Iran war Plans and the Lieberman Amendment

This is a summation of amendment SA 2011 to bill H.R. 1585, authorizing appropriations for fiscal year 2008 for military activities of the Department of Defense:

It is the sense of Congress that–

1) the murder of members of the United States Armed Forces by a foreign government or its agents is an intolerable and unacceptable act of hostility against the United States by the foreign government in question; and

(2) the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran must take immediate action to end all training, arming, equipping, funding, advising, and any other forms of support that it or its agents are providing, and have provided, to Iraqi militias and insurgents, who are contributing to the destabilization of Iraq and are responsible for the murder of members of the United States Armed Forces.

Neo-Conservatives in the Bush Administration achieve strategic goals through back door deliberations. For instance, who needs a military draft to fill the gaps in IED blasted ranks of the Army and Marines in Iraq? The Bush Administration hawks seek a “clause” that “effects” reinforcement of their forces without conscription. Just bend the interpretation or magnify fine printed clauses in the military contracts full-time and part time reserve soldiers signed. Make them indentured warriors redeployed to Iraq for three, four even five year-long tours of duty in what critics call a “back door draft.”

Now legislative slight of voting hands opens the back door for a war with Iran. No need to face a frontal attack in a now anti-war Democrat controlled Congress that might rescind the wide-ranging presidential powers to make war, granted back in October 2002. No myth of weapons of mass destruction is needed. Try a new myth, Mr. President and Mr. Vice President in Chief, one that even a majority of liberal Democrats can thump their chests about, as they are want to do in their habitual and effusive bouts of fury on the floors of the Senate and House signifying little action or the summoning of spine. Make strange bedfellows out of right and left-wing Senators using your most sympathetic former-democrat, now independent, Senator as your point Lieber man — your number one Zionist lobbyist in the Senate — to sell a myth behind closed doors that Iran is capable of making crude nuclear weapons by the end of 2007 and therefore must be bombed. This time you don’t need cooked up, sexed up and cherry picked Western intelligence, rather, you let the Israeli version of Neo-Cons, the Zionist war hawks of the Knesset, serve up a spicy falafel of phony conclusions based on a lose play with the facts gleaned from espionage inside Iran by Mossad, the Israeli CIA. Make it sound like Iran is as imminent a threat to its neighbors and the US in 2007 as Iraq was supposed to have been in 2003.

There is more temptation to believe the new myth. Iran has no friends among the Democrat Senate and House legislators. Their Islamic Revolutionary regime took down their Democratic President Carter in the late seventies because of the US Embassy hostage crisis. Desires to settle old scores ring louder in the emotional body of US legislators than the still, calm voice of reason or the buzz-killing dampener of fact. The fact is that Iran’s nuclear program is behind schedule, not marching bravely forward. The IAEA and other sources reporting without a Neo-Conservative, Zionist or liberal leaning will to revenge, describe an Iranian program that frequently falters. The forest of centrifuges near Esfahan set to make the uranium necessary for potentially weapon’s grade material often crack apart from the strain. Russia has an ongoing money payment dispute with Iran that has slowed progress on completing the nuclear power plant in Natanz. Iran may be a decade away from building even one atom bomb threatening Israel — the same Israel that today has an estimated 200 to 500 atomic and thermonuclear warheads in its doomsday arsenal. The same Israel that even today stations two of its fleet of three Dolphin Class attack submarines off the coast of Iran capable of launching nuclear missiles on Teheran and Iranian nuclear installations in minutes.

If Iran could even make a crude dirty bomb by the end of this year, and detonate it inside a hijacked jet airliner flying over downtown Tel Aviv, Iran in less than an hour would cease to exist. The biblical fires would descend from the skies in the form of an Israeli nuclear counterstrike that would render Iran into a wasteland of black irradiated ash and sackcloth. To attack Israel would be suicide.

So much for reason. Myth rules the minds and hearts of the US House and Senate.

Just one amendment offered by Senator Joe Lieberman, to the military budget bill for fiscal 2008, passed 97 to 0 by the US Senate and a similar motion passed with more than a two-third majority of the Congress in the third week of July 2007. Now the president has been given a bipartisan casus belli — a thing of official, congressional record. He can now step over the dead body of a debate over his war powers granted in 2002 and cite as grounds for war with Iran the Congressional record quoted above. It is now enough to turn a proxy war into a full frontal attack on Iran because its Revolutionary al-Quds brigade trains and arms those who kill American soldiers in Iraq. Of course, American Special Forces arming and aiding their own proxies have been fighting a clandestine war in Iran for the US, crashing planes, and blowing up civilians with car bombs since 2005. CNN the “most trusted” news in town will not talk about that if their editorial handlers can help it.

We are approaching the last act of a Neo-Con job conceived as far back as 1992, to take Iraq and Iran down if only a puppet president of their choice who they could influence could occupy the White House.

Perhaps Nostradamus foresaw the plot. He called it a “Horrible War prepared by the West.” He used astrological signs to narrow in on the time window for when panning reached its peak — between April 2002 and October 2004. The window ended just a few months before the first special ops attacks and bombings inside Iran, which in turn led to a dramatic influx of Iranian weapons, IEDs and trainers infiltrating Iraq.

There will be no opposition when Bush widens his war, failing forward into Iran.

I wrote about this plan for war and its prophetic consequences in Chapter 4 of my new eBook, Nostradamus Iran. Here is an excerpt. The brackets are added for clarification:


This Islamo-dammerung Neo-Con Wagnerian opera about the twilight of Islamo-fascism in two Acts [regime change in Iraq, then Iran] apparently shivered in the hydromancy and trances of Nostradamus’ divination sessions held back in 1558 when he wrote the following.

9 Q55
A horrible war, which is being prepared in the West
The following year the pestilence will come,
So very horrible that young nor old, nor animal (may survive):
Blood, fire, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in France

In the introduction we learned that his prophecy’s list of planets could date a conjunction under the sun sign of France’s modern republic, which is Libra. The conjunction of these planets started September 29, until 16 October 2004. It might not now be relevant in timing plans hatched for war in Act One: Iraq, but what about for Act Two: Iran?

Then there is Nostradamus’ next time frame:

6 Q24
Mars and the scepter (of Jupiter) will meet in conjunction,
A calamitous war under Cancer:
A short time afterward a new king will be anointed,
Who will bring peace to the earth for a long time.

If we recall, Mars and Jupiter conjoin closely before, after and on the time window forecast in 9 Q55: April 2002, September-October 2004, and December 2006. I believe Nostradamus is using astrology to mark a trail to plots of Neo-Cons in time…

… A desire to forge a war plan for Iran is as old as the first [leaked] manifesto from 1992. What do Nostradamus’ astrological clues reveal about what was schemed for Iran running up from April 2002, peaking through September-October 2004 and cranking ahead into action by December 2006? It must be pointed out that astrological calculations made roughly 450 years ago do not exactly pinpoint events coinciding with the specific time of the conjunctions. The influence builds a few months before and after them. A swarm of predicted dates may contain a time frame of a few years. With that in mind, let us check out a timeline of evidence uncovered about how the Bush Administration had evolved war plans for Iran before, during and after their scheduled push on Iraq. Nostradamus’ astrological predictions will be colored in red …

29 January 2002: Bush’s defines Iran as part of “The Axis of Evil” in his State of the Union Address.

April 2002:
Mars and the scepter (of Jupiter) will meet in conjunction. A calamitous war under Cancer (astrological sign of the US president and nation). [Nostradamus, 6 Q24]

14 April 2002: President Bush invites the then Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon to a summit at the White House. Danny Ayalon, Israeli Ambassador to the US, sat in numerous meetings with the former prime minister, said to Jerusalem Post that Sharon lobbied Bush hard in 2002 about Saddam being an imminent threat to Israel, citing the 39 scud missiles that rained down on his country from the Gulf War. The fact that those missile arsenals had been pretty much scrapped since 1991 by UN weapons inspectors did not factor in the talks. Sharon pressed Bush to attack. Ayalon said he had great influence over the younger man. He did not mention if that influence included plans for an attack on Iran, at that time …

April 2004:
(The Second Pass of the Conjunction:)
Mars and the scepter (of Jupiter) will meet in conjunction. A calamitous war under Cancer. (In other words, under a Cancerian president of America, also born under that sign).
[Nostradamus, 6 Q24]

April 2004: Ariel Sharon meets President Bush once again at the White House. Ayalon notes a greater urgency coming from the prime minister to do something about the growing threat of Iran to Israel’s safety, a threat he carefully adds that had only increased because the Iraqi borders to Iran remained porous.

May 2004: the US White House issued a secret National Security Presidential Directive (NSPD) 35. It worked out the logistics for deploying tactical nuclear weapons in the Middle East region pursuant to acting on what the Washington Post brought to light was a US strategic Command contingency plan called CONPLAN 8022-02. They drew up this plan in early 2004. It allows for preemptive attacks on “imminent” threats from rogue countries such as North Korea and Iran. It is not known if the US president, his advisers or the CONPLAN initiators have considered the impact that using tactical nuclear weapons might have on millions of civilians downwind from the fallout if Iranian reactors are laid open to vomit their radiation … (A Nostradamus Prophecy Dating a US War with Iran, 21 October 2006)

September 29, until 16 October 2004:
A horrible war prepared by the West…blood, fire, Mercury Mars Jupiter in France (Libra).
[Nostradamus, 9 Q55]

September 27: Two days before the conjunction of Mercury, Mars and Jupiter in Libra, President Bush told Fox News on their top rated Bill O’Reilly Show that the US will never let Iran acquire nuclear weapons and that “all options are on the table.”

September-October 2004
(The Third Pass of the Conjunction:)
Mars and the scepter (of Jupiter) will meet in conjunction. A calamitous war under Cancer. (Nation and US president pegged by the stars to wage a disastrous war). [Nostradamus]

October 2004: According to former UN weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, the Pentagon presents George Bush at this time with a status report on its plans to have a viable military option for Iran in place by June 2005. ( …

November 2006: Joshua Muravchik (a co-founder in 1995 of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran) wrote, “Make no mistake: President Bush will need to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities before leaving office,” and added that his fellow Neo-Cons “need to pave the way intellectually now and be prepared to defend the action when it comes.” (

December 2006:
(The Fourth Pass of the conjunction:)
Mars and the scepter (of Jupiter) will meet in conjunction. A calamitous war under Cancer (Military disaster for US president and nation).[Nostradamus, 6 Q24]

December 2006: Seymour Hersh surfaces again with another eye-opening report for the New Yorker that “the US and Israel began working together to support incursions into Iranian territory by the Kurdish rebel group Party for Free Life in Kurdistan (PJAK) starting six months before [April 2006]. Because these operations are carried out by US Special Forces and not the CIA, the administration is not required to brief Congress.” (

30 December 2006: retired General Oded Tira, former head of all Israeli artillery units — including those three battalions of 175-mm guns that can lob tactical nuclear shells, gave the following admonishment in Israeli newspapers: “As an American airstrike in Iran is essential for our existence, we must help [Bush] pave the way by lobbying the Democratic Party [which is conducting itself foolishly] and US newspaper editors. We need to do this in order to turn the Iranian issue into a bipartisan one and unrelated to the Iraq failure.”

It is important to recall the assertion Mossad experts made to the Bush administration about Iran having the know how by September 2006 and the capability by end of 2007 to manufacture crude atomic bombs ready to drop on Israel and American assets in the Middle East. It presumes a conclusion between the lines that Israel with or without American aid or permission believes its window for war is closing fast. In the previous chapter we spoke of two influential Israeli figures in charge of planning the strike. Meir Dagan, head of Mossad, and its chief expert spy on Iran’s nuclear program was requested by the prime minister’s office to stave off retirement until the end of 2007. You have Eliezer Shkedi, a former F-16 pilot given overall military command of military plans for a final Iran solution. That means another F-16 Osirak … bombing run is in the works.  [In 1982, Israeli F-16 jets bombed and destroyed the Osirak atomic reactor outside of Bagdhad about to be used to make weapons grade nuclear fuel for Saddam Hussein to use against Israel.]

It seems Israel will attack Iran before the year 2007 closes. If Iran fights back the US will be drawn into the conflict, willingly it would seem to the Vice President in Chief of Neo-Cons.

The War with Iran

(Pages 95 — 96, 98, 101 – 102, 108 – 109.)


It would seem that General Tira’s prayers for bi-partisan support for a war have already been fulfilled by Senator Lieberman’s amendment sandwiched into the approved Pentagon budget bill for 2008. When war comes, either in 2007 or in fiscal year of 2008, those legislators railing against a president pushing them into another ill conceived and disastrous war, will be reminded, like the soldiers forced into interminable tours of duty in Iraq, to read the fine print they had so mindlessly signed, granting their official blessing to a calamitous war with Iran.

It will be a war of biological, chemical and radioactive pestilence from weapons of mass destruction if more levelheaded minds and compassionate hearts cannot cowl the hawks of war.

9 Q55
A horrible war, which is being prepared in the West
The following year the pestilence will come,
So very horrible that young nor old, nor animal (may survive)…

Nostradamus (1558)

John Hogue
(07 August 2007)

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