The Samson Option: Israel’s Final Solution for Enemies

The following passages are taken from my newest eBook, Nostradamus Iran. They come from a chapter entitled “Samson in Search of a Final Solution.”

Nostradamus, a Christianized Jew, predicted many clear visions about the coming of Israel. One of these described its “six day” war preempting Arab invasion in 1967 on multiple fronts. Israel now rehearses for another preemption–one that could forestall a second Jewish Holocaust, this time in the Middle East. To better understand the Israeli leadership’s motivation we explore the biblical story of Samson’s self-destruction and how the story has been warped into the code name of a secret plan to wage apocalyptic war with Israel’s Islamic neighbors–especially Iran–if Israel should be devastated by weapons of mass destruction.

Israel at the onset of its nuclear arms race, like Iran today, tried alleviating any suspicions that their nuclear research reactor had anything more to do than create peaceful and industrial use of the atom, such as bring electricity to the homes and businesses of Israeli citizens. Unlike Iran, Israel to this day has ratified but not yet signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. Successive Israeli governments have sustained until recently a policy of ambiguity about their weapons until Ehud Olmert, the prime minister who succeeded Ariel Sharon in January 2006, let slip the truth in an interview with German TV station N24, in December 2006. Olmert said on camera “Israel is a democracy and does not threaten anyone. The only thing we have tried to do is to live without terror, but we have never threatened anyone with annihilation. Iran explicitly, openly and publicly threatens to wipe Israel off the map.”

Then he rhetorically added with passion, “Can you see that is the same [threat] level when you are aspiring to have a nuclear weapon as America, France, Israel and Russia?”


The Israeli government spokespersons went on overdrive to explain Olmert’s gaff as a thing taken out of context but the damage was done and at last an Israeli leader with one small slip of the tongue by mistake or by subtle “attempt” informed Israel’s enemies–primarily Iranian President Ahmadinejad, Ayatollah Khamenei and his supreme council of the Iranian Revolution–that there “was” an Israeli nuclear option, a Samson Option.

Samson in the Hebrew Bible is the Jewish Hercules, who killed an entire Philistine Army wielding the jawbone of an ass. God gave Samson his strength through his long locks of hair. The Philistine vamp, Delilah who through her treachery seduced Samson, drugged him and cut off his hair as he slept, robbing Samson of his powers. He was beaten and chained to the pillars of a temple of enemy idolaters crowded with the Philistine king, aristocracy and thousands of subjects taunting the fallen buzz cut brute. Samson, close to death, asked God for one last burst of strength so he could redeem himself to his Lord and take his enemies down before he died. The Lord it is said heard Samson and gave him the strength to pull the pillars of the temple down on himself with chained arms, collapsing the entire structure, killing all that tarried within.

Hal Lindsey, latter-day 20th-century America’s preeminent Christian evangelical prophet of doom defined the term best: “The ‘Samson Option’ is an operational plan that can be implemented on very short notice. If Israel believes it is about to be overrun or faces annihilation by weapons of mass destruction, the ‘Samson Option’ will immediately kick in. There would be very little left of the Muslim Middle East after that.”

…History repeats itself in a regional microcosm of an American, Cold War mistake

Israel sought security by playing the cold war game of one-sided and assured destruction as a final solution to its long struggle with the Arab, Iranian and greater Islamic Middle East. And like America when faced with a similar atavistic fear of holocaust coming from the Communist Soviet Union, it decided to introduce a large number of nuclear weapons of mass destruction into its region where there had been none. Israel, like America, guided by fear has built not one but a mountain of nuclear doomsday hardware and began an arms race. It must be remembered that by the late 1940s when the Soviet Union managed to test fire its first atomic bomb, the United States had already stockpiled in excess of 250 atomic bombs. That is almost the same number the most conservative US and UK intelligence estimators conclude Israel has today.

Israel can threaten its neighbors with a nuclear stockpile. That is why it can act unilaterally, aggressively. It could bomb Osirak [the nuclear test reactor outside of Baghdad purportedly built to make atomic weapons for Iraq] in 1981. Just the suspicion that it had 200 nukes was enough motivation to keep Saddam Hussein from counterattacking.

…I wonder with some deep concern, have the persecuted of Zion “over” atoned? With prodigious effort Israel’s perilous introduction of nuclear weapons might not preempt a Second Holocaust or start one. A Samson Option could be an “effect” in search of an Islamist “cause.”

It was the First Holocaust atrocity that sped efforts to colonize Palestine and forge together a haven, a Jewish state. The challenge “never again” is a holocaust right, and if Israel must atone for future defeat by some overwhelming Islamic crusade of those maddened by a Mahdi complex then let the threat alone stay Jihad’s march on Jerusalem. Let a threat of full-scale nuclear doomsday be enough. March Jews into the sea, and risk reaping a final, defiant, Samson-like gesture, bringing down the Philistine temple on all your Islamist heads.

The only Middle Eastern country with all the doomsday bombs also foments most of the doomsday angst. Projecting on potential enemies nuclear capabilities that are more emotional than factually based. There is a preemption hysteria brewing. Perhaps it is a symptom of a collective Israeli post-traumatic stress disorder arising from a replay in the national consciousness of real horrors projecting past trauma as a future fear. One sees this Holocaust mania playing out among Israel’s leadership from prime minister’s office down to members of the Knesset.

…Netanyahu [the man who would be Israel’s next prime minister] concludes that with Ahmadinejad’s speech where he said Israel should be “wiped off the map,” the Iranian president has “issued a death sentence against Israel.”

Cooler heads have questioned whether the translation from Farsi of what Ahmadenijad said is not portrayed on linguistic overdrive by excitable–indeed in some cases Post-holocaust traumatized–Israeli leaders. Even the current Prime Minister who may even now be planning a strike on Iran in 2007…leaves little cause for calm: “Ultimately we are standing alone,” he said implying…official justification for a unilateral strike–international law and the United Nations be damned. The prime minister then elucidated how “no conventional weapon can penetrate” Iran’s underground nuclear sites. The leader who was first to let slip they had atomic bombs then reasoned and accepted mass Iranian civilian casualties for the sake of Israeli “self-defense,” around targets in heavily populated cities, such as Esfahan and Natanz.

If Israel uses nuclear bombs the Iranian death toll might exceed that of the Jewish Holocaust. Oh, but that is necessary collateral damage. Irradiating defenseless civilians is not the same as gassing innocent civilians.

The pendulum of history’s excesses swings to another extreme. The people who passively let themselves be herded into boxcars and gas chambers might heed intolerance, trauma and paranoid delusion and show too much aggression. They may then make a gas chamber out of Israel. To preempt a holocaust by destroying a nuclear arsenal that does not yet exist and will not exist for a decade, Israel must count on Iran “not” counter-attacking with a rain of chemical and biological gas agents from Nostradamian long comets dangling trails of sparks.

Modern Israel is a new Samson falling under the spell of atomic preemption, seduced by a doomsday Delilah. In this new version of the story, the Herculean strong man looses his head, visualizes imminent threat where there is none, becomes self destructive rather than self-reflective, willing to communicate and reason. He blinds himself to realities. He cuts off his own long locks of power making hair. He makes his own fear of future persecution real, then chains himself to the death dealing pillars he has made himself–missiles supporting his temple to nuclear war–and pulls them down wiping out his enemies and himself.

Nostradamus: The War with Iran,
pages. 78–79, 85–86, 87–89.

Israel’s worked up leadership is not the only inner government circle caught in a self-convincing propaganda loop of cooked up intelligence about imminent nuclear threats out of Iran.

Israel looks for support from another unilateralist from the West projecting war on Iran. Download a copy of Nostradamus: the War with Iran today and read the detailed attack plan, developed since 1992 by those presenty inserted in US President Bush’s cabinet. They have finalized their battle plan at a time Nostradamus foresaw with astrological prophecies. The US aircraft carriers are converging on the Persian Gulf. War is coming before the Bush Administration leaves office. It could approach as soon as next month (August 2007). Read Nostradamus’ detailed prophecies about the destruction of Iranian nuclear plants and the coming naval showdown in the Persian Gulf.

John Hogue
(22 July 2007)

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