Nostradamus, Iran war march 2012 – a call to Dolores Cannon

It is St. Patrick’s Day. Time for some blarney mixed with real Brachidaen oracles of Nostradamus. But first:

In a recent article posted on 20 January 2012, I revealed how the 16th-century seer, Nostradamus, named the Strait of Hormuz by the old name of the coast on the Iranian side of this narrow channel from which a quarter of all global oil and gas exports flow: Carmania. The prophecy hinted of an “asinine” act from Ishmaelites (Muslims) coming from that direction. This brought a recent comment from “Turiya” about the “ass” invective of Nostradamus and my interpretation of it.

“Turiya” Hey John. You say, “The asses is Nostradamus’ general condemnation of the Islamic fundamentalists of Iran…”


My full quote was: “The [use of] asses is Nostradamus’ general condemnation of the Islamic fundamentalists of Iran, near past and future. Their brand of fearful, grim, Saturnian Islamist ideology will land its adherents inside white shrouds of Islamic burial. It predicts also the final burial of Usama bin Laden, or Ahmadinejad, or Ayatollah Khamenei’s or any other Jihadists’ mad hateful dream of a totalitarian theocratic world Caliphate. The war with Iran will initiate the beginning of “their” ideology’s end in naval suicide attacks across the waters of the Strait of Hormuz.”

I did not write this passage back on 20 January 2012. I originally wrote and published it in the spring of 2007 in my book on Nostradamus’ prophecies about a war with Iran. Since then, Osama bin Laden has been buried in a white shroud at sea as of May of last year. His black flagged brand of Wahhabi fundamentalism is out of favor for now, eclipsed by popular uprisings of the Arab Spring.

President Ahmadinejad’s political power if not his person has been thrown into a kind of white funerary shroud with his arch rival in Iran, the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei, flooding the Iranian Parliament with his hand-appointed and ballot rigged legislators.

Grand Ayatollah Khamenei.

I am not saying the ballots were stuffed falsely. Strangely enough, Iran in its lower politically mundane levels functions like a democracy. However, the Council of Ayatollahs, which Khamenei oversees, is a political law above any faux democracy in Iran. Khamenei did not fake ballots, he simply made sure that only his candidates would have advantages the opposition could not have. He decided who would run in parliamentary elections. He chose only those more and “very” sympathetic to his views. So, politically at least, Osama is in his shroud, Ahmadinejad is being politically sewed into his for now.

That leaves Ayatollah Khamenei next in line for shrouding. I believe Nostradamus in one of his quatrains may indicate the base of operations of an act, which would see his violent end. Carmania (the northern, Iranian, shore of the Strait of Hormuz) is where Iran harbors its patrol boat fleet that could be used to close the strait to shipping that contains 25 percent of the world’s daily oil exports.

Such an act would be “asinine” indeed. It could cost the lives of 20,000 Iranian naval personnel in a suicidal battle with the American naval leviathan. Iran would be destroyed like Iraq and I would add that Ayatollah Khamenei might well suffer execution by his own people for it, if he were to hold to his own extreme, saturnine brand of Shiite ideology and not step aside for more liberal reform.

This will not happen. Khamenei will not initiate his self-destruction, that is. The Americans will have to squeeze the trigger for regional apocalypse. They will not do it in 2012. We are three years away from this terrible, asinine act.

Next Turiya changed the subject somewhat to bring my attention to author Dolores Cannon’s prescient claims and her take on a few key Nostradamus quatrains that may also describe a future war with Iran.

Dolores Cannon.

I am sure you’ve heard of Dolores Cannon, a hypnotherapist specializing in past-life regression technique, and the books she has written, “Conversations with Nostradamus”, claiming the information came to her by way of her connecting with the Collective Unconscious through a number of her sessions using hypnotherapy with some of her clients.


Chateau de l’Emperi.

Yes indeed, Turyia. I famously pointed out the weaknesses of her theory in a debate before a thousand people at the Axiom Prophecy Conference in Los Angeles in March 1997. I claimed that her “clients” were channeling information about Nostradamus that is fundamentally inaccurate. For instance, Cannon says in her interview on Ancient Prophecies (NBC) in 1994 that Nostradamus’ secret study was made completely out of stone and was cold, dank and dark. The house in which Nostradamus made those prophecies still exists and it is not totally constructed out of stone. Moreover, Nostradamus was famously adverse to the damp and later in life suffered so terribly from the lightest damp that he moved to the driest part of “dry” Provence, to Salon-en-Crau (modern Salon-en-Provence) to write his prophecies next to the closest thing in Provence to a hot and dry desert. I know it first hand. I have stood on the parapet of the Château de l’Empéri atop a rock outcropping set in the center of Salon. Beyond the town to the west stretches a huge expanse of graveled desiccated land that looks a great sight better in our day thanks in part to the financial patronage of Nostradamus to Adam de Craponne who constructed a canal to refresh with grass and farmland much of the Crau desert. You can read the full story in my Nostradamus biography.

Statue of Adam de Craponne.

Because the question of Cannon’s questionable claim keeps popping up in comments from my readers, I think it is time once again to deliver to Mrs. Dolores Cannon my challenge to “shoot” back in time through her clients a test for Nostradamus to prove he is talking to them and to her.

Tell Nostradamus to place a hermetically sealed little box in a specific corner of a wall in his house at Salon-en-Provence that we know in the future has not been touched by any remodels since he lived there. In that box, written in French in his secretary’s handwriting (Jean-Aymes de Chavigny) and signed with Nostradamus’ arthritic signature scrawl, is the line in French that will say:

Mme. Dolores Cannon interprète mes prédictions au 21e siècle

Chavigny’s handwriting is signed off by the arthritic scrawl of Nostradamus.

That translates to, “Madame Dolores Cannon interprets my prophecies in the 21st century.” If her theory is correct then as soon as she sends the psychic telegram across the fourth dimension via her mesmerized client(s), he will somehow do something he never showed signs of accomplishing – translating English into French – then put our return message in a box in the wall. The timelines must be connected. Otherwise, it would be impossible for Dolores and those people under her influence to connect with Nostradamus in his time. Thus his box with the letter would immediately appear some 450-plus years older inside the wall where we indicated it should go and we pull it out on camera with noted skeptics and believers in Nostradamus present.

If Nostradamus is indeed talking to her clients then I would be happy to retire from this work.

The dry gravel desert of the Crau.

Then Turiya presented one of Cannon’s interpretations to a quatrain of Nostradamus:

In volume one of [Cannon’s] book, she denotes that in Century [2 Quatrain 60] refers to a nuclear confrontation that takes place in the Middle East (Strait of Hormuz). Nostradamus uses the term ‘mule’ to refer to the Democratic Party. And refers to a mule being an elected Democratic U.S. President as to when this incident takes place.

[2 Q60]
Faith with Africa broken in the East
Great Jordan and Rosne, Loire and Tagus will Change
When the hunger of the mule is sated
The fleet is scattered and bodies swim in blood.

Now we all know that a ‘mule’ is also an ‘ass’. Much of your work, imo [in my opinion], shows that you are consistently interpreting Nostradamus Quatrains as to paint the U.S.G. as being in a savory light. I only hope you are doing so, as Nostradamus did with the Vatican of his day, so to throw off the scent of the hound-dogs that run the show behind the scenes with the government of our day.

Turyia’s quotes are problematic. I have tried to clean up the spelling but I believe she means I paint the US in an “unsavory” light as I often do the Vatican. Americans and Catholics I love, I just do not love the perverse minds of priests and politicians. They are, as Osho notoriously quipped, are “mafia of the soul.” In the name of America’s nobility, its politicians twist it. In the name of the “Universal”, the popes and priests try to cram the universe down their narrowed and dogmatic view.

Let us look at the original French for 2 Q60 and refresh this prophecy a little:

La foy Punicque en Orient rompue,
Grand Iud. & Rosne, Loyre & Tag changeront:
Quand du mulet la faim sera repue,
Classe espargie, sang & corps nageront.

This prophecy will require a refreshing of interpretation, because Cannon often uses Ericka Cheetham’s translations verbatim, mistakes in translation included. This makes me wonder why Mrs. Cannon does not ask Nostradamus through her entranced intermediaries to give better translations of the prophetic master. Anyway, (La foy Punicque) is a classical allusion to the Punic (Carthaginian) law of deceit coming out of North Africa. In a modern context, he might be referring to a treachery coming out of what once was the heart of the Carthaginian Empire (modern Libya and Tunisia).

Demonstrators in Tahrir Square. Source: al-Jazeera.

Grand Iud. is an abbreviation for the Jordan River. It runs east of the treachery’s source in the troubled heartland of the Middle East: Israel, Palestine and Jordan.

The mulet is a “he-mule”. That could be construed to be representative of a future US president who is a Democrat. Nostradamus loved to hide people behind animal symbols so the mule totem of the Democratic Party is a potential interpretation that I also am drawn to consider (without talking to the living Nostradamus, mind you).

Dolores Cannon commented on 2 Q60 in Volume Two of her three-volume set on Nostradamus. Turiya’s memory is wrong about Cannon mentioning the Strait of Hormuz. Cannon only wrote in general about the heartland of the Middle East. Classe (Classis) is an ancient Greek word Nostradamus usually uses to describe a fleet but sometimes army. So, one could generally stretch the last line to allude to both an “army” (US occupation of Iraq) and a “fleet” (US patrolling the Persian Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz) as part of the vision of treachery and war coming to the Middle Eastern heartland.

Cannon’s mediums for the living Nostradamus mix educated guesses with prophetic hyperbole to describe a future nuclear war in the Middle East scattering fleets with atomic blasts so violent that the nuclear conflagration will trigger earth changes. These upheavals alter the course of the River Jordan and rivers in Southern Europe as it will be visited by atomic warfare and continental shifts. The borders that such rivers define will be changed. That might be true of the Jordan, but we know the living Nostradamus knew his geography far better than that. The Tagus and the Loire do not define Spain or France’s borders. The Loire is in the French heartland and Spain’s border is defined by the Pyrenees mountain range.

It is understandable, that her subject for these session would color interpretation in the exaggerated colors and interpretive biases of the 1980s, made deep as they were in the Cold War era, seeing everything in the context of atomic war – even earth changes.

All of us who attempt to interpret Nostradamus need ever to step back and count to ten when emotions or the conditioning and color of our times would have us project upon these nebulous words the shapes of our own images and not Nostradamus’ intended vision.

Here is how I would upgrade my interpretation of 2 Q60:

The Punic treachery in the East broken,
Great Jordan and Rhône, Loire, and Tagus will change:
When the hunger of the he-mule will be satiated,
Fleet sprinkled [with] blood and bodies will swim.

Tunisia and Libya were the source of the Arab Spring revolutions of 2011 exemplifying the potential good and dangers inherent in the region wide Middle Eastern uprising. So far, Tunisia has moved with some difficulty but steady progress towards a democratic government run by moderate Islamist parties. It is hard for Judeo-Christian biases of the West to define “Islamist” as anything but moderate but it should be remembered that the most successful and secular Middle Eastern government running a Muslim country is in Turkey. An Islamist party rules it.

Conversely, the Libyan model of rebellion and Punic treachery leading to breakup and civil war is the other consequence that could spread across the Middle East as it currently has in Yemen, Bahrain, and most terribly in Syria which is now aflame with civil war that is taking on sectarian dimensions.

Thus, the Carthaginian “treachery” is Nostradamus using another classical metaphor for promises not kept by “moderate” Islamist parties today going rogue and Jihadist tomorrow in Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Iraq. This happens when the messiness of democracy and the intransigence of dictatorial plutocracies – such as the military juntas running Egypt and Syria, pledging reform but not delivering – lead to a renewal of militant fundamentalist Islamic conflict across the region.

Then again line one’s French rompue can mean to break, to snap, to break up, and to disperse to rout and dissolve those dictatorships and sheikdoms and replace them with democracies with time and patience. The Punic treachery of Middle Eastern dictators dissolved at last. Thus the regimes that are nourished by the Jordan River (Lebanon, Syria, West Bank-Palestine, Jordan and even Israel, may see themselves vastly redefined for the better as much as for the worst.

I hope for the former.

As for those countries defined by the rivers Tagus (Spain), the Loire and the Rhône (France), they are certainly set for great changes in the near future. A break up of the European Union or the Euro-monetary union will slough off Spain from its membership because of a future economic default the likes seen in Greece and possible to be seen with Italy and Portugal.

The he-mule could have been the democrat American President Clinton on the Jordan River signing the Palestinian peace accord in 1995 with Yasser Arafat of the PLO, Yitzhak Rabin of Israel, and King Hussein of Jordan. From this first step, may eventually after a few more wars and civil wars issue either a millennium of peace and progress.

Perhaps something else must satiate a future he-mule democrat president. Not Clinton but Obama.

Elsewhere in Nostradamus are references to a fleet being destroyed in the Arabian Sea or Persian Gulf (see 6 Q44). It is not clear whether the fleet is Western or Middle Eastern. The Punic treachery may link this to the “Baal Hammon” clue about the Third Antichrist described in other verses. The He-Mule may be some mythological twist on the pagan ass-headed Goddess of Pales, from where we get the name “Palestine.” Again, this could forecast ultimate success to Clinton, Rabin and Arafat’s peace signing on the Jordan, or, the democrat president is Barack Obama. Therefore, Great Jordan comprises what was once Trans-Jordan, present day Israel and Palestine in some two state solution.

Peace will not come before there is a clash of fleets, terrible and blood soaked with bodies floating upon the ocean. What other place but the Strait of Hormuz and the Persian Gulf could be the scene of such a tragedy of war?

I have said there is enough fight in all potential combatants for one more great Middle Eastern war before peace can descend upon it. Iran is the key. The war could come in three years (2015-2016). That is what my oracle continues to forecast despite all indications in the media that war is coming much sooner there.

Shall I find someone to hypnotize and find out?

One need not talk to the living Nostradamus. One simply needs to “read” his works, his original French and develop an oracular availability that can look beyond one’s mental, national and religious limits at the future. If Nostradamus wanted to come clean and tell the world openly what these prophecies mean he would have done so in his writing and not relied on clients of Dolores Cannon under hypnosis, using substandard English translations of his French prophecies to do this. Indeed, I would think Nostradamus would have called upon a Frenchman or Frenchwoman to “channel” his prophecies and not an American born from Hollywood California (me) or someone born in Arkansas (Cannon).

Am I wrong to think that?

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (

Well, there is an easy way to silence me forever in all things Nostradamus. Just instruct Nostradamus in 1555 to put that letter in a sealed box for us to retrieve 457 years later in 2012. We can carbon date the parchment to make sure it is from that time. We can check Chavigny’s and Nostradamus’ handwriting to make sure it is not a forgery. Either Dolores Cannon can retire from facilitating Nostradamus channeling or I can retire my pen, and bow to her truth.


Now we will finish off today’s blog with an answer to Michelle’s important and concise questions and challenges:

Just wondering …. why is it important or useful to attempt to predict future happenings?

It is completely unimportant. But that is where you are. You make the false important. The mind lives always in the future, or always in the past – not living in the one place where you really and eternally exist. The Present. You can find echoes of your true self fading in the past, or you can find echoes of the consequences of your present day actions bouncing back from the future. In all cases, though, my fundamental work is to take you through my uniquely Rogue scholarly insights about past and future history back home to the eternity of the present. I have to take you back from where you are stuck, either in the past or the future obsessions of the mind programed upon you by society.

There are many layers to my work at HogueProphecy and deeper layers can be found in my books. For most of my readers, the first layer of my work is used to find agreement with the projections of their programmed monkey minds either “for” or reacting “against” what I write.

That is quite all right.

Wherever you are at in consciousness is where you are. Celebrate that such is the case. The moment of eternity is never coming too early or too late because how can eternity come or go? So, you will never be late to your enlightenment or early.

We small mites of individuals can only prepare so much and the rest is just out of our hands.

I am so glad you made this statement, because it perhaps allows me to take you and others who are stuck on the surface of my work either enjoying or reacting. I would like to take you a little deeper.

Prophecy is the study of predictability. We repeat the past and call it the future and make that future mostly a repetitious tragedy – individually and collectively as a human race – because we are programmed by society to buy into bullshit like the statement above, and then use that untested dogmatic falsehood as the basis for investigating into the truth of things. Yeshua once said that you could not build your house on sand. (Yeshua by the way was given the bullshit name “Jesus Christ” because the priesthood of the newly formed big business religion felt his Jewish origin was a bad marketing tool for converting anti-Semitic Gentiles to the new Christianity brand.)

People who need to have power over you, will promote through your education ugly ideas like calling the individual a mite. (The word individual means “undivided.” It means someone who lives as a harmonic whole, universal and complete).

Who ever taught you to see people as insignificant mites with mite sized brains implied, is as ugly as Christian priests calling followers “sheep.”

You are not “mites” and “sheeple” you are individual people. You, Michelle, and the rest of you are unique portals through which the beyond can pass into and disappear from “this” present, this universe.

But do not believe me. Test what I have just said; otherwise, you make it another collected and truth indigestible morsel of dogma. Dogmas sometime make us worship the picture of spiritual nourishment like a photo of a cookie you can’t eat. If you intellectually adopt what I have said as gospel, you made it a two-dimensional cookie you can never eat and absorb truly, whole hog.

So don’t believe anything I say or write. Test it. I use meditation techniques. If you want me to share them, contact me by clicking on meditation.

You allege to be a “meditator” which makes me assume you are aligning with your highest Self, etc… so again, I wonder what is the purpose or point of predicting anything occurring on the planet or in the universe – except for just the hell of it or for the fun of it, to see if you are right?

The Lamb of God.

What if this “me” that “assumes” is a personality imposed on your eternal mystery by others? What if all assumptions as well are from this imposed mind borrowed from others who are just as much in the dark as you or I?

If you were born in another corner of the world you might have “Eastern” assumptions, or Christian, Muslim, Atheist borrowed conclusions. Assumptions are mind sand upon which we build our skewered realities like leaning towers of Pisa, soon to fall with a crash.

Also, this idea of “highest Self”. Where did you first hear this term? Watch your breath as you exhale and relax looking into this issue deeply. Allow the mind to peel the layers of memory back to the moment when someone as unconscious as you induced by his or her own “sandman” authority conditioned you to identify and borrow this term and idea as your own on blind faith. It is not your fault. We are all subconsciously trained to do this.

To your last question now. It is a variation on your first question with an extra bit about “the hell of it and the fun of it.”

Yes, making accurate predictions can embrace both: the hell of it when you accurately forecast something that some readers curse you for sharing and the fun of it, when good things are foreseen that readers in their small “mite” way “might” the future, alter.

John Hogue
(17 March 2012)

Hogueprophecy needs any of you who have thought about buying an e-book or a tangible book of prophecy to take a jump and help us. I know it is tax time and the gas prices are eating into your e-book funds, but this is always the right time, eternity’s time to read that book you thought about reading from this Hogue fellow. Here is your chance to enjoy a deeper and more thoughtful dimension of my interpretations of future trends than you will read in these blogs. There is more humor and unexpected twists from these books of rich doom to “bloomsday” narratives. Take a look at all that is available HERE AND NOW.

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  1. Hope
    Posted 17 February 2013 at 10:10 am | Permalink

    Personally I find your mocking tone regarding D. Cannon to be unworthy of the rest of your interesting discussion points.

    For all her failings, she did revive and popularized the work of Nostradamus like no other modern author, and throughout her works she repeatedly admits that she was not an educated person. In her work Nostradamus is portrayed as often being quite abusive towards her because she is uneducated and a woman! Nevertheless, her “Conversations” have been like a breath of fresh air on a subject that was stale and stagnant. Now wiser and more educated minds may look at the translations afresh, taking some of the point of view provided by her work where it fits, but (as I see you do here) adding a more scholarly approach, especially when it comes to antique words and phraseology. Don’t forget that since we are arguably “in” those times some of these quatrains were dealing with, it is a tad easier to make sense of some of them.

    As to your point about the relative dampness of Nostradamus’ basement. My first thought when I read your argument is that indeed weather patterns and climate conditions are not the same as in the great scholars time, and all of Europe was colder. Possibly it was more damp as well.

    Also, you well know that today D. Cannon is no longer “in touch” with Nostradamus, and those sessions were achieved with particular individuals at a particular time. So your challenge is almost impossible to be carried out. I believe Cannon is an elderly woman in her 80s at this point. So while it is a nice thought experiment, it is hardly going to add anything real to the discussion.

    Despite my criticisms (of your criticisms) trust that I really enjoyed reading your take on these quatrains, and look forward to more of your posts in a similar vein.

  2. T. Frankovich
    Posted 19 March 2012 at 9:43 am | Permalink

    Hey Rogue Hogue:

    You’re good at conundrums, try this one on for size: Take away my first letter. Take away my second letter. Now, take away THIS letter, and i’m still the same. What am i?

    Perhaps you may be thinking: “That’s easy, you’re an e-mail carrier.”
    But, are you absolutely SURE?

    Would not each letter of each word be merely a symbol of a symbol?

    T: No-Body has time for this. I deal with real conundrums not trifles to titillate idle neurotic needs for entertainment. Now for the rest:

    What if one would dive deeper into levels of being just energy, what then?

    If you only think about food you’ll starve to death. Eat! You are thinking about enlightenment. Jump!

    How does one know what one knows? …

    A better question would be: Who’s asking?

    And, are you SURE? Are we ALL not working on completion of OneSelf?

    Not if we are mind-fucking. So, don’t just do something. Sit there. Watch all this chattering monkey mind stuff. It comes like a storm and it goes. When it is there, watch. When it is not there, watch. When you are there, watch. When you are not there, watch.

    Is not the Way within?

    Yes. Stop thinking about it. Go IN. Or, at least take a look at what is stopping you from going in by thinking all the time about it.

    Perhaps, someway the Way is within OneSelf. Yes?

    I’m not here to give you a new belief. The truth is beyond belief.

    NO-body wrote this letter.

    In the first book I read by Osho called “Only One Sky” it ended saying that one can start this journey with the intellect and the mind but very soon one must move beyond them into direct experience, into experimenting with meditation techniques. Time to put the mind toys down. For you or any one who wants, I can share links and information to the meditations I use. Push the “Contact Me” button on my home page menu and ask for the meditations.


  3. Posted 18 March 2012 at 6:38 pm | Permalink

    Thank you for this sober analysis.

    You are welcome, Ivo.

  4. rbateman
    Posted 17 March 2012 at 9:04 pm | Permalink

    I don’t believe there will be an election this year, 2012.
    Obama just signed another of his famous Friday Night Directives.

    There will be an election.

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