Nostradamus and The Fate of HAMAS: Part 1

Israeli air strikes on Gaza City.

Israeli air strikes on Gaza City.

The Gaza strip is on fire. This Palestinian refugee enclave-cum-failing attempt of a Palestinian State, run now by the Islamic fundamentalist organization HAMAS, has been lobbing  escalating volleys of rockets at neighboring Jewish settlements in Israel.

Israel’s long threatened full-scale response has come. It appears the Middle East has yet a new war to mark the New Year. Israeli F-16 bombers have infernally decorated the Gaza City skyline with a grove of mushrooming cloud columns as key Hamas police, government, rocket manufacturing centers and training centers were pulverized by 2,000 pound bombs, initially killing 225 people, local hospitals reported. Cramming those blood-soaked emergency rooms are another 700 wounded, mostly civilians, report Hamas officials.

This is unlike any Israeli surgical attack on Gaza in its long and sad history as a dumping ground for displaced Palestinians after they and other neighboring Arab armies tried to push the Jews into the sea and failed in their war gamble of 1948.

This refugee camp of tents has since become the squalid and vast string of slums crowding an area the size of Washington District of Columbia and teaming with 1.6 million Palestinians. Once a protectorate camp run by the Egyptians, the Israeli’s after the Six Day War of 1967, made it their burden. Some would say, their concentration camp to manage and police. After the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, ill-conceived promptings in part by the Bush administration for democratic elections won the extremists of Hamas a majority control of the Gaza Strip over the more secular and Western-friendly Palestinian Fatah Party (winning a majority in the West Bank). Unlike Fatah, Hamas does not acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. Israel pulled out all settlements and policing of the Gaza Strip in 2005. However, most of the Palestinians within Gaza believe their jailers have only moved outside of the wall of the concentration camp, controlling their airspace and approaches to their ports. Even Palestinian money meant to finance basic government services has been withheld by Israel. Then again, why should the Israelis help a government function in Gaza that bombs its cities with rockets and blows up its civilians with suicide bombers?

Then again‚Äö?Ѭ?(there are far too many “then agains” when trying to unravel the ancient hatred of cousin-brother Semites — Arab and Jewish sons of biblical Abraham).

Then again, Israel took Gaza from Egypt in 1967 and didn’t give it back to Egypt when territories were returned with the Camp David Peace Accords in 1979. Then again‚Äö?Ѭ?Egypt probably didn’t want it back. Even for other Arabs, the Palestinians are often seen as a problem tribe.

There was a man born of Jews in 1503 who had recently converted to Christianity, so that they wouldn’t be banished from Provence. He may have named notorious “HAMAS” in the following prophecy written 4.5 centuries ago. I have inserted the “H” in the French word “amas” as it may have been purposely dropped to keep it in code:

La republique miserable infelice,
Sera vastee de nouueau magistrat:
Leur grand (H)amas de l’exile malefice,
Fera Sueue rauir leur grand contracts.

The miserable, unhappy, republic,
Will be devastated by the new magistrate:
Their great (H)amassing of wicked exile,
Will cause the Swiss to carry off their great contracts.

Nostradamus (1555)
Century 1 Quatrain 61

Is this a prophecy for the “miserable republic” that Hamas runs in the Gaza Strip? Are Gaza’s citizens suffering bombardment today decendants of the “wicked exile” of the Palestinian Diaspora? Is Nostradamus hiding the United Nations in a code for the Swiss who have within their borders, in Geneva, the main UN center outside of New York City, in Europe?

BBC reported today that Israel’s Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said the unprecedented military operation “may take some time” before it’s over — but he pledged to avoid a humanitarian crisis.

“It’s not going to last a few days,” he said on Israeli television, flanked by Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni.

The prime minister is under the delusion of wishful thinking. We will see this in the next blog about the future of Hamas when we delve in detail into the secrets hidden in Nostradamus’ Hamas quatrain.

John Hogue
(27 December 2009)

See predict.

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