Nostradamus’ 666 Prophecy, Part 2

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The Catholic Church scandal of pedophile priests widens in April. Yet, another Bishop of the Church, this time the shepherd overseeing the Catholic flock in Norway, is exposed as an abuser of little boys this week in what has become the worst crisis of faith in Pope Benedict XVI. Although the vast majority of the Catholic world community of over 1 billion people remain steadfast against it, calls to end mandatory celibacy for priests have not been this loud since the sexual revolution put Pope Paul VI in a canonical corner after he declared in the encyclical Humanae vitae (1968) that all artificial contraception a sin.

Upheavals of all kinds — natural, religious, political — fill this first full week of April. Two major quakes in less than three days, one 7.2 magnitude temblor in Baja California, the other of 7.8 magnitude off the Indian Ocean shores of Sumatra. A political quake rumbles in Afghanistan. President going a bit kooky in Kabul, wearing the black Taliban turban of the enemy in public speeches, peevishly and openly musing aloud that he might join the Taliban as he grows ever more irascible under US pressure to purge his government of rampant opium dealing and corruption. In Harmid Karzai, I reiterated my prediction made in early 2009 on Coast to Coast AM that America will rapidly leave Afghanistan entirely in a few short years. Perhaps Karzai’s threats this week are showing US soldiers the way out of Vietnamistan? I strongly sense that US forces by 2012 will have mostly abandoned Iraq and Afghanistan.

Finally, the week is punctuated by a political quake, or better, a breakthrough: the restart of START (The Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) signed by Presidents Medvedev of Russia and Obama of America. I will come back to this theme in future blogs because full ratification of the treaty to reduce US and Russian nuclear warheads by one third must be ratified by the Russian Duma and US Senate towards the end of the year. I predict the treaty will be ratified and when that happens I will be able to deliver some good prophetic news for a change. For decades I’ve been writing that the most dangerous potential future before us is a breakdown of attempted friendship between Russia and America foreseen by Nostradamus and other seers. In their collective vision, the third and final war to end all civilization in a thermonuclear exchange came as an unanticipated danger — Armageddon’s visit a complete surprise. Therefore, any action that bolsters friendship and reduces the nuclear armaments of the two greatest nuclear powers diminishes that future. You can read Nostradamus’ full prophecies about this threat in the Epilogue of the following eBook: see Mabus Nostradamus.

Now to Part 2 of our series on Nostradamus’ 666 Prophecy.

Back in July 2009, “CJ” shared an intriguing take on Nostradamus’ 666 prophecy:

I would like to suggest that the Century 6 Quatrain 66 has been fulfilled this week. The earthquake that occurred in Italy in April is talked about in the first few lines and the rest about the bones of the great Roman being found (St Paul) was just announced. Very clear references I think you will agree.

Let’s first review Century 6 Quatrain 66 written back in 1556:

Au fondement de la nouuelle secte,
Seront les oz du grand Romain trouués,
Sepulchre en marbre apparoistra couuerte,
Terre trembler en Auril, mal enfouez.

At the founding of a new sect,
The bones of the great Roman will be found,
The sepulcher covered by marble will appear,
The earth trembles in April, badly buried.

There have been a number of purported discoveries of the final resting place of the first “Pope” or Bishop of Rome, St. Peter, who is presumed by most Nostradamus scholars to be his cryptic grand Romain, though St. Paul, who was also martyred in Rome, can’t be ruled out.

CJ thinks the temblor that devastated Aquila, in the Apennines; just less than 150 miles northeast of Rome in early April 2009 is mentioned by Nostradamus in line four. Around that time, Vatican Archaeologists lowered instruments on a string into the purported sepulcher in the earthen bowels of Rome’s Church of St. Paul, just beyond the walls of the Vatican, to collect bones for carbon dating.

A few months later, in June 2009, Pope Benedict XVI announced to the world that objective evidence beyond faith, evidence of scientists, narrowed the time window for the bones walking and perhaps preaching the good news of Jesus Christ around the first or second century C.E. when St. Paul would have lived.

At that time the Daily Mail UK reported: “The Vatican archaeologists have also found a very old fresco — dated to three centuries after Paul’s death — on the walls of the catacombs, which appears to be a faithful likeness of Paul. The old icon-painters and makers of frescoes and mosaics did not paint from whim. They saw their task as the keeping alive of a tradition, and accounts of Paul’s appearance would have been passed down from generation to generation.”

It’s perhaps more than an interesting coincidence. An earthquake pummels Aquila in April 2009. A few short months later, the scientific conclusion about the bones comes out in late June. Nostradamus described the tomb as made of white marble. Excavation of the tomb began three and a half years earlier. On 6 December 2006, the Catholic News Agency announced that Vatican archaeologists confirmed the presence of the white marble sarcophagus beneath the Church of St. Paul’s altar possibly holding the decapitated skeletal remains of St Paul.

The date is interesting. The sixth day of the twelfth month in “06”. Twelve is made of two sixes, therefore, we have the sixth day of two-sixes (666) on the sixth year of the new millennium: 2006 = 2 X 6, which is 12 (6-6 in the year 6).

Nostradamus’ quatrain indexing is 6 Q66 = 666.

The presager from Provence being a dyslexic mad poet with a method might want us to read his verses backwards with line four becoming line one: “The earth trembles in April, badly buried. The sepulcher covered by marble will appear. The bones of the great Roman will be found at the founding of a new sect.”

Read backwards in sequence, the message sounds more like an earthquake has hit the Vatican and the nearby Church of St. Paul and THAT uncovers the tomb for examination.

In part three we’ll see that line of soothsaying supported by other prophecies of Nostradamus.

As for the “new sect” could it be a new world religion in its infancy at that time. A more traditional interpretation would have it mark the death and resurrection of what it means to be “Catholic”: Universal truth seen underpinning all and everything, or a triumphalist Vatican dogma proclaiming universally a narrow view of what is universal?

John Hogue

(09 April 2010)

PS–Read The Last Pope Revisited for a detailed answer.

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