Cult of the Obamagogue

A critical mass is approaching in US politics; the Obama campaign may soon become a tsunami that washes away Senator Hillary Clinton’s last-ditch sea walls of support in primary runs in Texas and Ohio. If she loses or even wins these states by a close decision, she will not gain enough pledged delegates to win the Democratic nomination without an ugly fight at what could become the Demo-“cathartic” Convention in Denver this coming August.

History’s color is changing from mindful to emotive. It happens every 36 years in what is called the day-night cycle of the Cosmic Year. This is the time it takes the Vernal Equinox position of the sun — moving ever so slightly westward with every new year in regards to how it is seen from earth moving against inertial space — to circle all the 12 constellations of the tropical zodiac: approximately 25,765 years. A “day” on the Cosmic Calendar is a 36-year period of history where decisions and actions are a little more mental in nuance because like the sun soaked day it is a period of history in the yang. It is masculine time. The last “day” began in the normal years of 1972 — 1973 and is ending in 2008. Now we are entering a 36-year period of history where decisions and actions are subtly more emotionally driven because like moonlit night, we enter a period of history in the yin. It is a feminine time. Our emotions will be stronger. Leaders who skillfully appeal to them will succeed more often than not to positions of power over us from 2008 through 2044.

The pendulum of politics is swinging from yang to a yin age. It would appear now to be postponing or indeed preventing Hillary Clinton’s destiny to become president of the United States. Though she is a woman, and the coming feminine age will aid many more women coming to power than ever before in history, she has chosen to speak in a voice better suited to the Cosmic Day that had set. Her appeals to voters are through reason, facts, and the detailing of substance. She does not emotionally inspire. She has not yet found her voice, despite declaring so after her surprise victory in the early New Hampshire primary back on 8 January 2008. On the other hand, it would be fairer to say, the right voice is speaking to the wrong emotive times. A candidate who is the more adroit demagogue more easily manipulates the masses.

The word “demagogue” is defined in the American Heritage Dictionary as “a leader who obtains power by means of impassioned appeals to the emotions and prejudices of the populace.”

What I am about to tell you requires in these emotionally touchy times that I tread carefully with footfalls shaped in the right words to keep advancing on the razors edge of reason. One verbal misstep might see my point fall into the reader’s hot stomach pit of emotionally fanned fires.

We have two significant leaders, one thankfully extinguished by history and one of audacious hope on the rise, both at the dawn of two Cosmic Nights — the previous one starting in 1936 and the current one beginning now in 2008. Both men share one skill. Otherwise, they are poles apart. Both have that rare gift of demagoguery that literally could hypnotize a nation to be inspired to surrender their reason to their collective emotions. They were both men unsurpassed in their primal power of oratory. They both knew that a nation could be won by the power of the eloquent spoken word.

They were men who when seen away from the political pulpit could appear average, retiring, even bored and bland, yet place them before the masses and you could see them become possessed by a deep inner force. These two, who were not actually that physically attractive, when possessed by this force had an almost psychosexual appeal. The bland became rock star demigods. They became the mythic, glistening eyed, stentorian voiced heralds of a nation’s collective hopes and fears.

Standing erect, becoming bigger than they are, somehow these messengers of change, these definers of a people’s problems, needs, had become redemptive revolution personified, proclaiming a new awakening in Germany, a new era of change for America.

Then, as now, there were a few people, like myself for instance, whose awareness of the workings of mass hypnotic suggestion made them unable to lose their consciousness to join the cult of blind emotion overtaking the chanting multitudes in a stadium rally enraptured by the great orator. Those like myself back in 1936 or today in 2008 feel even a bittersweet desire to join in, to plunge into the bright waters of politicized passion. Let me be a part of the crowd that feels that wonderful and intoxicating euphoria that only the act of surrendering your individual intelligence can conjure. Ah that sweet voodoo urge to herd into that happiness of belonging to a great movement. What a bewitching relief. I am no longer alone with only my response-ability to think and question as companion. Love is blind in its scream of Beatles bliss.

Too bad for me that awareness has worked under my skin and become a watcher of the heart’s happy hysterias. I am a desert island-like individual in a sea of the mass hypnotized at these rallies. The captives of emotion’s captivation — eyes gleaming in dumb adoration, surround me. They are not hearing what I am hearing from the orator. They are “feeling” the speech, just like people did back in mass rallies of that other master demagogue of 1936. In both cases, these men said little to nothing of substance; indeed, the relentless list of flowery promises gobbled up by the transfixed crowds reached the level of the simplistic and even the idiotically absurd.

No matter…

Yes we can!

Hail Victory!

Barack Obama may be remembered as history’s next great demagogue. It remains to be seen if he can “lead” the United States as its president and really fulfill his vast list of high pie-in-the sky promises when the oratory love fest takes him into the paradise of the irrational. Crowds can be manipulated easily – not so those holding power whom you threaten with your emotionally charged calls to change.

Beyond the Obamagoguery, Barack’s rather thin legislative Senate record of little over four years length, if one would just examine it in detail, favors corporations. has disclosed the tricky ways business and industrial groups have gotten away contributing tens of millions to the Obama campaign without technically being recorded as lobbyists of corporations. Have the corporate suits found a new and better mouthpiece?

Beware of the CEOligarchy in search of one. We have somehow survived eight years under their last one. Have the CEOs anticipated the more emotive times leaning politics to the left, and found their new herald? It must be remembered, despite the emotional temptations of our new times to hope and forget, the last great Obamagogue of the previous Cosmic Night, beginning in 1936, became Chancellor of Germany only after the CEOs of his day chose him to be their spokesman in power. They did not anticipate he would take that power away. Maybe today’s Obamagogue once he is in power will surprise everyone and effectively use his powers of mass appeal to raise a rebellion of the American people against the tyranny of special interests?

I certainly hope so.

Mine is an audacious dream of hope perfectly tailored for these new times of Cosmic Night when reason and substance take a back seat to irrational passion.

John Hogue
(25 February 2008)

Click on this link and see what's left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.

Click on this link and see what’s left to misstep through the last days of the Obama era.


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