Gaza War, EU Megastrike, Assess Hogue Prediction for Elections, Nate Silver, Your Comments and Nostradamus Obama Mabus Antichrist

November 16 2012

A New War in Gaza
And Mega Strikes in Europe

Welcome to the longest article ever posted on It is as if I wrote you a magazine, rather than one article. It has taken me all week to put it together. Welcome also, to Saturn in Scorpio. Entitlements and inheritances, such as those motivating and pitting Palestinian and Jew in a new conflict over who’s land the Holy Land will be are ill starred, with projection in direct conflict with saturnine reality. Saturn passing through Scorpio, starting in October 2012 and remaining in the sign until end of December 2014, brings Scorpionic desires, hidden lusts and ultimately the process of a phoenix burn down and resurrection of the world’s corporate modus operandi, its insurance supersystem and its tax accounting. People, races, nations, classes, economies, present their illusory expectations before a grim reaper of reality. You cannot kick the can of your iniquities down the road any further. Saturn is the dead end of “dumb”. It is the wall, the Bill. Payment is now demanded. Your credit line of “stupid” is up. Sooner or later we will all have to pay for your economic, social, religious and political illusions systemically sabotaging your world. Saturn in Scorpio is neither sooner or later. It is pay up time. Now.

The holy land and its unholy wars will be exposed. The sons of Abraham who hide their war crimes behind their legitimacy and military supremacy fight the other bastard sons of Abraham who cannot hide that they play unentitled bastard in their own homeland since the UN in 1947, partitioned Palestine first into Jewish and Arab homelands and asked intelligent questions later about the consequences. Many wars were born from this intemperate rush to partition Palestine – the karmic hell to pay for systemically flawed decisions of the United Nations and the world.

Saturn comes with the Scorpionic stinger bill to Europe because it formed a monetary union that is unsustainable and founded on un-meritocratic structures. Over the last two decades, a flood of insolvent states was welcomed and herded into a monetary union. Now the barn is about to burn down. This week, 20 EU nations were paralyzed by a super strike, a popular movement of millions in the streets protesting against austerity measures. Europe plunges into a new recession. The “Bill” for this BS has come with the grim reaper riding its scorpion. The EU becomes “Eeee! Yeeeoooh! Gross!

Saturn in Scorpio when afflicted by a pervasive and collective mass unconsciousness in human actions seeks revenge like the unemployed EU youths overturning and burning cars all across Europe this week. An outbreak of latent racism of mass unconsciousness emerges. The victory of Barack Obama has many white voters across the US South now moving to petition for secession in a number of white frightened US states as a result of Saturn in Scorpio stripping faith based hope in a Romney win of the presidency by the reality of a politically scientific based and unbeatable Obama campaign. When faced with a black man in office for another four years, white fright becomes white flight to local redneck gun dealers, tailgate gun grabs and stores, stocking up on their arsenals, petitioning their states to think US Civil War and secede from one Union, under God and a darkie. This week’s hatched out hatred has become a huge embarrassment for many a Republican governor.

In Israel, the Binyamin Netanyahu government now takes revenge on Gaza, because it could not convince enough Israelis or the US President to invest in its saber rattled ramp up to a unilateral air strike on Iran. Netanyahu’s chest thumping has led to his coalition government collapsing. Emergency elections must happen in January to gather and solidify a new coalition or Netanyahu will lose his government to a more moderate Kadima coalition.

A game of musical chairs repeats itself now. Netanyahu’s predecessor as Prime Minister, Ehud Olmert in the dwindling days of 2008 had to call emergency elections early the next year to keep Kadima in power. Like today, a nastily little war with Hamas in Gaza was required to flex their muscle and prove Olmert and Kadima had matzo macho balls of iron. They sent the Israeli jets and ground forces into that great concentration camp, Arab ghetto that is the sordid home of 1.5 million Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, promising then like now to destroy Hamas and Islamic Jihad. From December 2008 through January 2009, hundreds of missiles were fired into Israel and Gaza by either side, dozens of Israelis and thousands of Palestinians were killed and wounded and yet Hamas was not destroyed. Then, like now, the infrastructure of civilians in the open prison camp ever surrounded by Israeli Defense Forces prison guards will be degraded, bringing more misery and poverty to its people. This only strengthens Hamas’ control, not weakens it. These Gaza Strip prison riots masquerading as war not only arise to aid a ruling coalition retain power by a national emergency uniting the Israeli vote. These eruptions are the result of Iranian maneuvering, to tie down and contain a power over their besieged and friendless proxies in Gaza and rattle a hawkish Netanyahu government – maybe even topple it, like the last Gaza War did to the Olmert/Kadima government. Thus Iran once again might counter saber rattling of Olmert in 2008 and a louder clanging by Netanyahu in 2011-2012 by upending Israeli politics, buying time for their nuclear program.

Intelligence sources reporting for STRATFOR hint that clandestine Israeli air strikes inside Sudan in October bombed Fajr Iranian rocket factories. These Iranian model missiles can reach all the way from Gaza to Tel Aviv. Thus we see the sequence of events behind retaliatory rocket launches into Israel, requiring the full Israeli response, requiring Hamas launch what Fajr rockets it already has a Tel Aviv which has not been hit by missiles since the Gulf War with Iraq in 1991. The war in Gaza distracts Israel from Iranian efforts to buttress Bashar al-Assad’s besieged regime with its Revolutionary Guards. Another punishing devastation of the Gaza Strip may undermine the political credibility of Hamas and aid Iran’s desire to supplant them with the even harder line and far more pro-Iranian Palestinian group, Islamic Jihad.

What you are seeing now in this dirty little war are the strategic maneuvers of a new regional cold war pitting regional superpowers Israel and Iran in a fight for Middle Eastern supremacy. The whole story of this Cold War and the near future, catastrophic potential consequences of it going very hot, soon, is comprehensively described in my newest eBook: Nostradamus: The War with Iran. Read more about how you can download a copy by clicking on Nostradamus Iran predictions.

Then as now, I do not think the Israelis will really penetrate the heart of the urban areas with their tanks and soldiers because then as now, urban close quarter fighting favors the defenders. Like their American allies, the Israeli forces do not easily tolerate high casualties. Nor can their small population sustain even several thousand dead in battle. They avoid close combat. They do not have the stomach to lose thousands of soldiers killed and wounded in the streets of an Arab Stalingrad.

So, the circle of revenge and violence between the sons of Abraham will go on. Hamas will live on, perhaps less in control of the Gaza Strip with Islamic Jihad emergent. Iran will help Palestinian militant factions rebuild their missile arsenals and recruit. The militants will fire their missiles out of their armed prison camp at surrounding Israel, like they did in 2008, like they are doing in 2012, like they may do again, when war with Iran is likely by mid-decade. Both sides are guilty of a collectively programmed habit, spoon fed from birth, in mother’s milk to the mother of all Middle Eastern wars coming in the near future. The next two years are a very dangerous time in the so-called Holy Land. Saturn, ever the reality giver, will expose the limits of “holiness” there, the fraud of sacredness there.

Innocent children are made to adopt both racial and religious borrowed identities, thick with the conceit of racially superior entitlement. Saturn in Scorpio will expose these false masks of mind, worn by the wise who since being born have forgotten the birthright of wisdom and intelligence. Every one of us wears this false mask of mind. Every one of us can re-member, re-unite our lost and innocent intelligence through meditation.

I will have much more to say about the Gaza Crisis and the megastrikes across Europe next week because I must post this vast article then catch a plane to tape a show in Boulder Colorado for Gaiam TV and my last word on the Mayan Calendar.

My oracle’s Euro trashing of bankers and bureaucrats that muse wrongly that they can postpone the coming European banking crisis, the default of Greece, then Italy, Spain and Portugal will resume next week when I resume work on my prophecies for 2013. Saturn in Scorpio will be thoroughly examined, not only its hard lessons but its positive lessons too. The theme of 2013 is “get real”, or get ready for a “Greater” Depression in 2014.

The cover of my new e-Book released on 19 October. Click on the cover and read more.

This singular economic crisis in “getting real or else” is a dominant theme in my new e-Book, scheduled for direct downloading to advanced donators in early January. See how you can get on the list for a copy, click on Predictions for 2013.

To see what Nostradamus and I had to say about the last war with Gaza in 2008-2009, click on Hamas.

November 13 2012

Assessing the Accuracy
Of John Hogue’s Presidential Predictions

I composed this article on 13 November. The 6 November US elections happened a week ago. Times to look at the final vote counts and assess my presidential and congressional election predictions for 2012.

For the record, I documented Barack Obama’s reelection as early as September 2009. (Click on Obama). A record of my predictions that Obama would win the popular vote can also be found in the archives of Coast to Coast AM around that time. That prediction also appeared in several yearly almanac eBook publications from 2009 through 2012 and factored importantly in my most recent publication that picked which candidate for president in 2012 might push the button on a war with Iran.

Here are the stats one week after the election. According to CNN Barack Obama won 332 Electoral Votes to Mitt Romney’s 206.

Fifty-one percent of US voters (62,604,855) chose Obama. Forty-eight percent (59,128,902) voted for Romney.

As my Oracle has oft said since early 2009, it would be a close election by popular vote. Obama had a five percent edge of only 3,475,953 votes. It is not a mandate. Though close, it is also not a squeaker either. The popular vote difference is similar to what G.W. Bush gained, beating Senator John Kerry in 2004, winning his second term in office.

Click on the cover to read more.

My most detailed election predictions were documented on 21 November 2011 and were officially published on 21 December 2011 as Chapter 8 of Predictions for 2012.

A week ago I presented large excerpts of this chapter in Italics with an addendum of forecasts, all of which was documented and published at at 2:07 PM Pacific Standard Time.

We will review these predictions (in Italics) with assessments inserted on 13 November 2012:

I bring up this issue of the 2000 vote because astrology would indicate we could be heading for another butterfly ballot bung-up in 2012. On the day of the election, 6 November, there will be stationary retrograde Mercury in Sagittarius. The last time we had retrograde Mercury on Election Day was a dozen years earlier in the notorious 2000 election…

There will be communication breakdowns. Assumptions will be made that aren’t verified. The question is, will this be 2000 all over again? If it is, I predict Democrat incumbent Obama wins the dispute, especially if his adversary on the Republican side ends up being one of several born under the sign of Pisces.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. There were disputes, communication breakdowns but as you can see, my Oracle was not adamant that the retrograde in 2012 would have the debilitating effect on the vote count that happened in Florida on 4 November 2000 between Republican G.W. Bush and Democrat Al Gore. Moreover, Democrat incumbent Barack Obama has won all voting disputes especially “because” his Republican adversary was Mitt Romney, who is born under the sign of Pisces. This can be a problematic Sun Sign for flip-flopping on campaign as mutability when unconsciously in control of an ego can make them slippery, incontinent to their core values, if they have any.

I personally sense Barack Obama will win the popular vote by a slim margin but with such wacky astrology afoot, I can’t presciently rule out a disputed Electoral College decision against a Romney candidacy where Obama keeps his job but does not win the popular vote.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Barack Obama one the popular vote in a close race. That was the definitive and correct prediction. My oracle presented the second observation about the Electoral College decision as a longer shot it could not rule out but seemed far less likely.

My Oracle first foresaw Obama winning a second term as far back as September 2009. I went on in the following to explain the reverse negative image of actions made possible by a Mercury retrograde’s influence happening mostly for the three weeks “after” the election of 2012, rather than three weeks up to the election of 2000.

The 2012 presidential election night won’t be the same as 2000. The Mercury Retrograde in 2000 was at the end of its transit. In 2012, it’s at the beginning at the stationary retrograde position. Although the retrograde affects us the most at the beginning and end of its passage, I believe we won’t see this retrograde inhibit the voters from getting to the polls and punching wrong ballot butterfly holes.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)

The votes will be cast on 6 November 2012 with fewer successful attempts to sabotage access to voting like in 2000.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. There were surprisingly few disputes in this presidential election. However, my Oracle had added this caveat:

The counting of the votes, however, may run into three weeks of recount and dispute where it’s quite possible under a Mercury-Neptune square in retrograde that conspiracies will be afoot trying to change the ballot results by electronic computerized skullduggery.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Though concerns are ongoing and the Florida recount lasted for nearly a week before declaring Obama the victor, the Oracle was not definitive about this turning into a three-week voting dispute. So, I deem the status of this prophecy as undecided, though leading towards being an unsubstantiated concern.

On election night 2012: Mercury in Sagittarius is trined Uranus in Aries. Seen from the collective mindset, it dispenses a climate or an unconscious desire in the voting public to go with the candidate who can speak to the American people’s positive aspirations rather than feed their fears. A Republican challenger would do well not to “go negative” on Obama in the final days of the election but use this climate to embrace intuitive flashes about a better future. Don’t paint a picture about what’s wrong with Obama. Paint a propaganda masterpiece about what good could come with a new president in office. Let go of tradition bound Republican fear politics. Mercury in Sagittarius trined Uranus is an aspect favorable to appealing to independently minded voters who are neither stuck in the liberal or conservative ideological ruts. Only a moderate Republican candidate, like Mitt Romney is capable of pulling this off and despite the fact that Jeb Bush in my oracle’s estimation would’ve been a hands-down victor against Obama in 2012, Romney’s tempering, shape-shifting political skills could smooze a different outcome than I have predicted, though I think the odds are long.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. Though Romney did back off on the negatives and shape shifted himself into a moderate Republican to woo the independent voters in the final weeks before the election, the odds were too long to win.

Last week on the eve of the election, I wrote:

“Still, astrologically, Romney has more obstacles to surmount and then there is Obama’s Chicago campaign machine to contend with – a juggernaut when getting out the vote. The Dr. Who Daleks of the Democrats are pounding on every registered voter’s door in ways far more numerous and organized than ever was my experience in 2008.”

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. David Axelrod’s Obama campaign machine was indeed more formidable than 2008, considering how many Americans were iffy about Obama four years later. Change we could believe in was a far harder sell in 2012. Romney’s campaign machine may have spent more money, a little over 1 billion over Obama’s 900 million, yet Axelrod’s army of canvassers positioned across every state were three times as many as Romney’s. They correctly used quantifying data studying voter interests to assess their strengths and confront their weaknesses whereas the Republicans seemed to seek best-case scenarios, losing themselves in their own propaganda of assured victory. This in part is the consequence of the Grand Old Party lurching in the last few decades to a faith-based, ideological driven, anti-scientific world view that denies Darwin, climate change with an emphasis on seeing the world through the eyes of angry white voters that alienates African American, women and Latino voters. Finally yet importantly, the Romney campaign could not adequately explain the fuzzy mathematics in their economic plans or use math to realistically crunch the polling numbers if findings did not side with ideology.

This is definitely “not” the Republican Party of Presidents Eisenhower, Ford and Nixon. The Romney campaign was not run by the hard headed and rationalist campaign managers like Michael Deaver and Ed Rawlins who successfully gave Ronald Reagan two terms in office.

The Mercury-Uranus trine favors electronics, social networking to get out the vote, etc. In this arena, Obama was brilliant in 2008 in the way he used iPhones and Blackberries to engage his base and get out the vote through social networking. He will have the edge once again in 2012.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)

However, unlike Election Day 2008, Mercury and Uranus both are retrograde. That means Obama will have a harder sell this time around and less forward progress than before rebuilding an army of internet-connected supporters…

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. Obama won in 2012 with 2 million votes less than he did in 2008.

…but his Chicago political persuasion machine under the command of former “unregistered” political lobbyist and Obama’s 2008 campaign manager, David Axelrod, has fought hard elections and won before. They had their baptism of fire going against Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primaries. They are battle tested. Victory in this tight 2012 race goes to the candidate with the most experienced and well-oiled persuasion machine.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. Axelrod’s machine persuaded three percent more voters to choose Obama. Axelrod efficiently focused his resources on the swing states far better than Romney, thus receiving a landslide of electoral votes. Romney only took one of the disputed states, North Carolina.

I look at the Election Day astrology and forecast the most bemused election result of my lifetime. Reason won’t play a strong part in how masses of people vote. Belief rules. Mercury in Sagittarius is in its detriment, thus attitude trumps fact. At the time of this writing a little less than a year before election day, I already recognize a lot of that going on in this presidential campaign.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. In a close election, it came down to likability more than fact. Obama and Romney at the end had little difference in foreign policy issues. Though there were clear differences on how to solve domestic issues, Romney Care was the model Obama used for his Obamacare bill. There was an objective record for any independent voter to study showing that Romney, despite his red Republican right wing bating, governed as a moderate governor of Massachusetts. Romney polled bad “likeability” ratings. More people wanted to have a beer with Bush than Kerry in 2004; or kick back a brew with Obama than spend time with Romney in 2012. These sentiments are a stupid way to pick your leaders. Likeability rules the monkey mindedness of our minds. It plays a huge part in how we Americans voted in 2012.

The 2012 election isn’t so much one Obama wins. It’s one the Republican primary process can lose before they pick a nationally viable candidate.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. Taking his campaign way too far to the right, way beyond his own true political views compromised Romney. The eleventh hour tilting of his political axis shifting away from right to the center looked phony. He would lose his base voters. Enough in close elections to make a difference at the polls.

Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida and some would say G.W. Bush's "smarter" brother.

Romney was wrong for Republicans. My oracle had chosen Jeb Bush as the man who would be president in 2012 and may yet be president in 2016. We shall see. J. Bush is fluent in Spanish, married to a Mexican-born wife. He is a Republican candidate most likely to carry the Latino vote for Republicans, without which they will cease to be a nationally viable party.

At the time of this writing in November 2011, Obama waits in the wings as Republican hopefuls savage each other and try to attract base right wing voters by one-upping each other as to who can foment at the mouth more extremism. When they at last have a candidate chosen, Obama can turn on his election demagoguery and create a false perception that he’s the adult in this presidential debate. If he persuades enough people it’s true – he’ll win.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. Though Romney initially caught Obama flat footed and distracted in the first presidential debate, Obama recovered his equilibrium and fired off a number of successful jabs, presuming to explain realities to the former Governor of Massachusetts that obviously made a perception in voters, especially in the third and final debate on foreign policy, that Obama was more presidential and mature. Consistency of message can be perceived as maturity and level headedness in politics even though it is not always the case (consider the consistency of an Adolf Hitler). Nevertheless, Romney suddenly shifting from nine months of castigating Obama’s foreign policies into being his “yes man” on them in the third debate made him look more immature than Obama. Hurricane Sandy hitting so close to the election gave Obama the chance to look presidential, whereas Romney had his handlers buy cans of food to be distributed into the crowds for a photo op making it appear these people had come to offer food to Sandy victims as part of the Romney relief efforts. Thus enough voters were persuaded that Obama was not play acting and more mature, worthy of an edge in the votes.

In the following, written in nearly a year ago for Predictions for 2012, I am speaking about Piscean born Mitt Romney, who in the end of the primaries my oracle had forecast would be the last candidate standing with five grueling months of televised Republican debates still ahead of him:

If the Republican candidate can reel back the right wing extremism without throwing his Piscean fishy line too far into its depths, he might wean enough moderate independent voters to his attitude over facts and truth.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Apparently correct. As the votes and more polling data comes in, it appears Romney’s foreseen plan to swing to the center at the end of his campaign may have won him more independent voters than Obama. CNN exit polls report that Romney won 50 percent of the Independent voters to Obama’s 45 percent. He lost because Obama in the last minute had a surge of Democrat voter turnout that negated Romney’s five-point lead with independents. Exit polls had 92 percent of registered Democrats voting for Obama. Though 93 percent Republicans voted for Romney, there are generally a far larger potential pool of registered Democrats if turnout is high, which it was. CNN exit polls showed that six percent registered Republicans also voted for Obama.

I contend also that the consequence of Romney’s last etch-a-sketch flip flop lost him crucial votes from the hard Right Wing conservative base he had tried so long to woo during the long campaign. Those, added to a surge of Liberal Democrats for Obama overwhelmed any advantage Romney enjoyed taking a majority of Independent voters into his ballot box.

For those who love reason, it will be an altogether ugly election. Scary, even. A new low in manic minded choices and latent religious bigotry harbored against Mormons if Romney is left standing after the primaries and latent racism directed at an African American in office. The fatuous “likability” factor gives Obama the edge, despite all the hate and acid I expect to be hurled in his face from the generally White-frightened Right.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. It was weird on many levels. Big money ruled, charged like bayonets thanks to Supreme Court rulings that magically transformed corporations into human beings. These super-citizens with billions to bribe and burn, drown candidates on both sides with money. No flesh and blood, regular US citizen could match them. In the reckoning of 6 November, the money flush apparently didn’t work. The lion’s share of bucks failed to elect Romney and take down the Democrat majority in the Senate. (The corporate sugar dads of Democrats paid less and got more bang for their Plutocratic buck.)

Even billionaires with clear offshore and foreign influence had a say with cash in hand in the American elections. The level of latent racial slurring of Obama is easy to recognize (unless some of you don’t recognize your own racist overtones). No one said the N word but it was hanging on the wind of many an uttered, carefully coded statement, such as those saying Obama was “lazy” implying he was Step-in-Fetch-it darkly.

White Donald Trump demanded Obama show his credentials proving he actually went to Harvard. Why? It is not stated but in that black hole of unuttered motivation is the thought that an “N” must prove he is Harvard learned to pale alpha mail, honking Honkies like Trump.

Few in the press mentioned the “M” word about Romney being a Mormon, yet clearly there were battleground states, like Ohio and especially Iowa, with heavy Protestant, evangelical Christian populations where enough Christian voters could not bring themselves to elect a Mormon, because the Church of Latter-Day Saints, to them, was a false Christianity – an Antichrist religion.

One of the imperfect presidential candidates had the astrological edge, though:

A majority of Americans still like him as a person, despite the fact that he has disappointed his Democratic base and not lived up to the plethora of way too many promises of change he pushed to be elected in 2008. That was his Natal Neptune Square his Sun in play. It is the character flaw of promising anything, no matter how impossible to get what you want: a woman’s love, a people’s love, a presidency. It’s the sign of a man who woos a woman and once he has conquered her heart, he loses focus and interest in her.

Obama isn’t a philanderer of women. He’s a political philanderer.

Obama has some formidable natal aspects that could counterbalance this character flaw in 2012. I don’t believe he’ll play the Don Obama Juan act again. He does eventually learn from his mistakes, though he’s slowly cautious to a fault when it comes to learning his lessons.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. Obama did not promise the moon like in 2008 but promoted a restart, a continuation. He played the long game. Yet, for a man with his education he has a stubborn streak that makes him at times intellectually and politically thick. “Audacity”, one of his favorite words, has a lot of negative connotations too, like holding onto a belief he could find a compromise solution with the Republican congressional leadership one brazen let down after another for over three years.

Apparently Obama’s audacious and irrational hope in compromise “finally” was crushed by the debt ceiling crisis at the end of July 31, 2011. He nearly wasted his entire first term learning from that mistake.

Now, to be fair, we have the astrological disadvantages foreseen for the GOP:

The Republican opposition would be caught in their own Neptunian illusions if they fuel their political strategies with blind faith in thinking Obama is besieged and too weak to win a second term.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct, they did. Just watch Fox News, especially in the last month of the campaigning. The pundits from GOP super pacs to those packing Fox studios to those packed behind closed doors, crunching computer numbers in the Romney Campaign, all kept the irrational faith right up to the late hours of 6 November that Romney slam-dunked a win.

You can blame it on Romney’s bad astrological blood with Neptune, ruler of hidden enemies and false “god-talkin’” channels within the human subconscious mind. Obama had Neptune favorably aspected and on his side by the time of this election:

Neptune entering the Sign of Pisces in 2012 and staying there more than a decade in a water sign triplicity will moderate Obama’s impulse to promise the impossible as transiting Neptune draws ever closer to a trine with his Natal Neptune in Scorpio. Moreover, having a Neptune in Scorpio can almost “scorpionize” your astrological personality. That for once may actually be a good thing as Saturn will begin its two year transit of Scorpio and will be approaching Obama’s Natal Neptune in Scorpio at five degrees apart at election time. Even before it happens, transiting Neptune will exactly trine Obama’s (let’s be friends, let’s make up) Venus in Cancer, the Sun sign of the USA.

This is key to his reelection: “likeability factor.” Because the trine begins and continues through late September – just before the official Presidential campaign starts in earnest on Labor Day. The trine lasts through the November election and well beyond the recount. This positive Neptune-Venus factor despite being somewhat cooled by Neptune being in retrograde, brings forth a retrograde’s positive potential to see millions of voters “review” their relationship with Obama and give him a second chance.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. Blame it on his lucky stars, or Neptune for entertaining “all forgiving” Venus, or accept another excuse that is more rational: Obama kissed and made up with enough of the American people to win a second term.

Neptune and Venus in trine will help tilt collective destiny in his favor if he can reframe the dreams he oversold in 2008 with skillful contrition whilst propagating how change has been delayed by intransigence in US Congress in his first term in Washington. He can spread this myth of a change bringer happily unsupported by faith based, not fact based, attacks from the Right and on lukewarm support of his own party on the Left. He’ll be the likable adult in a capital filled with cranky Congressional children and a position-shuffling Republican candidate.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. That was his message. Blame it on a dysfunctional Congress with the lowest popularity poll in its history. Heck, even Communism came in with higher likability in the polls than Congress in 2012. Let delightful and persuasive Venus solicit Neptune’s ability to create new myths around you, Mr. President, and strange new astrological bedfellows will aid the perception that you are the adult in Washington DC:

Obama can play the hard reality giver, the “I’m the adult in Washington” card in 2012 owing to his Saturn in Capricorn being is strongly aspected and since Pluto is in Capricorn and is defining the times, it gives him the power to be perceived as a man of destiny. Saturn also being ruler of Aquarius grants Obama the resources if he should access them rightly, to be once again a powerful persuader as his Ascendant (outer expression sign) is in Aquarius.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. Aquarius rules mass media and his campaign in the mass media. His and David Axelrod’s Chicago nerve center continued pioneering the manipulation of social media making their political machine as unbeatable as Apple’s iPhone, iPod and iPads left Microsoft’s Vista in the dust.

Barack Obama, today's Faux Pas or tomorrow's Guy Fawkes Pas?

[Obama] was born with the planet of higher mindedness and expansion (Jupiter) also in Aquarius. Jupiter will be transiting Gemini in 2012 and be trined Obama’s natal Jupiter in mid to late June 2012. This will be the best moment when Obama can find the demagogic voice that engages millions in the American Spring movement, gaining enough of in their trust and votes to re-elect him for a second term. He could make the American Spring his springboard.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
At last, I can call something “incorrect” and stand by what I said last week on the eve of the election. Click on: Occupy Wall Street.

By election time, Mars will transit Obama’s natal Mars. This might magnify anger against his reelection, but I think the stellar scales will be tipped towards magnification of new beginnings for a new term. The Moon on election night will be in Leo in conjunction with Obama’s Sun in Leo. This will magnify good emotions and feelings about him in enough people to give him a second chance at his destiny.

ASSESSMENT (13 November 2012)
Correct. Obama’s victory a week ago was devoid of statewide stalled recounts. He seemed to breeze back into a second term, as if the clenched fist of nine months of campaigning tensions just suddenly relaxed its grip and surrendered to his victory without much ado. It is ever a good thing to have your Natal Moon (the ruler of collective emotions) positioned favorably on the night of your reelection attempt, especially if you are running for president in the United States, which itself was born in sentimental Cancer, the Moon Child’s sign. All is forgiven and enough people forgot what a mess you made of your first term and gave you a second change.


I was compelled by my “Oracle”, as an afterthought to end my election eve forecasts with a list of detailed predictions that were documented and posted at at 2:07 Pacific Standard Time on 6 November.

I am stunned by what my Oracle predicted in such detail!

The predictions from last week’s Election Day article are presented here in italics. My assessments logged on the afternoon of (13 November 2012) are in red:

The Senate will remain in Democrat hands with a net gain to their slim majority of only one seat.

The Democrats actually won two extra seats, not just one. Their 53-seat majority will include Independent Vermont Senator Sanders and may yet include new Independent Senator King of Maine. I would call my Oracle half right and wrong. Right that the Democrats increase slightly their slim majority in the Senate, but wrong – they did better than predicted, gaining two seats.

The Republicans will retain their majority in the House of Representatives with less than ten seats lost and I am hard pressed to see the Democrats even gain five seats.

The Republicans lost eight seats but will retain their majority rule. The Democrats gained only four seats. At this moment I do not know which caucus the new and surviving Independent seats will vote in, but at 234 Republican and 197 Democrats, the latter are at least 21 seats below gaining a majority.

Obama will still win the superstorm-ravaged states of New Jersey, New York, Delaware, Maryland and New England.

He did.

Moreover the disruption to swing-state Virginia was not that severe, so even an act of global warming nature that neither candidate addressed in their debates will have much influence on polling there.

It did. The election went ahead without a hitch from storm damage.

Ohio is going to Obama in 3 points at least, though I think it can be as high as 5 points.

Ohio did go to Obama but I think it now will not track beyond a 2 percent difference in the vote.

Pennsylvania will not shift to Romney in the last minute.


The Latino vote (outside of the Cuban vote) may give us some blue meanie surprises for the GOP in Florida, as Latinos will be a major factor in advancing Obama’s fortunes in Nevada and lesser so in Colorado.

CNN exit polls report Latino votes went 71 percent Obama and a paltry 27 percent Romney. Latino votes tipped Nevada, Colorado and last week I predicted it would be the deciding factor in Obama’s victory in Florida by 1 percent. In the end, Florida went to Obama 50 to 49 percent: a one percent difference.

Ayn Rand’s muscle bound “Atlas”, GOP Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan, will “shrug” in his home state of Wisconsin as red Republican’s get the Obama “blues” by a hair’s breath.

Obama won Ryan’s state. Although, it was not by a hair’s breath: it was by seven percent.

Buck up, GOP, your take of the gubernatorial and state legislature elections will continue to be Republican red hot tonight, no doubt making Democrats see “Red” and yell “Blue-Hoo!” in the coming two years echoing off the marble of many a state capital.

The GOP won one new governor’s seat in North Carolina with Republican McCrory beating Democrat Dalton.

The state that Romney governed will go handily to Obama as expected but also will have a new Democrat senator, Elizabeth Warren, win over Republican Brown in a very tight decision.

Warren won, true, but it was not as tight as I thought, an eight-point difference.

Obama may clinch his election in the Electoral College quite early tonight as four years before, perhaps by 8 pm Pacific, like last time.

Obama was declared the victor in Ohio at 8:13 pm Pacific, thus clearing the 270 electoral votes needed to be president for a second term.

That is especially so if the swing state of Virginia goes to Obama early.

Virginia was much later, after the electoral vote went to Obama. Yet is “was” carried by Obama.

I think Obama will lose in North Carolina, though.

Obama lost North Carolina by three percent of the vote, the only battleground state Romney took away from Obama who had won narrowly North Carolina in 2008. Indiana was not a battleground state, though in 2008 it went to Obama. Romney won Indiana in 2012.

He will win in Iowa…

Obama won Iowa.

I think Obama might actually clinch the Electoral College by 10 pm Pacific time.

Romney held off conceding after he lost Ohio around 8 pm Pacific time, waiting for further ballot counts to confirm he had truly lost. Romney made his concession speech starting a few minutes before 10 pm Pacific.

In closing, I must caution that these final observations are less hard clad prescient than what my Oracle cast in November 2011 in the italics passages above.

True. Here is why if we review the full tally:

The Addendum had 19 predictions. I got 14 correct and four wrong with one undecided.

The Assessments of my November 2011 predictions had 22 predictions. I got 20 correct, one wrong and one undecided.

That means a majority of my errors came in the final flurry of 14 predictions documented in the early afternoon of 6 November.


Here is the grand total: Out of 42 predictions, 6 were incorrect, 1 undecided. That leaves us with 35 out of 42 confirmed correct – just shy of six-sevenths of all predictions recorded.

My Oracle did quite well with the successful reelection prediction coming 3 years and two months before 6 November 2012 and with 22 detailed forecasts logged in Predictions for 2012 composed and documented nearly a year before Election Day.

These wide time differences are important because it shows the strength of good intuitive forecasting that can foresee the future beyond the limits of a sabermetric, mathematical approach currently celebrated by the success of Quant researcher Nate Silver’s very accurate forecasts. It is my hope that Silver will do for political punditry what Moneyball quants did to upend dogmatic baseball punditry. It will take the gut subjectivity woo-woo BS out of near future forecasts by quantifying data to accurately forecast elections, like Oakland Athletic GM Billy Beane and his team of number crunchers did, forecasting baseball team player performance to win the AL West in 2002 “and” 2012 with the lowest payroll in Major League Baseball.

No “Pay “Rods, A Rod! No Alex Rodrigues boasting a statistically unsubstantiated market value the size of a baseball team’s entire payroll budget that only the richest teams can buy. (Sorry folks, I’m a disgruntled Seattle Mariner fan still waiting for a Billy to “Beane” Mariner management on the head like a compassionate Zen Master.)

(The movie Moneyball is my favorite baseball film! Thank you Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill and Philip Seymour-Hoffman. Also, thanks to Michael Lewis, whose book was the basis for the movie. Last but not least, Bill James. If you’re not a baseball nerd, look him up.)

With that said, even the very best quantifying of future trends by futurologists using game theory or mathematics at best can only rely on quantifiable data about one year or eighteen months into the future. Less so, if one is making very detailed forecasts like Nate Silver presented. For instance, I understand most of his forecasts were made only a few months out from 6 November. For longer forecasts, on can argue that there is still a place for a gifted and more subjectively driven Oracle, though I truly hope science will find a way to quantify in detail the distant future. I dedicate my work towards finding an understanding how, and would like to say in closing: Bravo Nate!

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If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the “Contact” email button and I will post them here.

Today we have to start with the “stupid” so that there is nowhere to go but up with peoples’ comments. We begin with someone who long ago angrily unsubscribed from my HogueBulletin Newsletter list, yet she still comes back to read the web page. It is a guilty pleasure that I know thousands of you enjoy, despite the fact that in the past, you angrily unsubscribed or even demanded that I unsubscribe you, rather than take the responsibility for doing it yourself.

John, I want to start by saying that I really like your website and love watching you on T.V. and hearing you when you appear on C2C. I always check in with your website whenever something “happens” (ie…Arab Spring, Sandy, Presidential election…). I checked it on Tuesday 6th, on Wednesday, on Thursday, And again today-now 3 days AFTER the election– you are posting your comments as if they were posted before the election results???? I’m a little disappointed.

Karla, there are about a million people out there who know something you may not know. It is called the “refresh” button. It helps one update the page sent by your browser. Now I’m not certain that’s why you had an old page image up on your screen for several days. I’ve got a million people out there who do have a functioning browser, who do refresh their pages. They know that I posted the 6 November article (see 2012 election prediction) well before the events described. Moreover, in the article in italics where passages from a book I wrote and documented on 17 November 2011 and published on 21 December 2011. My prediction that Obama would win a second term was documented and published in September 2009!

Many thousands of people downloaded Predictions for 2012 in December 2011 and have evidence of the truth and veracity of those predictions about how the campaign actually did turn out, how Romney would be the one facing Obama and exactly how and why he would lose the election. The final assessment at the end of the article was written on the morning of the election and published – along with the other assessments clearly inserted and dated in the November 2011 passages from “Predictions for 2012” – at “2:07 pm” Pacific Standard Time.

For the rest of you reading this pathetic and slanderous comment from Karla, shaking your head at her, I allow it to be posted so you can get a taste of how no good deed in accurate forecasting goes unpunished. (Chuckle…)

Be advised, when you start being very accurate in your documented forecasts you will get in far more trouble with people having issues with reason and truth than if you are some Ed Dames or other, making wildly inaccurate forecasts.

Karla’s view of the world sides more with many current Republican numbers crunchers and pundits who can’t face or understand a reality that didn’t fit their projected expectations masquerading as a “forecast” of a Romney victory. This failure to perceive reality is a cancer that is destroying the American Conservative movement in America and I am not one to celebrate that.

One needs balance in life as well as in the politics of life. The loss of a rational noble opposition to the liberal movement can only, eventually see liberals also succumbing to a kind of insanity if there isn’t a reasonable, critical opposition keeping them on their toes, keeping their ideas rational and grounded. I’ve lived long enough to remember and experience men and women conservatives in such a noble opposition. Since then the Republican Party has gone to the Karl Roves and Karlas of the world and I am concerned that the shock they received on 6 November has not yet penetrated the bubble of their fact denying worldview.

This might mean that the New Years deadline to raise the debt ceiling might not find Republican leadership seeking compromise but seeking to project once again a worldview not in harmony with the will of the people voting on November 6. This time also, the Democrats in Congress and their reelected president will not buckle to threats. If we go over that media hyper-hyped financial “cliff” and automatic draconian “Sequestering” cuts begin, the biggest loser will once again be the Republican Party and the US conservative movement’s credibility with the American people.


Do you feel he will bring about a constitutional change repealing the 22nd amendment and being elected to more than 2 terms and if so could this fulfill any prophesies.

I will consult the oracle on this and report what it says in my e-book of forecasts for 2013.


Bravo John (now that we know the results). Nate Silver has nothing on you!

Thank you, Rocker. I was happy to see that Nate Silver using mathematics came to many of the same conclusions I documented using my “Oracle” nearly one to up to three years and two months ago. I think it is really cool when two forecasters at opposite ends of the human mind’s potential can use pure subjective intuition and pure empirical mathematics to come to the same accurate prediction. Good on you Nate!


You should check out web sites like drudgereport or wmd or savagenation, why is Obama given a pass on fast and furious, going into Libya without congress approval, going against Israel, for Muslim Brotherhood, etc…? Media in bag for Obama. Could go on but doubt if you will see this. So l hope you are ready for what this far left radical will do now that he does not have to run any more campaigns. Maybe he will do away with term limits? God help us!

Don sent his comment to me after I did an hour in the wee hours of 7 November after an election night victory for Obama. I’m assuming his vague comment about term limits is Don fretting about a new amendment to the US constitution that might lift term limits of the Presidency.

Another comment about that Coast show:


John many Kudos to you for remaining true, to the Light last night on Coast to Coast. George is so biased, because of the President’s color that I rarely listen to his show any more. After you got off the air, he allowed a female caller criticize you and he offered no defense or balance to the caller’s concern, even though if she had been listening, you had already addressed her issue earlier. George has become a ringleader of haters. Frank

I’m getting to know George over the years and I don’t think that’s true. When George pauses for effect, I think people can fill that pause with their own stuff or fill their own expectations into that silence. And why not allow the female caller the space to express herself? Let the radio audience decide what merit or lack of merit was there in her opinion. I have seen George work a radio show and a talk panel asking questions, being taciturn to great effect. In a few days he will host me in a one-on-one television taping of a one-hour interview this Sunday in Boulder Colorado for a Beyond Belief episode on the 2012 Mayan Calendar.

As I see it, George is not there to give support or defense. He’s there to use his questions and sometimes his silences to frame a guest’s point of view and even expose it on its own merit or lack thereof. He has a subtlety that is rare in US media. I find his modus operandi refreshing.

Here is yet another comment about my Coast spot in the wee hours of 7 November . It starts with an attempt at an astrological correction that unfortunately puts this guy as far off from astronomical reality as Earth is to Mickey Mouse’s Planet “Pluto”:


You maybe also interested that your north node is in Ophiuchus and your south in Taurus. This explains your curiosity for the sublime. Defined the realm of things that are sublime.

As I am that “curious” fellow, let me inform you that Ophiuchus may have a foot in the Zodiac region but to be one of the Zodiac constellations you have to have the “body” of the constellation involved. There are other constellations that do what Ophiuchus does, yet you do not place them in your “crowded” Zodiac. The sublime fact is, your system is fundamentally flawed, Bruce.

Mr. Hogue; I enjoyed reading your bio and the candor of your thoughts about yourself. I respect the self-accumulated knowledge you attained. Says much about your character. With all due respect, I would like to point out that your astrology is incorrect. Saturn is not in Scorpio but remains in Virgo for some while yet. I am not to argue the point however the condition of the human drama is best served with a corrected observation. Looking into the nights sky Saturn is clearly in Virgo.

That is about the silliest, funniest, astrological, astronomically challenged comment I have received in 30 years of doing Political Astrology. How you come to this “conclusion” that Saturn is still transiting Virgo? I can even hear the astronomers laughing.

You are entitled to your opinion but not entitled to your own astrological facts. Here is the FACT: Saturn began its transit of Scorpio, Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 1:33 PM, Pacific Daylight Savings Time.

Notice Ophiuchus is only putting his toe on the tropical line. Now, if it passed through his midrift that would qualify as a 13th sign of the Zodiac.

Bruce and Everybody, be beware of making snap judgments on the face value of Ophi-foolish fads. For instance, common sense would tell us that Earth’s horizon is flat so the Earth must be flat. Because we see the Sun moving around the Earth in the sky, ergo, Earth must be the center of our solar system, not the Sun.

Now let us move from astronomical nonsense to hopefully some critically logical sense in Bruce’s thinking:

Secondly, your thought about a Democracy, the US is not a Democracy it is clearly a republic. I respect your understanding however based on your statements this am there is a vast amount of misinformation and while you may not think so, it is important I think to give a true representation to what is rather that what isn’t.

I guess Bruce wasn’t listening to the show very closely. I spoke at length about America being a Republic and not a Democracy – that the founding fathers modeled our country’s government on the Roman Republic because the Athenian democracy was chaos, a “Mobocracy” ending in a dictatorship, as all such messes must go. Not only was Bruce silly about astrology but apparently asleep in the early morning hours of 7 November when I spent 15 minutes on this subject.

Romney would never be president because he does not have the astrological aspect shared by all the presidents. This pattern or aspect is not revealed using western astrology. It wouldn’t have matter what occurred it was not astrologically possible for him to do so. I realize we are in a paradigm shift however at this point of the shift I think that too would not have influenced his ability to win devoid of the aspect I speak of.

Beyond the tortured sentence structuring, the point Bruce makes is an absolute. There are no absolutes in astrological readings because astrology is nothing more than a form of poetry, a language of celestial metaphor that describes in one’s chart a map of potential, a toolbox of potential character building or demolishing tools. A good astrologer must look beyond the tools and sense the nature of the one who might wield them, the “Soul”. Moreover, Bruce, you are flat wrong about Pisceans ever becoming presidents. Three of our better presidents were born with a Sun in Pisces: Grover Cleveland, Andrew Jackson and James Madison. (Cheesh, dude!).

Next is a comment from a Romney supporter in the first stage of grief: Denial.


I am one of those people with the “little views” who you would like to push aside. Doesn’t sound too tolerant. Also, liberals control the lamestream media, and have their own radio show, called NPR. If you want the Fairness Doctrine for the airwaves, then NPR and their liberal spin needs to be defunded. That would be “fair”. A Coast to Coast listener.

No one has pushed you aside. Fox News is one of your “lamestream” media and they are definitely not tracking the liberal rant. In addition, Sarah Palin, the creator of that expletive is certainly not a liberal either, and is a frequent talking head on Fox. NPR is small ratings potatoes to Rush Limbaugh. Opinions can differ but not facts. You can face these facts or push them aside. Do the latter and the only one pushed aside is yourself “by” yourself in your own self-imposed isolation from fact, Mary Jo.


You’re amazing… and it’s an amazing feeling to be accurate… and you are on a higher level… I’m vision 8 beyond on the keen network and have done predictions and readings … and have to say you have a true gift and you are very blessed, I appreciate your energy and enjoyed listening to you on coast to coast with George Noory.

Thank you, Edward. I don’t know what “Vision 8” stands for. Sounds like a good name for a paranormal show for superheroes.

Next, I received something rare from a reader who in the past disagreed with my predictions. He stood up and owned a fact, even if it goes against one’s wishes and hopes.


I admit I was wrong about the election. God Bless

Thank you for that. It is courageous to admit when one is wrong. Joseph and I bear witness to our mistakes. There are thousands of you down the 12 year life span of Hogueprophecy corresponders who sent your sometimes downright nasty emails may way, beating up the messenger. Yet when most of those predictions came true. Silence! The silence of the cowardly lambs.

You all know who you are.

Why not take this moment to man up (or mother up). Don’t do it for me. Do it to honor your own integrity. Admit you were wrong, especially those among you who said some real ugly things in your emails. I keep everyone’s email on record, by the way. I document myself and I document all of you too.


Mr. Hogue, About two and a half years ago you said on “Coast to Coast AM” that President Obama would be reelected and George Noory said in a surprised tone of voice, “Really?” Did Obama win legitimately or did he win by voter fraud? Many ballots of military personnel were burned in a plane crash or arrived too late to be counted. What will happen in Obama’s second term? Will the economy recover? Will there be war between Israel and Iran? How will historians rate Obama? Will he be a great president or one of the worst presidents?

I also said that Obama had the potential to become a great president in his second term. We will see. As to your other questions, I have written entire e-books as an answer. Please check out the following book. It is in the process of being written right now. It will look into Obama’s second term, where the economy goes next. Click on Predictions for 2013. For prophecies about a war with Iran and when, click on Teheran.


Enjoyed listening to you on Coast to Coast with George Noory on Election Night. However I’m really wondering if you could look into the future again like that glass of water you talked about and tell me what do you see in 2016 President? Joe Biden, and the Democrats or the Republicans?

Right now, I see Jeb Bush making a serious run. Hillary Clinton still has one more chance to fulfill her interrupted destiny and become president in 2016. Joe Biden will never be president.


Caught the Nostradamus special on History earlier today. It is the episode about the third Anti-Christ. That one show has moved me to research more. Do you have any advice on places to look that I might not find with the conventional searches. Thank you for your help and for everything you have published here. Michael

Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code Named MABUS

Click on this cover to read more about "Mabus".

I wrote Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code Named MABUS before Obama was elected to his first term. In it, I delved into the possible hints and clues in Nostradamus that might list him as one of four mostly likely candidates for Nostradamus’ third of three Antichrists, the first being Napoleon and Hitler. This topic is the hottest in the world of Nostradamia. And now, we have four more years to consider the possibility that Obama is either the Antichrist or that Nostradamus was confusing Obama with Osama bin Laden as the Third Antichrist.

Next, a more racially overtoned comment about Obama on this topic:


Obama… seriously… religious issues… ruling over those in Asia… destroying everything in sight… coming from that Asian/African continent area… Mayan calendar… just saying, it all adds up.

Man, that was a halting and limping comment. There is a common thread in the hundreds of racially challenged comments I have received about Obama that at least appears to represent the majority of their authors as poorly educated, semi-illiterates. It seems that when whites trash the black, Harvard graduate Obama, the letters are often white trash in substantive thinking.


john hogue i heard you on noory the other said that barack obama was a good president.thenyou must be able to say that he can get the job done in which holding him in accountabilityfor something. ithink abolishment of the debt and 28 million jobs would be a credible feat .or,dont you really believe in him.

Sigh…Another dumb letter. Systemic failure of an economic system is like cancer. It sometimes takes decades of systemic abuse before the cancer emerges on the surface. Then, the “stupid” in us, likes to think a lifetime of abuse can just be magically erased in a year. No one can erase this debt in one year, unless you want to collapse the global economy and take people back to a preindustrial poverty. As Forest Gump once said, “Stupid is is Stupid does.”


I believe that Barack obama is the third antichrist. Do you agree?

He is not the only candidate, but his name does spell out "Mabus". Phoenetically spell his Kenyan family name -- Oubama, or Ubama. Next, you get -- maabu. Replace the redundant letter "a" -- mabu. You are allowed one completely new letter -- Mabus.

Belief is a qualified ignorance. The right question to ask is, does Nostradamus provide in his Antichrist prophecies clues that unquestionably implicate Barack Obama as his third and final Antichrist? My answer to that and all other pertinent questions concerning this fascinating prophetic detective story has taken me around the world for 25 years looking at a whole plethora of people and leads. Thus I composed my findings in the spring of 2008 and when I review the 70,000-word eBook born from that search, I find virtually nothing I would alter, four years after its publication. Want to know if I agree or disagree with you, Frank? Read Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named: Mabus.


Did you know Obama’s secretary of the navy is Ray Mabus? I”m sure you do. Just thought it was odd.

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus.

I first wrote about Raymond Mabus, when he was US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia in the 1990s. You can see my comments in Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies. Then he did a tour as Governor of Mississippi. I predicted Mabus would become a member of Obama’s cabinet. I did this four months before Obama won his bid to be president and around six months before Obama actually got to picking Ray Mabus Secretary of the Navy. You can see the documented passage by reading my book about the Third Antichrist, click on Ray Mabus.


Thanks for the reply. I feel sad that you would not be able to do a personal reading. I have followed your predictions regarding the 2012 US presidential elections and I’m amazed you have predicted it correctly even for the senate and congress. anyway, can you pls send me the link and information for the meditation techniques that you used. I am already in your newsletter list. thanks

Thank you, Jesse. For the rest of you, I had told Jesse that I no longer do personal readings since my work has evolved since 1992 towards “reading the world”. My offer stands for everyone reading this. I will share information and links about the meditations I use. Just Contact Me and put in the subject line: Meditation.

By the way, Suzanne and others using Earthlink, Peoplepc or mindspring if you sent a request for meditation and never got an answer, it is because your server bounces my sendings. They censor me. Get back to me with a Gmail account and I’ll try resending.



I was reading your article on the situation in the mid-east and got to the point where you began spouting utter drivel regarding the election and why conservatives opposed Obama. It might interest you to know that many of us true conservatives opposed him not for the color of his skin, but for his failed economic policies, along with his divisiveness agenda and the over use of regulations to control the people of the United States and it’s economy. Not to mention the outrageous amount of money he is running through as if it were simply water. Our children’s children will still be paying off what he is charging to the bank of China. And for what? His stimulus? From everything I can see he has lined the pocket’s of his buddies who worked to get him into power and now these “Green” companies have gone out of business. So I guess in one way they really were “Green” companies, since U.S. currency is after all green, and they absconded with mountain’s of it. There are many of us who feel that having a Socialist in power is not good for the country as a whole, and does not in any way shape or form, conform to the Constitution of the USA. Many of us feel that this may well lead to violence here in America like you see in Greece and Spain over entitlement issues. The people of this country are being lured and pulled into a socialist entitlement agenda for political purposes. It’s all about the vote and stirring up pseudo race war/war on women/war on 1%er’s is just a way to gain votes. It is very sad to see our once strong independent country and it’s proud people brought so low, and all for the political advantage of Socialists who now masquerade as Democrats. Socialism is a failed system. Always. But it seems there will always be those who can be lured by “free stuff”. Wonder what will happen when the free stuff runs out? Do you have an answer for that? What happened to aspiring to do great things and amount to greatness on our own merit? Not by what other people can do for us. Frankly, I don’t care what color of skin a man or woman has. It has nothing to do with the mettle of their character. If they, like Obama are not a strong competent leader who considers the good of every Man Woman & Child in the USA irregardless of race or economic situation (from the poorest to the wealthiest) then they are not appropriate as a leader, and they have no business being a U.S. President, or in any important political office. Simply put Obama’s policies are bad for the country as a whole. It’s a leader thing, not a color thing as you stated. Your article would have had more impact with me if you had left the whole race, socialist/liberal thing out of it. Sad for you. I can never take you seriously in the future, since I know your obvious liberal leanings sway your voice, and thus, your predictions.

Hi J. Rather than looking at my “drivel” as you call it, you as a conservative should be looking at the right-wing drivel that had hijacked the GOP in 2012. The Republican party is in a reality free fall and the cause of true conservatism is under threat. Turn your critical eye towards what counts. One of the pillars of true conservatism is practical and rational thinking. It used to be that conservatives could point out to liberals the impracticalities underlining their bleeding heart ideas. Conservatives used to be about fiscal responsibility. Look at how far we have fallen with the runaway crony capitalism, the rampant and irresponsible speculation in Wall Street. Do you think Eisenhower, Teddy Roosevelt, Nixon or even Ronald Reagan would either recognize or be welcomed into this extreme right-wing mess the GOP has currently become?

If you want to rant and have your rant be effective, I suggest you train your criticisms towards your own movement. It is under threat from irrational, faith based and right wing extremism. Obama’s not your problem. The problem in the Republican Party is within its own ranks. If you, and other true conservatives do not clean up your own political household conservatives will be politically homeless by 2016. The Republican Party runs the danger of fissuring into two parties, the GOP and a third “Tea Party”. Conservatism will be divided and its influence diluted by such a schism.


Galictic Federation of Light says there willbe NO nuclear war..they won’t permit it because it contaminates other civilizations. Check ’em out.

They permitted a nuclear war already and at a time when ET flights around the Earth were at one of their highest. World War Two was a nuclear war, with two cities blasted by atomic bombs at its end.



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  1. Al Lindeen
    Posted 22 March 2013 at 12:34 am | Permalink

    Do you believe in the false prophet in revelations? Thank you!

    The only “false prophecy” the only “Antichrist” is human unconsciousness, ignorance, “belief” mongering over “knowing”. Faith is the Antichrist because it is borrowed from others. Anything borrowed from others that is not your direct existential experience is inherently false. Jesus may have received the holy spirit but if it hasn’t happened to you, it doesn’t matter what Jesus received. Belief is one of the worst concepts of unconsciousness out there. As is “hope” –the worse 4-letter word there is, because when you “hope” you sit in your misery waiting for transformation to come from outside of yourself, for someone else to fix “your” mind, “your” emotional attachments, “your” state of robotic, conditioned, unconsciousness. You wait for someone else to make true what is a “false prophet” in yourself. Abandon all hope and you abandon hopelessness too. They are in the same deceptive embrace, just as belief and disbelief are ensnared in an evil embrace.

  2. Pat Rardin
    Posted 17 November 2012 at 1:29 am | Permalink

    Did not have time at the moment to read the last part in its entirety. However, agree with your assessment that Jeb Bush could have won. While not a saint by any means, he was a good governor, better than the current one. The only other Republican governor I liked was Charlie Crist. Both of them were more moderates and were also more pragmatic, knowing their limitations. Did you know that Obama went and talked to Jeb Bush, I think shortly after his election? Not sure what the subject matter was. In any event, this election was one of those where you either voted for the devil you knew or the devil you didn’t know, not much of a choice either way. It would have been easier to vote for Jeb.

    You may get your chance in 2016, because he will run. Interesting about that meeting with Obama and J Bush. I’m sensing that Obama went to Jeb to generate more moderate Republican support for his policies. I think the Tea Party Caucus will become even more extreme now. Ideologues see facts as enemies to be either shunned or destroyed. As I said a few years ago in Predictions for 2010, the Tea Party Caucus in the House of Reps is a revolutionary group. They are not there to compromise on anything. They want Washington to sing their tune, or they’ll break the mike, so to speak. I have some interesting things to say about it in the upcoming e-book, Predictions for 2013.

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