Ferguson Riots. ISIS Updates of Nostradamus’ Iraq Predictions. The Future of Hamas in Gaza. Ebola Blood Plague Prophecy.

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Click on the cover to receive a limited offer of the expanded "Fire and Ice Prophecies" edition.

Click on the cover to receive a limited offer of the expanded “Fire and Ice Prophecies” edition.

DATELINE 23 August 2014

Ferguson Foreseen
Race wars becoming Class Wars:
Racism by Bank Balance

Ferguson, a suburb of St. Louis with a population that’s 70 percent African American and poor, pits itself against a nearly all Caucasian police force in nightly standoffs ever since Michael Brown, a 18-year old black teen, purportedly holding up his hands to surrender, was gunned down by a white police officer. Often great movements of history are triggered by the acts of one poor human being. Rosa Parks gets on a bus and sits in the “Whites Only” seats, launching a Civil Rights movement. Tarek al-Tayeb Mohamed Bouazizi in Tunisia, a poor street vendor, immolates himself before the tax offices because they make it impossible to make a living with their bureaucratic corruption and bribes. Bouazizi’s match lit gasoline-drenched clothes that started the Arab Spring Revolution across the Middle East in early 2011.

The shooting in Ferguson, in itself, is an ever more common experience across America, where police forces use their power to profile and oppress the impoverished and colored races, using far more force and incarcerating for far longer, than Caucasians. This time the shots perforating Michael Brown were heard around the world and across poor districts in America. It exposes more than police brutality and a fixed, double standard in application of the law, it illuminates two future trends that my books long ago anticipated would happen in America. For instance, Abdul-Jabbar’s observation recently published in Time Magazine echoes what I wrote just under four years ago: “And, unless we want the Ferguson atrocity to also be swallowed and become nothing more than an intestinal irritant to history, we have to address the situation not just as another act of systemic racism, but as what else it is: class warfare.”

On 1 November 2009, I published my take on racism melding with class warfare:

The Aquarian Age is subtle in its emergent glories and its gathering ugliness. All human beings of various pigments bleed the same color blood; beat the same heartbeats of love. Men, women and children of all races cry in sadness or ecstasy with colorless tears. Don’t be caught by surprise in 2010 when the new racial divide affects the life of you and yours… A new Aquarian-Age racial discrimination coming is far more subtle than what is at last being transcended since Obama’s advent: a kind of racism not easily exposed. Mostly very good people unconsciously are caught under its spell. Even the president himself seems in his rhetoric to be unconsciously a racist in the new cut of destiny’s wild card. He’s of the Race of “Haves” who often patronize those belonging to the race of “Have-nots.”

Your economic standing is the new measure of racism in America. It’s like half-blood Muggles versus pure blood magicians in the Harry Potter novels and movies. Doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, red or yellow, female or male, if you’ve got the magic of money, you are part of the race of magicians, if you are any color or gender but without a lot of the color greenback dollar of a good bank account, you are a muddling un-magical Muggle-born.

Predictions for 2010, Chapter 5:
The New Racism

The second trend foreseen by my Oracle was the rampant militarization of the United States police forces as a dangerous and major step Americans are taking towards a forewarned dalliance with fascism. All of this is happening under the verbal smokescreen of President Obama who talks constitutional rights, but they are “just words” masking his dark acquiescence to shadowy corporate power in Washington that would have us lose those freedoms:

The worst failed prediction I ever recorded for 2012 was President Obama in June 2012 living up to his promises made to free speech. I said he’d find his voice to speak for the aspirations of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement. How abjectly wrong I was. He does speak for them, when it’s politically advantageous. He doesn’t apparently “act” for them.

His administration crushed it, the man who made it happen and still uses FBI surveillance to monitor and watch people simply practicing their rights of free speech and peaceful assembly to protest. The Obama administration in the second term has and will continue to transform police forces into paramilitary-armed security organizations. It’s Holder and Obama misusing the opportunity of Saturn-conjunct-Neptune defining his new term in office, by paving the way to redefine what is “terrorist” and how to use the Patriot Act. In the name of national security, his administration will stifle dissent and let no good deed of whistleblowing on government corruption or abuse of constitutional powers go secretly unwatched or openly unpunished.

Predictions for 2013-2014, Chapter 2:
The Obama Prophecies

I’ll admit, my bias stands in spirit alongside those black men and women in Ferguson raising their hands at militarized police training guns leveled at their chests, chanting “Hands up! Don’t Shoot!” The police ARE overreacting and shooting to kill African Americans all too often. IT IS racial profiling and it must stop.

With that said, the unspoken tragedy of this incident is that Michael Brown really “was” a threatening bully and I predict the evidence will show it. He is no hero and his pattern of throwing his weight around threatening store clerks and cops alike will later be understood by those who can look at this rationally as a chief cause of killing by cop for this cause celeb of police brutality.

Despite a real epidemic of police profiling and lethal abuse, I predict that the evidence will back up a lot of the details of the initial police report. As I recall, the report stated that Officer Darren Wilson was coming off another case when he saw Brown and a friend walking down the center of a neighborhood street and he ordered them from his patrol car window to get off the street obstructing traffic. Whether Wilson’s way of ordering the teens about was responsible for racially disrespectful, a tape may later prove (if there is one). In either case, a heated verbal exchange led to Wilson opening his door to step out of his patrol car to again order the two teens to move off the street.

He was half way out of his patrol car when Brown apparently made his fatally immature decision to use his 6-foot-4, 292-pound frame to shove Wilson back into the car. He then began throttling the policeman with his fists. At some point the policeman’s gun went off. It is not known if Brown or Wilson were struggling with the latter’s gun.

We are told Brown backed away at the sound of the shot, turned around and began walking away. Officer Wilson, dazed from the assault, suffering face and eye socket injuries, rose from the patrol car, pulled his reloaded gun and ordered Brown to lie down on the ground. We are told without any video or tape yet presented by the Grand Jury looking into this incident that Brown turned around and advanced menacingly towards Wilson taunting the officer with threats of more violence. (There better be evidence of this beyond the officer’s written report or riots are going to spread across this land!)

What evidence I have seen of Michael Brown in criminal action could have been leaked to the press by a very white police department to demonize the black teen in the grand jury’s eyes. Nevertheless, the security videos depict Brown as a shoplifter of a box of cigars, and it does show him menacing a store clerk, shoving him around and backing him up with the threat of his massive, powerful body. People say it is unrelated to his shooting, that Officer Wilson had no prior knowledge of that crime. These videos will be significant circumstantial evidence if the hearing currently looking into whether Wilson needs to stand trial for murdering Brown also matches tape or video evidence of a similar nature and also if there are pictures of Wilson’s injuries that prove Brown severely beat Wilson.

I will say this categorically, when Officer Wilson shot to kill, he committed a crime he will never go to prison for committing.

Six shots were fired, four lodged in Michael Brown’s right arm, held up to shield his face perhaps as an instinctive reaction to the first impacting bullet to his right eye socket. The angle of the sixth and fatal shot proves it tore through the top of Brown’s head downwards as he was falling face first and lifeless to the tarmac a few seconds after the firing started.

What will be a less understood, yet tragic, aspect is that Caucasians with a predilection to racism have Michael Brown’s threatening and bullying behavior to feed their stereotypes. With that said, Officer Darren Wilson’s crime is protected by uniquely US-programmed police procedures that too easily choose lethal force over other options if the target’s skin is shades of brown to black.

I am reminded about a German policeman who recently in a similar situation, was charged by a man, not with bare fists but armed with a sword and machete swinging in both hands. The German cop quickly took him down with a shot in the leg and successfully arrested him. That man is still alive. He has a chance to get psychiatric help. Life still surges in his veins, as does an opportunity to grow and mature.

Eighteen-year old Michael Brown, with shots clearly aimed to kill, will never get that same chance to mature beyond being a teenage bully, which he was.

Officer Wilson had a right to protect himself and incapacitate the source of further violent assault. Even so, Brown had a right to live and learn from his mistakes.

How can a cop bullet to the head open a mind, except to pour out a bloody river on the pavement of mean streets?

As we wait for the verdict of one crime, the existential, collective “crime” arises for all Americans to encounter, the class war and the militarization of the American police.

The alarm is sounding.


Politically demand in bipartisan unity that police departments begin defanging this evolution of “peace” officers becoming paramilitary police occupiers of US neighborhoods. You Americans may be repeating a history that German citizens experienced in the 1930s. You might wake up one day and find out it was too late to stop the spread of fascism and thus you too become a pawn to fascism’s evil trajectory, taking its black-uniformed and blood-soaked course.

DATELINE 23 August 2014

ISIS Fearing the Military Hand from the Sea

Iraq has a new prime minister and a new Air Force. The jets have white stars on the wings and “USA” painted on the tails. Iraq has a new president. He doesn’t ask legislators for war powers even. The new president of Iraq says he’s laying down limited airstrikes on ISIS forces because of the humanitarian disaster of the Yazidis on Mt. Sinjar. He doesn’t dictate from Baghdad, but from Washington.

President Obama and his US Navy air commanders choosing to step in and play at being Iraq’s commander in chief and air force without US Congress approval, won’t tell you that only two of the dozens of airstrikes unloaded at ISIS fighters were for protecting the stranded Yazidis, who are non-Muslim, Zoroastrian worshippers, targeted for massacre. The rest of the ordinance was fired to protect Exxon, Chevron and Halliburton from a cruder and oilier humanitarian crisis: to protect the offices of oil conglomerates in Erbil that were threatened by the ISIS blitzkrieg into oil-rich Kurdistan. Though Maliki is no longer in power, the Baghdad regime goes on commanding its largest Shi’ite militia masquerading as the Iraqi National Army, as much as it props up its near-failure of a “national” (read Shi’ite dominant and intolerant) government. Maliki may be gone but his anti-Sunni policies are politically alive and well. These policies will deepen the divide, denying Sunnis shared access to Iraq’s political future. The Sunnis will ally themselves to the ISIS invaders forming an Islamic State stretching from northeastern Syria through northwestern Iraq.

America’s interests in Iraq are ever constant and ever hypocritical. It’s about the oil, folks, not the people. If the ever fresh and growing graves of Iraqis killed as collateral damage from US hegemonic designs were in the way of the oil, they’d did them up.

In the previous article stream (see ISIS), we refreshed prophecies of Nostradamus pinpointing the US invasion and occupation of “Mesopotamia” (Iraq) as a defeat of the American “Crusaders” in Iraq. The “Law of the enemy” or an extreme interpretation of Sharia Qur’anic holy law would “hold” for the Crusaders’ enemies. Indeed, signs of a clearer understanding of who would invade casting a black aspect across Iraq as Nostradamus poetically hinted, point to the invasion of ISIS as the karmic consequence of US-exceptionalist blundering into Iraq initiated by President Bush and perpetuated by President Obama. Both presidents feature prominently among Nostradamus’ top four candidates for his third and final Antichrist (See Mabus).

Another Iraq-related quatrain of Nostradamus reveals more secrets as its tale of the future draws near to the present:

6 Q33
Sa main derniere par Alus ƒanguinaire
Ne ƒe pourra par la mer guarentir:
Entre deux fleuues craindre main militaire,
Le noir l’ireux le fera repentir.

His power finally through bloody Alus,
He will be unable to protect himself by sea.
Between two rivers he will fear the military hand,
The black one [black king?] will make the angry one repent of it.

Main in Old French is a used figuratively signifying power, as one’s weapon hand. It looks clearer now that the possessor of this “hand” of power is the leader of ISIS and his power has been enabled by “bloody Alus” and “Alus” is an anagram for for the French spelling of the acronym for the United States: l’USA (the USA). Yet like Saddam Hussein before, and the similarly black-clad warriors of al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia during the last sectarian civil war in Iraq (2006-2008), the leader of ISIS cannot protect himself form US Navy jets and missiles launched from American ships stationed in the Persian Gulf who can fire with impunity, safe from counterattacks.

The emergence of ISIS as a real player in this prophecy only muddies up the nebulous use of syntax by Nostradamus in the final two lines. Just which “he” fears the “military hand”?

Is “his hand” mentioned in line one linked to the leader in line two as the Iraqi prime Minister and his US puppet Shi’ite regime in Baghdad fearing ISIS military “power” as they rampage towards Baghdad between the two rivers (Meso [between] potamia [rivers], i.e. modern Iraq)?

On the other hand, is “he” the leader of ISIS fearing the military hand that computer guides the US drones and/or pilots the fighter bomber airstrikes laying fire on ISIS motorized columns on the road to Baghdad between the bottleneck of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers?

Who then is Le noir, the black one?

Is it the black-turbaned and robed leader of ISIS, the Islamic State’s Caliph Ibrahim, AKA Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? Or, is this a repetition of Nostradamus’ anagram: Noir, “black” representing roi N(egro) equals an African American “king”, or “President” Barack Obama? In this case the line could read: “The Black King Obama will make the Angry one (Caliph Ibrahim) repent of it.”

My Oracle declares this: Obama and US airstrikes may make the leader of ISIS repent, indeed he will most likely be killed by an attack from the air, yet his monstrous holy warrior army is a Hydra sprouting many new dragon heads when one is lobbed off. I predict that piecemeal airstrikes on ISIS will not prevent the unavoidable breakup of Iraq, nor will it prevent the establishment of an extreme fundamentalist Islamic Caliphate spreading its black shadow over the heart of the Arab world. The consequence of this could solve the riddle of another Nostradamus anagram. The match that lights World War Three is struck by a henchmen of the US or Russia acting as proxy in the Middle East. He is called “barbare” (an anagram for d’Arabe, “from the Arab” Henchman used in other verses). These barbare somehow drag Russia and American into a full-scale nuclear war, perhaps as soon as 2017.

Read more how that can happen by clicking on Cold War.

DATELINE 23 August 2014

Nostradamus and the Fate of Hamas
A Prophetic update

Yet another Gaza War is slowly smoldering on to ruin and grief with no resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. In my view, I have already recorded for posterity what is “posterior-stupid” motivating all of these wars when 5.5 years ago I wrote the three-part series Nostradamus and the Fate of HAMAS published December 2008 through January 2009. (Begin reading part one by clicking on Gaza.)

NCW-KindleLookInsideMany of you have written asking if the Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas) has his name hidden in the anagram Mabus and therefore is Nostradamus’ third Antichrist.

The answer is “yes”, his name does letter-crunch down to Mabus, but I would add that so does Abu Amar (AKA Yasser Arafat) and several notorious PLO terrorist leaders from the 1980s. That there is such a cluster of Palestinian suspects as candidates for the Antichrist that they all earned a chapter in the following eBook, Nostradamus and the Antichrist. Click on Antichrist to read more about them.

DATELINE 23 August 2014

EBOLA and Prophecies of Blood Plague

The Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreak in Western Central Africa is the worst yet seen. As a prophecy scholar I’ve stood watch for plagues of blood ever since AIDS emerged in the early 1980s as a prime candidate for fulfilling plague doctor Nostradamus’ visions of a pandemic infecting the blood in our future and perhaps killing upwards of two thirds of the human race. Here’s an example of one of these plague quatrains requiring today’s refreshing of my interpretation:

3 Q75
Pau, Verone, Vicence, Sarragouƒƒe,
De glaiues loings terroirs de ƒang humides:
Peƒte ƒi grande viendra à la grand gouƒƒe,
Proche ƒecours, & bien loing les remedes.

Pau [France], Verona, Vicenza [Italy], Saragossa [Spain],
Swords damp with blood from distant lands.
A very great plague will come with a great scab.
Relief near but the remedies far away.

This is probably not a vision about Ebola unless the clue of the grand gousse (great scab) can be applied to hemorrhagic fever symptoms. Ever since the 1980s the great scab appeared to represent the creeping pandemic of HIV/AIDS (Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome), a plague of the blood known for its blue “great scabs” of Kaposi sarcoma that has already killed over 36 million people since 1981 with a near equal number living with a so far incurable HIV infection.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history's water broke.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history’s water broke.

Once we entered the twenty-first century, my intuition drew me to conclude that the blood plague pandemic referenced in several Nostradamus prophecies is not the current evolution of Ebola. The main reason is that Ebola cannot be caught like the common cold from being near people sneezing or coughing like the Black Death pandemic of the 1300s and the Spanish Swine Flu in 1918.

The more likely source for the next pandemic is another plague of the blood, a cousin of the Swine Flu that carried off 25 million people in 1918. I predict it is this cousin germ, cryptically using swords as vectors (missiles or syringes?) from distant lands, will be called the “Red Death.” It will be as virulent as the bubonic “Black Death” and I caution you all to watch for the development of a new strain of the Bird Flu as its source. If it should transfer into a new contagion threshold by being as easy to catch as the common cold, estimates are that from 400 to 600 million people could die from it inside one year.

I recall posting for the record on Coast to Coast AM radio shows a warning of a new danger window in time for pandemics would start in the year 2014. Also, check out these related articles:

One Bird Flu over the Global Human’s Nest?
Swine Flu Makes Pigs Fly

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If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


Many of the following comments and questions were inspired by those early readers of my donors expanded version of A New Cold War with the extra chapter about the Four Blood Moons in biblical prophecy.

Waay back in the 20th Century when I was an Intel officer active duty in US Army, I told my parents the one key event to watch in the world was if/when Russian and US / NATO troops began shooting at each other in a hot conflict. I had then little, and today even less, confidence that a “conventional” war would remain limited to high explosive or even tactical nuclear weapons. In my opinion if that fuse is lit. The short burn reaches critical strategic nuclear engagement rapidly, and much of Northern Hemisphere would be depopulated no matter who “won” the initial exchange.

Pray for peaceful outcome here as we seem to be sleepwalking our way towards disaster as a civilization under the utterly incompetent leadership of the totally corrupt Regime in DC.

When you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get rich more easily by graft than by work, and your laws no longer protect you against them, but protect them against you…you may know that your society is doomed.

Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand


Here’s a question about Vladimir Putin’s origins and how they might rate in prophecy:

John: I have seen you many times over the years and have a great deal of respect for you…I was introduced to Nostradamus at an early age by my mother and have always been fascinated. I have spent most of my life researching and searching…for my own work here on planet earth…but something has been nagging at me so much in regards to Putin….so much….he was born with a name that has no record of existing anywhere prior to his grandparents…although some claim it relates to a name that is oldest name in Russia and linked to all royal families in Europe…his surname means whore in France…his rise to power really took place on Sept 8 1999 becoming Prime Minister… he is from the east raised poor…every significant post for him occurs in 1999…I’m sure you know all this as I have not read your latest books you may have mentioned this for all I know…I’m not sure why I needed to email you…never done that before with anyone…it’s just really bothering me…thanks for reading Deanna

Hi Deanna, thanks for the question. It’s important enough of a question that I’ll reply in detail to it for the entire social community.

Putin is a common name in Russian, actually. Though it rhymes with the French word for “Whore” that’s a significant as Reverend Moon rhyming with the word “Moon”. It’s just a coincidence of sound without meaning beyond making wicked puns.

The greater danger in this developing situation is how propaganda driven is the US attitude and media about Russia, Russians and its leader. I predict history will show Putin being the most rational of all the world players in this current crisis, and Kerry and Obama as dangerously not ready for prime time realpolitik.


Now a question about cold and hot world wars.

John, It is vital that we we get the populace, leaders, and those in power to pay attention to the prophecies of cold and hot war. But how?

The social media can spread the word online. The first thing readers who feel like you about these prophecies might do is contact everyone on your Facebook or other social media. Also contact everyone on your email list and invite them to donate and receive the expanded edition of this book or after 1 August, they can get the shorter edition that will be posted by then on Amazon Kindle, Kobo and Nook tablets. I’ll soon be releasing a printed version as well this August.

Then, tell everyone you contact to do the same contacting everyone on their email list, Facebook or other media pages, and so on and so forth. You might be surprised how something as modest as this can spread all over the world.


I received your book. Thanks so much. I do apologize for not letting you know sooner that I had received it. I became so engrossed in the book time slipped by. As always, another masterpiece. So very worth the wait. All your knowledge and hard work work you put into your books amazes me. I study and read into the law. Well, what use to be the “law” for Americans before administrative law rose its ugly head. Things are not what they seem to be when you really dig deep. You won’t like what you find and how you’ve been duped. Administrative law is the 4th branch of government they operate under. We aren’t taught this in school. People in The world no longer think for themselves and worse don’t know how America and it’s laws for the people were set up. They don’t know what their rights are as a “natural living man or woman”. Just what they think they are as a “U.S. Citizen”. There is a huge difference. Enough rambling I’m sure you’re busy. Thanks for the book and I’ll be sure to make as many donations to you to help keep hogue prophecy going strong. Every cup of milk matters. I like that story. Take care and best wishes to you and your mother.


I know about the hard work you put into writing because I do some creative writing from time to time myself. And now, with world events escalating at such a rapid rate, it must make it even more difficult to keep up with everything.

If I weren’t a practicing meditator it would be overwhelming. I’m a one-man news network.

What amazing times we live in! I think we have reached a crossroads point. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think think we are about to see the end of the “capitalist” system. This, I think is a wonderful opportunity to leave this dying “horse” and move to the next stage in human development where mankind can evolve into a better way of living. Bye the way, Karl Marx predicted that the system would fail at around this time. I read somewhere that his mother was an astrologer and she probably knew about the present planetary influences.

That’s an interesting story. I’ll have to check and verify it’s true. If so, then I might write on it.

Of course, I agree that we also have to evolve at the spiritual level. That’s going to take some work but it can be done. I totally agree with you about the meditation. I’ve been doing chakra meditation for almost three years now and it’s quite amazing.


Anyway, enough of my story. Thanks for reading my message.

I can’t wait for your feedback about the book.

Looking so very forward to reading this new book. I’ve been counting down the days! Keep ringing that bell john, hopefully there will be more people in the world that will “get it” and remove the blinders from their eyes. I know I did after reading many of your books. Real eye openers. I know I’ve told you before it’s because of you I changed the path I was on. Not just for me but for my family as well. I finally saw what was behind the curtains and I didn’t like what I saw. Thanks for having the courage to do what you do with all the nay-Sayers in the world. Take care and hope to be reading your new book soon.



John, I have listened to you since the early days of the great scoundrel Art Bell, and have been a subscriber to your newsletter for a while.  No more!

When you make statements about situations you know absolutely nothing about, like the Ferguson shooting – using it to attack all police – you demonstrate a level of bias and ignorance that can not be tolerated.  

You no longer deserve an audience.


Well, that was a bit of an emotional outburst, Steve. It only reflects on you negatively, really. It has nothing to do with me or what I predicted.

I’ve made an intuitive call about Ferguson and I do not seek to be popular, I seek to make the right call.  By the way, I’ve worked in Watts and South Central and East Los Angeles, I know something first hand about living in the inner city. I’ve also worked in police security. The militarization of our police forces and the ease in which officers shoot to kill is an epidemic.

Funny how you can get so upset about what I said about the police and not address my critical view of Michael Brown.

That’s how hot emotions work. They narrow our perceptions only on the things we are identified and fixated upon. I’m one of the few people who called Michael Brown a bully and kind of asked for the lethal response of Officer Wilson.

Oh well, I’m used to people hanging in there with me for years listening to me and happy with what I say as long as it agrees with them.

The day eventually comes, when I “at last” write something that goes against a longtime reader and C2C fan’s opinions and they have a meltdown in my inbox.

Most people can’t see how its not about my statements. It’s about them spending all these years in agreement with me.

I’m not seeking or interested being a screen for mind projections. I do understand my own conditioned mind enough to know how easy it is to seek agreement rather than seek the truth. To do that, one must question one’s premises.

Steve, I hope you might count to ten, get calm and assess your premises.

Thank you for being a Hogueprophecy reader and listening to me on Coast to Coast all the way back to the Art Bell days.

For now the door to you in cyberspace has been slammed in my face.  My door, however, is always open to you, Steve, if you choose to return to listen and to read my views.


A while back, I got this idle critique:

Overtime, you have eloquently convinced me that although you have read and follow Nostradamus, you are not sure what or when anything will actually happen for sure just letting everyone know at some point it might, maybe or sort of happen in the near or distant future. That’s like a weatherman saying that he is 100% sure it’s going to rain in the next 6 to 12 months. I predict based on my own Latest Research, you may be correct, however and when however, I’m still a skeptic,

No, Mike. You are not a skeptic. You are a “cynic”.

I have declared 100 percent a number of documented predictions over 30 years that have come true. That you draw conclusions from a light read of me is not only a sign of light (shallow) assessment, it is lazy. It is not to be respected.

Today (23 August 2014), Mike wrote back:

After reflecting on your answer, you’re right! That was not fair to you, I can admit when I’m wrong. I’ll keep reading your material and be more open-minded.

Have a great day! Mike.

Thank you, Mike. It is very rare when people man-up or woman-up to their mistaken premises and have the courage to admit it to me. That courage is rare and I honor you for having it. There are thousands of you reading Mike’s apology right now, who also owe me an apology. I do not seek your apology or expect it, but I do see how judgments hurled my way have reflected back into your hearts and left a little shadow inside. They leave your hearts just a little heavier.

If you wish to leave a public apology in these pages, do it for your own sake, to lift your hearts free of the weight and rise beyond the shadow of unfair judgments of others.


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  1. Michael Wagner
    Posted 24 August 2014 at 2:37 pm | Permalink

    Your mention of the “barbare” reminds me of a Biblical prophecy in Ezekiel 38, 39 where it seems Russia is dragged into a disastrous invasion of Israel. As yet, I really can’t imagine how everything in that prophecy makes sense; though, I think a lot won’t become clear until it actually happens, and we recognize what was written just happened in a way we didn’t imagine. I appreciate and enjoy studying your insights.

  2. jonathan pressburger
    Posted 23 August 2014 at 2:34 pm | Permalink

    Hi John
    you’re very prolific these days! A quickie, since you mentioned researching Karl Marx’s mother. Her name I share (almost) as i;m not sure if she was Pressburg or Pressburger. I know many hundreds bearing that name perished in the Shoah, including my grandparents. I notice you go easy on Netanyahu this time (lol). Perhaps defending Hamas at the moment is hard?
    regards jp
    hope your Mother and you are well

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