Nostradamus, Osama buried by Sea and Death for Gaddafi

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This week NATO air strikes targeting Libyan dictator Muhammar Gaddafi’s command and control centers and other military assets accelerated to their highest intensity. Across Tripoli on Tuesday (7 June 2011), one heard over 60 explosions of NATO’s missile driven ordinance shot out of the sky. One witnessed the surreal sight of rush hour traffic nonchalantly driving to and fro down a sprawling Tripolitanian boulevard while not far beyond a wall of bleached white tenements and palms erupted one hammer falling explosive plume after another warhead piled on to craters out of targets within Gaddafi’s compound.

The following day a defiant Gaddafi resurfaced. Not on film and not sneaking into a press conference held at the international hotel where most Western and European journalist camp out, thus making it off limits for NATO attack. After the bombardment of Tuesday, Gaddafi, constantly now on the run, could only sneak out an audio taped message, that he would never leave Libya and would fight to the death. Like Osama (pronounced Usama) bin Laden, here will be yet another a terrorist leader in hiding, reduced to making audio taped messages before his hideout will be hit and perhaps soon.

There may be some prophetic parallels tying the death of Usama bin Laden to that coming for Gaddafi. The death of Osama refreshes a look at Nostradamus’ riddles about a “religion named after the oceans” and how that might tie the near future fate of Gaddafi to the recent death and burial of Usama bin Laden.

Here again is a quick review of the Nostradamus quatrains attributed to Gaddafi (You can read a full account in the following articles by clicking on Qaddafi, also Gaddafi and Khadafi:

4 Q62
Vn coronel machine ambition,
Se saisira de la plus grand’armée,
Contre son prince fainte inuention,
Et descouuert sera soubz sa ramée.

A colonel through machinating (plotting) ambition.
He will seize the greatest part of the army:
Against his Prince through a false invention.
He will be discovered under his branches.

Lines 1 and 3 give us Gaddafi’s background. He was a young colonel in charge of the coup d’etat that deposed King Idris of Libya in 1969. Gaddafi has been Libya’s dictator ever since because he moved against his prince, King Idris, on a false invention of an oath of loyalty to the throne.

Line 2 is a compound prophecy. Colonel Gaddafi did seize the greatest part of the officer corps and army who stood against Idris. The same is true in the current Libyan Civil War. Eastern Libya broke away, yet the dictator had made contingencies for such a split and ensured he retained control of most of the Libyan armed forces including their best military equipment and tanks. One need only see the Mad-Max, Road Warrior quality of the rag-tag forces of the rebels in their rusty trucks and cast off weapons to understand how carefully Gaddafi hoarded his military assets in case Libya’s ancient potential to divide between Tripolitanian (West) and Cyrenaican (Eastern) Libyans should require a bloody invasion of Eastern Libya. Before King Idris stepped down from his throne with the prod of an AK-47, he was compelled to rule a desert country with two capitals in Tripoli and Benghazi. Gaddafi put an end to that for 42 years. Now the historic divisions arise again. I predict the death of Gaddafi, and the scattering of his regime will do little to unite the country in this civil war’s bloody aftermath.

Line 4 gives up a glimpse of Gaddafi’s future. The French ramée is a riddle for branches or green bows, a green arbor that by extension can be a clue to Gaddafi’s favorite domicile, a green Bedouin tent supported by tent post “branches.” In an earlier blog (see Libyan rebels), I eluded to a possible last minute exile of Gaddafi to the green-bowered tropical habitat of Venezuela, under the protection of another Dictator, Hugo Chavez.

I am more inclined to prophesy Gaddafi’s “discovery” will be by the electronic eye of a NATO missile shot from 15,000 feet in the sky. Its shockwave at Mack 3 flinging open the green tent flap in a split second to “District 9” blood vaporize him into the next world. Perhaps the branch suspends the all-green flag of Gaddafi’s regime next to the place in which strongman dies under a falling burial mound of bunker debris.

The next quatrain in the light of the death of the Dean of al-Qaeda terrorism, Usama bin Laden, may link him to Gaddafi’s near future end. Nostradamus often threw in a seemingly unrelated theme in a prophecy as a dating backing up a verse’s main theme. For instance, in his famous King of Terror prophecy believed to date the 9/11 attacks of Usama bin Laden upon New York City’s “hollow mountains” of the World Trade Center (sometime between 1999-2001), Nostradamus throws in an unrelated line about the resurrection of the “Great Mongol.” He defines China with 16th-century poetic license. A future Chinese empire compared to that Middle Kingdom once ruled by Mongol Emperors Genghis and later Kublai Khan from the 13th century.

Indeed, China began emerging as a world power at the turn of the century, around the time of the 9-11 attacks on New York.

Seemingly unrelated data in prophecy framing time captures the event window of the Adaluncatif prophecy attributed to the future of Gaddafi:

10 Q96

Religion du nom des mers vaincra,
Contre le secte fils Adaluncatif,
Secte obstinee deploree craindra,
Des deux blessez par Aleph & Aleph.

The Religion named after the oceans will overcome,
Against the sect of the son [of] Adaluncatif,
The obstinate, deplored sect will be afraid,
Of the two wounded, Aleph (A) and Aleph (A).

In past interpretations I factored line 1 to be another outside event used to date the main theme. The new religion named after the oceans was that of “Osho” (meaning oceanic). When Ronald Reagan sent US 111-bomber jets to paste Gaddafi’s compound in early 1986, Osho was being thrown out of 21 countries by US-CIA pressure during his world tour. Moreover, Gaddafi’s half-destroyed bedroom became until recently a shrine to his survival from the US attack.

You may have seen Gaddafi make speeches standing at a podium before the shattered façade of his bedroom in the early stages of the current civil war, before it was pulverized. Photographs of his bedroom shrine showed it sealed by glass left untouched since March 1986. The blast dust and debris covered the bedspread. Behind the bed was a panoramic shot of a beach with limestone rocks sculpted by ocean breakers rolling out of an endless (oceanic?) horizon of sea.

No doubt followers of Osho believe and perhaps rightfully that their master’s teaching has overcome the poisoning of their master and persecution of his people during the Reagan Era.

Nostradamus might intend another possible solution to line 1’s riddle — one more contemporary. US Navy Seals raided and killed Usama bin Laden on 1 May 2011 in his fortress compound hideaway in Abbottabad, Pakistan, carrying the corpse via stealth helicopter over the Hindu Kush mountains to a US air base in Afghanistan. From there the cadaver was genetically identified and flown out over the Arabian Sea, transported to the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson where according to Islamic law it was bathed and wrapped in a white funerary shroud for burial at sea.

“The Religion named after the oceans will overcome,” says Nostradamus. Usama was buried in the ocean, by Christian-dominated US armed forces, that in other prophecies Nostradamus calls modern crusaders (just like Usama called them “crusaders”), after they invaded and occupied a region in the Middle East never occupied by Medieval Crusaders — Mesopotamia (modern day Iraq).

In other Nostradamus prophecies related to contemporary events in the war on terror, he alludes to Middle Eastern leaders fearing the military power coming from the sea or ocean as the source of downfall — death.

US Navy Seals emblem. Public domain.

The Navy Seal raid was code named Operation Neptune’s Spear alluding the trident in the Navy Seal’s military emblem. The trident is the symbol of Neptune, God of the Oceans. It could be Nostradamus — ever in love with 16th-century word plays on classical metaphors — means us to identify the “religion named after the ocean” to be code cryptically describing the US Navy Seals in a double entendre, offering bin Laden’s body to Neptune like the ancients would have. Soldiers of Operation Neptune’s Spear metaphorically sacrificed Usama in sea burial as an offering to Neptune.

For this unique take on the riddle of line one to be correct, the last three lines describing the fate of someone code named Adaluncatif must see his downfall soon and also from, over flying from over, the sea.

The sect of the son of Adaluncatif is qualified as obstinate, deplored and made afraid by the “religion of the Ocean” (code for the Navy Seals) who will wound the two top leaders: Gaddafi and his son Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi.

Adaluncatif is a phonetic spelling of Gaddafi as well as hiding the Latin word for Moon (Crescent of Islam): Luna.

Here is how you render the anagram:

Adaluncatif = Cad(t)afi Luna = Cadafi Luna.

Nostradamus’ law of anagramming drops the single redundant letter, in this case the t. The “C” resembles phonetically the Arabic “chhaah” or “Qaah” that Roman spelling often struggles to capture as Qaddafi, Khaddafi or Gaddafi, depending on what part of the Western ear registers as dominant for spelling.

Thus Cadafi Luna (Moon) stands for the lunar crescent, a symbol of Islam we see topping the domes of mosques.

Moon here representing “Islam” implies the son of Adaluncatif, Saif al-Islam (Sword of Islam), Gaddafi’s heir apparent. Saif notoriously declared a war of annihilation on Libyan television, broadcast all over the world, against any Libyan protesting his father’s regime. Saif tried to live up to his name, becoming the field commander sword point overseeing Pro-Gaddafi forces that massacred demonstrators and commanded efforts of the army and air force to first crush rebellion in the West while preparing an invasion to seize back the breakaway Libyan East centered around a new government in Benghazi.

The fanatic son Saif initiated a civil war raging since February 2011 and his atrocities generated worldwide distain for his father’s “obstinate and deplored sect”. Even the Arab League asked the United Nation to step in militarily against an Arab regime, which they did with US and NATO air strikes on Gaddafi and Saif’s armored columns just before they entered Benghazi to perhaps massacre hundreds of thousands.

Now the “sect” of the son of Gaddafi is in retreat from Eastern Libya and under constant bombardment in their stronghold of Tripoli. Now helicopter gun ships have begun coordinated attacks assisting the rebels in their advance on Gaddafi’s Western Libyan strongholds.

The son of Adaluncatif is dead, killed by a NATO missile strike of a command and control center on 30 April, one day before Usama bin Laden was killed.

“The two wounded A and A” may be a riddle for one fatally wounded man with a double name: Saif (a)l-Islam (a)l-Gaddafi; yet, the syntax is open ended enough to hint that only one of the two wounded is “A and A”. The other, Gaddafi, may be next, and the wound delivered from jets and helicopters flying from over the sea may be fatal and soon.

This brings me to the following Nostradamus quatrain that may describe the death of Gaddafi in our near future:

2 Q70
Le dard du ciel fera son estendue,
Mors en parlant: grande execution:
La pierre en l’arbre la fiere gent rendue,
Bruit humain monstre purge expiation.

The dart from the sky will make its extension,
Deaths in speaking: Great execution:
The stone in the tree [arbor], the proud people surrendered,
Clamor, human monster, purge, expiation.

Although the translation has license to use gent as nation the literal translation is people. When Nostradamus writes, “the people” or “the city” or “the nation” etc., he is usually speaking of future events that directly affect the “French” people, the “French” city (Paris), or the “French” nation. Nostradamus best sees the future through his French eyes, his French conditioning and how it directly affects future French people.

The French under President Nicolas Sarcozy have been the most bellicose of the NATO allies in prosecuting an air war against Gaddafi’s military assets. From the start, French air forces have openly targeted Libyan command and control targets as ruthlessly as they can in the hopes of killing the assumptive heir and the dictator of Libya. I predict it will be revealed in the future that Sarcozy’s French military policy in Libya is decapitation of the Gaddafi regime. He intends — and he will succeed — in launching a dart or “missile” from the sky that will cause the great execution of Gaddafi in mid speech (deaths in speaking). He will start a sentence he will not complete as a French missile takes him out.

It may be an interesting coincidence only. The quatrain’s indexing (70) is a near miss for the year 1969 when Gaddafi overthrew King Idris of Libya.

John Hogue

(10 June 2010)

A Post Prediction Statement

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  1. KS
    Posted 20 October 2011 at 11:21 pm | Permalink

    Could the religion named after the ocean be NATO?
    Adaluncatif comes very close to having in it the word Atlantic, the name of the ocean, part of the acronym of NATO, and the name of the force that vanquishes Gadafhi.

    KS, that is a brilliant interpretation and I will quote you with some refining of your idea, because I don’t think it works with Adaluncatif, but on its own it definitely works for the oceanic, i.e. the “North Atlantic” Treaty Organization (NATO). Well done!

    • KS
      Posted 22 October 2011 at 3:24 am | Permalink

      Hi John,

      Thank you for your compliment.

      If Nostradamus was referring to NATO as “the religion with the name of an ocean”, perhaps he was reinforcing/reconfirming it by almost encoding the word “Atlantic” within the same verse. I do agree with you, that Adaluncatif refers to Gaddafi. But couldn’t Nostradamus have been hiding a second meaning into his anagram?

      Incidentally, Adaluncatif also contains the words “fanatic” and “lunatic” within it. I do wonder how much is coincidence and how much he intended.

  2. Posted 14 September 2011 at 10:40 am | Permalink

    Red Rocks and coming out of hiding- This is the hopi professy coming true with the dancer in the plaza removing his helmet during the ritual dance of the blue kachina to see the “blue Kachina” (comet? Niribu?)

    Mabus- Raymond Mabus The man in charge of the U.S. Navy.

    In 2002 Osama Bin Laden was being treated on kidney Dialysis. This would be the final stages of kidney failure. Dont you remember him being on dialysis? Therefore there’s a fake picture of him allover the internet. Ofcourse they had his DNA, he was already dead. The navy did nothing that they are being praised for.

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