Fort Hood Shooting, Jihad Terror Foreseen?

I am still hoping against hope, but it appears the era of home spun, low-tech jihad terror has come to the American homeland. I had predicted a new campaign of lone wolf, freelance terrorist cells using handguns and rifles rather than large bombs and hijacked jets as missiles in the next attack on America. Sad to say, my oracle stressed to me that it would take place in November of 2009.

Here is the passage from my e-Book Predictions for 2009 published on 24 January 2009:

In a more specific time window for 2009, look for something happening on the 11th month, November: 11/9 = 9/11…

What I forecast in April 2008 about al-Qaeda playing terror by the numbers can stand for 2009: “I predict the next terrorist attack on the US homeland will be small compared to greater danger for democracy coming from the reaction. The death of hundreds in a subway, train or bus blast, or volleys of shots fired by an al-Qaeda sniper in a shopping mall could be deployed by dark elements in the US government to suppress the American dream of a free society. A smaller event than September 11 2001 will be hyped out of proportion by those elements using Hitlerian tried-and-tested tools of intimidating and disempowering a democratic citizenry with over sold and sensationalized – even outright false flagging – terrorist attacks. Reichstag-fan your fires of terrorism.

“Oh but not Obama!” I hear many of you saying. The false flagging conspiracy dies with the Bush presidency, right?

Be ever vigilant of your leaders, be they good or mediocre human beings. Especially be aware not to become swept up in the mass psychosis of mass-unmindful-think. Where Neo-Conservative extremists might have allowed 9/11 in 2001 to happen and be rewarded with sweeping emergency powers, remember, the legacy of those powers, and the Patriot Act itself, remain tools for the next president. Even able and reasonable men are tempted by the powers surrendered mindlessly to them by previous presidents to misuse them if the rational is noble enough and if the evil is deemed necessary to justify the end, such as a temporary emergency rescinding of US democratic freedoms to track down terrorists at large in the homeland. Iagos lusting for power can even convince a noble Obama Othello to do the wrong thing and believe it right.

One shooter was involved at the Fort Hood attack that killed 12 and wounded 31. Two are in custody under question. The third is dead. He is a mental health officer, Major Malik Nidal Hasan. Whether he is an Arab or a man converting to Islam, I do not know. Nevertheless, mental cases playing the Lee Harvey “Hasan” Oswald approach to terrorist strategy has concerned me.

The lone terrorist or a handful of American nutcases catching the insanity of al-Qaeda’s violent philosophy need no marching orders from Usama bin Laden. Signals coming from terrorist leaders in 2009 have invited such people, citizens of any nation they deem an evil “Crusader” fighting Muslims or occupying Muslim lands to contribute their small portion of mayhem with hand gun, club, knife or home made explosives for the cause international terrorism.

There could be more coming. 11/5 is one day in a month of days that could see more attacks. Al-Qaeda plays terror by the numbers. We may still see a reverse 9/11 event involving shootings in the land on 11/9. Here’s the full paragraph of my November terrorist prediction from Predictions for 2009 about the numbers playing out as attack dates:

In a more specific time window for 2009, look for something happening on the 11th month, November: 11/9 = 9/11.

I would add that any day in November of the year 2009 may factor in as a date for terrorist attack because November 2009 can also be counted a 11/09 or 11/9, the reverse of 9/11.

John Hogue

(05 November 2009)

PS—I added the passage about tempations to abuse power or heed dark council. I do not see Obama abusing this power and I hope that the terrible tragedy at Fort Hood today is the only terror attack I’ll be talking about this November. The caveat to Obama is delivered here because if a plague of these lone wolves terror attacks are coming, there are indeed forces in the government looking for reasons and might prepare compelling arguments persuading this young and inexperienced president for the right reasons to suspend freedoms of the public for a wrong end.

My prayers go out to the fallen and their families, including the poor sick man undergoing an ethical and spiritual crisis who lost his mind and fired his guns. My prayers also go out to the Muslim American community, for I fear they will be judged unfairly by other unbalanced people because of Major Hasan’s terrible act.

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