The End of the Electoral College in 2026

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Out of President Obama’s adopted state, where his political career and change revolution were launched, Illinois most famous seeress, Irene F. Hughes, foresaw in 1974 changes coming by the middle of the 2020s far greater in scope than anything imagined by the new president:

In the year 2026, the Constitution of the United States will be no more. In its place will be an entirely different document, and an entirely new way of governmental rule, I predict that man will live in greater trust and love of his fellow man at that time.

I foresee one of these changes towards a more human democracy will include the abandoning of the Electoral College system.

Most of those in favor of the Electoral College believe it adds weight to the smaller states. They argue that 25 percent of the populace is in California, Texas, New York and Florida. It would not be fair for these four states to determine the presidency.

In the future, Americans will finally grasp what other younger and more modern democracies understand. A truly national election reflects the national will beyond state borders.

In addition, 25 percent of the US population in California, Texas, New York and Florida will not all vote in lock step together. Nevertheless, in a close election even a few thousand citizens in Guam could tip a truly national election. Candidates? Get thee to Guam to win every vote needed.

It is a myth that the Electoral College system protects citizens of smaller states. I know. I live in one and it is not a swing state these days, either.

These days if you live in small non-swing states, good luck ever seeing a presidential candidate pass through for a live stump speech. Even in the closely fought Democratic Primaries of 2008 between Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, we citizens of Washington State only saw Obama for a day and Clinton for two if you ventured off the islands to the mainland or emerged out of the fir forests mists and moss into the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area.

Correct me with documented proof if I am wrong but I do not recall if Barack Obama even visited Washington State during the fall presidential election campaign of 2008. I think McCain came once or twice, but briefly.

If we could have taken away the Electoral Collage in 2008, the sum total of all blue Democrat or red Republican votes would be pooled as a national sum without being divvied up state-by-state to choose the electors who chose the winner. You bet Obama and McCain would have come to Washington State much more often. They would have gone to all 50 states and territories at least once because once free of the Electoral College, we would be like any other modern democracy. Each citizen’s vote in a national election would be “national” not state controlled. Your vote for a president would really count.

Look at it this way. In my state, which is heavily Blue Democrat, Obama was sure to win the 11 electoral delegates so why waste time and treasure coming here, Obama? A million or more votes cast for McCain simply mean nothing, so why see McCain waste much time in Washington State?

In staunchly Republican Red Texas, which went to McCain, millions of Obama votes meant nothing. You did not see him campaign hard and frequently there for every vote. However, if all votes of all the Americans were thrown into a national polling pool then minority votes in all states in sum total do matter. Even a guy or gal from Guam matters.

People in the 2020s will look back at our system and say, “Well, if they liked the Electoral College so much, why didn’t they impose the same system for their state, and congressional elections?

“Why didn’t we hear the pro Electoral College people say, ‘Hey, let’s protect the small counties from the large and populous counties in our state by voting for electors in each who choose our state governor or our congressional representatives in Washington DC in a winner-take-all fashion? Candidates then need only campaign in a few swing counties, or the big counties with lots of electoral votes. Forget the rest.'”

John Hogue
(11 May 2009)

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Click on the link and check out John Hogue’s most topical book!

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