Nostradamus, Dolores Cannon, New Age Sewage

I do not have to put a person under hypnosis to peel back the centuries to speak to Nostradamus. This is what Dolores Cannon claims to do in her three-volume book series Conversations with Nostradamus. I have challenged her since 1997 to prove the foundation and credibility of her work. (click on Nostradamus.)

In the beginning, only two people were witnesses to this – the two being Dolores and me. We met at a dinner party held for guest speakers of the first Axiom Prophecy Conference, sonically overshadowed by the airline jet thundering shadow of LAX in March 1997. We stood, drinks in hand. I cordially forewarned her that I would publicly criticize the basis of her purported “conversations” the next day. I would ask her to explain before a large audience how she can prove she talks to Nostradamus in the 1550s through the conduit of one of her hypnosis subjects.

When Zen came to Japan, many Samurai warriors became monks, perhaps because the code of Bushido, the code of a warrior, is a path of self-awareness, like Zen meditation.

This might surprise some of you who have suffered my withering critiques, but I do not like to ambush people. I say what I have to say in my writings here or in my printed or e-Books. You freely enter the Hogueprophecy realm by your own choice. I do not come into your inbox to leave an unsolicited comment about your politics, religion or beliefs.

Nevertheless, if you feel compelled by what I write to leave a comment in my inbox, or in the comment boxes of, I will respond and if necessary attack your views, vigorously if need be and dismantle your cherished points of belief in detail.

Thousands of you have thanked me for being taken to task or challenged to think and feel differently. Thousands more have hated me for it. So be it. I do not seek to be popular or write books that make a lot of money because they add butter to the bread of  spiritual bullshit on a shingle. You will infrequently see me invited to this new age expo or that. It is not because I am a recluse. I am not. Nevertheless, as the Axiom people in 1997 soon found out, I am spiritually incorrect as well as politically incorrect. Since they were paying my way and paying an honorarium too, I felt obligated to forewarn them that I would make a public show of my attack of Dolores Cannon’s premise about talking to Nostradamus. I gave the administrators of the Expo the chance to dis-invite me.

The person on the other end of the phone chirped that controversy was healthy and good for the Expo.

I listened to her, thinking, “you have no idea what you are saying yes to.”

So, it was agreed I come on my terms.

I use a kind of code of Bushido, the code of the Japanese Samurai, when I am on the attack. I do not ambush people. There is no surprise. I warn you that I am coming for your head.

It is like what I said to Bill O’Reilly’s producer when I appeared on Shawn Hannity’s Hannity and Colmes on 31 December 1999 for Fox News. There were some rumbles about having me on O’Reilly’s show to talk about Catholic Prophecy. Talk about the Third Secret of Fatima was loud enough to buzz some ratings biz for cable news networks.

I told her to tell O’Reilly to “do his homework or I’d have him for breakfast” on camera. Duly warned, he was free to avoid my attack, which he did.

I warned the Axiom people. They smiled it off. I warned Dolores Cannon the night before the panel meeting to prepare for my attack and for the sake of enlightening the audience, take the time overnight to prepare a good defense.

She held her drink and just smiled it off.

On some level she did not take it in. That following afternoon I came after her theory and I did most vigorously. There almost was a riot. The transcript of what transpired will be the subject of a future article.

(If you are on my free newsletter list, you will be the first to know when that or any other article of interest on prophecy and current events will be posted here.)

Today I want to give Israel and Iran a break to answer two very different reaction-responses to my Dolores Cannon article from 17 March 2012.

There are any number of books interpreting Nostradamus prophecies, yours being only one of the many.

Delores Cannon, indeed, published channeled information regarding the truths relating to her experiences with Nostradamus.

Why would this be a threat to you?

It is not a threat to me. If you actually read my works on Nostradamus before judging them, you would find Dolores in them when she makes an interesting interpretation. I cite her fairly for it. However, I cannot in all fairness to truth, support a contention of channeling Nostradamus that again and again shows she is not getting fundamental facts straight. These are facts that are beyond question about the well-documented life of the prophet. She describes Nostradamus’ secret study as “cold, dank and dark and made completely of stone” in Part One of Ancient Prophecies (NBC). Nostradamus abhorred damp climates. He lived in a Mediterranean style house of stone and wood. The house still stands.

CGI artist's rendering of Nostradamus' 16th-century house interior, accurately based on how such houses actually looked and not how channel under the influence of Dolores Cannon's hypnotic techniques might imagine it.

I pointed this out in my public challenge and asked her to explain why her hypnotic subject would miss these details in his or her travel through time back to the house in the mid-1550s.

Marianne, do not be threatened by trusting and verifying paranormal claims. Dolores Cannon’s “truths relating to her experiences with Nostradamus” are based on channeled information about Nostradamus and his secret study that are patently wrong. Indeed, talking to her over cocktails, Mrs. Cannon did not know the difference between Nostradamus’ birth house in St Remy, Provence, and his three-story house in Salon-en-Provence. Cleary her mesmerized subject did not know one house from the other when he or she was having these “conversations” inside said house and secret study with Nostradamus.

There are as many truths/realities on this planet as there are souls.

Nostradamus' house as it stands restored in Salon-en-Provence.

This is “new age” pabulum. As if you actually know. This is just something you have borrowed from others and made part of your ignorance support system, otherwise known as a “belief-system”. It is better to embrace the unknown and become intimate with the “unknowable” than coat your soft and open soul with the hard shell of these borrowed bromides and platitudes. They retard our growth in spirit.

For millenniums Earth has been ruled by a “chosen few” using fear, greed and hate as controllers. But ~ our world is in a process of being reclaimed by the downtrodden souls awakening and the proof is everywhere! There are many of us who chose to accept and honor all truths, even when we disagree ~ as you might wish to do also.

Nice words of intention but if you really understood what you are saying, questioning Dolores Cannon’s claims would be part of accepting and honoring truth. Truth cannot be hurt by tests. Only lies and illusions can be destroyed, or better, revealed to have no substance, like shadows cast suddenly in the light of truth.

Why not ask Dolores why she has not gladly and happily taken on this challenge. Why is she avoiding it all these years? Does truth avoid a challenge?

If she were a lover of truth, would she not ask her channel to tell Nostradamus to prove this connection is real? Imagine what good it would do for others if Nostradamus could clearly tell us what he meant in his prophecies.

Would not the real Nostradamus want to prove for the last time that he had found his portal into these currently apocalyptic and revelatory times he so often seems to describe?

Would he not want to claim his channel in the 21st century and send packing people like others and me publishing “a number of books interpreting Nostradamus prophecies”?

No, Marianne, meeting this challenge has not happened. It will not happen, because we are not talking about honored truths here. We are exposing the masquerade of “belief”, or qualified ignorance, pretending to be “truth.”

This world will not be reclaimed by downtrodden souls if they are caught playing an “I’m OK, you’re OK” new age politically correct pretense. Belief is the opiate that your “chosen few” use to keep people downtrodden. The “controllers” as you call them, do not want you to question opinions. They want you to leave all claims untested. They want you to feel comforted and go back to sleep dreaming nicey-nice spiritual bromides like: “there are as many truths/realities on this planet as there are souls.”

Wake up!

Whether there are many truths or not, what about your truth? Your Reality? Are you pleasantly bleating and lowing along in a herd with the other “truthies”, the other “sheeple” so that you can feel comforted by this truthiness in the security of numbers?

If you do not completely encounter and understand your whole truth, how can you recognize the many herded together truths of others?

In such a socio-political mind game as this, it is more important not to make waves than to question and explore. That is EXACTLY what the controllers want you to do. Be an obedient and compliant member of a herd of dreamers, fantasizing that the world is undergoing a “process of being reclaimed” by the poor schleps of the world. Your passive, spiritual docility is just what they need while they are taking the world over and returning the world full circle since the 1930s and 1940s to a new form of Fascism – this time it is corporate, rather than Nazi.

I cannot honor what you call “many truths” because I do not see that truth is what your statement perpetrates.

Sorry to say all of the above, but someone has to love you enough to say it. All your friends who support your belief system are doing you a disfavor. The sheeple leading the sheeple into an abyss.

I experience “belief” as one of the ugliest, retarding, four-letter words (in six letters). The sooner belief and its soul mate, “disbelief” has dropped from human consciousness the better for its golden future. When both of them have faded away, people will only have knowing and experiencing as a free option. Each of us will embark in our unique ways within and without in an exploration of this Mystery of Existence. And society free of its belief-based religions will at last ‘know’ religiousness liberated from dogma and spiritual politics. That society will be available to support and nourish every human being to become religiousness unto themselves.

I see that future eventually coming.

I exult in joy for it.

I fight for it.

I am ready to take your slings and arrows for pouring the message of the new man coming, like sand poured into the oyster of your belief-systems so that it chafes you and makes inside you eventually a new hu-womanity pearl of transcendent people.

I have dedicated my life and I am happy to give my life for that future, if those programmed to stay in the shell of belief should violently react to my constant outpouring of sand each week in these articles at Hogueprophecy, or suffer the initiation of a deeper chafing that awaits readers of my books.

Just understand if you can that I do not throw sand on your oyster blithely, letting it fall into the shell cracks irritating your belief-systems’ tender weaknesses from within.

The light of tomorrow’s potential – your potential to become human beings in a way you cannot imagine as long as belief-systems retard – makes me say these hard things to you yesterday, today and tomorrow.

You, Marianne, are not the first and you will certainly not be the last of many thousands that have come into my inbox with your views or left a comment at Hogueprophecy that an abiding compassion coming through me must upturn and shock. I too am being shocked because I am only the medium for these messages. They come from No-Where to Now-Here.

Rajneesh Chandra Mohan (Osho), prophet of a new humanity.

The creation of the new man in us will require the old man’s destruction in us. Faith, hope, belief are in the way of a brighter tomorrow and a golden destiny for humanity waiting beyond the breaking of chains of mind, prison bars of dogmas and the wooden pillory of a soul restraining personality.

When I am hard on any of you it is done with the love of a true friend and fellow traveler into that future.

This might sound odd, but in time, I trust it will be understood. What I am saying above, and what I have written to over 10,000 of you in personal letters since 1999 comes through this medium as a presence of pure love and concern for your freedom and spiritual growth.

This oracle, this portal to a better future, cannot remain silent as you dream of being a truth seeker seeking un-confrontational agreement from other dreamers when in reality your religious progress is being retarded and fossilized by bromides of belief-systems.

I cannot. I will not enable your dream because I have seen the nightmare your dreams of belief are making in my self.

It is time to wake up and become the new humanity.

Meditation is the way. Ask me for pointers and information about meditating. Contact me. Here are some words from my meditation teacher about what is needed to give birth to a new morality, a new humanity:

Obedience is not a value to me at all, neither is disobedience a disvalue. Your own understanding is the value. Out of that, obedience is good; out of that, disobedience is also good.

Morality does not disappear, but acquires a totally different meaning… Language provides numerous terms to pinpoint [the traditional] type of morality: loyalty, duty, discipline, obedience…

Great words! They can drive you into an unconscious, robotlike behavior.

This is now the greatest danger to human survival: the capacity for man to abandon his humanity; indeed, the inevitability that he does so as he merges his unique personality into larger institutional structures. It is not anger, violence, aggression, destructiveness, which is so dangerous, but the greatly valued idea of obedience…

Remember, if we want to create a new humanity, we will have to reconsider the whole mind of man. The past has created a very ugly mind – of course, with beautiful labels, with beautiful painted smiles, and behind is great animality.

My emphasis is on the individual – not on the society, not on the nation, not on the religion… The individual has to be freed from all kinds of social bondages and slaveries… Become aware…and out of your awareness, obedience is good, disobedience is good. But it has to be rooted in your awareness – then everything is good. And out of unawareness, obedience is bad, disobedience is bad.

Osho, Philosophia Perennis, Vol. I, Chapter 3



Next, I want to share with you what “K” said. As a preface to it, I will simply say, K gets me and she gets the “Great Work”:

As someone who has read lots of varying interpretations of Michele de Nostredame over the past 30+ years, including Ms. Cannon’s works (I’m sure you knew there were three volumes of “Conversations With Nostradamus”), I was so happy that someone else called her out for her work. Open as I am to all kinds of spiritual transmissions, I felt her information was a little too perfect, too contrived, to be real…but gods forbid you question anyone in the new age community. I believe that most every connection with the Divine is valid, but I get really skeptical when it is used as a revenue stream, and to be honest, her “channelings” smack of pandering to her audience.

As a part-time professional tarot reader, I have seen this before – a psychic / divination / etc., reader will tell their client what they want to hear in order to ensure future business. It has no bearing on ethics, or integrity, or even what is right. That kind of stuff gets me sick because it transmutes the sacred into the profane. Channeling, psychic work, divination, or any other activity that connects one with the Divine, and helping others connect to the Divine, is what we call the Great Work. To cheapen it by claiming something that isn’t true, or to say things which only further book sales / future meetings / public speakings / revenue streams is unethical at best. Look, I don’t begrudge anyone to make money in order to support themselves – and I don’t think that just because one is “spiritual”, that they have to live two steps above homelessness. But I don’t think it’s right to do it by bamboozling one’s audience and client base.

Thank you for calling her out. She’s not the only one, but she’s one of the more popular ones who uses a combination of New Age (my teacher told me it rhymes with “sewage”) buzzwords, popular but dead (therefore can’t speak with them) figures, and greed to further their own bank accounts. To me, it ends up being little more than a scam.

Thank you, K and thank you all for getting through this read.

John Hogue
(31 March 2012)

Here are links to some of my books and e-books where we can take the themes of this article far deeper:

Predictions for 2012

Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: MABUS


The Millennium Book of Prophecy (Deluxe Illustrated First Edition)

Messiahs: Visions and Predictions for the Second Coming

PS–A note to a certain “Gail Sh.” who requested the meditation information. You’ve been sending  me a server address that doesn’t work three times now. Please try again with a gmail account. Thanks. To the rest of you who are requesting the same free information, If you don’t hear back from me in a week, there is a problem from your end. Check your spam blocker, or your spam file. If you don’t find the meditation information there, then set up a gmail account and send me a request again.

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  1. cindyjames
    Posted 8 March 2015 at 1:36 am | Permalink

    You may be correct about Cannon, though I should expect you to apply the same rigor to ‘Osho’.

    Hi Cindy, perhaps the difference between you and me is that I personally knew both Ms Cannon and Osho. I would add that whatever any of you readers of my work find enlightening, you can thank Osho for it. Without his meditation techniques and loving guidance I would have never opened to a higher and deeper understanding that–on the side of my path of meditation–appears before you all in these hundreds of articles and dozens of books. Cannon was a mediocrity. Osho is an Enlightened Master. But you don’t have to believe or disbelieve what I just said. Explore. Test it. Meditation is not faith based, it is fact based. It is a science looking into the hypothesis of the soul. It asks you if you indeed “have” a soul. Perhaps not. Perhaps you and I need to earn it. Perhaps we have a soul but its just a seed that never grows. A true master helps your seed grow. He gives you the right amount of water of life and live and the right soil of wisdom to mature and sprout. There are many YouTube films of Osho out there. Just type in ‘Osho’ and you’ll see and listen and you’ll get a little taste of what I experienced sitting at his feet for ten years (1980-1990) when I was listening to him, loving him. Cindy, I have that rigor, more than you apparently know or are currently open to seeing. There’s no human being I’ve ever loved more than Osho. What I have experienced can be yours this moment. Just put the judgmental mind next to your sandals, before you enter the temple.

  2. Craig
    Posted 27 February 2014 at 10:42 pm | Permalink

    This is something that Mr Hogue doesn’t understand.
    There will be only 1 person that will have the credentials to dispute his ‘writings’. That person is Henry II.
    He (Hogue) sits aloof, yet Michel asked Henry to speak about Wisdom trampled by swine. Bad Luck ‘Hogue’ , your works will be known as ‘HOGue’ Wash.
    No ambush here.
    Your head or the face of RoMerica.
    The Swine do not survive.

  3. Matlocklization
    Posted 20 November 2013 at 4:39 pm | Permalink

    Firstly to John Hogue. Thankyou for your voice of reason, common sense and an individual who like many, does not like being bullshitted to or taken in as a fool. Before I entered this website I finished writing a critical piece about Deloris cannon:
    ‘Dolores loves to spin a yarn, get attention and bring out another book. And the claims she makes can’t be verified. Were you taken in as a fool by her somewhat interesting stories & other unsubstantiated quackery ? Do you listen to what she is really saying or blindly accept her bullshit. Did her diatribe of fact, fantasy & lies help you to profoundly improve your standard of living or pay the rent ? Has her profound knowledge that span’s the universe stopped people committing crime in your neighbourhood ? All these everyday things matter to us. Not fanciful notions that lay beyond the horizon !’

  4. Dr.Venu
    Posted 1 July 2013 at 10:24 pm | Permalink

    Hi, I read this as I have a person I have been trying to help to heal herself. I came across DOLORES as it can be seen widely claimed on the internet that she heals miraculously. I have been healing people by energy since the past 7 years when I got this as a gift after a prolonged illness in my meditations. I find it surprising that the healers of the world charge so high for healing because I know for sure that it IS A GIFT OF THE DIVINE and is for ALL. In fact, recently I lost my dog as he walked out somehow and tried all logical ways to find him. Then I even tried some psychics who were suggested to me. What came out of this whole experience was that every time one of them told me where my dog was, I found that they were correct in describing the surroundings and the places but….the dog was not there! I was very puzzled and so, I sat in meditation (I have been meditating for many years) and asked this question from the Divine. I would like to share the answer I was given with you. I was asked about the state I am in or the psychic is in when they make the connection. I replied that you are in your pure spirit state. Then I was also reminded that in the pure state there is no TIME and SPACE. So, the vision you get can belong to any parallel reality!. How would you know which reality the vision belongs to? Until and unless, you are so adept at the matter-energy-time-space continuum that you can be specific! Well….it explained my puzzle and I can only say this from my experience that each one of us has this ability to connect…you just have to have the unquenched thirst for finding the answer and the answer is within…ALWAYS.

    Thanks you.

  5. Suzie
    Posted 6 June 2013 at 10:22 am | Permalink

    Hi, I have only listened to Delores’s talk on youtube, so I do not know enough about her work to offer an educated critique. I did however, note that she is grossly overweight, while promoting eating raw foods, and grazing as an eating style. Why is she not practicing what she is preaching? And I found it very off putting that she would “push” the purchase of her books on her followers. I felt the questions from her audience were not challenging, and that Delores didn’t give a straight forward answer. She referred them to her books, or said the answer was too complicated.
    I am disillusioned with the world too, politics, wars, etc…but for me the answer to this is to do what small things I can to help the few people I can, and not to follow some dangerous cult. I would lots rather donate 5.00 to the humane society than to purchase one of Ms. Cannon’s “damaged” books. I just unburdened myself of the stiffling burden of Christianity. I’m not about to mire up in another “revealed” religion.
    I had to laugh out loud when Ms. Cannon said her daughter was in the other conference room selling her books! Couldn’t one of her ET’s channel her books into my Kindle? If she were really concerned about humanity…she would stop this charade, loose some weight, and go do something really worthwhile.
    But again, if it weren’t Ms. Cannon, it would be some other kook or church convincing us to empty our wallet into the offering plate…..out of fear, hopelessness, and ignorance.

    Thanks for the overview, Suzie. As the article shows, I gave Ms Cannon a chance, before an audience, to back up her claims about talking through an intermediary to the living Nostradamus in the 1550s. She couldn’t come up with the goods. Sometimes we get our karmic comeuppance when someone with compassion shows us our reflection in the mirror they hold to our faces. Some of us touch the feet of the mirror holder in gratitude, while others break the mirror and hate its holder with a poisonous passion for the rest of their lives. I would like to hope that Ms Cannon will not go to her grave sustaining the latter. She is only doing harm to her soul. What I did was only done to help a bully receive the “reward” that most bullies seek, even though they do so unconsciously, their comeuppance.

  6. Will Christie
    Posted 8 April 2013 at 2:32 pm | Permalink

    I assume you heard Dolores Cannon on Coast to Coast radio in April 2013, and the quote from George Noory that Dolores Cannon is one of the most enlightened beings on the planet that he has ever met.

    Oh, My, God! I always thought George was a loon, but this was just way over-the-top. I am surprised he didn’t invite her and Sylvia Browne (another obvious fraud) back to his apartment for a drink after the show.

    • Matlocklization
      Posted 20 November 2013 at 4:46 pm | Permalink

      You never know.
      I’m afraid some people love taking money from the gullible, its in their DNA !

  7. Cecilia
    Posted 25 December 2012 at 9:10 pm | Permalink

    I have finally found someone who disagrees with the Nostradamus books Dolores has written. After reading all three of her books, I would always wonder why other Nostradamus experts didn’t call her out publicly, specially since she claimed hers was scholarly work. Now that I have read this article about Mr Hogue calling her out in the late nineties, I realize that is about the same time she stopped promoting the prophecies and moved on to other discoveries. Her excuse was that after the millenium, there was no need to talk about the Nostradamus material because her work had awakened people and the worse of the prophecies had been averted.

    I studied with Dolores over two years ago because I wanted to see what new techniques she had to offer. Turns out her method is already used by others who call it something else, nothing new or earth shattering. What gets to me is her students have become nothing more than cult followers. The woman can do no wrong, they all fit the descriptions you give on your article which can be quite frustrating if you want to engage in an actual debate. Any dissent or disagreement in regards to her work/views are shut down by her hardcore followers who will then accuse you of not being spritually evolved.
    It doesn’t cease to amaze me that a housewife with so little education has made a lot of money by claiming to have hidden knowledge.
    I wish more people would come forward and make her followers accountable.

  8. Rick W.
    Posted 1 April 2012 at 7:41 am | Permalink

    Hope, Faith and Belief.

    How can anyone deny a person his/her Hopes? Hope springs forth, often, unsolicited. It exposes our inner spirit, our inner voice, indeed, our soul. It is based on rational possibilities and can inspire people to achieve great works.

    Faith may seem to be Hope taken to a higher level. But, it is, in fact, Hope taken to a neurotic level. It is capable of following irrational possibilities. It does not require rational explanations or logic. It does not require belief in fact or fiction. Faith, simply, requires a willingness to accept a belief system based on unproven authority.

    Belief goes one step farther. Belief is Hope taken to a psychotic level. Belief is delusional. Incorrect facts, impossible schemes and outright lies are accepted as fact and given life in the delusional mind of the Believer. There is a disconnection with reality in the Believer that defies correction. Don’t try to argue with a Believer. You know the old adage, “You can’t argue with a sick mind.”

    The spiritual world was around long before religions and charlatans tried to confiscate its energy. And it will be around long after. I cherish the spiritual experiences that I have been lucky enough to have had. And, I maintain a Hope that humanity will, someday, achieve the level of spirituality that it is capable of.

    Great and thoughtful comments like yours are rare in these pages so I will share my response with you and everyone in a future blog.

  9. Brenda
    Posted 31 March 2012 at 4:57 pm | Permalink

    When Dolores Cannon came to London I went to her meeting and could not believe her. I was the only one and felt an outsider. Twenty years on I thank the younger me for beginning to cut off from the crowd mentality. Now I am older being an outsider is no problem. But having it confirmed by you feels good. I have a reason to ask this, what do you think about nuclear explosions being very bad for the structure of our souls.

    I do know that it is bad for the environment in which our souls are enchased in form. In the Millennium Book of Prophecy, I had an essay about how we have already waged nuclear war on the planet when practicing for it since 1945. I think there have been 650 atmospheric test blasts of nuclear and thermonuclear weapons and around 1,500 underground tests. These have added radioactivity into our ecosystem that didn’t exist before 1945.

  10. Shirley Palugyay
    Posted 31 March 2012 at 10:47 am | Permalink

    I am copying and pasting what I just wrote on a John Hogue thread on a forum I belong to..
    “Just read John’s current newsletter about calling out Delores Cannon and her so called channeled information from Nostradamus that she got through a third person in the beginning and then was able to channel him herself, at least that is her claim..I have followed her work off and on through the years and have heard a few interviews to did on Nostradamus and always felt something wasn’t right.

    John is right about the so called New Age which someone said rhymes with Sewage….how appropiate. He actually forewarned Delores he was going to call her out at a conference in person, apparently she just looked at him and smiled and continued to drink her drink.

    One of the interviews I listened to recently talks about 2012 and if we are in the right mind and advancement we go to a new dicmenion on Dec. 21, 2012, we have to be prepared to leave everything behind including family, cannot take anything of the old earth with us. This new earth is like the present one with the exceptiion that everyone and everything is perfect…and went on to say this earth and it’s people will never be perfect, now that is something to look forward to, that is of course if you buy into her garbage.

    Thank you Mr. Hogue for calling her out.”

    You are welcome, Shirley. Sounds like I’ll have another challenge to make with Dolores Cannon. I predict she’ll still be around after 21 December 2012. The question/challenge to her will be, “Hey, Dolores. Why didn’t you leave people on ‘this’ earth alone and get lost into your ‘higher’ earth? Are you not yet in your right mind for such an advancement?” :-)

    • Sandra
      Posted 8 April 2012 at 5:16 am | Permalink

      I find it sad that so many so-called “New Age seers” criticize Christianity with its concepts such as the rapture when they believe pretty much the same thing, just wrapped in slightly different packaging. How is the idea of a Revelation Doom And Gloom end and rapture so different from what they believe? Many Christians believe the world is going to be destroyed in fire and brimstone. And that’s what many Newagers believe just with somewhat different details. Maybe not quite fire and brimstone. But Dolores Cannon has created a map showing a future United States just about completely covered with water. Many New Agers believe this is what will happen to the United States and many other parts of the world caused by so-called “Earth changes” that are geologically impossible. They like to preach how, unlike Christians, they are so filled with light and good vibrations and yet they completely support and even embrace the destruction of a good portion of humanity and other Earth lifeforms. And like so many Christians, they feel it’s alright because they too have the “bye suckers” attitude and feel they will get “vibrated” away from this existence into a higher reality. Alot of them are not the spiritually advanced people they think they are. They claim they get their information from a high vibrational source beyond the mind when in fact they are just stuck in their low vibrational minds “thinking”. Thinking destructive unenlightened noncreative thoughts just like politicians and religious leaders they think they are not instead of trying to go beyond to a truly creative and loving state.

      Hi Sandra. Thanks for a great comment. I will share my response to all in a future blog that examines the “High vibrational source of New Age Sewage.” Thanks for the inspiration

    • Minti
      Posted 15 February 2013 at 2:15 am | Permalink

      Dolores Cannon has always said that nothing major or drastic will happen on December 21st, 2012, and that it is just dramatization. Transition on to 5d is supposed to be gradual.

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