow of Blessings”, pp. 185-186 and 189-190 of:

The Millennium Book of Prophecy: 777 Visions and Predictions from Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, Gurdjieff, Tamo-san, Madame Blavatsky, Old and New Testament Prophets, and 89 Others.


Sooner or later, the mainstream news and the muddled mainstream minded masses will have to understand the deeper significance of our Apocalyptic times as a choice. Either between fulfilling a future of stupid, by habitually following the wrong understanding of Apocalypse; or, living and doing today what must be prepared and seeded to give birth to a future of revelation and enlightenment for the entire human race.

I will close today’s blog with a few visions of seers collected for Millennium Book of Prophecy. No matter if they are contemporary or ancient. Seen in this new Apocalyptically enlightened light these visions and predictions share in essence an understanding of the challenging times we have entered and the choice between two kinds of apocalypse we must make.

All manmade progress will be enlisted for destruction. However, the great fate will raise her hand in warning and will command to stop. If men will listen to the judicious ones among them and stop, it will be their advantage; if not, it will be their misfortune, and a great calamity will follow.


Prophecy of Montreal (1888)

Everything will be decided by how we travel over this precipitous passage [in time]. If we survive the trail, carefully traversing it without falling, then everything will be recovered and health will return. But if we miss one step we will fail; the world will remain unhealthy. Man will grievously suffer from the effects or die altogether.

Attributed to the Japanese Seer, Onisaburo Deguchi (c. 1896)


Osho, at Gurdjieff Dam, Rajneeshpuram, 1983.


Yes, all the predictions of the ancient seers, like Nostradamus, that the world is going to end by the end of this century, are true in a very different sense than it has been understood… The old [humanity] has to disappear to give place to a new man with fresh values: with one Earth undivided into nations, with one humanity undivided by religion… Changes have been happening. They will come to a peak by the end of this century, when the moment of ultimate decision will have to be faced by humanity. Transform yourself totally: drop all that is old, don’t look backwards. Start creating new values, look forward – because the past is past and to visit the graveyard too much is dangerous… It is the future that should be your concern. It is the future and the faraway stars that will become your challenges

Osho (1987) The Greatest Challenge, the Golden Future

John Hogue

(24 March 2011)

PS—In upcoming blogs we will explore Nostradamus’ Libyan links to a war between Russia and America through an act of Libyan terrorism as Gaddafi’s revenge against Europe and America’s war against his regime. There is also the next window of natural disasters to talk about around the upcoming April full moon. There are four corners of the Ring of Fire, the seismically active plate tectonics ringing around the Pacific Ocean coastlines. Three corners have had massive quakes. One corner has remained surprisingly silent. What then is coming to the US West Coast in April and beyond? If you are a member of my free newsletter list, you will be the first to get a notice when these themes are posted. If you are not a member, you can join the free news list by clicking on sign up.

You can read in detail a lot more about what is coming in the year 2011 by reading Predictions for 2011.

Read my Predictions for 2012:

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