Nostradamus and the Death of Gaddafi

I predict Gaddafi is going down violently, like Ceausescu in 1989, “Romanian-style”. The question is, how long will it take and how bloody will it be? (John Hogue: 22 February 2011)
Nostradamus and the Fate of Gaddafi

I wrote the above eight months ago at the beginning of the bloody decline and fall of Libyan strongman, Muhammar Gaddafi’s regime. Yesterday (20 October 2011), Libyan NTC (National Transitional Council) fighters rooted Gaddafi out of a drainage pipe after his convoy of 11 trucks tried to make a run for it out of his tribal home city of Sirte, Libya, after his last stand had collapsed.

After dawn prayers, Gaddafi with about 100 die-hard followers and black African mercenaries, raced down the coastal road west to Misruata in beat up trucks and SUVs bristling with heavy armament. This rag-tag rout in camouflage and green bandanas must have looked like extras in a post apocalyptic NASCAR drag race in a scene from Mel Gibson’s Mad Max movies.

They didn’t get too far “beyond Thunderdome”, as it were – the bombed out “barter town” of Sirte laid waste and desolate by two weeks of unremitting bombardment and street battles with Libyan NTC rebels. This surreal, true life Mad Max movie met up with “Top Gun” about 1.5 kilometers outside of Sirte. Not in the cross hairs of a real-life ace Tom Cruise in a US Navy fighter-bomber. He was a French Mirage NATO pilot with a US Drone for company. Both plastered Gaddafi’s convoy with missiles. The remains of 11 melted, toffee-twisted auto wrecks and the fritter-mummified bodies of 50 of Gaddafi’s entourage attest to the violence of the French and US hell-fire missile pounding. One of the unidentified bodies might yet be that of Gaddafi’s eldest son and heir apparent, Saif al-Islam Gaddafi.

The eyewitness reports get a bit confused beyond the fact that Gaddafi and up to half of his guards piled out of the trucks just before they sprouted fireballs and headed for a copse of trees and two storm pipes to make their last stand. Rapidly on their heals where NTC fighters disembarking from a motor column of Mad Max-like armed “technical” trucks, no less post-apocalyptic looking than what had been rolling along and now melting on the tarmac that was Gaddafi’s column moments before.

We are told a firefight ensued, lasting several hours with losses heavy on both sides. Gaddafi’s guards began surrendering and it is said the strongman emerged from the drainage pipe asking what the NTC fighters wanted (guess!) before they started roughing him up, ripping handfuls of toupee off his head.

These NTC fighters are the only witnesses of what happened next. Gaddafi’s surviving soldiers were led away from the road to an uncertain future lined up against a wall, I expect. One al-Jazeera video clip displays a black African Gaddafi soldier, bare chested, lashed to a double-A anti-aircraft machine gun welded to a truck bed speeding through Sirte. To where? Only Mad Max knows.

The story gets scrambled. Did Gaddafi emerge from the sewer drain unscathed after the firefight? Was he wounded in the shoulder and clipped by a bullet on the left side of his head while he was crouched like a sewer rat in there? Cell phone movies of him bathed in his own gore with blood coming out of his ears and mouth may indicate concussion wounds from the explosion of NATO French missile fire. Perhaps the wielder of the cell phone video was too busy joining his mates kicking the crap out of Gaddafi before a videography of his bloody mask of a face had been recorded. What is clear in the chaotic cell phone movies is that Gaddafi was alive when he was dragged to a truck – then “fell off the truck” – then dragged again to a waiting ambulance ready to rush him under guard of a cavalcade of other road warrior trucks honking their horns in celebration to Misurata for medical treatment. According to Prime Minister Jibril of the provisional Libyan government in the capital of Tripoli, Gaddafi “died” en route from a bullet shot through the head in the crossfire of a firefight with pro-Gaddafi insurgents and NTC technicals.

Cell phone video shows the aftermath. The dead dictator, the gore washed from his face this time, is dumped on the dirty road with a bullet hole in his forehead just above his left eye. Framed in another cell phone camera, we see of the corpse “cleaned up.” We see the fatal gunshot wound. The ambulance drivers apparently could not touch up the gunpowder burn on the skin indicating death by “cross fire” at close range of a gun muzzle pointed “against” the forehead by a 9 millimeter pistol. This is the same caliber of a gold plated pistol taken from Gaddafi when he was captured.

At the time of this writing Gaddafi’s corpse is on display in a refrigerator cargo trailer in Misurata for anyone to visit. The provisional Libyan government acquiesced to NATO and UN requests for an independent post mortem of Gaddafi to prove he was killed in cross fire rather than by a gun totting mob of scarcely trained NTC rebel soldiers. All pretense of civility aside, it is pretty clear that Gaddafi met a very blood-soaked end “Romanian-style”, just as my oracle had foreseen 8 months ago in the passage above – summarily executed by his captors, perhaps with his own pistol at close range.

History has a weird way of repeating itself. In 1989, the Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu a close ally to Gaddafi in better days, also was caught fleeing his enraged and armed people. When his Communist regime fell a similar orgy of massacres and bloody street fighting ensued. He and his right hand “man” (Elena his brutish wife) tried to escape but were caught by police and delivered to Romanian soldiers who after the briefest of trials, lined them both against a wall and executed them. Like Gaddafi, their bullet-riddled bodies were filmed for posterity.

I enlarged upon explaining my Ceausescu-style execution prediction made in February the following month when NATO enacted its no-fly zone over Libya effectively taking sides in the civil war against Gaddafi’s forces, which were on the approaches of the rebel stronghold of Benghazi – the outcome at the time was uncertain:

The fall in late 1989 of the East German Communist regime Erich Honeker regime in East Berlin caused a regional chain reaction across Eastern Europe with communist dictatorships falling mostly with a whimper except one: the eccentric strongman Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania, every inch as daffy a dictator as Gaddafi. Relinquish power? Only over his dead body, like Gaddafi threatens today.

I predict Gaddafi and his son and successor Saif al-Islam (Sword of Islam) will die like Ceausescu, but unlike the Romanian bloodbath, it may not end the relatively brief fighting in the streets. Conflict could be protracted. Gaddafi may be dead soon but the fighting will not end with his life like Ceaucescu. It may only be the beginning of fighting between Libyans unless the same allies setting up a no-fly zone step in for a generation’s time to help them build a modern democratic nation.

Nostradamus and the No-Fly Zone over Libya
(19 March 2011)

The real work starts now. And this most tribal of Arab nations must find common ground and soon, otherwise the Libyan Revolution of 2011 with become a Balkan-style, Bosnian-Herzegovinian Libyan Civil War of 2012-2013 I also foresaw pitting tribal interests and grudges against achieving national unity. In this worst-case scenario, Libya becomes the Somalia of North Africa, a failed state in ruins, a haven for Islamic jihadist terrorist bases better able to strike the soft underbelly of bankrupt Mediterranean European nations as seems to be implied in the prophecies of Nostradamus.

Let us review a few prophecies of Nostradamus related to Gaddafi, the details of his death and a possible aftermath. Five months and ten days ago I recorded the following comment about the “death by dart” theme of quatrain (2 Q70) alluding to the Adaluncatif (Gaddafi Luna) quatrain (10 Q96) published in Nostradamus’ Les Propheties, way back in the years 1555 and 1558 respectively. At the time I wrote this below, the NATO no fly zone had just been initiated:

The air hunt for Gaddafi is on. This leads me to wonder if at this moment a prophecy penned four-and-a-half centuries ago by the French seer Nostradamus may be weeks, days or moments from fulfillment. Nostradamus’ prophecies most often see the future through the actions of his future countrymen and women of France, so the following prophecy has a very good chance for being applied to a target of future French air forces allied to a coalition of other European, US and Arab League air forces converging over Libya.

Nostradamus and the No Fly Zone over Libya
(19 March 2011)

Nearly two months later, the al-Qaeda leader, Osama bin Laden had been killed by US Navy Seals in Pakistan on 1 May. Thus, I wrote eight days later:

[Gaddafi] is to die soon from a “dart” or “missile” not long after the death of bin Laden, it would seem, if one were to take a refreshed post-Usama-mortem review of the famous anagram prophecy Adaluncatif

Is Osama or Saddam Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist?
(10 May 2011)

Five months and 20 days later, Gaddafi is killed. Osama buried at sea linked to that act connecting his fate with Gaddafi because of the strange riddle that opens a prophecy naming Gaddafi in an anagram:

10 Q96
Religion du nom des mers vaincra,
Contre le secte fils Adaluncatif,
Secte obstinee deploree craindra,
Des deux blessez par Aleph & Aleph.

Let us translate it line by line:

The Religion named after the ocean will overcome…

Actions of others can stand as a date. Around the same time Gaddafi’s compound was bombed by US F-111 fighter-bombers in retaliation for a Berlin disco bombing, Indian mystic Osho was on a world tour that famously had him thrown out of 21 countries because of CIA pressure brought about by the Reagan Administration. Osho means “oceanic.” While he was on his world tour, a CIA jet shadowed him at every stop. Osho and his entourage where forced by the local government to leave soon after. It did not matter if passports and visas were in order. Such was the case in March 1986 when Osho nearly found a haven in Uruguay after being hustled out of Greece. In May, when the process of getting a visa to permanently stay was nearly complete, in came the CIA plane and he had to leave. The next day, President Reagan extended the deadline of debt payments of loans sent to Uruguay and generously added more US aid. A month before, other US jets sent a missile into Gaddafi’s personal quarters. The shattered bedroom had a wall-sized photo-mural of the Libyan coastline and ocean. Does this connect Osho (oceanic) and the Gaddafi “oceanic”? Perhaps.

“KS”, one of my readers, today offers a thoughtful possibility that I will refine. Those of the ocean are the North “Atlantic” Treaty Organization, i.e. NATO. This organization took down Gaddafi by bombing his offensive assets, giving the rebels a chance to succeed.

Now to line 2:

…Against the sect of the son Adaluncatif

Back in 1986, I proposed for the first time in Nostradamian study that Adaluncatif is an anagram for Gaddafi Luna or Gaddafi of the Crescent, Islam. Here is how that is possible:

Take out “Luna” for “moon”. That leaves you “adcatif”. Phonetic replacements allow the “c” to be the “cah” sound for “cadafi” (Khaddafi or Gaddafi). The “t” is the one letter dropped, as per the anagram rules. I would add that before Gaddafi changed the Libyan flag to a green field, it had the crescent of Islam in white in the original tri-color that the current insurgency has resurrected. Now to line 3 and 4:

…The obstinate, deplored [Gaddafi] sect will be afraid,
Of the two wounded Aleph (A) and Aleph (A).

A and A is a possible riddle for Gaddafi the father and his son and heir, Saif (a)l-Islam (a)l-Gaddafi, being mortally wounded. The source of this wound is described in 2 Q70 as a “dart”, i.e. a 16th-century attempt to describe the falling, pointed warhead of a missile fired perhaps on 20 October 2011 by a French Mirage jet on Gaddafi’s truck column. Nostradamus describes a “machine of flying fire” in 6 Q34 that lets lose the “dart” described in 2 Q70.

Du feu volant la machination,
Viendra troubler au grand chef assiegez:
Dedans sera telle sedition,
Qu’en desespoir seront les profligez.

From the machine of flying fire,
It will come to trouble the besieged chief:
Within there will be such sedition,
That the dissolute ones will be in despair.

Line 1 could describe the French Mirage jet or the US Drone used in the bomb strike on Gaddafi’s column. Line 2 describes Gaddafi’s desperate situation. He is the “besieged chief” in Sirte trying to make a breakout. Lines 3 and 4 could describe the disarray and rout of Gaddafi’s surviving soldiers and the last true believers of his dissolute, evil. They are driven by desperation out of his tribal home to a fiery and bloody end on the road to Misurata.

Now the “dart” (missile) prophecy of 2 Q70:

Le dard du ciel fera son estendue,
Mors en parlant: grande execution:
La pierre en l’arbre la fiere gent rendue,
Bruit humain monstre purge expiation.

The dart from the sky will make its extension,
Deaths in speaking: Great execution:
The stone in the tree [arbor], the proud people surrendered,
Clamor, human monster, purge, expiation.

Line 1: If I were a 16th-century man trying to describe an elongated and finned hell-fire missile or any finned bomb ordinance detaching from the wing of a French jet I might call it a “dart.” This missile or aerial bomb makes its full extension from launch to blast impact among the gathered trucks of Gaddafi’s men. Since Nostradamus heard as well as saw his future visions, line 2 might imply the drivers and men piled in the truck were cut down by supersonic missiles in mid-speech coming from on high from a source they could not see or hear because of the altitude and speed of extending death approaching. What happened reminds me of something I wrote in June about his foretold death coming from a French source:

Nostradamus best sees the future through his French eyes, his French conditioning and how it directly affects future French people.

The French under President Nicolas Sarkozy have been the most bellicose of the NATO allies in prosecuting an air war against Gaddafi’s military assets. From the start, French air forces have openly targeted Libyan command and control targets as ruthlessly as they can in the hopes of killing the assumptive heir and the dictator of Libya. I predict it will be revealed in the future that Sarkozy’s French military policy in Libya is decapitation of the Gaddafi regime. He intends — and he will succeed — in launching a dart or “missile” from the sky that will cause the great execution of Gaddafi in mid speech (deaths in speaking). He will start a sentence he will not complete as a French missile takes him out.

It may be an interesting coincidence only. The quatrain’s indexing (70) is a near miss for the year 1969 when Gaddafi overthrew King Idris of Libya.

Nostradamus, Osama buried by Sea and Death for Gaddafi
(10 June 2011)

This future was a near miss by French missile strikes. Gaddafi survived though blast effects could have injured him. Review again lines 3 and 4 of the above quatrain:

The stone in the tree [arbor], the proud people surrendered,
Clamor, human monster, purge, expiation.

Remember, Gaddafi and the surviving men ran under the cover of trees to hide inside two cement drainage pipes. Thus line 3’s riddle implies the stone (cement) and the tree (the tree cover). After a fire fight Gaddafi’s bodyguards surrendered. Gaddafi is described in one report emerging from the drain pipe standing proudly with head held upright demanding who the attackers where and what did they want with him (the proud people surrendered).

Line 4 may forecast in Nostradamus’ mind the images and shouting of “God is Great!” in Arabic, yet unborn for centuries to come when it would be recorded by cell phones. He may have seen centuries ago what we saw just recently, the clamor of the crowd of excited young rebel fighters pulling and punching at Gaddafi. The human monster is the gore soaked and wounded dictator looking like a bloody demon in Nostradamus’ vision. The purge of his followers shot down by missiles and gunfire. The expiation is Gaddafi in his final moments violently paying for the crimes of his 42-year terror of his people with his life.

I would like to hope that the final words of this prophecy lead after a difficult process of catharsis, purging and atonement to a national restitution of the wrong done to the Libyan people that will soon after bring a period of peace and unity to the country.

One way or the other I predict it will happen. It will happen either now through a democratic process, or after 2013 when a tribal civil war coming in the aftermath of Gaddafi’s death burns itself out.

I wonder though if this new riddle from Nostradamus may warn what is coming next in Libya and the Arab revolutions because it may be naming the provisional Prime Minister of Libya here in a quatrain indexed 1 Q56 in Nostradamus’ prophecies:

Vous verrez tost & tard faire grand change,
Horreurs extremes & vindications:
Que si la lune conduicte par son ange,
Le Ciel s’approche des inclinations.

You will see, sooner and later, great changes made,
Extreme horrors and vengeances:
For as the moon (of Islam) is thus led by its angel,
The heavens draw near to the reckoning.

The crescent Moon is the sign of Islam. The new Libyan flag has a white crescent in the middle black stripe of its red, black and green tricolor design. The Angel Gabriel is said to have appeared to Muhammad who helped him found Islam. The name of Gabriel in Arabic is Jibril. The Prime Minister of the provisional government of Libya is named “Jibril.”


John Hogue
(21 October 2011)

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    Today, I went to the beachfront with my kids. I found a
    sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the
    shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched
    her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!

  2. Petrus
    Posted 26 October 2011 at 12:32 pm | Permalink

    I felt that Nostradamus gave a particularly vivid description of Gaddafi’s end. The quatrain stated that he would, “be found under his branches.” As you wrote, he was found in a sewer in his home town of Sirte; and I interpreted branches in this case to mean sewer tunnels.

  3. Allan Collison
    Posted 23 October 2011 at 8:40 am | Permalink

    John .Earthuakes # 4 of 5 you predicted . Dreams show change because of Quakes. Everytime they Franksing or Drilling and Wars attack Mother Earth she react .7.3 ,7.2 in the 7s just hit 7 Billion Human . The Leaders will head to Mountains to Hide and will disapear with Mountains. Back to Basic Human Caring without Money. Be Safe

  4. Jayant Bäckström
    Posted 21 October 2011 at 8:11 pm | Permalink

    John: It seems you are seeing the hustle and bustle on the world scene as an unfolding (american) action movie –
    going far into the ugly details – avoiding the full picture. The “Why” of the situation – spelling nothing less than money, power,prestige –
    of the bancrupt colonial forces of US, France, Italy “Great” Britain.

    Um, Jayant. Mad Max is and “Australian” movie franchise.

    In 1986 Osho said to Kaddaffi (who had just called Reagan “Adolf Hitler Number Two”): I immedeately informed Kadaffi, “You are wrong.Ronald Reagan is Adolf Hitler Number One! He is millions of times more powerful than poor Adolf Hitler was”.

    Well, Osho was right about that, as far as the potential to destroy the world, Ronald Reagan “had” far more power with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons available. I remember Osho’s concern in the early 1980s that a window of an unexpected thermonuclear war had opened between 1982 and 1984 and that Reagan with his bellicose rhetoric just might start World War Three with the Soviet Union. I understood Osho saying that our mass meditations of 25,000 at the world summer festivals had a chance of averting such a future. You must remember Ronald Reagan’s “Evil Empire” speech had so frightened Andropov, the Soviet leader, that for the first time the Soviet Politburo considered changing their strategy from a nuclear defensive stance to a first strike strategy. Andropov was convinced by Reagan’s big mouth that he was insane and planning to strike the Soviet Union with atomic weapons. His chief adviser Mikail Gorbachev (later the future Soviet premier who brought in Perestroika reforms) convinced Andropov that Reagan was just “trash talking” the Soviet Union and was not going to blow them up.

    -What does that make of Your american president Obama of today? Surely he must be Adolf Hitler x squared, at least?

    Jayant, when you make such nationalistic and rather idiotic leaps of mathematical logic, I wonder if you’ve been sampling the beer. You seem to be fixated with nationalist identifications. I am not. I am a human being first. The label “American” is imposed like all other labels of political and religious nature, by others. I am a member of the human race and my audience in international and trans-national as well as trans-moral. I may use national labels but these are the tools to get my readers to see themselves beyond them, or if they can’t, to see their attachment exposed to these labels. You seem attached to these labels.

    The unanimous mainstream media, now celebrating Kadaffis death –
    in the same way targeted OSHO, during his american adventure. And the same evil forces – the Neo Cons et al. – that killed OSHO, now has killed Kadaffi. -WHY? What is the fear of the “Great Powers”? And what could be the antidote – Humour!

    I know something of what the mainstream media did to Osho, I was there on the Ranch and working directly with reporters. The mainstream media loves sensation over fact. They do not try to differentiate between a modern buddha or a modern Hitler. They can’t. I do find the ending of your thinking here funny though, because it comes out of nowhere, like a bubble ascending one’s beery thoughts. You seem to be in an odd humor today. And what is that exclamation point doing (“!”). Rather than the word “humour” becoming something light and funny, your exclamation point makes it a club, like something Donald Duck would wave around in his feathered hand. Chuckle… Have another beer on me…

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