Nostradamus UFO Prophecy or the Collapse of Oil?

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Here then, in Jordi’s 14 April email is an expanded edition of my reply, written on 21 April.


Hello John,

I’ve started recently to visit your site; I like to read the articles you publish since I believe your statements are of value not only from a prophetical point of view.

Your articles about the war in Libya and about the social unrest which may soon arise in US show that apart from having prophetical capabilities, you are also an analytical person which is well informed about the facts taking place over the world today and who is able to draw the right conclusions, leaving aside “background noise” like promises about improvement that politics and economists are making constantly.

Thank you, Jordi. I endeavor to be what you wrote above. I do not always succeed but you have captured my aim, which is to balance the inherent subjectivity of this genre of “future” intelligence gathering with objective analysis. The most important skill to summon after having a glimpse of the future is the ability to rightly analyze what a glimpse could actually mean and to do so with as little filtering of one’s personalized conditioning or embed the interpretation with the intellectual-emotional limits of one’s era.

I do believe that we are approaching to a time in which our existence will be severely put under risk, so for me your website is a good help to try to understand facts before they happen and that way, to try to be prepared for the worst, which I think may be well unavoidable (war, collapse of the economic system…).

I hope that one can also prepare for the best the future can offer by reading my articles. I have less opportunity to give alternatives to moderate, temper or avoid history’s oncoming blows. The future is an echo of the consequences of our present day actions. One can hear the dissonance coming from tomorrow and thus change one’s “tune” in the present. If successful there will emanate from the future a harmonious echo, telling the individual and the collective for that matter that the one and the we are on the right present-day path to tomorrow.

That is why I often invite new readers and old readers of to try the meditation techniques of Osho, because from my experience, these are the best techniques to cool and calm the overstimulated, modern mind.

Click on this link: Osho on meditation. It will take you to a You Tube clip of Osho explaining why meditation techniques need an updating and refreshing in our times.

If any of you resonate with what he says, just click on Contact Me, asking for further information about Osho’s meditations.

In a few days my web master and I will put up a page at about a weekend retreat in the foothills near Boulder, Colorado, where I will appear in person to teach some of these Osho meditations. Watch for the page posting around 28 April 2011. You will be notified if you are already on my free bulletin list. If not, you can join the HogueProphecy Bulletin by clicking on: sign up.

In this sense, I wanted to ask you your opinion about UFOs. Do you think Nostradamus was referring to a UFO when he wrote the following (Century 3 Quatrain 34)?

Quand le deffaut du Soleil lors sera
Sur le plain iour le monstre sera veu:
Tout autrement on l’interpretera,
Cherté n’a garde nul n’y aura pourueu.

When the eclipse of the Sun then will be
The monster [divine omen] will be seen in the plain daylight:
Quite otherwise will one interpret it,
High price unguarded, none will have provided for it.


The Old French use of monstre comes from the Latin, monstrum meaning “divine omen, strange thing, scourge.”

One cannot rule out that this monstre is some kind of extraterrestrial contact that signals doomsday for many of our spiritual dogmas and nationalistic ideas by proving for the last time that we are not alone in the cosmos. However, the second half of the verse could be a divine omen of future economic collapse induced by the dog days of global warming, implying the collapse of our oil based civilization on or after a Solar Eclipse passes over key oil producing powers, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran a few decades from now.

If the quatrain indexing of this verse “3 Q34” means “March 2034” then it may target an eclipse expected to pass a shadow across central Africa through the Middle East on 20 March 2034 — a day before the Vernal Equinox. This happens one day prior to the Sun’s transit from Pisces to Aries (the sign of wars, droughts, heat, or magical transformation) at a time when Pluto, the ruler of generational changes is in the sign of revolutions (Aquarius) and both Uranus (upheaval) and Saturn (karma) are in Cancer (ruler of America as well as hearth and home). The domestic homeland of America will be in disorder in times of revolution when the divinely monstrous and strange omen of eclipse marks perhaps the overshadowing of oil and fossil fuels in general as the chief source of this civilization’s energy.

Therefore, if this is the correct interpretation, Nostradamus may be giving the world a deadline for avoiding an apocalypse caused by the fossil fuel industry’s downfall. In other words, we only have two decades left to wean our civilization off of fossil fuels before the system collapses. Our global civilization could find itself an abandoned ruin just like great regional civilizations of the Maya in Guatemala, the Harrappan (India) and the Babylonian in Mesopotamia — all of which may have misused and wantonly over consumed natural resources exasperating regional climate changes that made them unsustainable ruins.

Eclipses play a powerful part in Nostradamus’ prophecies as points of dated departure or changes in the direction of human history. For example, his eclipse prophecies can be quite specific when they describe the shadow of the moon in total darkness cast over Flanders and parts of the Holy Land at the end of a great cycle of centuries. Indeed, a total eclipse did occur near the turn of the millennium on 11 August 1999 over England, Flanders (Belgium), France, Eastern Europe, Turkey and all the way to Gujarat India. In verses and in his Epistle are collective themes pinpointing this eclipse as a herald of oncoming and historic seismic and natural disasters presaging Armageddon or a new millennium of peace.

Major quakes DID happen along the 11 August 1999 eclipse shadow’s path over Greece and Turkey later that August (killing 50,000). A deadly temblor 17 months later entombed an estimated 100,000 people across Gujarat, India in late January 2001.

As I wrote in my most recent blog (click on Noah’s Ark) we have a significant eclipse event crossing the entire United States for August 2017 starting off the Oregon coast, rolling across the US Midwestern states to exit America of the South Carolina coast. If the quatrain’s indexing is not hiding a date, perhaps Century 3 Quatrain 34 is hinting of this solar eclipse (monstre-divine omen) pinpointing the collapse of the current economic global system a little sooner — one based on the American model — when the moon’s shadow cuts across the United States seven years and six months from the posting of this article.

The 11 August 1999 solar eclipse is but one example of seismic disasters visiting regions under Sun cast Moon shadow a month, 18 months or two years later. There were a similar string of natural disasters hitting nations months to two years after the Great Eclipse of 2009. Readers of HogueProphecy did track the earthquakes, typhoons and tsunamis, such as that hitting the islands of Samoa that had been under total eclipsing shadow. Now we can add to the list Japan’s March 2011 triple catastrophe of 9.0 earthquake, devastating tsunami and nuclear disaster. It happened just one year and seven months after Japan’s southern tip, the Ryukyu Islands, were clipped by the moon’s shadow in July 2009.

Mount St. Helens before and after the explosion that blew her earthen wig aloft.

Even the last great Solar Eclipse passing over the Oregon coast in February 1979 gives us evidence of unsettled geology shaking from the passage of the moon’s shadow. Fourteen months later, Mt. St. Helens famously blew off 1,312 feet of its 9,677-foot summit and collapsed its northern slope in a lateral explosion that became the deadliest and most economically destructive volcanic event in the history of the United States to date.

The Solar Eclipse of 2017 passes over the Oregon Coast slightly farther south than in 1979. It may not only trigger an earthquake and tsunami along the San Juan de Fuca plate inundating the coastlines of the US and Canadian Pacific Northwest. The eclipse shadow slides over the Mississippi River Valley right across the New Madrid Fault Zone in the US mid-West. It may be due for new rumbles.

Starting back on December 1811 through February 1812, four quakes and aftershocks estimated at a magnitude around 7.2–8.1 roiled an earthquake prone region of Arkansas and Missouri changing the course of the Mississippi River. Only handful of Caucasian pioneers and Indians bore witness to it.

This is the region affected by a present-day New Madrid Fault quake.

The US Federal Emergency Management Agency in November 2008 warned that a serious earthquake in the New Madrid Seismic Zone could result in “the highest economic losses due to a natural disaster in the United States.” If a 7.7 magnitude quake or greater should erupt it would cause “widespread and catastrophic” damage across Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky and, Mississippi. They emphasized cities, towns and infrastructure in Missouri and especially Tennessee would be knocked to pieces. The resonant and deadly seismic waves would roll across a wide area of the heavily populated Mississippi basin flattening the mostly brick and unreinforced buildings of the Memphis metropolitan area all the way north to St. Louis, Missouri.

It may not end there.

The 2017 eclipse will pass over a THIRD seismic zone on its way out to the Atlantic when it passes over another intraplate zone like the New Madrid beneath Charleston, South Carolina. In 1886, a major quake of 7.3 estimated magnitude severely damaged 2,000 buildings in Charleston killing between 60 and 110 people.

Intraplate quakes impact very large areas. It is said the major damage from the Charleston temblor extended to towns in a radius of 60 miles from the epicenter. Further structural damage was reported several hundred miles away from Charleston in central Alabama, central Ohio, eastern Kentucky, southern Virginia and western West Virginia. People felt the quake as far away as Boston, Chicago, New Orleans, all the way to the island of Cuba in the Caribbean and the Bermuda islands in the mid Atlantic.

What economic and property damage could such a quake do in the latter half of this decade? We have just seen in Japan what a quake following the shadow of a great eclipse could do to the third largest economy in the world. If the US Northwest, Midwest and Southeast should all endure seismic events any time after August 2017 through 2020 it is possible that Nostradamus’ verse describes the collapse of the worlds greatest economy from natural causes: When the eclipse of the Sun then will be. The monster [divine omen] will be seen in the plain daylight: Quite otherwise will one interpret it. High price unguarded, none will have provided for it [in other words, the economic collapse caused by quakes and tsunamis].

I have often said and written that the current global economic system can muddle along changing its Show Boat Casino rules. But what can the “boat” do if a quake undermines the Mississippi under its keel. What could those floating casinos off the Mississippi coast do once splintered by Hurricane Katrina?

Humanity can play its economic games but Mother Nature and this planet can climate cook and tectonic rumble something unexpected to take our casino economy down. Massive quakes and tsunamis in the Pacific Northwest or intraplate temblors along the heavily populated and industrialized Midwestern and even the Southeastern states can pull down the number one casino economy of the world, the US, with economically seismic reverberations for all other global economies.

Enough of the seismic shivers for today. Now for something more positively awe inspiring. Let us return to the first two lines of Century 3 Quatrain 34 and consider the extraterrestrial interpretation of “monster” (divine omen).

I have been saying on Coast to Coast AM for years that before the decade of the 2010s is over, we will see the discovery of artificial light or artificial pollution emanating from nearby earth-like planets observed by new and a far more spectrum-sensitive generation of space bound orbital telescopes planned by NASA and ESA (European Space Administration).

Thus the monstre of divine omens implies something perceived that we see in the sky (i.e. lights of an alien civilization in spectrum analysis of telescope pictures taken in the latter half of this decade). The monstre is an “alien” civilization!

Such a discovery could also bring initial upheaval to human civilization. This would have a powerfully negative impact on all religious dogmas that sustain their belief systems on Earth being the only and solely important world of their deity’s interest.

The more unsophisticated dogmas of the Western Religions will be undermined. The more sophisticated and cosmically open-minded religions of the East already have a rich tradition of Ufology and extraterrestrial myths and legends, so I think a continued Eastern shift is religious thinking around the world would increase. You would still have your Is-slams and Christ-inanities of superstitious and unproven, faith based religious claptrap but these would be augmented by a more Eastern religious, cosmically friendly sheen.

The mysterious "Merkabah". Are they UFOs from ancient Judea?

Indeed the Western religions might do well to theologically return to their mother Judaic and Persian mystical roots. They would find a rich legacy of stories that — if examined with a new light — sound quite extraterrestrial-friendly, such as divine angelic creatures seen by the Prophet Ezekiel riding flying flame-wheeled chariots called Merkabah. Are these flaming disks? If so the biblical eye-witness account in Ezekiel’s famous vision sound like Foo Fighters — the flaming discs making quite a show around allied bombers over Japan and Germany during the final years of the Second World War.

I do personally believe that there is something true about the UFO phenomenon. The sightings in Belgium during the 80’s, the statements from NASA astronauts about having been followed by unidentified spacecrafts while being on orbit around the earth, are some credible evidence that we might be under observation by more advanced entities.

The evidence is there and I too could and eventually will write about my own UFO experiences as a scholar and as a first-hand witness when I write an e-Book about extraterrestrial prophecies.

What do you think about the possibility that intelligent beings from other planets might be soon interacting with us openly?

I have been on prophetic record saying the discovery of extraterrestrial intelligent life could happen in the latter half of the 2010s decade, with one caveat.

It will never come to pass with ETs making a show, landing on the White House lawn, etc., like in the 1951, SyFy cinematic classic staring Patricia Neal and Michael Rennie, The Day the Earth Stood Still.

The future, as I have movie “scene” it, has humanity discovering “them” with their own intelligence, their own instruments. It has to be that way.

We must discover ETs when we are ready to discover them.

So, with that said, write your government leaders and promote passionately the expansion of telescopic research into nearby worlds. One of these will have lights of cities on it that with enlighten our world as well as our otherworldly view.

Gort! Kaatu barata nikto! Baerengah!

John Hogue

(21 April 2011)


PS–“Jordi” happens to have the same name as Star Trek: the Next Generation’s intrepid, artificial visor-eyed chief engineer of the Star Ship Enterprise, played by LeVar Burton. It is only a coincidence. Anyway, the latter played “Geordi”, not “Jordi” La Forge.

PSS—Subtropical developments are brewing. A cluster of thunderstorms stirring up gale force winds tries to develop into a subtropical depression south and west of Bermuda. I believe wind shear will blow off the anvil clouds of this effort, but be cautioned, in Predictions for 2011, I warned that Hurricane Season 2011 will be early and as violent if not more violent than the notorious 2005 season which saw Hurricane Katrina. That season started early in mid-May. The 2011 season may start sooner.

Here is a prophecy about it from that e-Book, published on 21 December 2010:

People of Haiti, you won’t be spared in the Hurricane Season of 2011. You will be visited by Mother Nature’s call for help, screaming in the winds of tropical storms crowding the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean in such frequency and intensity not experienced since the catastrophic 2005 Hurricane Season that broke the levies of New Orleans and scrubbed the Mississippi coast down to house-foundation bone with Hurricane Katrina.

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The Final Chapter: Alarm Bells Sound the Unsustainable


Read my Predictions for 2012:



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