Nostradamus predictions about ISIS, the Islamic State: the Sharia Law puts Obama on ISIS. Robin Williams, in Memoriam

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NCW-KindleLookInsideDATELINE 13 August 2014

The Law of his Enemy
Will put Obama on ISIS

Barack Obama in December 2011 stood before ranks of soldiers at Fort Bragg who had just returned from Iraq, exulting in the sound of his own words, ever an intoxicating verbiage framing an audacity to hope that reality would speak softer and be drowned out by those amplified words. After nine years of an Iraq War and occupation he had once defined ineloquently as “just dumb,” Obama with every fiber of his being, and a ready arsenal of clichés, declared at Fort Bragg that the end of the US mission in Iraq was “an extraordinary achievement.” He called troops retreating under cover of darkness back over the borders of Kuwait the same way they came invading nine years earlier “a historic moment.”

President Obama at Ft. Bragg, December 2011.

President Obama at Ft. Bragg, December 2011.

Well done! Scrap and hand over dozens of US bases. Pack away that hardware. Hold your heads up high with tails between legs at an exemplary and efficient withdrawal (or advance to the rear) after the al-Maliki government had rejected Obama’s attempt to leave American boots tramping on Iraqi ground. The Iraqi prime minister had showed them the door.

These are the “achievement” of losing a war that wasn’t mentioned at Fort Bragg. The president had, as ever, the audacity to hyperbolize a hope that might carry soldiers in the hall, and the nation watching on TV, aloft by his “feel good, comfort food for thought.” Skirt the ignominious truth: the US withdrawal from Iraq was a repetition of Vietnam. It was “Peace”—or better, failure—“with honor”. Seek not to burst Obama’s bubble-headed projection to the contrary.

No, in Obama’s wish fulfilling oratory, delivered chin up—his luscious baritone silky and serene—he had the audacity to say, “One of the most extraordinary chapters in the history of the American military will come to an end. Iraq’s future will be in the hands of its people. America’s war in Iraq will be over.”


The handing over of Iraq to a misbehaving Shi’ite puppet regime, sympathetic to America’s enemy, Iran, voted into power by a Shia majority population that under al-Maliki had flipped the Sunni minority the big purple-inked finger at the ballot box. Maliki has since used his power not to reconcile and bring together Shias, Sunnis and Kurds, but to divide them. He malevolently set the stage for a civil war resuming that will completely break up Iraq into at least three states, two of which will be abject failures.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history's water broke.

Click on the cover and discover many more political, social, economic and climate axis shifting events to come as 2014 looks more like 1914 when history’s water broke.

Yet that truth unfortunately speaks softer than Obama’s loud and happy talk-over-the-devil in history’s factual details with a zinger like: “We leave behind a solid state and stable, self-reliant Iraq.”


What then followed the arsenal of clichés in the Fort Bragg speech was the president’s serial overuse of first person plural. He thinks for all of us, fatherly in tone, talking down to us, his silver tongue ladling verbal hamburger helper to lengthen and fatten his beefless speeches with the obvious.

“We knew this day would come. We’ve known it for some time. But still there is something profound about the end of a war that has lasted so long,” mused Obama to his teleprompter. “It’s harder to end a war than begin one. Everything that American troops have done in Iraq—all the fighting, all the dying, the bleeding and the building and the training and the partnering, all of it has landed to this moment of success.”

LionsTigersBearsOhMySuccess? (Tigris, Euphrates and Bears, Oh my! We’re not in Kansas anymore, Dorothy! The Wizard of Ozbama has spoken).

The last president, G.W. Bush, started one of the greatest US military disasters since Vietnam. Then, once his boots were on the ground in the ruins, Bush could falsely dream of a quick and easy war deposing Saddam Hussein. President Obama had the audacity to hope for a quick and easy withdrawal without Iraq becoming another Libya: a collapsing, failed state, festering overtop oil fields so strategically needed that US soldiers might have to return there like fossils-in-the-making stuck and sucked into a tar pit.

Ever one to avoid encountering in detail the perfect mess the US occupation left behind with a sweeping bromide, Obama then talked down to the ranks some more with the audacity of euphemism to set them up for his leaving-behind-a-stable-reliant-Iraq zinger introduced earlier.

Obama-Wizard-of-Oz“Iraq’s not a perfect place. It has many challenges ahead…”

He spoke of the losses of American dead, American wounded, gingerly side-stepping any reference to the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis killed, or the cost in trillions of dollars hastening the decline of American global economic influence that this “extraordinary achievement” wrought. Yet this Harvard professor of “happy talk, keep talkin’ happy talk,” did Bali-Hai brighten up again, adding, “We’re leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq with a representative government that was elected by its people. We’re building a new partnership between our nations and we are ending a war not with a final battle but with a final march toward home. This is an extraordinary achievement.”

One (Obamagogue) demagogue’s extraordinary achievement is another man’s retreat under the cover of darkness, from whence he invaded, with honor. Moreover, the final battle may be looming in the future.

Let’s fast “foreword” back to that future foreseen four-and-a half centuries ago, when Nostradamus predicted a modern “Crusader” army would occupy Mesopotamia (Iraq) and then foretold the outcome. Century 3, Quatrain 61 of Les Propheties (The Prophecies) reads:

La grande bande & ƒecte crucigere,
Se dreƒƒera en Meƒopotamie:
Du proche fleuue compagnie legere,
Que telle loy tiendra pour ennemie.

The great host and sect of cross bearers [or: the Crusaders],
Will be massed in Mesopotamia [Iraq]:
Of the nearby river [the Euphrates] the fast company,
That such a law will hold for the enemy.

BushObamaZipperFaceWhen President Bush called his new Cold War on Terror a “great Crusade”, he made a spurious association to match his false claim that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling weapons of mass destruction, and had ties to al-Qaeda and the 9-11 attacks. Ever since he used the term Crusade, Islamo-Fascist and jihadist groups the world over have called their Western infidel enemies “Crusaders”. This is definitely not the sect of knights boiling in their armor under medieval Middle Eastern sunshine a thousand years ago. None of these set foot in the land between the two rivers (which in Greek is Meso (between), potamia (rivers). The fast company was the American armored columns of Operation Iraqi Freedom rooster-tailing desert dust racing along the banks of the Euphrates before they crossed over and seized Baghdad.

ISISSilouettedWarriorsThe law of the enemy of these Crusaders holds. That means it “withstands,” it “survives,” it “wins” against whatever intrusions of Crusaders had come or perhaps would come again. The Islamic law of the Sharia in its darkest and most Islamo-Fascistic, fundamentalist interpretation “holds” in Iraq and that black future “enemy” just gets blacker as time goes on, according to Nostradamus. First the land between the two rivers was black aspected by Saddam Hussein and the Kuwaiti oil fields he set on fire in the Persian Gulf War of 1991. Next it darkened further in the Shia-Kurdish uprising of that same year and the dozen years to follow during the low-grade air war of the US-coalition “No-Fly” Zone until it blackened far deeper in 2003 with a US occupation, quagmire and sectarian civil war. This nine-year catastrophe launched by Bush and sustained by Obama had introduced the black flags of al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia with black Sunni on black clad Shia militias and terrorists in the black terror of 2006-2008, the worst years of the Iraq occupation.

Could it ever get darker?

YES! Says the mage of Renaissance France in the following quatrain, also about Mesopotamia-Iraq:

8 Q70
Il entrera vilain, meƒchant, infame,
Tyranniƒant la Meƒopotamie:
Tous amys faits d’adulterine d’ame,
Tertre horrible noir de phiƒonomie.

He will enter, wicked, unpleasant, infamous,
Tyrannizing over Mesopotamia [Iraq]
All friends made by the adulterous lady,
The land dreadful and black of aspect.

Nostradamus’ quatrains are clearer as we draw close to the events and details cloaked in their codes and riddles. Nostradamians during the Saddam Hussein era made a mistake I often exposed. They incorrectly defined who line one’s “He” was as being Saddam Hussein. I retorted for thirty years and counting that you can’t “enter” a land you were born in unless you are a foreigner. Thus the “he” had to be another foreign invader, such as the two Bush US presidents, father in 1991 and son in 2003 or some Middle Eastern invader.


The interpretation leans further as time passed towards America being a source of blackening Iraq when a sixteenth-century royalist like Nostradamus uses the mascot of the French Revolution he so accurately foresaw and condemned to describe them. The “adulterous lady” in his prophecies is not only the Goddess Libertas. In Nostradamus’ eyes, it is Marianne, symbol of the French Revolution. You Americans have also adopted her as your symbol ever since the French gave you your Statue of Liberty towering over New York City harbor as their gift, dedicated in 1886.



Lady Liberty is France’s Marianne, an adulterous harlot who preaches republicanism and democracy in Iraq but ever seems more interested in what lies under Iraq’s earth and the graves of over a million Iraqis this star-spangled and striped “Lady” has laid low in wars and occupations since 1991. She cheats on her Constitution and American dream of freedom to wage wars and occupations to control Iraq’s oil, damn the natives’ death toll.

Verse 70 of Century 8 surrenders new potential insights from the future ever since ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) exploded out of civil-war torn Syria in lightning fast fashion. Is not ISIS now entering Iraq, wickedly beheading and slaughtering those who don’t convert to their ugly twisting of Islam? Are they not unpleasant and infamous, tyrannizing over Iraq?

Isis fighters, pictured on a militant website verified by AP.

With a new look, we go back to 3 Q62. It may be describing ISIS as the “fast company” of trucks and captured US armor personnel carriers and tanks, bedecked with black flags of jihad, sprinting down the river bank of the Tigris, seizing most of northwestern Iraq to create the “IS” (Islamic State). This IS is a new Caliphate (Islamic papacy, if you will) spreading its black flag and white-Arabic-lettered shadow over maps of northeastern Syria down into northwestern Iraq. The IS Caliphate’s interpretation of Sharia Law is so vicious and cruel, even al-Qaeda has completely disowned them and units of Qaeda forces in the Free Syrian Army fight pitched battles with them.

McCain in Syria, September 2013, purportedly meeting ISIS jihadists.

McCain in Syria, September 2013, purportedly meeting ISIS jihadists.

In 2013, a picture was taken of US Senator of Arizona, John McCain with leaders of ISIS. Insinuating themselves into the rag-tag Free Syrian Army, ISIS holy warriors who are Sunni Muslims have already enjoyed clandestine shipments of US arms, CIA training and logistical support in their battle with the al-Assad regime in Damascus in a sectarian civil war that’s killed over 170,000 Syrians. The Shia-dominated Assad regime, allied with Syrian Christians wages it against a Sunni Syrian majority.

The friends of the adulterous lady appear to be ISIS holy warriors, one day glad-handing Senator McCain in 2013, then the following year, entering Mesopotamia in 2014, “already” armed and supported by Lady-Liberty Libertine as a US ally in Syria.

Hold your holy horse, Muhammed!


The US schizophrenic foreign policy changes the status of ISIS into an enemy when they set foot in and invade Iraq. Now the assisted friend becomes a US-armed and most dangerous enemy of US oil interests in Mesopotamia. Earlier this year, Obama’s “stable and self-reliant” US-armed and trained Iraqi army broke and ran leaving four Iraqi army divisions’ worth of high-tech, top-of-the-line weaponry picked up and driven away by black garbed and hooded jihadists.

Bush’s Crusaders are now becoming Obama’s Crusaders. Faster than you can say “South Vietnam”, Obama is sending hundreds of military advisers and the first punitive air raids on ISIS fighters. It’s the same old habit of delusional presidents past. Obama is inching, mission creeping, back into Mesopotamia to draw completely around again a tragic circle of repetitive American history out of Southeast Asia entwining the Middle East. It began with a sustained US involvement on the ground in Iraq in 1991 when refugees in the mountains of Kurdistan required US Air Force humanitarian airlifts and US airstrikes, just as it does again 22 years later in 2014. The first time US aid and missiles fell out of Iraqi skies, fed, sheltered and defended refugees of a Kurdish uprising against Saddam Hussein’s victorious Republican Guards.


Atrocities of ISIS, brazenly advertised by themselves.

An imprudent use of words in a public statement by President Bush the senior started an uprising of Kurds in the north and Shia in the south of Iraq. Kurds and Shias took up Bush’s words as a promise to militarily support their rebellion against Saddam’s Sunni-dominated regime. He had offhandedly mused in a press conference that Saddam, reeling from defeat in the Persian Gulf War, might make this the best time for Iraqi’s to rise up and overthrow the hated dictator.

Bush was just talking. There would be no American troops backing Kurdish and Shi’ite rebellions. The Iraqi’s took him at his word. They rose up and soon three hundred thousand Iraqi Kurds and Shias were laid low and massacred in Saddam’s subsequent Great Terror.

Now the Kurds are under attack once again, not pitted against Republican Guards with superior weaponry but by a black clad host of ISIS, far better armed than the Republican Guards with state-of-the-art US military hardware! The people shivering, starving and dying from exposure in the mountains aren’t Kurds—not yet at least. They are ethnic cousins of the Kurds, the Yazidis, a minority of non-Muslim Zoroastrians. ISIS came into their towns and villages, demanded they instantly convert to Islam or be massacred. Those who have survived slaughter have run into the hills of Kurdistan and now receive US airdrops of food, water and clothing on Mt Sinjar.

Map of IS Caliphate. Source: Google Earth.

Map of IS Caliphate. Source: Google Earth.

Obama last week launched what he called “limited” airstrikes to protect American diplomatic missions in Iraq. What he and the US State Department don’t tell you is that these token airstrikes on ISIS advance reconnaissance columns outside of the Kurdish capital of Erbil are there to protect big-oil business missions of Texaco, Chevron and Halliburton who are based there. In the name of belated, humanitarian support, this is really all about the Adulterous Lady’s craving for oil domination pursued by a couple of her Bush presidents and now her Obama.

Her imperial behavior gets audaciously cynical under Obama.

I predict that the rumors leaked out of Washington are true. The Obama administration “ordered” the Kurds to abandon their line of defense on the frontiers. ISIS didn’t invade Kurdistan, they “occupied” the lands surrendered by the Kurds to “make it look like” they are invading Kurdistan. That appearance gives Obama’s military industrial complex the “cause” to send in his military advisors and jets to protect the Kurds and their bounteous oil reserves.


I don’t believe, for the record, I know that Obama is naïve enough to believe his diplomatic and military adventures renewed in Iraq will lead to the political reunification of Shia, Sunni and Kurd into one nation. Yet by his current actions, Obama has doomed Iraq as a political body.

He has pressured the Iraqi president to dismiss Nuri al-Maliki and form a new government that he audaciously hopes will bring the Sunnis back into a national fold with the Shias. He thinks he can bring back a new “Sunni awakening” and thus undermine Iraqi Sunni support of ISIS in the occupied zone.

I predict what Obama, speaking at Fort Bragg in December 2011, had set in motion was America leaving behind a hopeful pipe dream of a sovereign, self-reliant Iraqi state that now had become a nightmare of political crisis, instability and is currently an altogether self-unreliant regional partner. He’s leaving Iraq a greater basket case than his predecessor who started swinging the wrecking ball at Baghdad. Under Maliki, Baghdad propped up a most unrepresentative government rejecting Sunni participation. Moreover, the Kurds openly don’t want to be part of Iraq and this war brewing with ISIS will soon lead to their complete independence from Baghdad.



Obama finally got rid, or so he thinks, of al-Maliki with the American-backed Deputy Speaker of Parliament becoming the new prime minister, Haider al-Abadi. This smiling-eyed Shi’ite with no political baggage and apparently few political connections has one month to form a government. Maliki will make sure that fails, just as he gathers something else al-Abadi doesn’t have, a militia army and a threat to take back the prime minister post by a coup. We may be only one month away from a Shia-on Shia-civil war in Iraq. In the confusion and fracturing of the Shia Iraqi political regime, ISIS will continue to add to its conquests and consolidate its Caliphate.

(UPDATE 14 AUGUST: al-Maliki has stepped down peaceably for now, deferring to al-Abadi. Still, I would caution my readers to look for his manipulation of al-Abadi from behind the scenes. I would add that I do not see the new Prime Minister having much effect in restoring Sunni-Shia relations. The damage Maliki did over the years is well cooked up  and over done.)

ISIS forces are strategically savvy. To conquer Mesopotamia one must control the life-giving waters of the “land between the rivers” in a desert country. Already they have seized Iraq’s largest reservoir, the Mosul Dam on the Tigris in late July, adding it to the Fallujah Dam on the Euphrates grabbed up in January. While politicians in Baghdad bicker and arm their militias for coup and counter coups, ISIS will ride their motorized “fast companies” along the banks of the Tigris and take the Samsara Dam on the approaches to Baghdad. They will charge down the Euphrates and occupy the Haditha Dam as well completing their campaign to control Iraq’s main sources of water and hydroelectric energy. They could then cut power and water off to the southwestern Shi’ite Iraq, or worse, open the floodgates and send a deluge through Baghdad.

ObamaHopeSoldierObama will not build a new partnership between America and Iraq. He did not end the war by leaving in 2011. US forces are coming back into a new quagmire. The statement he made at Fort Bragg is presciently in opposition to what he hoped: “We are ending a war not with a final battle but with a final march toward home.”

The president has it all leading-from-his-behind backwards.

The final battle is in the future.

The march toward home is a march again away from home to light the fuse to a final military and economic disaster that is the US-Iraq catastrophe.

To paraphrase Nostradamus, who may have foreseen it, this is Obama’s extraordinary achievement:

ISIS-withCutHeadISIS will enter, wicked, unpleasant, infamous, tyrannizing over Mesopotamia (Iraq). All friends made by the adulterous lady [Liberty]! Rendering Iraq a land dreadful and black of aspect. To those of the black flags of ISIS, to the Crusaders’ black-hooded enemies, it is their law that shall hold. It shall be victorious against those of the double-crossing cross bearers.


DATELINE 13 August 2014

A Eulogy for Robin Williams

The classical Greek theater masks depict a laughing face alongside one crying. Robin Williams wore both masks well in unforgettable dramatic and comedic roles, some of which melded both tragedy and comedy, like “Good Morning, Vietnam”. I have noticed in life how high comedy is born out of deep sadness and tragedy. The funniest among us are fragile souls.

I can’t help but ponder about the student in “Dead Poet’s Society”—the source of the O’Captain my Captain scene–the sensitive one, choosing the means of his exit from life very similar to what Robin Williams applied the morning of his tragic death. It is a haunting scene. While poised, ready to end his life, the young man experiences  a gap of revelation where the sounds of the natural world seem to come calling to him, as he’s poised, as he’s ready to empower himself by ending himself. He is carried off in a feeling of oneness with the world-spirit, the “Mystery,” as if an undiscovered reality of freedom approaches, beckoning, just before he ends his life.

OutOfAfrica-FuneralI like to hope that Robin Williams, who was such a beautiful,  and intuitive channel of the “Beyond”, perhaps, in the last, unguarded moment of his life, Robin had glimpsed in fact the wonder of a greater bliss that Peter Weir’s film implied in fiction.

In closing, I’m hearing in my heart the eulogy uttered by Merle Streep at the end of Out of Africa. It seems appropriate to send off our dear friend of the tragic-comedic masks with it: “Now take back the soul of ‘Robin Williams’, whom you have shared with us. He brought us joy. And we loved him well. He was not ours… He was not mine.”

See my Eulogy for another great and tortured medium Michael Jackson.

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A master storyteller!

J.R. Rain, author of “Moon Dance”, “The Body Departed” and “Silent Echo”

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  1. graeme johnson
    Posted 15 August 2014 at 5:45 pm | Permalink

    john, this isis phenomena is fascinating, among other adjectives. the major signs in islamic prophecy refer to a force suddenly appearing in the middle east carrying black flags. are you aware of this? it appears to support what you have passed onto us plus more. the future certainly does not look rosy, not that that’s a surprise.
    do you know when that eclipse takes place. which year?
    i include the link, hope thats ok.

    A total eclipse of the sun and moon will occur in Ramadhaan, prior to Imaam Mahdi’s emergence.

    At age 40, Imam Mahdi appears in Makkah, then flees to Madinah.

    B. The Major Signs (i.e. events after the emergence of Imam Mahdi)

    The army of Mansoor from Khurasaan will head towards Makkah to aid Imam Mahdi. They will win many battles on the way. No force will be able to stop them. They will carry black flags.

    The Sufyaani army (an Anti-Muslim force) from Syria singles out Imam Mahdi for execution. On the way to Makkah, they get swallowed into the ground. A second Sufyaani army is created with 960,000 men (of 80 nations).

    the full description of minor and major signs can be read here

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