A Blood Moon Prophecy Report, Joe Biden the hand that feeds him against ISIS and from Mantra to No Mind through a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness

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DATELINE 08 October 2014

The Passing of Blood Moon Two
Of the Biblical Four Blood Moon Prophecies

In the pre-dawn hours across the more westward parts of North and South America, the 8 October Lunar eclipse will blush a rusty bloody red as it begins to set in the West. This “Blood Moon” effect is made of the redden light waves of the approaching dawn, bent and filtered through a thin sliver of Earth’s thick atmosphere projected upon the surface of the Moon during a partial lunar eclipse.

This beautiful astronomical event has long been abducted by biblical prophets of the Old and New Testaments as an evil portent for the apocalypse. John Hagee and other evangelicals have grasped onto the four blood moon eclipses of 2014 through 2015 as almost a kind of Holy Roller’s version of the New Age hysteria over the Mayan Calendar either switching on a new 5,000-year epoch or an end of time on the Winter Solstice of 2012.

So a different evangel of endings likewise anticipate and rush to publish their books like the twenty-twelvers had once done projecting their own hopes. Out of Mayan calendrical madness they go for another circular disk of worship with wariness. The loonies fixate on the silver Moon gazing and projecting divinational fears upon its flushed and cratered face. Not one winter solstice but a foursquare prophecy of four blood moon eclipses marks the time when all Hosanna and Hell breaks lose.

The seven-year tribulation will begin, the coming of the Antichrist, then Armageddon. Oh, but I shant get ahead of my eschatology.

A whole bunk (Freudian slip, I meant “bunch”) of God-fearing folks must first go “poof” in a twinkling of an eye. They meet Jesus in the heavenly clouds and leave the rest of us down here on Earth as puzzled and prepped for penance and persecution by Satan as if we were God-orphaned stars in our own HBO episode of the LeftoversLiv and let Liv Tyler, fashion

With today’s bloody eclipse we are half way through the four steps of this biblically anticipated portent making the beginning of the End Times, or so the bible bashers tell us so. I’m not blowing Liv’s cigarette smoke at this portentous idea. I mean there is undoubtedly an interesting convergence of dire developments in the world that have already befallen us on bloody moon time. The first red eclipse happened on 14 April 2014. We had the 8 October 2014 moon flashed at us today and we’ve got to pause and consider what these two eclipses framed in time.

It’s a pretty bloody mess.

From April to October 2014, America, the EU and the Russian Federation have started a new cold war. ISIS has exploded out of the Syrian Civil War to grab large tracts of Iraq. They routed the Iraqi Army that American taxpayers dumped a useless $26 billion dollars to train and arm with its most sophisticated weaponry—now in the hands of jihadists far worse than the ones Americans fought a saw suck down the eight-year blood and treasury drain as Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-2011). Three years later, on a blood moon’s illumination, America, a dozen Gulf Arab allies, the Saudi’s, the Turks and a half-dozen EU nations are re-entering what could turn into an even greater Middle Eastern quagmire than the one they unilaterally manufactured and blundered into before.

A little after the first blood moon of 14 April, the Ukrainian Civil War started an economic war of sanctions and counter-sanctions. Then, on the day before the second bloody moon of 8 April, comes an economic report from Germany, the world’s third largest economy—the axle upon which all fortunes of the Euro and the EU economy spins, hamster-wheel like—is not an economically happy little hamster-Damn!

The report on 7 October announced that Germany’s economy is slipping into a new Recession primarily because of US pressure on EU nations to sanction one of their largest customers, Russia, over Crimea’s absorption into and and the Ukrainian Civil War they believe Russia started. The Russian ruble has fallen to historic lows on this second blood moon eclipse. The economic damage, however—as I predicted in my expanded edition of a A New Cold War that includes an extra chapter on the Blood Moon Prophecies—IS taking the fragile EU economy down into what could be step one of a global financial crisis called the Greater Depression by, or a little after, the mid-decade.

The next two bloody moons appear on 4 April 2015 and 28 September 2015. They have astrological company. In Nostradamus: The War with Iran, I described the great sixteenth-century seer’s window in time for a great war between the West and Persia (modern Iran) and its allies (Syria and perhaps Shia, southern, Iraq). Note the underlined date, it lines up with blood moon number three:

Click on the cover to read more.

Click on the cover to read more.

It is going to be a long time before Mars and Saturn will equally burn together in the same fire sign or simultaneously in two fire signs. Mars will enter Leo when Saturn is in Sagittarius on far off September 2015. They will not share the same fire sign until the following year. Retrogrades of both planets make for the next rare and unusually magnified interlude of equal fire signs of war from March through May 2016 and again from August through September 2016. It is possible the scenarios of war with Iran written in this book in the spring of 2007 may better reflect a US-Iranian conflict joined in battle nearly a decade from now.

Whatever the time, the action foreseen takes place in a dry climate, apparently at the peak of summerlike conditions. Out of the skies falls the “long comet.”

Nostradamus: The War with Iran,
Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse
Chapter 5: Hidden Fires Burn with Heat

Whether biblically foreseen or not, the next two years are a very dangerous time for war and economic crisis in the world. ISIS under a bloody moon continues its advance to conquer the last large city, Kobani, in the Kurdish corner of Syria despite US airstrike that seem powerless to stop its progress. ISIS, marked by blood moon two, may, by blood moon three in early April of next year, become the cause that greater war with Iran because the strategic blunders of the West have made it so by inadvertently killing one jihadist threat only to see its resurrection as another, worse, and monstrous chimera.

Click on the cover to receive a limited offer of the expanded "Fire and Ice Prophecies" edition.

Click on the cover to receive a limited offer of the expanded “Fire and Ice Prophecies” edition.

DATELINE 08 October 2014

From Mantra to No Mind
Through a Noah’s Ark of Consciousness

Jessica, a new Facebook Friend, sent me the gift offer of joining a collective mantra event, to which, I would hope, she’ll accept my reply as also a gift, to her and to you all.

mantra for miracles: ‘PURUSA LOVE GODDESS, 7 TRILLION LOVE MAGNETS EMANATE CLEANSING HEALING LOVE’ if enough people think this mantra, incredible miracles will manifest.

What if thinking, as such, is the problem? What if mantras like these are just another trick of the mind to hide itself behind something spiritual to continue its tyranny of programming and habit controlling the soul?

A mantra might only go as far as relaxing the mind, making the mind feel peaceful, but are you and I the mind?

Is true consciousness something more than this mind, like a driver of one’s vehicle is more than the car?

Jessica, there are enough people “thinking” already and all that thinking may be acting like static and radio noise polluting the human Psycho-sphere as much as we in the physical plane pollute Earth’s atmosphere.

There are many native and fourth-world prophecies about humanity undergoing a collective madness during our times because the critical mass of an exploding population of people and the sum total of them thinking mantras and thinking-thinking-way too much and thinking unconsciously has caused a mind plague that infects the human collective psyche. This may be why humanity seems hell bent on auto-destruction these days.

What is needed is a deeper, inward journey into meditation that recognizes and re-members a witnessing consciousness in us that is neither the mind, nor does it need the mind repeating coca cola, coca cola, or Ommmmlets….Aummmmlets…. to seduce itself into a false, feel-good spirituality.

I’m speaking of a witnessing consciousness that merely observes the mind pretending to be spiritual, watching it repeating words until an understanding of how illusory that habit is simply makes the mantra fall away on its own accord.

What fills the void is something beyond words, beyond happiness, because mind can only understand these limited things. Far greater may be a consciousness existing beyond the mind.

I propose to you that Mantras are kindergarten meditation, but do not react for or against that provocation. Go in. Meditate on it.

Before knee-jerk judging, read the following about my relationship with a mystic who called all mantras kiddy-meditations. He’s a man who claimed one night, in one of our gatherings in India that I attended, that his meditation work with his disciples was “Graduate School”, not kindergarten meditation. Now then, while watching neither for or against that statement or your visceral reaction to it for or against that statement, click on this link: Meditation.

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