Decoding Nostradamus’ Third Antichrist, Mabus

Who is Mabus, the Third and Final Antichrist foreseen by Nostradamus?

Discovery premiered their Nostradamus Decoded tonight. Fabulous production quality and for the first hour they tried their best to be fair and balanced between skeptical and sympathetic views of Nostradamus until the temptation was too great. They dug up a fellow who was an expert on 16th-century French but had no knowledge whatsoever of mystical or occult knowledge from the same century. They also dug up James Randi to rant his usually unchallenged lapses of research. I tried four times in the last 20 years to corner him in a foursquare debate on television; wherein every statement he made could be challenged. He always escaped.

Don’t get me wrong, I generally liked the show and it was rich in good material from both sides. Bravo Discovery Channel for coming a long way forward from that disaster of a documentary called Nostradamus: A Skeptical Inquiry. Its more deserving descendant, Nostradamus Decoded, went a lot farther to allow skeptics to be challenged. I am grateful for that. However, Discovery Channel still seems to have a front office policy of being pre-wired biased in favor of any skeptical view, and still lets a lot of these lazy and undisciplined skeptics, like Randi, go unchallenged.

Hope in me springs eternal that Discovery will advance the path of science (which means to know) by allowing me in future documentaries they may plan on prophecy to answer every challenge, so that you, the television viewer, can be served best to decide for yourself whether the Randis or the Hogues in this Nostradamus debate have best presented their arguments.

I will give you, my readers, the responses to challenges made on this show as soon as I can in a few weeks. I would like to do it now, however I am very busy in the next few weeks finishing the final edit of Predictions for 2010. Today the rough draft was finished, appropriately on All Soul’s Day because the future of 2010 will shake souls — not only shake them for worse.

What I can present for you tonight is a blog article composed in March that covers my take on one of the main themes of Nostradamus Decoded:


I have been on the trail of decoding Nostradamus anagram for his Third and Final Antichrist perhaps longer than most Nostradamian scholars. I began in 1982, over a quarter-century ago. I waited this long before releasing my findings about MABUS because I felt the times for the actual emergence of the one Nostradamus calls his last Antichrist where not nigh unto now

The book covers just about every possible angle I have discovered on my own or collected from fellow divination detectives on the case. There are few stones left unturned, yet on rare occasions someone comes up with something interesting like the reader named “Sultan” did the other day. Another reader we’ll cal “J” presents a view often entertained by readers that Mabus isn’t a name, it’s an acronym.

I downloaded your book yesterday and didn’t stop reading until I was done. Excellent and informative.

Thank you J, for reading it.

I wanted to comment on your opinion on Mabus. I agree and expanding on your theory. [Try this interpretation:] Mabus May Be Us (or) May Be U.S. – both of which would apply.

The only problem with that theory is that it assumes Nostradamus hid English phrases in his prophecies. After over 30 years study of his unique mangling of the French language, I have not seen anything convincing enough to conclude that Nostradamus used codes for English acronyms. Still, enough readers over the years come to me with these creative attempts which makes me think it is time to write a blog article about my views on the matter, so thanks for your inspiration, J.

Seeing as how Mabus applies to so many world leaders and figures couldn’t it also say we are in the time of Mabus?

I think Nostradamus is saying that indirectly with his many hints about the time, astrology, common names fitting Mabus. I don’t think he said this directly in a nudge of an English phrase in code, though.

Doesn’t the bible state we will see the Anti Christ everywhere around the world?

In a way, my ending to the book tried to answer in the affirmative that question, and offer the readers a fresh look at just what the Antichrist might be, beyond personifications.

But back to your acronym theory. Hundreds of readers have supplied me with plays on MABUS meaning Ma Bush, for the former president’s mother, or adding the missing y say it is an acronym for May B us. Alternatively, May B U-nited S-tates. There are those of you who think it stands for a blending of G.W. Bush and Obama. It is true that a more traditional use of anagram rules from the 16th century will get you Mabus out of G.W. Bush. Just turn the G.W. to lower case g.w. Switch them around: w.g. Turn them upside down to get m.a. Bush, then drop the redundant h, and voilà! Mabus.

You can also get Obama from Mabus. The correct phonetics is oobama or ubama. You mix it to spell Maabu, cut the redundant a with an s replacement — et voilà, nous retroverons Mabus!

Now then, pardon my French, folks, but in no way have I found any acronyms for English phrases in Nostradamus. You have to look for French possibilities, and to a lesser extent phrases or names hidden in ancient French-related languages of Ossitan, Gallot, Provençal, or find an acronym you can hide phonetically in Roman letters for Greek, Hebrew, Arabic or print outright in Latin. Nostradamus blended these languages into his prophecies in Old French.

John Hogue

(01 November 2009)

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  1. Alesha
    Posted 26 December 2015 at 11:33 pm | Permalink

    I have never received a comment of your thoughts on my interpretation, so must say, a bit disappointed.
    Its funny how this years christmas speech (end 2015) the pope has said to not focus on material. Natural Disasters are increasing, and if you watched that national geographic documentary that was shown all over the world recently, you would have seen their views on changes that must be made otherwise 50 years from now, we will not recognize this planet. The pope also stated we were in a third war, but it was a very slow one (not his ‘exact’ words)
    I have not been a practicing catholic for 20 years, but now I pray for my childrens generation.

  2. Posted 24 May 2013 at 9:11 pm | Permalink

    I have decoded Mabus, please reply!!

    This is my reply…

    • Alesha
      Posted 18 May 2015 at 1:37 am | Permalink

      This is my interpretation. It came to me one night and flowed from there. It would be nice if you let me know your thoughts.
      Thank you.

      Ma = mother
      B U S elements on periodic table

      “Mabus (mother elements -The element that feeds the next element is known as the mother element.The five elements, or phases of energy, are Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood and each has different organs, colours, concepts and sounds associated with them. Each element is related to different parts of the body and the mind.) (Technology killing emotion and balance) will soon die, then will come, A horrible undoing (a bringing to destruction, ruin, or disaster) of people and animals, (from obsession of power and materials)
      At once one will see vengeance, ( Infliction of punishment in return for a wrong committed; retribution.) (War, be it man or god)
      One hundred hands (Hekatonkheires- also called the Centimane or Hundred-handers, were figures in Greek mythology, three giants of incredible strength and ferocity that helped Zeus overthrow all of the Titans – (so perhaps ‘gods children’) or war? thirst (crave, want, love, desire), famine (shortage, poverty, deficiency) , when the comet (a type of heavenly body which leaves a trail of light behind it as it moves. Heavenly body- Holonyms (“heavenly body” is a part of …: cosmos; creation; existence; macrocosm;universe; world (everything that exists anywhere) will pass.”(come to end)
      (comet defined as part of existance /creation/world etc will come to an end.

      emotion and balance will soon die. Then will come a horrible ruin of people and animals. At once there will be a war of punishment to gods children and possession of thirst and famine as the world ends.
      emotion and balance will soon die. Then will come a horrible ruin of people and animals. At once there will be a war of punishment to gods children and possession of thirst and famine when the war ends

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