The Pope’s Apology must be Vague

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Just in case Time, and/or Newsweek, don’t publish my letter to the editor, or the Fox News Channel has to bump me again for Microsoft or Elian Gonzales, etc., here’s the gist of what I would have said in those venues—if allowed—concerning the disappointing apologies recently made by the Pope in the Holy Land. For those of you who have read my 1998 book The Last Pope: The Decline and Fall of the Church of Rome you might remember that I predicted he would continue to side-step the historic crimes of the pontificate up to and through this Jubalee year of 2000.

Here’s my letter to the editors of Time

Dear Editor,
Thank you for your summary of the pope’s visit to the Holy Land (Prayers Of a Pilgrim). I can appreciate the difficulty the Holy Father faces concerning apologies for crimes committed by “certain” Christians. He has to be vague. He can’t name those criminals because they would include hundreds of self-proclaimed infallible predecessors who occupied his throne.

It has been the popes themselves who have perpetrated a canon law of anti-Semitism for over 1,600 years. They programmed the Catholic laity to obey a policy of “divinely” sanctioned hatred of the Jews upon threat of excommunication and eternal damnation. Thanks to such a harsh and sustained policy of the “infallible” popes, a climate of fear and hatred settled upon Europe, which had to lead to the Holocaust. John Paul II can’t openly name the perpetrators of this policy, otherwise he undermines his own credibility as chief Vicar of Christ.

John Hogue (Seattle, WA)
Prophecy scholar and author: The Last Pope

John Hogue
(3 April 2000)

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