Mabus, Nostradamus, the Baghdad Bombing

Abraham sacrificing Isaac, by Rembrandt.

Abraham sacrificing Isaac, by Rembrandt.

A great mushroom cloud ascended into Iraqi skies from a massive truck and car bombing in Baghdad on October 25. It expolded on an intersection of many key Iraqi government ministry buildings, which include the Iraqi Ministry of Justice and the headquarters of the Baghdad Provincial Council, rendering them windowless shells. Days later, the bodies are still being pulled out of the debris. At the time of this writing the death toll rises to more than 160 people, including dozens of children and over 500 are seriously wounded.

This was a direct Sunni insurgent attack on the Shia Iraqi controlled Nuri al-Maliki government. Prime Minister al-Maliki blamed it on Saddam Hussein die-hards aided and abetted by al-Qaeda trying to disrupt the country’s upcoming parliamentary elections.

I had proposed in Predictions for 2009 that progress to bring the three quarrelsome Shia, Sunni and Kurdish communities that make up Iraq into a national coalition would falter by 2010. Though the dictator Saddam Hussein is dead, his evil ghost haunts Iraq’s efforts to forge a sustainable future. In death, Saddam will indeed gain more prophetic capital as Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist, as we will see below.

Ray Mabus Antichrist, Part 2

I want to share more of your comments and reflections stirred by the appointment of Ray Mabus as Secretary of the US Navy in President Obama’s cabinet. Although Mabus has the dubious coincidence, perhaps, of having a name exactly like the code name for Nostradamus’ Third and Final Antichrist, I, like a Muslim reader of my blogs named “Sultan,” tend to lean towards a candidate already dead as chief candidate hidden under Nostradamus’ anagram, see: Mabus antichrist.

Reverse the letters of Mabus and you get Subam. Reverse the b to d and you get Sudam. You can add or subtract redundant letters and get Suddam. Nostradamus’ rules of anagram allow one new letter replacement to finish the letter puzzle. Therefore, you could change the u for an a and get Saddam. However, the Arabic would allow the u to remain because the pronunciation is like a long a for awh or uh: Sawhdam or Suh-dam Hussein. Quatrain 62 of Century 2 in Nostradamus predicts the Antichrist, code named Mabus, achieves his evil destiny after death, causing a “terrible undoing of people and animals”.

At the time of this writing, the dead Saddam Hussein has fulfilled more elements of the Third Antichrist prophecies than any other living candidate. Sultan begins by reminding us to be aware of Muslim perceptions regarding the death of Saddam in this interchange below — which I will enlarge upon for the public:

Sudam Hussein was killed around a day or two before Eid ul Adha, I remember this because I was mad at why they did not kill him after Eid ul Adha.

I posted an article about that on 31 December 2006, the day after he was hung, saying it was a Shiite government’s slap in the collective Sunni faces of Sunni Iraqis. Beyond that, an indelicate gesture against the civility of all Muslims, especially because of what Eid ul Adha represents to all members of the Ummah (the community of 1 billion Muslims around the world).

See on Eid ul Adha Muslims sacrifice sheep to God, to commemorate how prophet Abraham was allowed to spare his son, and instead sacrifice the sheep, and I guess this is what Nostradamus saw. He probably saw Muslims sacrificing sheep or cattle and that is why he said there would be a great slaughter of animals, but I can’t explain the human part.

Sultan, that is a unique take on the Mabus Prophecy. I’m not sure Nostradamus meant it that way, since he was a Jew whose family became Christian just before he was born. Yet, he indeed being Jewish might use the biblical metaphor of Abraham and Isaac to date Saddam’s death on Eid ul Adha. Maybe it is one of his double entendres. He dates the death of Saddam on a festival of animal sacrifice that would lead later to the wholesale sacrifice of people if Iraq. A peaceful resolution of pent up Sunni and Shia Iraqi sectarian passions is key in preventing the war of the Third Antichrist. Were Iraq to unravel, it could take the entire Middle Eastern region down with it in a future religious civil war. Then would come the terrible destruction of people after the sacrifice of animals, if that is how to interpret the famous Mabus prophecy. Thus, the death of the dictator who suppressed these passions let the genie out of the noisome bottle.

Nostradamus was definitely aware of Islamic ideas and had some knowledge of Arabic as it appears in his prophecies. However, he did view Islam with the prejudices of 16th-century Westerners fearful of Ottoman Suleiman the Magnificent’s attempts to expand his conquests into Christendom. I do believe Ottoman encroachment colored his view of the Ummah in the future.

Maybe he saw a riot that broke out in Iraq, over power, I don’t know.


I don’t know either. I know this, I pray that Iraq will find its way, and the various brothers and sisters of different understandings of the Prophet Muhammad can live in peace there. I have hope now that there is a chance, Inch Allah (God willing).

Salaam (Peace)

John Hogue

(28 October 2009)

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