Government Shutdown? Wattsington D.C. Style!

I wrote the gist of today’s article exactly five months ago, in early November of 2010 a few days after the midterm elections:

This is the future before us: the 112th Congress convenes its first session on 3 January of 2011 with houses divided: the Republicans grabbing 67 seats and a large majority in the House. The Democrats by retaining a slim 53-seat majority — including two left-leaning independents — in the Senate.

What we have coming is gridlock. President and Democrat Senators can’t advance liberal agendas without a sixty-seat majority. House Republicans won’t completely dismantle Obama’s Health Care legislation due to the fact they don’t have the Senate. They’ll put on a good demonstration because killing “Obamacare” was a major Tea Party campaign pledge. The Republican-Tea Party coalition in the House can and will hobble those progressive-socialist parts of the plan the medical insurance lobbies couldn’t get cut by withholding Health Care financing.

What happens when an angry mass of people feel like their lives are stuck in neutral by perceived symbols of power oppression. If they aren’t heard, if they aren’t able to move forward, they can riot.

Washington DC becomes Watts-sington DC in 2011.

Prepare for a political riot on the beltway in the chambers of Congress.

Predictions for 2011
Chapter 2, Wattsington DC

Everything, so far, predicted above has transpired or is in the process of happening. There is gridlock. No significant legislation has moved forward. No infrastructure improvement, no bank reform, no fossil fuel initiative, no bipartisan plan to get millions of Americans back to work and no budget agreement. I doubt there has ever been such an ineffective Congress in modern times. The Republican Party under Tea Party pressure proffered a politically symbolic and altogether meaningless vote in the House of Representatives to abolish Obama’s Health Care bill that died in the Democratic controlled Senate. Now the Republican-Tea Party controlled House seek to de-fund elements of that bill.

I write this article with less than 24 hours remaining before partisan politics and gridlock visit upon the United States a federal government shut down over disagreements about what must be cut out of government spending from LAST YEAR’S budget. The numbers bluff differently depending on which side of the isle in Congress one finds oneself in the Mexican standoff: the gun smoke and mirror threat to cut is around 30 billion (the Donkeycrat number) or over 60 billion (the Dumbopublican accounting). None of these cuts, by the way, are of any real financial significance towards reducing waste, spendthrift Fed funding or reducing the national debt on a crash diet program that must come and soon.

President Obama, who came to power promising change we can believe in, once again gave the nation procrastination beyond belief when time to balance the budget needs for 2011 came and went in February. Not this February. Last February over 12 months ago, for Christ’s sake!

At that time, the president enjoyed a majority in both houses of Congress. Now he patronizes an “above-it-all” call to a now politically divided Congress of Democrat controlled Senate and GOP controlled House to “act like grownups” and settle the budget cut issues for the fiscal year already come and half gone whilst President and Congress delaying an encounter with the far more challenging federal budget debate for fiscal year 2012.

This is another example of Obama proving my oracle right, that he has come to White House too soon and too green to be the leader of his own party, when they had the power to pass this budget. He also needs to do some “growing up”. The subject of his immaturity procrastinating potential greatness earned him the longest chapter in my forecasts for 2011: The Second Coming of Change We Can Believe in.

Speaking of the immature, let us move down the beltway to the quibbling boys and girls in the Capitol Building. The congressional leaders of two of the three parties involved seemed to have forged a compromise last week. However, as I predicted back in early November 2010, the Faustian choice establishment Republicans, such as the new Speaker of the House John Boehner, made by welcoming the Tea Party into their ranks would force them by late February onwards to press on beyond all compromises for more ideologically extreme stances with the Democrats:

The flashpoint for a riot in Congress is still ahead. House and Senate will be perfunctorily collegial for most of the first two months of the 112th Congress. Indeed, I believe the tax cuts running out in 2010 will be extended for two years. Then the House will stridently move to roll back Obama’s legislation. The Democratic controlled Senate will push back

The riot begins when Mars and Mercury conjoin in Pisces at the end of February 2011. Mars, the ruler of war and short tempers, magnifies in minds (ruled by Mercury). Once negatively stimulated, mob-think will divide both houses of Congress. The legislators gang up on each other, become argumentative, each side deaf to the other. Each side will bend their will to overpower the other, abandoning bi-partisanship.

…Uranus (change) moves at last out of illusory Pisces back into (get to business, take a jump) Aries in mid-March 2011. The collective urge to blaze new trails will be in its first fresh degrees of a new sign. This is when the Republican-Tea Party rebellion will be pushing hardest their agendas in a Wattsington riot mode.

Predictions for 2011
Chapter 2, Wattsington DC

Pathology is predictable as are all things society programs us to borrow as “education”. One can bear witness to the generational hand-me-down stupidity and kabuki-truth puppetry of the shadow manipulator of political mind. This imposed ego in the ninja shadow of the subconscious holds the puppet personality, making it walk, talk, and perform. The science of self-observation (meditation) trains the light of our attention onto that shadow puppet master.

Or, putting it another way, I contend that meditation can help one look with the soul’s reopened inner eye, long closed and put asleep by Pavlovian induced habit and societal programming. The individual re-engaging the witnessing soul can see what was borrowed as a mask, a persona, and a personality under which one is hidden or within psychic constraints one is emotionally and intellectually straitjacketed. At a certain point of witnessing, one understands that this perpetuation of the straightjacket of “stupid” as normal suppressing true being is an entrapment from first childhood imprinting onwards.

We were not meant to be puppets pushed and pulled or parrots squawking the claptrap of others.

I now see the political mind coating over my soul and by extension I can now see how it overcoats “you” reader: bundling away from sight the collective soul of all of us.

This pathology of politics is all-too predictable and all too unconsciously influenced by cosmic, astrological forces. That is why my “oracular” session published five months ago relying on a reading of astrological influences sounds today like a review of the last few months of the 112th Congress.

All was very chummy before the cameras when the new legislatures opened in January. Senate Leader Harry Reid tentatively back-slapping House Speaker John Boehner all tear-wiping nicey-nicey in the first few months to follow. The fire-breathing Tea Party caucus of over 70 new and non-Washingtonized members in the House played it demur and polite, obeying their Republican establishment handlers as they learned the political ropes to hang themselves with. By the end of February when real rioting was rampant across the Middle East and North Africa, the will to political rioting in US Congress just could not keep the happy-face masks stuck on the faces of Tea Party Senators and House of Representative congressmen and women.

On came a number of smoldering threats out of the once congenial blubbering House Speaker Boehner of a government shutdown over the 2011 budget. The Tea Party had its March hares and Mad Hatters breathing down his neck at last. Boehner sought procrastination of a Barack-Obamian kind, agreeing with the president to postpone a confrontation over the unresolved 2011 Federal budget twice.

It was inevitable. Most likely an attempt to buy time to restore House Republican discipline and order. Time passed the threatened strike down of government by weeks and inches, worming this rotten apple budget showdown into April — into intemperate times of Uranus entering Aries. Now the suppression of latent riotousness will mug the goody-goody masks. Times of intemperance have come with Uranus (the rebel and chaos maker) transiting the early and most intense degrees of the sign of Aries (ruler of either new beginnings or my way or the highway of impatient will to rashness and riot).

Push will lead to shove, for months to come on the floors of Congress and a real row behind closed doors between the GOP establishment and the Tea Party.

I warned about this back in early November 2010. They are not of one party. The Tea Party is a third party that cannot find political traction unless it adopts the sheep’s clothing of the two-party monopoly tyrannizing open political discourse in America. That is why Rand Paul successfully won playing big cuckoo bird planted in the nest crowding other smaller Republican candidates out of the primary election nest to be successfully elected US Senator of Kentucky in 2010.

What is a cuckoo to do? When Republicans and Democrats rule the political roost, time to plant your egg in one or the other nest. Otherwise, we would have never heard Rand Paul’s father speak in national debates in his bid to become President in 2008, Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

“We have a one-party system,” said Ron Paul. “Both parties endorse the welfare state and corporatism. Both parties support interventionism overseas. But they also write all the campaign laws. Indeed, they’ve made it virtually impossible to break into the monopoly. If I had run on a third-party ticket I wouldn’t have been in the [2008 presidential primary] debates.”

I came across this quote last November. A meditation at that time on Ron Paul’s observation and on the astrology of April 2011 compelled me to presage the following, which I believe House Speaker Boehner, right now, as I write this the night before the shutdown deadline is quietly contemplating as he turns back and forth in his bed. In troubled tobacco tainted, tearful dream he might be recalling his role as the whipping boy beyond closed doors of Tea Party firebrands, rejecting one establishment compromise after another he made with, President Obama and Senator Reid. My oracle had this dream five months earlier:

I predict that after 2011 the Republican leadership will privately consider themselves just as taken for a ride like [Marlowe’s Dr.] Faustus: damned because they did and damned if they hadn’t surfed the Tea Party wave back into power in the House of Representatives. The Tea Party is not Republican. It’s a 3rd party in coalition. The GOP has less power than 16 years ago when Republicans by themselves took back both houses of Congress in 1994. The GOP leadership will keep their new House and Senate seats if they do the Tea Party’s bidding not the other way around.

Predictions for 2011
Chapter 3, Big GOPocalyptic Deal!

Boehner is not the only one getting read the Wattsington riot act right now and in the coming months behind closed congressional caucus doors. The oracle is my prescient fly on the wall of those potential meetings five months before they started in March and April of 2011 when it told me this:

Mr. and Ms. Smith of the Tea Party go to Wattsington, helping foment a riotous first and second session of Congress… They face a challenge of principle. The Health Care and budget cutting debates will start in April and put their movement to the test behind closed doors. They will be put on the carpet and told by the Republican political machine who’s the Godfather paying for their rebellion: big business interests.

…Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and others will have their chance to play Jimmy Stewart’s part in the real movie version of Mr. Smith goes to Washington. They might expose just how deep are the tentacles of corporate influence bankrolling the Tea Party and just how these gang-banksters expect this little rebellion to behave and be beholden to them.

Predictions for 2011
Chapter 3, Big GOPocalyptic Deal!

I finished writing this blog just prior to midnight 7 April. (Reader’s Note: I posted it six hours and 45 minutes before the deadline.) Tomorrow, Friday, 8 April, at midnight, Eastern Time, the riot fever erupts in the US Capitol. It will start in the chambers of Congress and escalate. The budget of 2011 will eventually be slap-dashed together after a shut down threat leads to legislators telling each other to “shut up and push forward” to a far bigger and intractable debate: the budget of 2012. This is the first skirmish in months of in-fighting and political cat fighting that will rage into the summer. Political rioters on the Left and Right will spread their bad temper beyond the posturing and the harsh words on the floors of the House, the Senate, the Oval Office and the talking cable net-heads. Bad blood will sooner than later spill out into the streets in demonstrations, strikes and real riots by the time we enter the long and globally warmed hot and hurricane driven summer of 2011. Nearly every state capital building and most certainly the US Capitol Building itself, will be crowded with strikers.


In my next blog (if not inserted in the next few days on this blog page because of rapidly changing events), we most likely will return to the theme of Gaddafi and the Arab Revolutions in general as the catalyst of World War III. Gaddafi’s forces at the moment threaten to converge on Benghazi once again, as the rebel Libyan rout that can’t shoot straight speeds eastward down the desert coastal road like Mad Max running out of gas heading for “Barter Town” Benghazi.

What could be next?

Is America about to find itself falling to desert earth, stuck on the ground in its THIRD bloody Islamic regional quagmire since 2001 decade?

Will we witness US Federal Budget plans tossed and torn like a teddy bear by kindergarten legislative tantrums in Washington while yet another ill conceived US military adventure and economy-ball-breaker in the Muslim world falters?

I wonder. I just marvel at the gathering insanity of our times. It is what many native prophetic traditions foretold would happen down the next 30 years. A wave of irrationality overtaking us between now and through the 2040s.

Will events continue to line up with what my oracle last year warned for April onwards?

We pass through the dangerous aperture opening in April through July of the oracle’s prophetic snap shot that captured the potential return of a global Great Depression.

You can read in detail about the coming undermining of confidence in the US government and dollar, the oncoming Euro-bank crisis, the loss of faith in democracy, the rise of Chinese economic fascism and how these can be avoided by reading 2011 predictions.

In my next blog I will warn people living in my corner of the Pacific Rim — especially those living along the US West Coast — to brace for the next significant earthquake event. Earth’s most seismically active tectonic “Ring of Fire” along the coasts circling the Pacific Ocean has one quadrant whose long dormant period is coming to an end, starting sometime after the First Quarter Moon on 11 April.

I am concerned that earthquakes of 5 to 6 magnitude could hit the Pacific Northwest around or the week after the Full Moon on 17 April. I am especially concerned for San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and Tijuana, Mexico around the Scorpio Full Moon on 17 May when Mercury and Venus pass into exact conjunction in Taurus with Mars in near conjunction.

The May full moon is otherwise known in the East as the Wesak Full Moon, celebrated by meditators of Buddhism is considered the most powerful of the year, spiritually speaking. It is said that Buddha was born, became enlightened and later died on three May full moons framing his first and second births and death at 84 around 25 centuries ago. One would hope meditation could influence and still the movement of mountains and tsunami tides. The inner eye in turbulent times can become still by the practice of self-observation.

Let the world shake. Let the inner world be serene and still.

John Hogue

(Written 07 April 2011. Posted 8 April 2011)

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