Climate Change: It’s Too Darn Hot!

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“At the 48th degree of the climacteric [in other words, latitude 48 in the Northern Hemisphere], at the end of Cancer [late July], so great is the drought, that fish in the sea, river and lake are boiled hectically. Southwest France in distress from fire in the sky.”

Nostradamus [1555] Century 5, Quatrain 98

In the summer of 1996, and four years before today’s summer solstice—ending what climatologists around the world have declared as the hottest spring in known history—I wrote the following:

“Scientists have traced the regularity of sunspot activity over the last billion years and relate it to 20-year cycles that coincide with periods of drought such as the one that created the famous Dust Bowl in the American farming belt during the 1930s. Sunspot activity is now entering a new phase that will continue up to the year 2000. The great planetary alignment in May of that year is expected to generate some of the greatest sunspot activity ever recorded.

“Nostradamus warns us against creating a future drought of biblical proportions that will burn a swath across latitude 48 in the Northern Hemisphere. Drawing a line across that latitude on a map, we touch on nearly all the world’s chief grain belts. Today’s amber oceans of wheat stretching across North America and the…Ukraine revert to prairies and inhospitable steppes in the [the 21st] century.

“QUATRAIN INDEXING [AS A] DATE: Quatrain 98 = 1998? In my last Nostradamus book [Nostradamus: The New Revelations published in 1994], I correctly interpreted the increase in global warming after the mid-1990s when dust from the eruption of Mt. Pinatubo [in 1992] that slightly cooled the world had cleared the skies. With this interpretation in mind we can expect a wave of global droughts and heat waves by July 1998. From that time onward, global warming steadily kicks in, disrupting weather patterns, and the climate conditions needed to grow grain start to shift hundreds of miles north of where they are now.”

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies, pg. 437

Six years later [after releasing Nostradamus the New Revelations], my interpretation seems to have hit the mark. The summer of 1998 did see the beginning of significant droughts in the North American grain belts. The year marked the beginning of the mainstream news media’s acknowledgment that global warming was not a fluke, but that its hot breath was upon us. The following summer of 1999 only saw the drought in the Midwest deepen, and already, in 2000, we have endured the greatest spate of solar flares on record and the heat desiccating our fields of food stuffs has come earlier than climatologists ever imagined. Already in April, there were late-summer-style fires raging in Minnesota. By May, wild fires plagued Florida and the early onset of drought in the sunshine state was so intense that many farmers there have decided not to even plant for the season.

In July of 1999, the dramatic intensification of hot and violent weather inspired me to declare that Nostradamus’ long awaited “king of Terror” expected to descend from the skies in July of 1999 was not a person, but a phenomenon. It is Global Warming. Furthermore, this “king” and his terror of superstorms, global droughts and subsequent global famines is with us for the coming 30 years.

The events of this spring only add to the efficacy of Nostradamus’ famous warning

“In 1999 and seven months, the great King of Terror will descend from the skies…” (Century 10, Quatrain 72)

The obscurity of Nostradamus’ Old French syntax allows the prophecy to also cover this year’s July as much as last. Rather than meaning July of 1999, we can count the “seven months” from the end of 1999 and get July 2000. This could tie into the first prophecy’s warning of a terrible drought in latitude 48 in “Cancer.” By the end of July (a month represented by “Cancer” in astrology), we could witness more dramatic climatic upheavals. There may be powerful level 5 hurricanes, and a boiling of field and stream from unprecedented heat waves spanning across the American Midwest and Southeast all the way to Southwest France.

In a world where the polluted atmosphere taps the sun’s heat, extreme weather is the norm. Many prophecies I have recorded in my books forewarn of areas flooded and whipped by dreadful storms, while other regions suffer droughts of biblical proportions. Add to this the dwindling supply of fresh water to sustain a billion new people appearing on the earth in the first eleven years of the new millennium, and the prophecies above will perhaps find their fulfillment.

If the end of July 2000 marks the onset of these unpleasant events they may yet again warn us in time to change. Killer droughts and storms could galvanize the public and leaders alike to create a long-term policy to prevent a runaway weather catastrophe before it is too late.

John Hogue
(20 June 2000)

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One Comment

  1. Dean
    Posted 22 December 2012 at 11:15 am | Permalink

    I suggest a candidate of the fish boiling across waters of 48th latitude could be the nuclear fallout stream from Japan across to Vancouver and Seatle. It is inline with the projected risk areas from currents/jetstream from Fukishima disaster.
    Full meltdown would certainly boil the fish across a swath of the ocean.

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