THE HOGUEPROPHECY REPORT: End of March into April 2024 – An Opening Statement The Window of Humanity’s Reckoning Opens Its Six-Month-Wide Mouth (March 21 to September 21, 2024!). Let us Pray in the Light Way / THE “DOCTOR STRANGELOVE” WANNABE UPDATE: Emmanuel Macron / RUSSIA’S “9-11” TERROR ATTACK: Massacre at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall & Concert Venue is Definitely NOT an ISIS Terrorist Attack. It has the CIA’s “Thinker-Prints” all over it, so say many Intelligence Operatives, for example, like Scott Ritter / WORLD WAR III REVELATION: Do Not Fear God but Do Cultivate a very Healthy Fear of the God of Thermonuclear War! / AN IMPORTANT DEVELOPMENT SENT “AT” ISRAEL: A Reckoning Ceasefire passes the UN Security Council without a US Veto Protecting Israel, what will the Genocidal Zionist Government of “Think Amalek” Netanyahu do? / AN EPILOGUE And a Call to Candlelight the Gathering Darkness with your Witnessing, Eternal Light


All the darkness of the Universe cannot smother one small candlelight of Consciousness and Love. Author: Mullai211, © Creative Commons.

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DATELINE: 21 March 2024

The Window of Humanity’s Reckoning Opens
Its Six-Month-Wide Mouth
March 21 to September 21, 2024!
Let us Pray in the Light Way

A NOTE ABOUT IRAN’S MISSILE ATTACK ON ISRAEL: What I wrote on 21 March 2024, released to my subscribers on 8 April 2024, I  now share with you on 13 April in the following free samples. I post it on the day when Iran sent hundreds of missiles and kamikaze drones to strike military targets across Israel–especially the Ramon and Nevetim Airbases, wherein the Israeli jets on 1 April  took off and struck with their launched missiles the sovereign territory of Iran, its Embassy/Consulate in Damascus, killing embassy staff and high ranking Iranian generals and their staff. Tehran acted in accordance with Article 5 of the UN Charter, claiming the legal right to launch its military response on the attacker, Israel, given that all embassies are sovereign territory. But what I fear is that Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel has used his strike on the Iranian Embassy as bait for a trap to widen the war from Israel’s Palestinian genocide to a regional conflict that will drag United States in to fight Zionist Israel’s enemies that it is too small to do by itself. This kind of sudden and world changing event is one of many that the following six articles cover. Therefore this opening statement, below, seems to have presciently anticipated one of several crisis that a six-month-long period will present as the greatest dangers Humanity’s has ever faced. Our future existence is at stake.

Now to that Opening Statement published on 21 March 2024:


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GAIN FULL ACCESS NOW TO 12-MONTHS OF HOGUEPROPHECY ARTICLES. Donate $60 or a little more to and you will receive full access to 12 months of my reports and articles sent directly to you.
These usually come in waves of 5-to-11 articles once or twice a month, on average 105 to 112 articles a year! As soon as they’re published, I will manually send a fully-illustrated PDF attached to the email address you used at PayPal. But 12-months in the Paypal Memo line.

The skies thunder with afterburner calls summoning the God of War.

They do so, witnessed and reported to me by my readers who live nearby military bases across the US. I also hear the infernal chorus of US Navy Growler F-18 Superhornets in up-tempo rehearsals for war 40 miles north-northwest of my village on Whidbey Island over their base at Naval Air Station Whidbey.

One of my readers and a good friend from Southern California, wrote, “The military is very active this morning at Twentynine Palms Marine base, it feels very ominous, yet I pray, try to remain centered and hopeful that these war mongering countries can stop being infantile as you put it.”

I responded to her and share it with everyone, thus:

The world is now fully inside the six-month mouth of a danger window on both the Israeli and Ukraine fronts of this “conventional phase” of the Third World War. This is the time window when nukes could be used because the Zionist fascists, like the Ukrainian fascists, are seeing their wars against their enemies unravel. But these aren’t the source of a far greater danger, especially in Ukraine’s case. You’re next comment frames it well:

“I realized in reading your email how little information that we have access to about what is going on in the world, that is not censured nor hidden from the people.”

Yes. That is the critical issue. The issue that the prophets foreseeing “three” world wars in humanity’s future pointed out, especially Mattias Stormberger (d. 1820). It is a plague of willful ignorance spread by Western governments and their slavish media to the people. It has blinded the collective West from realities as they choose with eyes wide shut by their own propaganda to make critical decisions uncritically building upon one misunderstanding after another unto a global catastrophe.

So, those of us in the alternative, free media are doing what we can to inform the public about a very different world they are living in than what they get spoon fed by their media and governments.

Reckoning time is upon us, happening down the next six months until end of September—a time to wake up and see things as they are.

We of the alternative and free speech media try to open eyes, so that Stormberger’s chilling prophecy will not come to pass. He said, “With open eyes will the people of the world walk into these catastrophes!”

We can only fulfill his prophecy if we continue to have eyes wide with Ignorance, eyes trained to ignore truth and gaze upon the bright and shiny distractions of lies.

Always accuse the enemy of that which you yourself are guilty of.

Joseph Goebbels
Adolf Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda


Left: Nazi Propaganda Postcard of a small boy holding a drum and wearing a German army steel helmet, stamped with the national-colored decal. Author unknown. No known copyright holder, © Creative Commons.

My good friend then closed her letter saying what so many of you also feel, who also pray for a different end: “Sending you my prayers and good thoughts as we teeter on the edge of something horrendous that we cannot come back from.”

This is an important statement. It is what I call “the opening part” of a deeper insight that a window of great global reckoning opens wide before us: Reckonings wake people up when “we teeter on the edge of something horrendous that we cannot come back from.”

Exactly what is needed is to move beyond the familiar malaise and move forward, rethinking out of our boxes a new way to live that only the “horrendous” can trigger.

As Osho used to say many times to those who sat before him in deep silence, “the only and fundamental evil is Unconsciousness. The only and fundamental good, is Consciousness.”

I ask the following from all my readers. Embrace these times as an opportunity for each of you to take an evolutionary jump that Classroom Earth has just offered all of us. Do not hold onto the old ways, for they have brought you to this chasm of an auto-suicidal moment for humanity. Accept the fact that an epochal age is ending, dying, so that a new epochal age can be born. If the Hopi Prophecies say that many of us will “drop dead from our fear” of these changes, make a choice, now, to embrace the unknown, to embrace the coming CHANGE. For if you do, you will play a part in the Hopi vision of these days bringing to an end the Fourth World. In its place will arise a greater Fifth World born out of the Hopi “Great Purification by Fire.” It will be a world in which people will be in harmony with each other and the world rather than be that dead-set humanity that, being out of harmony with the world, and unconsciously unwilling to embrace the new, would rather take itself and the Fourth World that they once knew and now have lost, down with them through their own auto-suicidal terror of change.


The Great Purification by Fire begins with the Roaring 2020s. Time to read this popular book The Essential Hopi Prophecies on the topic by John Hogue

Top: Osho’s eyes. Bottom: a vision that came to me when designing the cover for one of my most popular books, The Essential Hopi Prophecies. It became earth & sky elements making a face of the Hopi Great Spirit, creator of all things. The Grand Canyon arroyo, tabletop mesa & clouds emitting a wall of lightning bolts, I was compelled to turn upside-down. That revealed a chin of mist of the Creator. The arroyos upside down revealed his protruding nose. The flat line of mesas turned on their heads made his mouth, that of flashing, lightning teeth. Within the eyebrows & eye sockets made of rock arches, I placed the brightest blue star of the seven Pleiades, the Hopi Nation’s most beloved star cluster.

Always remember. It does not take many people to heed this call.

It only takes “you.” It only takes “me.” This is a change of alchemy that can only come to those who say “Yes” to this necessary six months of Reckoning’s Maw remaining wide open. Putting it another way, we are all like mothers, terrified by the birthing pangs, the water breaking, the moving of things within us that can cause great pain. True, but always remember, you, every individual, can be an integral part of this travail of humanity heading towards a new birth. Take the challenge as every mother does, no matter how afraid you are, or how cowardly. Remember only cowards know bravery. There is no other way to know it. And there is no way to go back once the travails begin. The mother can do no more than participate in the birth coming on its own accord and she also will be reborn through this birth.

I would suggest not wasting time praying for the end of these wars, for that is only sending energy to them. To pray for an end of a war identifies you to that war. For then it is your ego “I” that “wants” to end a “War” that the “I” is so “I”-dentified with ending.

Look at all the 5,000 wars of the last 3,000 years of human unconsciousness. They come as they come, and they go as they unconsciously go, into periods—equally unconscious—of peace that are merely preparation times for more wars.

In my experience for a prayer to work it needs to be far more fundamental, far more essential, far more existential without any hidden expectations or complaints, or bargaining with the Divine.

I contend that God is not a person, or an “I”-dentity super-ego.

If you “person”-nify the divine, you render “him” into an “imaginary” friend, a person, consoling your separateness because what else is a person? The word is derived from “Persona” which means “speaking through a mask” in its Greco/Latin roots.

Do not put a mask of personality either on your own or upon Godliness’ invisible face and worship it. This original face being formless therefore has no boundaries. It is just as much God’s original face as it is yours, and everyone else’s divine face. Go within and reconnect with this “original face” that existed before you were born and after you have passed away.

Pray to remember it now.

I would suggest this prayer: pray that you are open and want to embrace the great changes coming to humanity and to the Earth “whatever happens.”

Pray to be free forever from faith, and in its place awaken what is a higher state than fake faith, borrowed from others. It is the innate and eternal state of “Trust” that is your forgotten, deepest nature.

Pray “Yes” to this, to THAT.

Then go on living your life each moment as an “EFFECT” without a “CAUSE.”

Just pray to be loving with no reason. Just pray to be brave, with no reason. Just be conscious, the only good, for there is no reason not to be “this” consciousness each moment.

This is how a handful of Individuals become “Undivide-you-ALLs.” This is true Repentance which means to “re-member” your divine and eternal spark coming together inside all your scattered parts becoming Wholeness. And invite this infinitely small-all-and-everything spark to come with you into the peripheral world from your deepest deep place. Invite the divine spark to come along with you in your daily life, waking or sleeping, active or inactive, 24/7. Let this spark witness the world, the mind, the emotions, the body as something free of them. Therefore it can be totally in the world but not “of” the world.

At first your divine spark may be like a shadow, following you along.

Later, you will become the divine spark’s shadow.

Then, in an unguarded moment, it comes on Existence’s own accord. You do not suppress a desire for it or hold onto a desire for it. Just be “herenow” in all your moments. Pray to come ever back to here and now, for this is the only place that EVERYONE can find that divine God spark, that Buddha-awakened one, that Christ consciousness. The Ego always takes you far, far away to find God, Buddha, the Christ. The divine spark is that most ordinary thing that you forever are. Mind-Ego never can know the ordinariness of enlightenment because it strives to move away from it, even in search of it, in the Ego’s prison-state of Extra-ordinariness.

The Divine is never found searching for it. You “are” it.

Welcome “it” into your peripheral life, in every act. In every moment. Embrace “it” as you fall to sleep. Embrace “it” as you are waking up. Embrace “it” while you live. Embrace “it” when Life leads you to its climax when your body-mind dies in whatever way Existence deems.

Always remember, as the world seems to approach a great mouth of darkness to be devoured, remember this, unconsciousness is a quantity. Consciousness is a “quality.” All that great and approaching darkness coming—indeed even all the darkness of the Cosmos—cannot snuff out a single little candle of light.

The divine spark in everyone is that candlelight, and more. Out of 8 billion sleepwalker souls, if only an addition 200 people succeed in inviting two-hundred divine sparks of the same single LIGHT to light their candle life 24/7, it will be enough in the coming six months to close the widening maw of reckoning and somehow stay the hand of sleepwalking multitudes from dropping into the abyss of their auto-suicidal fear of change.

And remember this well, even “if” the world descends into thermonuclear war, be this conscious “spark.”

“Be a light unto yourself.” (Apo Deepo Bhava)

Those were the last words Buddha uttered before he disappeared from the world into eternal light.

“We are all Buddhas, pretending not to be,” is what my Master Osho use to remind us. That means, you are already the divine spark, the Buddha, the Christ Consciousness, “pretending not to be.”

Pray therefore to the divine, that you are ready, that you are open to watch how you “pretend not to be” what you already are. In the watching, it is not resolved. It is “inner”-stood. After that, the pretence falls away on its own accord, not through any doing by you.

And then whatever happens to the world if change is to happen, forget the world entirely and become “A light unto your Self.” That is all you need to “be.”


Osho-Final-Lamping before his cremation

A man of Buddhahood Awareness, walks in that Awareness and sits in that Awareness. Whether he speaks or acts, whether he is silent or inactive, his body is always peaceful. He smiles when the US government and its two federal marshals arrests him without a warrant, and make a show to the world, placing him in heavy chains, waist and leg irons. He keeps his balance, smiling blissfully, even at the moment of Death.

Samples of the Rest of the Six Articles, see below.


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DATELINE: 06 April 2024


Emmanuel_Macron_(cropped)SRC-Author Arno Mikkor, EU2017## Estonian Presidency-cc2.0-generic

Left: Emmanuel Macron, at the Tallinn Digital Summit, 2017. Author Arno Mikkor, EU2017## Estonian Presidency, © Creative Commons. Right: Peter Sellers playing Dr. Strangelove in the 1964, Stanley Kubrick, dark comedy classic.

Emmanuel Macron

Peter Sellers modeled his performance of Strangelove on two contemporaries. The first was Edward Teller the physicist who played a major part in creating for the US the first hydrogen fusion nuclear warheads. Teller, quite the pro-nuclear-bomb-loving fellow, once said, “Secrecy, once accepted, becomes an addiction.” Teller never felt personally responsible for the doomsday weapons he created. He threw the responsibility on the American people and their leaders. I guess his attitude was something like, he just perfected the US government’s ability to destroy the world 100 times over by building better hydrogen bombs, but it was up to sociopathic politicians to push the button or not for a nuclear war that he so conspired to fashion as so potentially lethal.

Seller’s second inspiration for Strangelove, including the hairdo, would be future Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, who was infamously honest when he darkly croaked, “It may be dangerous to be America’s enemy, but to be America’s friend is fatal.”

Since we are now on the verge of a thermonuclear war, I have always sensed that the world leader who would willfully step on the thermonuclear mine had to be the embodiment of Evil. Well then, if Unconsciousness is the only Evil, then I can’t rule out the French President Emmanuel Macron, being as unconscious as a French pastry that his mind and manner so much represents: a Macaroon.

It reminds me of my comical essay on European stereotypes in the article An Interlude of the Absurd: The War has already become a NATO Brussel’s Pouting, Sprouting Belgian Joke (April-May 2022 edition of the HogueProphecy eMagazine). When I read the following excerpt now, that absurdity seems to be prescient:… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 23—29 March 2024


©Sputnik, Maxim Blinov.

Massacre at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall & Concert Venue
Is Definitely NOT an ISIS Terrorist Attack.
It has the CIA’s “Thinker-Prints” all over it,
So say many Intelligence Operatives
For example like Scott Ritter

There is another problem with the “ISIS did it” claim. Mikael Valtersson, a retired Swedish General pointed out that the ISIS declaration that they were responsible for the Crocus theater massacre was published through old channels abandoned by ISIS several years ago. That’s a tell-tale sign that this tale told by “ISIS K” isn’t ISIS. Those same dead sources tried to prove it by sending a shot of men giving the thumbs up and victory signs with their faces blurred.

ISIS doesn’t do that. Moreover, the four perpetrators, and apparently 11 other supporting suspects and counting, were easy to track by the Russian version of the FBI, the FSB, because early arrests of some of the support people’s cellphones captured everyone of the terrorist’s cellphone numbers. FSB were listening in on their cellphones as they sped down the road to Ukraine.

They threw out their AK-47s for the FSB to retrieve. The serial numbers of each gun proved that all were “trophy” Russian Army issued guns taken from dead or captured Russians by the Ukrainian Army. The FSB closed in on the four gunmen and these jump from their car trying to hide in the forests around Bryansk. All were immediately caught by what looked to me like Russian Chechen security border guards. Not a good fate, but somewhat instantly karmic for all the horrible things they did at Crocus. The Chechens gave them a “Caucasus Mountain man’s customary tribal workover…” Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 29 March 2024


“The atomic cloud formed by the detonation seems close enough to touch, and with tension gone, Poth and Wilson do a little clowning around for the camera.” Two Marines posing with a mushroom cloud at a US Atomic Bomb test, 1947. Record Creator: Department of Defense. Department of the Navy. U.S. Marine Corps. (09/18/1947), public domain.

Do Not Fear God
But Do Cultivate a very Healthy Fear
For the God of Thermonuclear War!

Contemplating on my words set down at the beginning of the last decade of the twentieth century, we can thank the memory of a healthy fear cultivated in the First Cold War of what MADness would unleash. The Will to Catharsis was tamed. We survived its close calls. However, here we are in the mid-2020s suffering the doom of time passing. We men and women, living in this Second Cold War have cultivated an unconscious Will to Forget M.A.D.

From the 1990s and down through the next three decades of the US hegemonic era, people started losing that fear. They reasoned that the Soviet Union was no more, and the standoff danger had evaporated with it. Cold War Two started in 2014 over Ukraine with that fear completely missing in the Western capitals. It was replaced by a self-serving, stupid myth that America keeps believing in, that Russia today is still somehow the Russia of the commies the West had whipped, so they believe. That the Russia left behind was still a broken place, a basket case. A gasoline station pretending to be a nation.

All of these are utterly, deadly myths if acted upon, and the West have acted. Now at last the Western powers and America are having to face a reality that only defeat makes one confront, if they have the intelligence. They are losing their proxy war with Russia through sacrificing NATO-trained Ukrainian armed forces. They have emptied their own military arsenals and weapons’ stocks to litter and rust upon the Ukrainian battlefields. If NATO were to directly enter this war as Ukraine crumbles their forces wouldn’t last a week against a vast, new, expanded and well trained, combat experienced Russian air and ground forces because it is proving to be the world’s number one military on Earth.

The West’s reaction? They are panicking now. Defeat can be an opportunity to mature, but not here. Most often people do stupid things when loss and reality make them panic rather than face facts and back away from further conflict… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.


Source: End Palestinian Genocide. Author: Alisdare Hickson from Woolwich, United Kingdom, © Creative Commons.

A Reckoning Ceasefire passes the UN Security Council
Without a US Veto Protecting Israel

What will the Genocidal Zionist Government
Of “Think Amalek” Netanyahu do?

We have a showdown developing between Israel and its enabler the United States. We’re going to find out who enables and manipulates who in the coming weeks and what who does to who as a consequence of the vote in the US Security Council on Monday 25 March 2024. It could either pour cold water on a hot Palestinian genocide in the Gaza Strip or see Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu call the timorous and cognitively declining President Biden’s bluff.

Here comes a couple of April Fools of State, facing high stakes for both men in their standoff. The one who loses inevitably faces prison. For instance, if Biden blinks, he loses the election and maybe stands before a judge with handcuffs waiting if Trump wins. If Bibi blinks, he’ll be going against the grain of the genocidal mood of his nation. How can he not give them what they expect, a final solution to the Palestinian question? Kick them out of Rafah and the Gaza Strip into an Egyptian concentration camp under construction. Those who don’t move into Egyptian captivity, well, they can stay in the Gaza Strip, six feet under it.

Ceasefire, or Peace fired…?

Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

DATELINE: 4 April 2024

Eid al-Fitr prayer, Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul - Aug 30, 2011.Source: Devian Art, Author, AhmetSelcuk, © Creative Commons.

Eid al-Fitr prayer, Suleymaniye Mosque, Istanbul – Aug 30, 2011.Source: Devian Art, Author, AhmetSelcuk, © Creative Commons.

And a Call to Candlelight the Gathering Darkness
With your Witnessing, Eternal Light

The stubbornness of irrationality can look unstoppable, as impossible to transform its base-metal hate into the alchemical gold of love and compassion. Consider Saul of Tarsus, a Jew who with Roman Imperial help was on the hunt for and killing followers of Jesus Christ. Logic would say he cannot change. Suddenly an irrational, illogical moment happened triggered by Saul suffering a heat stroke on the road to Damascus. He was leading a contingent of Roman soldiers to help him hunt down, arrest and have killed more of Christ’s original disciples. The hot head, getting his head too hot, flipped from hating Christ to loving him and becoming Saint Paul.

The unpredictable and irrational forces in us have their part to play in the mystery of life. When individuals are suffering an existential crisis, they can experience one-hundred-and-eighty-degree transformations. So can a nation like Israel, suffering it collective existential crisis make that change…

I hope for the best but equally in balance I also wait for the worst, what irrational reaction might come in this six-month window of reckoning laid before humanity. Rationality will not be the solution because irrationality in the face of reason cannot help but react in an auto suicidal way when cornered. Also, to be rational only will miss how Rationality and Irrationality are two sides of the same-coined “mystery.”

There is, however, a solution. I come back again and again to it in my writings, the third option that is conscious of rational and irrational sides of the coin, because consciousness searches far deeper. It is something separate from unconscious thoughts and emotional motivations. This Witness of light can hold both polarities in its hand of “inner-standing.” It is made of a profoundly deeper love. It understands both sides of binary ideas, like rational-irrational, good-evil, love-hate, creation-destruction, etc., because it is free of them. It knows that the quantity of unconscious irrationality can balance the quantity that becoming more conscious is. Thus it may be possible that the darkness descending over 8 billion human beings over the next six months, might only need 200 individuals out of 8 billion people—just 200 more than the average becoming fully aware of their divine and loving nature—to counterbalance all the darkness in human existence, just as a candle shines where no universal darkness can snuff it out… Get 12 months of full access now to all my articles for only $60 or a little more.

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