No Water, No Moon, Just a New Humanity


We live in ever more irrational times. The mass hysteria that carried Barack Obama and the Democrats into power in 2008 may be the same mass hysteria that will take the Democrats out of the House of Representatives “and” the Senate in the midterm election of 2010. A mass mob mindedness in 2008 could be carried away by a slogan of allusive “change” left nebulous and undefined that one could “believe in” — in other words supported by a qualified ignorance of what that change exactly is. The seduction worked on the largest body of swing voters in America, the slightly right-of-center unaligned independent voters who see the Democratic and Republican parties as two faces of a hydra-like monster that is a duopoly.

Independent Texas Congressman Ron Paul reflected in Time Magazine last month that there was no such thing as a duopoly and that in 2008 he was forced to wear the label “Republican” just to be heard.

“We don’t have a two-party system, ” concluded Paul. “We have a one-party system. Both parties endorse the welfare state and corporatism. Both parties support interventionism overseas. But they also write all the campaign laws. So they have made it virtually impossible to break into the monopoly. If I had run on a third-party ticket I wouldn’t have been in the debates.”

The conspiracy of this political monopoly is the subject of Chapter One of my newest almanac of yearly prophecies: Predictions for 2011. I call the monopoly “Politicorp”. The upcoming midterm elections are an attempt by this new aristocracy merging big business with big politics to manipulate the same public hysteria that saw independent voters go all bright eyed and bushy Obama “tales” about vaguely defined change. Now they coax this hysteria to swing to the right for a new nebulous change they can believe in: throw the bums out and get government out of their lives.

In the name of your mood swings of change, the independent voter is being used to dismantle the US Constitution rather than renew it by an emerging plutocracy I have called in predictions for 2008, 2009 and 2010 a CEOlygarcy. This plutocracy wants you to be attracted by slogans of platitudinous or cathartic change whether it herds you to the left in 2008 or to the right in 2010. They want your minds distracted. They want you lurching around like fools. The last thing they want are citizens of a resurrected democracy who are soulful masters of their own potentially self-centered and sentimental minds. They cannot succeed against a voting public that is grounded, centered, truly knowledgeable of their constitutional rights and ever vigilant watchdogs regarding “anyone” with power over them, whether it is a smiling, charismatic narcissistic US president in Washington DC or a Tea Party Wahoo! from Wasilla, AK.

Shortly after the 2008 elections “Anna” left this comment for a blog I did for Thanksgiving Day 2008 called The Thanksgiving of Dark Times Approaching. I invite you to read it in preparation for my answer to Anna. Much of what I predicted two years ago is more topical for a far different world coming in November 2010.

Thank you for writing about a topic, which has been very much on my mind.

You write: “We have not been totally here and now enough to move on.” I instantly flashed on those words and understood the meaning. Those words really helped me in my spiritual struggle to understand.

Dear Anna, I’m glad it helped. The “insight” was not mine, as such, but it came through me from something much brighter, silent and harmonious than my ego self.

The joy of a medium is to be a conduit to higher consciousness.

The deeper joy knows that all of us are vehicles for the divine 24/7. It only needs us to see what Osho used to call our habit of “being Buddhas pretending not to be.”

And it need not put on airs of oracles and prophecy. This simple yet transforming way of being a medium for existence can be your moment-to-moment state of consciousness and love, whether one is doing ordinary or extraordinary daily things, or just doing nothing, or just sleeping, waking. Digging the weeds, cleaning the bathroom, falling in love, rising in love. What in us can watch the movement of so many thoughts, emotions of the sixth sense and the hectic passage of the outside world beyond our five senses if it isn’t something very still and abiding?

Do the bestirred images broken in a thousand fragments upon the fountain’s watery surface, fall into calmer image when water begins to still? And in the glass-like surface of silent water, does one not see images as they are? Does one not see the moon reflected in the water, as it is?

Yet, this is only a reflection.

I am reminded of an unguarded moment of Zen mistress Chiyono, slowly, carefully walking with her bucket of water held between her hands. She wasn’t looking where she was going but gazing down and marveling at the moon’s reflection in bucket water. Suddenly the binding of her bamboo bucket snapped and the bucket fell apart, water running off in rivulets momentarily sparkling with fragments of moonlight at her bare feet before the dark earth soaked it up.

No reflection. No moon. Emptiness sudden. Immediately was she IN! No water, no moon, no “Chiyono.” Just enlightenment witnessing with empty hands. The observer observed.

Can we go about our day, night, and days to follow, moment to moment a witness?

The answer is lived.

Those who live it will give birth to a new humanity. Not in hundreds of years like some prophets believe, but in the only time in which the new humanity lives. The time is now. The new human is “you” — right here, right “now.” Every “now.”

No waiting. No new age. The new humanity is already waiting there in the emptiness of your hands.

John Hogue

(21 October 2010)

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