666 – My Beastly P.O. Box Number

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Over the years, many of you have asked why I chose this number for the HogueProphecy P.O. Box.

When I moved to Langley, WA, several years ago, I marched into the local post office to get my new PO box number. I asked what was available. The lanky postmistress leaned over the counter and said brightly, “We are nearly out of boxes.”

Then she drew nearer and grinned mischievously, adding, “But we always have 666 available.”

I laughed and said, “Why not?”

What a cosmic joke. Snail your mail to the prophecy scholar at the genre’s most notorious number. It makes sense. I’m a “Rogue” scholar of prophecy.

A tradition is serendipitously sustained. The number 666 in my address continues the streak of posting your cards and letters to naughty numbers.  Before I moved from Seattle to Langley I spent 11 years living on “13th” avenue. Ooooo!

I proudly licked and stuck that tredecim banner on envelopes and manila manuscript packages mindful of its numeric virtues. Why be afraid of America’s number? (Yes, I know America is running a lot of “numbers” these days but that’s another subject. Let’s stick with the numeric nuptial of one in count-coitus with three.) Thirteen stars, thirteen stripes in the original flag of the American Revolution, thirteen stars in the European Union flag. Jesus Christ has 12 disciples, that makes 13 the “master” number. Thirteen stands for the Christian Messiah. Not bad for Friday’s “13th.”

I celebrated and defended the number thirteen for eleven years. Now let’s see what hidden virtue can be had sticking 666 on lick’um address tags. So much fear and abuse has been dumped on this poor sick-six-six. We have rendered 666 into the nigger number of our discrimination. We profile it as beastly whenever it appears in computations. It is the schwartz hiding in the calculator, the black pickaninny number of nappy-headed numerals. It is the black “anti” in “antichrist” set against the snobbery of the pure, white and good kkk-christ of our holier than thou numeric values, such as 777 or 888 or 999.

Keeping 666 oppressed as a second-class number is so un-American! Are not all numbers created equal? Can we tolerate digital discrimination?  I can’t. That’s why I proudly support my black brother of numbers and all those who snail their mail my way must also place him upon their envelopes with respect. We shall overcome!

Six-six-six is a wonderful number and an important talking point, because it gives all of us an opportunity to see how hell sneaks into our lives through projections we learn from others. For instance, most people trained from birth with a Judeo-Christian bias see 666 as the number of the Antichrist and recoil. Yet how many of you recoil at 616?

You should. More on that later.

Anyway, I love to shake the boxed-in-thinking of dogmatic and superstitious minds, because unless people  think outside their boxes of condition-reflexive opinions there will be no end to past history’s miseries being programmed to repeat themselves in our future. Fresh minds make fresh Bloomsdays. If a new humanity is to flower, the dogmatic, conditioned mind in all of us must be playfully shaken up — and often — so the soul can bounce out of boxed minds free of limitations.

Using the number of the beast immediately exposes the dogmatically challenged, the nay sayers to divine comedy. It immediately reveals who has a wicked sense of six-six-sick humor.

Happily, most of the time the number makes people laugh, including my brother, a devout Christian.

On rare occasions when I am giving out my address I’ve seen righteous retailers freeze in their tracks, go pale and even stop copying my address on paper or key pad as if padding or scribbling the number signed their doom.

That rare religiously rabid retailer staring at me askance in a moment of 666 catatonia beholds my best attempt at making the face like an innocent puppy-dog who just tore down and chewed the drapes. I coo gently that it is only a harmless number. I ask them to have pity and pray for me. It’s the post office’s fault. They made me do it, not the devil. It was the last number available, etc., etc.

It is good to be reminded by the few fanatics out there that we all have dogma pushed on us from birth onwards burdening our suppressed spontaneous intelligence. Becoming the Beast of Langley gives me the chance to share an insight. It isn’t the number that makes us afraid; it is the projection imposed that makes a human being afraid. Why not shiver at 667? Why not quake at 665?

You should be very afraid of 616, but I doubt most of you reading this feel the slightest tug of tummy-turn about it. It stands for somebody even worse than the beast of 666.

Because I have wicked 666 for my mailbox it provides an opening for a prophetic discussion that might dispel one of prophecy’s greatest myths. St. John of Patmos who channeled his Book of Revelation divulges to all believers and disbelievers in his apocalyptic prophecies clear hints how he wanted 666 decoded.

In Chapter 13, (what a lucky number!) verse 18 of The Book of Revelation he writes:

Here is the key; and anyone who has intelligence may work out the number of the beast. The number represents a man’s name, and the numerical value of its letters is 666.

Before the Arabs created numbers, letters in ancient alphabets possessed numeric values. St. John composed his end-time rants in Ancient Greek. The letters that add up to the numerical value of 666 spell out in Greek, “Nero Kaisar (Caesar).”

Well pat my Preternist poe poe! The fearful 666 represents a future anti-Christian beast, an Emperor of Rome who died nearly 2,000 years ago.

That brings me back to ask why people don’t cross themselves and wash their fingers with holy water after they typed or scribbled the number 616.

Biblical scholars of Oxford University have recently translated third-century Greek copies of the Book of Revelation. In them, the number John indicates for his Beast is 616. This number in Greek spells out the numerical value of one of Nero’s predecessors: “Kaligula Kaisar” (Caligula Caesar).

He is Nero’s far more insane antecedent Emperor Caligula who ordered his own statue placed in Herod’s Temple in Jerusalem. This blasphemy inspired St. John in the 3rd-century edition to Revelation to predict the fall of Rome.

St. John intended either his contemporary Roman Emperor Nero, or his near contemporary Emperor Caligula to be the Beast. Thus, the Book of Revelation has NOTHING to do with our future.

The number 666 could expose all of today’s evangelical doomsayers from Hal Lindsey to LaHaye to Pat Robertson as servants of the true beast: the beast of misunderstanding. In service of that anti-Christ, all of their interpretations about the future based on prophecies in the Book of Revelation are false-flag doomsdays.

So please, be kind to your numbers. Always remember, 666 is just 999 rolling on his head laughing at our silly projections.

John Hogue
(31 July 2007)

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One Comment

  1. catherine
    Posted 9 February 2013 at 12:52 am | Permalink

    How was 616 incorrectly translated to 666? And why isn’t the incorrect translation more widely known as an incorrect translation? And who translated it into 666 in the first place? And why is 666 still perpetuated?
    One more question: So, what I understand is that 6-1-6 is the numerical translation of the name of the Mabus? So the name would consist of three names, first name translating to 6, second to 1, third to 6?
    Okay two questions: And is this name then translated into numbers by the Pythagorean numbers chart, or a different one?
    Thanks for your time, and I look forward to picking up your new books this February and March.

    It is a mystery to me why so many of your questions are written here, being that I answered most of them in my blog about 666. OK, to your questions:
    1.) Do not presume that 616 is mistranslated. It could be that 666 is mistranslated. The evidence of the two versions of Revelation just shows that these books of prophecy are penned by “men” who put themselves in the interpretations of the message channeled.
    2.) 666 is perpetuated because of human stupidity and the ever present habit, conditioned by misunderstanding of the prophecy for two millennia to project a false interpretation on prophecies intended by St. John for fulfillment in his lifetime, not ours.
    3.) If you had “read” the article, Catherine, the number 616 spells out in Greek Kaligula Kaiser (Caligula Caesar), not Mabus. I don’t understand how you can even bring such a thing up if you had actually read my article

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