Debt Ceiling Fight, Gas Hikes and Full Moon US West Coast Quakes

The last article (click on government shutdown) accurately predicted there would be no shutdown of the US Federal Government over balancing a budged for the fiscal year 2011, which is already half over. Because of this collegial outcome, some of you think my warning of a riotous period of US politics was premature and that a new era of bipartisan kumbaya-ism is coming next.

The pathology of the political mind thrives on making perception of truth synonymous with truth. In other alliterated words, political pathology propagates a perception that persuades. For example, the Obama presidential campaign of 2008 motto “Change we can believe in” and the Tea Party motto for the midterm 2012 elections: “Take Back America.” The sweeping changes did not really happen and America was not taken back. Details! Details! Tisk, tisk. Many of you easily persuaded by left or right wing perceptions of truth go on believing your pet perceptions of truth. That is all political manipulators need from people. On that belief they cast their ballot. On that perception, they ignore “truth”.

I forecast the truth beyond political projections when I wrote the following passage last autumn 2010 in Predictions for 2011 that Washington DC becomes riotous, starting at the end of February during the Mercury-Mars conjunction in Pisces, intensifying when Uranus moves out of Pisces into Aries in mid-March 2011.

What happened at the end of February? The Tea Party freshman rebellion hijacked the GOP House establishment politicians, launched the month sticking to their campaign pledge to cut $100 billion in budget cuts. Speaker of the House John Boehner was forced to represent their perception of truth or see a schism develop in his GOP-Tea Party coalition. By the latter half of February and after an emotional and cathartic all-night session that threatened Republican unity, the House passed a bill calling for $61 billion in cuts. Then in early March before the continuing 2 December resolution to balance the 2011 budget ran out, starting a government shutdown, Congress avoided casting a decision by extending government operations until 18 March.

In comes Uranus into Aries in mid March.

What happened?

The ire and gridlock was so pervasive in the halls of the Capitol Building that Congress approves postponement yet again throwing the deadline for government shutdown down a few more weeks to land on 8 April. In mid March, the members of the House Tea Party Coalition ominously warned Boehner they would not support another extension.

With the above in mind, let us return to what I wrote in my forecast for 2011:

Washington DC becomes Watts-sington DC in 2011. Prepare for a political riot on the beltway in the chambers of Congress.

The riot begins when Mars and Mercury conjoin in Pisces at the end of February 2011. Mars, the ruler of war and short tempers, magnifies in minds (ruled by Mercury). Once negatively stimulated, mob-think will divide both houses of Congress. The legislators gang up on each other, become argumentative, each side deaf to the other. Each side will bend their will to overpower the other, abandoning bi-partisanship.

…Uranus (change) moves at last out of illusory Pisces back into (get to business, take a jump) Aries in mid-March 2011. The collective urge to blaze new trails will be in its first fresh degrees of a new sign. This is when the Republican-Tea Party rebellion will be pushing hardest their agendas in a Wattsington riot mode.

What is coming next?

For those who believe the last minute compromise on 8 April just a few hours before government shutdown has abated the riot, my oracle publishing its findings last year begs to differ. The 2011 budget was a meek presage of what comes next in the rest of April through the summer months. The 2011 budget debate was sort of like the Israelis and Palestinians arguing and chest thumping about settlements and border lines to be drawn ignoring the 500-pound Goliath Gorilla of the Holy Land sitting in the peace talk chambers: Jerusalem. Who takes Jerusalem as its capital?

The debt ceiling debate is “Jerusalem” in the next budget battle and the debate begins this week. Now we move from piddly-squat $32 billion this and $72 billion that — a few meager percentiles of the real $14 trillion-pound gorilla of debt in the room — to passionate, angry, intractable arguments on the floors of Congress over how TRILLIONS of dollars can be cut from the Federal Budget.

What my oracle wrote in November of last year gives some clue to what is coming next in phase two of the Wattsington D.C. riot and it will have a direct impact on the global economic recovery:

The jobless recovery in America I predicted in 2009 must be better understood in 2011. Those jobs are not coming back. Old-style manufacturing producing them has moved to the developing world — period… Get on with the next evolution… This will require the US president and Congress to get over their ideologies and work out a bi-partisan plan of balanced investment and fiscal austerity.

If not, then the return of a Republican ruled House of Representatives would usher in America’s next economic crisis as early as April or May 2011 when the political bickering in the US Capitol leads to a worldwide loss of faith in the US dollar.

Predictions for 2011
Chapter 8: A Cold Depression, like a Cold War

Oil prices are in the triple digits and rising ever closer to their highest levels on record since July 2008, just before the Global Recession came. US gasoline prices at the time of this writing are around a dozen cents behind the all-time national average high of $4.11 per gallon ($4.30 in the Seattle-Bellevue-Everett Washington region).

It takes no Nostradamus to predict that gas prices will go up this spring into summer 2011. We are not even close to the summer holiday price hikes that usually factor precipitously by the end of May around Memorial Day Weekend on through Labor Day Weekend in early September.

Pundits are blaming oil price rises on Libya, but that is pabulum punditry. The oil prices were steadily rising long before there was a Libyan civil war fought on the desert surface above 2 percent of world oil production. Closer to the core cause of crude’s mounting global price tsunami is the demand for fossil fuels from emerging middle classes in China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and South Korea at a time when drilling for affordable oil is four years past peak.

Even this fact, readers, is not the core issue that worried my oracle last year when forecasting predictions for this year. Turning oil into an object of speculative investment rather than keeping it merely a “commodity” has inflated its price far beyond its true commodity value. Speculation is the core problem and if world leaders do not curtail this casino of crude betting and trading, it will devalue the petrol currency, the US dollar.

So, what does this have to do with “Watts”-ington legislative riots fought over raising the US debt ceiling?


You raise a debt ceiling by having the Federal Reserve print trillions of dollars, thus devaluing the currency.

If Washington DC legislators turn this thing into a rumble on the beltway ending in raising the debt ceiling by money printing their way out of a problem, the world will see the United States as ungovernable, immature and unable to lead the world out of the looming financial crisis that over-speculated oil prices from a weakened US dollar are causing. An oil price tsunami is the very thing my oracle for two yearly almanacs of prophecy and counting has warned is the trigger of the next great depression after the 2008 recession. It foresaw it starting any time after October 2010 through the first half of 2011. The world will begin losing faith in the US brand of democracy and the US dollar as petrol currency. Thus prices will rise far higher. Transporting food will become far more expensive hiking food prices. Riots on the Beltway will spill out onto the streets of the world by summer.

Remember, high food prices have been a tipping point — a rock of desperate hunger in the gut that starts rolling a people power avalanche in the streets of many a revolution in the past, from the bloody French Revolution to the Arab Revolutions currently raging across North Africa and the Middle East.

A better progressive future depends on legislators in Washington counting to ten before they explode on each other. They must find common ground, make compromises and leave their blind-eyed-and-bushy tailed economic ideologies at the door of the Capitol building.


We turn from the politically seismic to the new earth changes danger mounting. Last month’s full moon was one of the closest passes made by Earth’s lunar satellite in 18 years but it is not the only close flyby. There is one more, nearly as close, nearly as “super” a Full Moon coming this month, 17 April 2011. In the 15 March article, Japanese Quakes, Tsunamis, Meltdowns: Food for the Super Moon, I displayed a list of the 20th and 21st century’s most devastating superquakes taking place a few days off or right on the date the Moon was either full or new in opposition to the Sun, or in a 90 degree First Quarter aspect with the Earth. It even surprised me just how often and regular was the influence of lunar tides pressing or pulling away upon the Earth’s tectonic plates around the time of significant earthquakes.

The Great Japanese Quake and Tsunami last month, killing an estimated 27,000 across the northern coast of the main island of Honshu had happened on 11 March, just several hours before the waxing First Quarter Moon. Then on 3 April, four days after the next new Moon, Japan suffered its largest aftershock yet recorded since the 11 March temblor: a magnitude 7.4!

April’s First Quarter Moon happened Monday 11 April, the day all people in Japan stopped for a moment of silence, marking the one-month anniversary of the triple disaster of quake, tsunami and reactor meltdowns. A few hours later the ravaged northeastern coast of Honshu rocked with a 7.0 aftershock according to Japanese seismologists (6.6 aftershock according to US seismologists).

Be on the lookout for a window opening to renewed seismic activity, powerful aftershocks in Japan, or perhaps new temblors farther south along the mouth of the Bay of Tokyo put under greater pressure by the March superquake. There is some unofficial concern among geologists that Mt. Fuji might erupt sometime this year as a result.

Look beyond Japan, though.

A period bracing for other regional seismic and volcanic activity will intensify towards the last of three Super Moon events on 17 April. Though not as strong as 19 March, this oncoming full moon takes place in a month experiencing a rare stellium (convergence) of planets passing through the fire (volcanic) sign of Aries.

On 3 April, the Sun, New Moon, retrograde Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Uranus were all in Aries. As stated before, just four days later, 7 April, the day of the largest aftershock so far from the Japanese quake: magnitude 7.4.

The next significant seismic event, the 6.6 aftershock, hit on 11 April when the Moon was squared Earth 90 degrees in its waxing first quarter phase. On that day, five planets were in Aries: the Sun, Mercury in retrograde, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

As I presented in the 15 March article (click on Japanese quake) the deadliest seismic events in modern history often happen when Mars, Uranus or Pluto are in squares and/or in opposition, especially with karmic Saturn. Saturn at present transits Libra (sign of the balancer or sign of destabilization of earth, politics, the climate and so on). The squares or oppositions do not have to be exact to trigger earthquakes. For instance, the current Aries stellium planetary cluster is generally opposed Saturn in Libra for the month. On 11 March, the day of the great Japanese quake and tsunami, the Sun-squared quarter moon in Cancer was in a general, though not clear, opposition, tug of war with Pluto.

The five planets in Aries will be pulling against Saturn in Libra during the last powerful Full Super Moon in Libra this coming weekend. The Sun leaves Aries a few days later but Venus renews the five-planet stellium in Aries on 22 April. The cluster of planets in a fiery, fire sign mood will not calm down seismic, volcanic or even political-economic volatility until Mercury, Venus and Mars pass from Aries into a conjunction in earth-oriented Taurus.

What does all this astrological mumbo-jumbo mean in layman’s terms?

Look out for the next great seismic event on Earth happening around 11 April and especially after 17-18 April full moon. I think the seismic events in April from today onwards to around mid May will take on a more fiery nature: volcanic eruptions of earth, volcanic eruptions of anger in political earthquakes in America and on the streets of North Africa and the Middle East. There will be eruptions of economic crises because of partisan budget battles that will pour people into Washington DC streets and have them crowd the US Capitol and many other state capitol buildings with demonstrators and strikers.

The Euro economic crisis I anticipated in prophecies for 2011 is about to erupt. Many regions of the United States today are burdened with gasoline prices climbing beyond $4 a gallon limit. I predict May will see the all-time highest US pump price not seen since 11 July 2008 matched and passed: $4.11, when crude per barrel prices clear $120. It will go higher in the summer perhaps matching the all-time high average of $4.42 to $4.50 per gallon of unleaded.

The next full moon in May is not going to be that super but it is going to be in dangerous Scorpio opposing an exact conjunction of Mercury and Venus along with Mars in Taurus. Therefore, I caution those of you living along the Pacific Rim that has long avoided a major seismic event to prepare yourselves.

Three of the four quadrants of the largest and most active tectonic plate formation on the planet that ring the coastlines of the Pacific Ocean have seen in the last several years a much-accelerated activity in quakes and volcanic eruptions. These include two superquakes: the Chilean temblor and tsunami of 27 February 2010 (magnitude 8.8) and the recent Japanese quake and tsunami, 11 March 2011, upgraded to 9.0 magnitude.

Along with the southeast (Chilean) and northwestern (Japanese) quadrants of the Pacific Rim’s circle of fault lines came a devastating one-two punch of quakes in the southwest quadrant. Christchurch, New Zealand, was hit in September 2010 and an even more deadly aftershock in January 2011 leveled much of the picturesque city killing hundreds.

One quadrant remains unvisited: the northeastern, or better, the West Coast of Canada and the United States.

This is my home atop the Ring of Fire where a sizable number of my readers dwell.

Now through May could visit upon these shores of North America a significant volcanic and/or seismic event.

At present my oracle is more concerned about a major quake possibly hitting the San Andreas Fault in San Francisco but more likely striking along its tributary faults east of Los Angeles, San Diego in the US and Tijuana, Mexico. I am most concerned about regions east of San Diego, especially around the Scorpio Full Moon in May. Something is about to give in the last relatively peaceful quadrant of the Pacific Rim and I feel the long dormant period along the US West Coast is over.

Map of the Cascadian Subduction Zone.

I want to publicly thank one reader who by her own free choice no longer sees herself as my friend but still sends her coven’s approved psychic report. Compassionate spirit moved her to warn of the oncoming seismic temblor soon to visit my region after the April full moon. She advised that from Full Moon onwards in April I should plan a seminar far away from the western half of Washington State and its coastline hinting that the long awaited superquake along the Cascadian Subduction Zone is about to hit.

For the record, I do not foresee the Cascadian Subduction Zone suffering its Sumatran-Indian Ocean sized temblor and tsunami at that time.

I do expect as I published last year in Predictions for 2011 a magnitude 5 to 6 quake in my neck of the Douglas fir woods near the Seattle/Puget Sound region sometime this year.

The “oracle” impresses upon me another message, closing this blog, on this day, 12 April 2011, which happens, by the way, to be the 99th anniversary of the sinking of the HMS Titanic.

The oracle has now deemed it is time to date the next potential window in time for the Great Cascadian Subduction Zone temblor. Here is the message:


The next superquake and tsunami will hit the Pacific Northwest off the Oregon coast; its epicenter along the subduction zone is parallel to Astoria on the mouth of the Columbian River. The question is when. The best chance for it taking place in the next half century is at the end of this decade any time 18 months to two years after a total eclipse of the Sun on 17 August 2017. This is when the Moon’s shadow passes eastwards over the north central coast of Oregon over Pacific City, Oceanside and Tillamook, slightly south of my oracle’s proposed epicenter.

It will be at least as serious a magnitude quake as seen along the northern shores of Honshu Island last month, unleashing a tsunami across the Oregon, Washington and British Columbian coastlines. The central and northern shores of Oregon and the southwestern shores of Washington State will be hit the hardest. Cities such as Pacific City, Oceanside and Astoria, Oregon, along with Long Beach, Hoquiam and Aberdeen, Washington, could suffer a tsunami similar in power and scope suffered by Japanese towns along the northeastern coast of Honshu. They could be swept away. The quake will also severely damage inland metropolitan areas especially from Salem north to Portland Oregon, as well as Vancouver, Tacoma and Seattle Washington. Victoria and Vancouver British Columbia will be less impacted.

You are not prepared for it. Time to prepare. Now is the time to ready these cities and the threatened towns along the Pacific Northwestern coastline for tsunami drills and serious earthquake reinforcing of older un-reinforced structures. If there is no subduction superquake in 2017 through 2020, then the danger has passed out of the natural span of life of this author who is now in his 56th year.

John Hogue

(Written 12 April, posted 13 April 2011)

PS–There will be more reports coming this year about the seismic and political impacts to follow the next total eclipse across the United States in 2017. If you are on my free newsletter list, you will be notified. If you are not yet a member, sign up here.

What will be the topic of my next article depends on how events incline concerning the US debate on its $14 trillion dollar debt and the Libyan Civil War or the outcome of looming natural disasters foreseen. My next article could refresh an interpretation of Nostradamus’ prophetic narrative letter about Libya unraveling the Middle East ultimately leading to a war between America and Russia in 13 years. I may also share for the first time Osho’s prophecy called “The Noah’s Ark of Consciousness.” This vision covers how meditation practice can transform the future one individual at a time. If you want more information about his uniquely playful techniques of meditation Contact Me.

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