Nostradamus, the Profit and Prophet


There’s a certain dogmatic view in the prophecy genre that to be spiritual and saintly, you must bust your astral back conjuring angels of fire in some dangerous Theurgic rite, risking opening oneself as a channel for such unpredictable beings, after which you dispense your prophecies free of charge for the good of all and often the calumny of many.

There are those among you, such as Deb, who hold this idea that the great Prophet Nostradamus gave his predictions freely to the world. I think it is time to clear the air a little about that.

I guess I don’t understand why you do not just go ahead and state the future, for Mankind’s sake instead of people buying your book. Nostradamus didn’t do it that way.


Actually, Deb, Nostradamus didn’t just give his prophecies to mankind. You had to buy them as books. You had to pay for every single prophecy he wrote. Even when he was first summoned to court to explain his predictions in 1555 to Queen Catherine de Medici and King Henri II of France, he was given a donation afterwards. It wasn’t enough to pay the fortune he spent on travel to Paris from Provence so he set up shop as a guest at the Palace in Paris belonging to the Archbishop of Sens. There he gave psychic and astrological readings to nobles, courtiers and their ladies who paid him quite well.

When the Queen invited him to the Chateau Blois to draw horoscopes of her children he was generously paid. Nostradamus was recompensed quite handsomely again in 1564 for making further horoscopes for the Queen after the death of Henri II in 1559 when she was Regent of the realm and came with her traveling court to pay her respects to the ageing prophet. By the way, if you were interested in reading that famous prophecy about her husband’s death in a joust when it came out in 1555, Nostradamus required you pay for the book and read it there.

Frankly, Deb, I can’t remember an instance after he began writing his prophecies, starting with yearly almanacs in 1550, when Nostradamus was not paid for his prophetic labors for mankind. I think the record of his accuracy is a good enough judge to say, Bravo! Nostradamus. You earned your keep. What you had to say had value.

Now, with me you get “such a deal”! 🙂

Not only do I ask for, and need your support to keep me financially going by buying a book from time to time, I also write each year over 100,000 words of prophecy and prophetic commentary on this blog page for free. I also eventually respond, free of charge, to ALL my correspondents. That’s about 5,000 letters per year. If I’m to keep providing a blog every other day throughout each year, I’m going to need some more of you 100,000 readers to join the few hundred who have donated a modest-to-generous sum of appreciation for HogueProphecy Bulletins.


Finally, a reader left this note today:

I just donated to your site. I responded because I enjoy reading your work, but also because you made the process easy. I simply clicked on the donate link, got to Paypal, and logged onto my account to donate. Please keep up the good work.


If you haven’t yet donated and if you agree with him and have a “yes” to help me continue, here’s the same simple way you can do it:


Thank you for your support.

John Hogue

(13 May 2009)

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