Kim Jong Il, Vaclav Havel, Hitchens, the Future beyond Politicians

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Post date: 10 January 2012. It has been a busy week so far and it has not allowed me time to write an article, especially as I had to prepare for a television interview for a Canadian television documentary. I am out the door very early in the morning to catch a plane. I will be back mid-afternoon Thursday. Maybe by Friday I will be able to write a few words about the Republican primary in New Hampshire, about Iran and all the saber rattling and also write something about my prophecy of 12 disasters for 2011. It was fulfilled, it seems. Until then, I take you back to the article already posted:


The last article I posted on was 11 December, but I have not been idle. On 21 December, I signed off on the most epic of my annual almanacs predicting the events of the upcoming year. 2012 is significant, more so because of what we are making out of it rather than what the Mayan prophecies may or may not have intended. I had planned for a book of 36,000 words. The spirit of my “Oracle” had other plans. It flooded out of my soul, mind and fingertips a 65,000-word epic.

Many of you are already reading it since 23 December. You have made such a book possible when you began advance donating the cost of the book and more since 13 October to help me give it my full attention. The process took ten weeks, the last five being especially intense and sleepless in a final push. The great labor brought into the world this big literary “baby”. Your financial and psychic support was the midwife that allowed this “Mother” of all end-of-the-year Hogue e-books to come to life.

Now that I am somewhat recovered, I can at last return to more regular blog articles posted here on these pages. The work on the book was somewhat eased by there not being some catastrophic current event or historic milestone that required I pull out of the oracle’s composing zone to write an article. There was only one temptation. It happened near the end of this writer’s travail: the death of the “Dear Leader” of North Korea. His Kim Jong Il-ness. The jumpsuit filling, bouffant-cherub, Hennessey-swilling inspiration for Dr. Evil in those shagadilickly Piccadilly silly James Bond spy spoofs, the Austin Powers movies.

Despite Kim Jong Il-timed his demise, I had already anticipated the implosion to come in 2012 in North Korea when writing my 2012 book. So, if my oracle’s up to the challenge of getting the potentials for 2012 right, I at least had time to finish the book and get back to blogging before Kim Jong’s young-Un jumps into his father’s jumpsuit as the new “mini-me” dwarfish of baby-fat-fantastic dictator of a famine-stricken hermit kingdom. In the book I commented that Kim Jong Un at 27 looked remarkably like his chubby Papa before cognac, strokes and age shriveled that waistline and collapsed that hairy soufflé of a hairdo unto Un’s succession.

Dare I say it? The future of the dictatorship will be Kim Jong Un-bearable in 2012. For more details about when he and his regime becomes Kim Jong Un-sustainable join the swelling throng of readers who have received their advanced donators edition of my forecasts for 2012.

It is strange how celebrity deaths come in threes. I thought it was just a Hollywood custom. Something one expected of geriatric box office movie stars getting old, ruddy and flaccid like stellar red giants at the end of their cosmic cycle. It would seem that chance coincidence on the weekend 16 December 2012 takes the phenomenon beyond the cine-sin-city of my birth.

Though Kim Jong Il’s death is significant to my prophetic work, I could personally care less about this ugly little man, woman and child starver. Yet, an hour after hearing about Kim’s demise, news reached me of another death far more emotionally grabbing and significant to me. A writer I had read for decades and grew to respect for his confrontational and rebellious truth-seeking nature – damn whatever the fragile illusions of others he so often ruffled – had passed away.

The role he played I sometimes play with my readers. Many of you can love-hate me equally, have strongly differing views. You can rightfully or wrongfully judge my take on things as harsh and biased. Nevertheless, my furry owlishness on TV documentaries can resemble to some of you that moody owlish journalist glowering at stupidity through a haze of cigarette smoke. He could stare down with brutal dispassion the BS of others with that amber glow flushing his clean shaven moon face after one too many double-scotches on the rocks.

Some of you wrestle with my confrontations, the button pushing, the rebellion yet cannot keep away from these electronic pages, because with all my human faults and verbal savaging of iconic and dogmatic stances there is something here worth reading. There is a thread of truth worth weaving and perhaps even worth being tangled in.

Well, “Hitch” was that kind of writer for me. Christopher Hitchens, gadfly and atheist, rationalist to a fault, died like he lived, narrow and acid judgments, hard-loving truth-insights and all, encountering his painful end from esophageal cancer with courage on 15 December 2011.

He died an atheist. Lord Buddha was also an atheist. The term would not preclude a chance that in life’s ultimate climax – death – Hitchens may have come to an understanding if not an outright and blissful dissolving into a greater reality. This understanding is far more ecstatic, vastly and powerfully “not there” – doing this “not there-ing” – within and beyond the surface mind’s childish stances adopting or rejecting dogmas based on imaginary friends called “God.”

I would say that the atheist, if he or she is not too stuck in cynicism and dogmatic stances but is a true skeptical inquirer into the mystery of existence, could be actually closer to enlightenment. They are not burdened with borrowed faith in their beliefs, which ever retard a real inquiry into existence. The atheist can be equally trapped by belief. A theist attaches to a belief (qualified ignorance). An atheist attaches to a “dis”-belief (qualified ignorance). Stuck in one or the other of two sides of belief, neither the theist nor atheist knows what Zen master Bodhidharma called the “no-knowing” mystery of existence.

Do not believe or disbelieve what Bodhidharma knew.

It only matters when you know.

Meditation can help. If you wish to experiment with the techniques I use, Contact Me and I will freely send you links and information.

The death of a head of state like Kim Jong Il was significant because of what will come in 2012 but it does not touch my heart like the passing of another one-time leader of a nation, the playwright, and imprisoned political activist- turned-statesman, Václav Havel, who also died on the weekend of 15 December.

With the decline and fall of Soviet communism across Russia and Eastern Europe, Havel became the ninth and final president of Czechoslovakia (1989-1992), then the first president of the Czech Republic (1993-2003). He was just the kind of human being we need sitting in a high seat of power. For one thing, he was “human” – not a member of that sub-human species called “the Politician”. He was a writer, an artist, a comedic satirist – just the kind of attributes we need in those who wield power over us.

It reminds me of an observation transcribed from a discourse of Osho, who is one of the more significant prophets foreseeing a new humanity born out of the travails to come in the 21st century. I published the following passage in 1994 for The Millennium Book of Prophecy. The system Osho foresaw for the new humanity coming transcends what we currently and incorrectly define as “democracy”. Actually it is “mobocracy”: either ruled by a mafia of the soul in the guise of priests, politicians and corporate billionaires who pull their strings; or, ruled by ill-informed, irrational amassed mobs of mediocre voters. Osho gives guidelines about how a bridge to that golden future can be built today by people that are the Václav Havel’s of our present day. The 99-percenter movement might consider Osho’s sage advice next year about how one can establish the next political system coming beyond democracy:

I would like all the universities within each state to call a convention of all the chancellors and the eminent professors; of the eminent intelligentsia who may not be part of the university; painters, artists, poets, writers, novelists, dancers, actors, musicians. It would include all dimensions of talents, all kinds of people who have shown their caliber excluding politicians completely.

All Nobel Prize winners should be invited excluding the politicians again… So from each state a delegation should be chosen for the national convention, which goes into details of how the Meritocracy can work.

From the national candidates there should be an international convention of all the universities of the world and the intelligentsia. This would be the first of its kind because never has the whole intelligentsia of the world come together to decide the fate of humanity.

They should write the first constitution of the world. It will not be American, it will not be Indian, it will not be Chinese it is going to be simply the constitution of the whole humanity.


…And a world constitution will be a declaration that nations are no longer significant. They can exist as functional units but they are no longer independent powers. And if the whole intelligentsia of the world is behind this convention it will not be very difficult to convince the generals of the world to move away from the politicians.

And what power do politicians have? All the power that they have we have given to them. We can take it back.

The members of the World Government will choose the world president. But the world president will be chosen not from members of the World Government, but from outside. And one thing should be absolutely certain about him that he is not a politician. He can be a poet, a painter, a mystic, a dancer, but not a politician.

Osho (1987) The Greatest Challenge, The Golden Future

I plan in the next blog to prophetically catch you up on the following subjects: a hard US Neo-Con-cum-Israeli Zionist push to expand a shrinking market for the US Military Industrial Complex in the Middle East. The new infernal product producer targets Iran. Nostradamus mentioned a war with Iran and even named the Strait of Hormuz as the flash point – using the name it was known by in 16th-century maps.

There is also a need to prophetically explain why there is currently no real winter taking place across North America. Thirdly, I will assess whether the year 2011 did indeed end as the year of 12 catastrophes as my oracle predicted. We will examine whether the 12th catastrophe of 2011 hit with the deadly tropical storm Washi (Sendong) – the third to savage the Philippines in 2011 – crossing over the southern islands of Mindanao and Palawan. Washi’s ten hours of relentless downpour caused mountain landslides that have claimed 1,300 lives, rendered 300,000 people homeless – 100,000 of which are currently being evacuated because their villages, towns, roads and infrastructure has been completely wiped out.

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John Hogue
(30 December 2011)

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PS–I’ll be on Coast to Coast AM on 23 January 2012 for a three-hour marathon interview concerning my prophecies for 2012. My segment starts at 11 pm Pacific.

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  1. Rocker
    Posted 4 January 2012 at 11:01 pm | Permalink

    Meant to say something about Hitchens… John, I appreciate how you do have an open mind even while chiding those who hold different views that they haven’t really thought through. I’m sure you didn’t always agree with Christopher Hitchens, nor did I, but Hitchens approached everything from his own (earned via application of intellectual force) perspective and never just adopted somebody else’s “party line”. Like you, by thinking and delving below the surface, he forced others to think too by challenging their assumptions and beliefs (those who are even open to having their beliefs challenged). And his utter refusal to concede to the conventions of “P.C.-speak” was another great attribute…when people are afraid to speak clearly, the conversation is dumbed down…and ultimately, I believe, the mind is numbed as well. Of course, P.C.-speak does serve a purpose in civilizing discourse – there has to a happy medium. I think if a speaker holds no disrespect for others (or we’re not sure), then we shouldn’t be so quick to castigate and impugn the speaker, jumping on every slip of the tongue. In other words, not be quite so sensitive. When the totality of a person’s views as revealed through context are odious or wrong-headed, then we can respond “all guns blazing”. That’s the flip side.

    Anyway, point is I was surprised/not really surprised to learn you held Hitchens in such high esteem…and pleased.

  2. Kira
    Posted 31 December 2011 at 12:04 pm | Permalink

    It was 65 degrees here today! The kids played outside in shorts. This day last year we had 2 feet of snow for the first time in 20 years.

  3. Posted 30 December 2011 at 12:10 pm | Permalink

    I quite agree John. Havel was the ideal modern politican. I wish we, as Americans, could elect someone similar. Today’s plastic sound-bite spewing corporate owned prostitute is, to me at least, symbolic of a society in decay. We sorely need those who still have their “souls” intact.

    • Rocker
      Posted 4 January 2012 at 4:28 am | Permalink

      @Paul: People meeting that type of description refuse to get in politics these days.

      @John H: “World President”…I agree we need major change now as opportunity for incrementalism has closed, but that particular idea is going to be a hard sell for me.

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