One Bird Flu over the Global Human’s Nest?

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Bird flu is rustling in the nest of current events. The year is young however already six people have come down with Avian Flu virus in Southwest China, four of which have since died.

Favorite-feathered candidates for Thanksgiving Dinner have tested positive for the AIDS of avians closer to my home. Yahoo News reports that more than 50,000 birds on the Abbotsford, British Columbia farm will be “put down” and buried to ensure the avian influenza virus doesn’t spread to other farms, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency said.

It felt like a good time to review and assess what I wrote a year ago about the Avian Flu virus in your future.


All best laid plans of mice and men, plague rats and prophecy scholars can be blindsided by a single event that burns bridges to timelines both feared and desired. It is the most third-eye wracking aspect of prophetic interpretation for anyone in this prescient field who has moved beyond the false serenity of that ancient, biblical and altogether anal retentive belief that the divinity, he-she-or it, has planned everything, known everything and set forth all future destinies and fateful choices onto one timeline that we — his hers or its creation — just follow along for better or worse like sheep down the path to forage and slaughter house.

The reality is not that way.

God likes breaking the paddock gate from time to new times. The excitable chickens of new possibility raid the grand gardens of Providence because unexpected blows of chance and outcomes of choice bust the fence of attitude and expectations we try to contain around the dynamic, ever changing future.

God loves playing the wild card of destiny.

I cannot in my intuitive entrails countenance the Divine being so stupid and rigid to plan out everything without some option for coyote mischief. I mean, why create those Wiley Coyotes if you don’t want to upend plans, divine or otherwise, from time to time? Why create a vibrant world at all, if you model it after the eternal abyss of darkness you came from?

Let there be light!

What worth is laboring, even for the Creator, if it isn’t fraught with the excitement of chance, butterflies in the divine Buddha belly of doubt about the success, failure or complete reversal of your plans?

Do the birds fly straight and narrow courses in the pathless sky?

Certainly there is predictability seeded in us, divinely injected or un-divinely infecting our actions. We do follow mechanically, foreseeable cycles, both cosmic and psychological, according to preconditioning. We repeat the past and believe it is a new future. The old platitudes put on new masks of ethics, morality, technological advancement and costuming. Then. Suddenly. Look out! Here comes something out of the destined blue — the big bad Nibiru of planetary catastrophe or unexpected blessing.

I think Nostradamus was one of those fortuitous fellows who might have grasped a glimpse of a paradigm shift that would erase or take my prophecies about 2008 into completely unexpected future courses. It all depends on anticipating the right solution to Nostradamus’ riddle about “strange birds” crying, “Now! Now!” appearing just before all revelation or revolution hits future’s fan.

Is the plague doctor and healer of the 16th century sending us a carrier pigeon of prophecy from 4.5 centuries ago about a new pandemic, called the Bird Flu? Or, is it a metaphor of a new revolution in consciousness? His prophecies famously identified a “blood plague” that could kill two out of three people in the world. What pandemics of the bloodstream beyond AIDS might be approaching? I dread to think he is talking about the blood plague Southeast Asian cockfight gamblers imbibe when they suck the blood out of the wounds on their birds and die of Avian Flu virus. In 2006, I accurately predicted that medical science would confirm that Avian Flu human-to-human contagion would begin in the year 2007. Is 2008 the year the contagion mutates into a human borne pandemic?

I also predicted in 2006 that an Avian Flu vaccine would be discovered and manufactured. Also correct.

Does Nostradamus presage mass migrations of birds infected with a new and more virulent strain of the Avian Flu, “Now! now!” starting in 2008? Or, does the riddle represent the conception of a strange bird of another feather ‚Äö?Ñ?Æ taking flight in higher consciousness, a spiritual revolution coming to bring balance to the Earth?

Either the germ of a bird flu that CDC officials estimate could carry off a half-billion souls, or the divine “spark” of a new evolution in human consciousness will inseminate destiny in 2008 and perhaps upending just about everything I’m prognosticating in this book.

Predictions for 2008


It’s a year later. Score one for Avian Flu’s delay and strange birds of the divine spark. We’re still here without a half-billion reduction, yet, bird flu is also here, so we’re not out of the woods of avian flu sanctuary yet.

The above prophecy about the potentials of unexpected surprises in prophecy was from my last almanac of prophecies I post as a PDF file digital book about events to come in the New Year, starting at or around every Chinese Lunar New Year. I’ve just completed the work on Predictions for 2009 and hope to have it posted at by 30 January.

Happy Chinese New Year of the Earth Ox to you all.

John Hogue
(26 January 2009)

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