Egyptian Revolution and Brad Meltzer’s Decoded

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I have posted this insert today altering the currently posted blog because of the fluid and prophetically significant situation developing across Egypt and the Middle East region. It is nothing short of a social, economic and political earthquake shaking the Arab world triggered by the uniquely Aquarian Age phenomenon: popular revolts carried into the streets by Internet’s social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.

Astrologically speaking, Uranus (the ruler of revolution and chaos) is advancing into its final and intensifying degrees of Pisces before it enters the sign of Aries (new beginnings, short tempers, riot first, ask questions later). Saturn (ruler of government status quo) went into retrograde this week on 26 January. That means sustaining the status quo can be compromised. Saturn is now retreating between now and mid June through Libra the ruler of stability and balance. You can expect a time of riot and revolution spreading not only across North Africa and the Middle East but also on the floor of Congress as I described in detail in forecasts for 2011.

You can ask what caused Tunisians last week, Egyptians this week and perhaps Jordanians and Syrians next week to pour onto the Arab streets in open revolution. You will find them initially complain about crushingly high food prices, unemployment or under employment which they blame on regimes that cannot sustain these basic needs and higher aspirations of freedom and economic dreams.

You see a region with one of the highest birthrates. You see nations with exploding populations of youth like Egypt where 80 percent of the population of 80 million people are under 30 years old, wanting to have more freedom and share more of the wealth than their stagnant, corrupt, dictatorial, money hoarding regimes can tolerate.

What is happening in Egypt and across the Muslim Arab world are the first clanging alarm bells of a civilization that is unsustainable. The year 2011 marks the beginning of a decade of revolution and turmoil caused by structural flaws in our current collective mindsets and systems of governance, politics, economy, ecological practices, and ultimately humanity’s retarded spiritual understanding of itself and its existence on this stressed planet.

What we are seeing in its first riotous travail is a growing global crisis of trying to uphold a past-oriented, past-habituated civilization as we hurl now into the future that demands humanity redefine its civilization or see it collapse in the oncoming 2020s.

We have a traditional “fossilized” economic system in place in the world. It runs on a myth that it can sustain endless growth of exploding population markets and promise endless consumption possibilities for a new wave of worldwide middle class consumer boomers who will soon number 1 billion spread across Asia, South America. It also includes the tens of thousands of Arabs you see in the streets of Egypt today who have awakened to — or aspire to — catch the middle class prosperity wave.

I have said for decades that these expectations cannot be sustained by the current social-political and economic systems. I have been saying for 20 years that each new year entered into the 21st century will press upon us from all sides the urgent need for individuals and the collective humanity to redefine what it is to be human. That will require we abandon the fossilized past habits and traditions to keep human civilization progressing.

The world’s people have been programmed to desire and expect they too can have an American style, resource devouring, fossil fuel based polluting, high calorie agriculture gobbling golden age.

Worldwatch did a study on what world population could sustain such a dream: only 2.5 billion people.

In 2011 a new alarm bell of the unsustainable clangs: the global population climbs beyond 7 Billion people!

Worldwatch also concluded that you could sustain a population of 8 billion if you were ready to see a vast majority of those young men and women like those demonstrating in the streets of Egypt accept a future lived at the poverty level “enjoyed” by impoverished Indian laborers.

The birthrate in the Middle East and North Africa is still among the highest on the planet. Egypt has 80 million people crowded into the fanning Nile River Delta and the Nile’s narrow green sliver of arable, livable land along its banks. That thin and fragile oasis by the waterside, surrounded by inhospitable Egyptian deserts endures the burden of between 800-to-900,000 new mouths to feed, new children with aspirations to fulfill, EACH YEAR.

You can replace the nearly 30-year long dictatorship of President Mubarak of Egypt with a military junta. You might replace the junta with a more moderate Egyptian democracy or an Islamic State of Egypt, but these alternatives are still past-oriented, dogmatic, and ultimately NOT going to sustain the food and financial dreams of exploding populations.

We are only coming to the end of “Month One” in what if foresaw in Predictions for 2011 would be a most turbulent and volatile year sounding the alarm bells of the unsustainable.

I foresaw food export disruption as a first alarm bell ringing. It must be remembered that many great revolutions of the past were tipped forward into violent progress for better or worse by the lack of the basics for life, such as food prices rising one sou too high. Food riots premiered the French Revolution for instance in 1789. Over the coming decades, it spread its modern ideas and citizen violence across the European Continent in a century of revolutions in 1830, 1848-49, in Italy in the 1860s, and in 1871 with the Paris Commune. The latter gave birth to bloody socialist revolutions of the 20th century, such as the Russian Revolution and the Nazi Revolution in Germany and the Red Communist Chinese Revolution.

Perhaps Russia in 2010 unintentionally triggered a new era of 21st-century revolutions. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin stopped grain exports when accelerating climate change visited a crushing drought and 500 major fires across Russia, desiccating and burning one fifth of the grain produced by the world’s third largest exporter.

Take out Russian grain exports from a world of 7 billion marginally fed people, take Russian grain exports out of Tunisia, Algeria, Jordan and Egypt and you that can be the catalyst for last week’s Tunisian Revolution and this week’s revolution in Egypt.

Egypt is the oldest, most politically influential and the most populous Arab nation. Where Egypt goes, so goes the region, into the streets.

Sunday’s blog will prophetically assess further developments as well as assess other alarms that began ringing in our climate in Month One of the year 2011.

Now, back to the blog reviewing the doomsday/2012/Hopi prophecy themed episode of Brad Meltzer’s Decoded and the incredible disappearing “Hogue” who taped an extensive interview for it that mysteriously disappeared:


Many of you listening to my 13 January Coast to Coast AM interview with George Noory heard me promote an upcoming appearance on the new History Channel series Brad Meltzer’s Decoded. Often I get typecast by television as the “go to guy” on all things Nostradamus. I was excited about supporting this show because we started with then moved beyond Nostradamus to cover other prophetic traditions you often read here and in my 17 books-and-counting but don’t often see me address on television.

I had the pleasure of meeting and doing an interview with Meltzer’s three investigative reporters Scott Rolle, Christine McKinley and Buddy Levy about the Hopi Prophecy of the Blue Kachina Star and how it might or might not portend what is called in Hopi eschatological prophecy the Great Purification. The blue star, whatever it actually is, literally or metaphorically falls out of the sky marking our entry into the era of oncoming death and rebirth by fire for the world as we know it. The investigators wanted to know if that time is now.

I was flown down to tape the interview in the largest Observatory atop a roof in the UCLA campus on Halloween’s Eve, 30 October 2010. Scott, Christine and Buddy engaged me in a fun and informative rapid-fire interrogation while we stand in the shadow of one of UCLA’s big blue “Bruin” telescopes.

Exactly a month later, when the film was edited and finished, I received the potential airdate and reiterated my pledge to the producers to promote the show on radio appearances and Coast to Coast AM in January. Along with my segment the hour-long show would attempt to “decode” 2012 as a doomsday date either backed up or not by Hopi prophecy, Nostradamus, the Bible and Web Bot cyberspace computer search sibyls, etc.

The show would revolve around best selling SyFy and comic book author Brad Meltzer wrapped in a digital background playing an overseeing narrator framing the search. His investigators would issue forth, spicing things up, rooting out visions of the end times in current events, such as the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the rising frequency of earthquakes. The episode would then close with a planned interview with futurologist Bruce Buena de Mesquita who uses computer algorithms to separate funky “earth-is-finished” forecasts from fact.

This would be the second time I’ve appeared on a documentary with de Mesquita, a political scientist and professor at New York University. We first showed up together on History Channel’s The Next Nostradamus, which I regard as one of the best two-hour prophecy documentaries in a decade because it balances objective science with subjective scientific exploration of prophecy.

I got the word out about Decoded on my two-hour Coast interview about Predictions for 2011 on 13 January. It was heard across North America on over 550 radio stations and around the world on Internet. About a half-hour after George Noory and I signed off at 2 AM (Pacific time), I turned on the TV to decompress. There before my wired and tired eyes was a rerun of the second half of the Decoded episode I just plugged!

The producers must have moved the airdate forward from 20 January to the 13th. I could believe if I liked that it was done to get maximum ratings coverage because I was on Coast that night. However, the most likely reason is that shows about the future get better ratings the closer they land near early January catching the public’s elevated New Year Holiday interest in forecasting.

I watched the second half. To my surprise, Bruce Buena de Mesquita wasn’t in the show’s climax as anticipated. Some female acquaintance in academia stood in to speak for his work.

Stills of Hogue braving overbright film light screens in a five-hour marathon shoot on a lawn of Columbia University NY for one of his favorite documentary appearances: History Channel’s “Next Nostradamus”.

I don’t know if the good professor snubbed the show or not. I wouldn’t be surprised. It doesn’t help his academic credentials being called by Hollyweird “The Next Nostradamus.” Anyway, his attractive, raven-haired stand-in on Decoded was much kinder on the eye than a rumpled Professor Mesquita or a scruffy and furry owl-eyed Hogue on our best hair days. She tried to fill the void of his absence but a secondhand presentation of what she thought Mesquita was all about wasn’t fresh from the source and a bit of a buzz kill for me.

The following week I sat down to watch a rerun and catch the first half hour I missed, which would include my Blue Kachina prophecy segment.

Thirty minutes on air goes faster than a scene “clapper” through a goose and as the show progressed, I started to feel a bit uneasy with the mood setting scenes and action set-ups eating and wasting time.

I guess it’s all a question of television priorities. I mean, action can be necessary, so you sacrifice time for content. Take for instance my segment inside the UCLA observatory on Nostradamus’ asteroid prophecies. It gave chilling details pinpointing what part of the earth in the future will be stuck by a “mountain, a half mile in circumference” falling out of the sky.

Is that something exciting? Apparently not exciting enough.

Insert therefore that action-packed scene with Meltzer investigators Scott, Christine and Buddy unsteadily perched like city slickers sore in the saddle on sauntering mules, clip-clopping down some nondescript gravel path meandering through a mesquite wasteland in Arizona.

I’m sitting before the TV watching this slow plod in the desert calculating how much will be cut out of our UCLA segment about Nostradamus’ mountain-meteor-from-the-sky prophecy sending an initial ocean splash higher than 10,000 feet. Valuable time was lost filming the three of them looking bored riding on mules. Was this scene really necessary when there was far better footage to come later on of their intense and engaged faces, grilling me about whether Nostradamus’ meteor would be the same falling blue star of the Hopi causing a purification of the world by fire?

Clearly time would have to be cut out of that future segment so that three mounted investigators dirt kicking their way through Arizona’s great and monotonous outdoor nowhere could banter on about Hopi mule breeding practices.

I mean, do you find it more fascinating to know which ocean nearest you suffers a meteor strike sending a 10,000 foot splash; or, are you more interested in how desert Asses and mules “get down” to make those sleepy stumblebum-poky hybrids on the hoof?

Our mounted reporters Ferde Grofé their way onward at a slow pace (without that iconic “heehaw-heehaw-heehaw, heehaw-hehe” music from that American composer’s Grand Canyon Suite). They rendezvous with a corpulent Hopi tour guide in a broad cowboy hat at what seems to be the edge of the Hopi Indian Reservation because the pueblos on the famous mesas are nowhere in sight.

The fellow doesn’t seem to me to be one of the elders of the Hopi Nation, either. He won’t be leading their mules to the sacred spot where petroglyphs of the Hopi Prophecies were carved many centuries ago on Prophecy Rock. A face-to-face encounter with the rock’s big picture for human destiny was not on the travel itinerary. The Hopi tour guide “did” at least haul into camera frame a large “picture” of the Sacred Prophecy Rock.

Hopi Elder Thomas Banyacya before the Sacred Hopi Prophecy Rock in a segment I shared on NBC’s Ancient Prophecies series (1995).

Standing before the blow-up color photograph the size of a chalkboard turned on its side, the tour guide launched into a rather incoherent, mumbling explanation of the prophecy’s petroglyphs. He seemed to be a kind and beautiful man but his rambling discourse was a little out of the league of accounts I’ve heard from Hopi medicine men such as Thomas Banyacya describing the same symbols on camera actually “at” Prophecy Rock. You can see a YouTube video of Thomas Banyacya accurately describing what the symbols mean in a segment I shared for NBC’s Ancient Prophecies in 1995.

So now. I’m watching the show. I’m seeing the first 30 minutes shrinking precipitously, thinking that “mood-mule” piece ate up a lot of time and whatever was left would cut my upcoming segment at the UCLA observatory leaner than minced mule meat.

Are we there at UCLA yet?


Time for more a gripping “grabbing”, action-packed earthquake simulation sequence at Loyola University in Los Angeles.

Watch our Decoders set the mood, perched on the edge of the Loyola bluff, surveying the urban sprawl of Marina Del Rey and West “Lost” Angeles. They muse on what the Hopi tour guide told them about Hopi lands becoming beachfront property in the Great Purification to come. Gosh! They free-associate a special effect beyond the show’s budget with words only. They muse on about how all of that swank LA real estate stretching away from Loyola would be first superquake squashed then rubble washed away by a mountainous tsunami…etc., etc…

“All right,” I’m thinking to myself. “There’s less than ten minutes left in the first half hour. Stop teasing and teasing out this setup, guys. Cut now to the dwindling shreds of content time left to tie in our UCLA observatory scene. If the episode jumps over there now there’s still enough time to show the audience divergent interpretations of Hopi prophecy that enlarge and even contradict your Hopi cowboy tour guide. The purification by fire could be a fire of consciousness awakening and not the earth quaked, flooded and burnt to a cinder by a meteor or blue-tailed comet strike…”

The seconds ticked by. I lean into the TV like a soccer fan waiting for the goal kick.

Once again, we don’t cut to my interview.

Instead, we see Scott, Christine and Buddy meet some drawling University of Loyola, Aussie seismologist with a motor home that takes the East LA gangbanger jumping bean Cadillac shock-absorber effect to a whole other level.

This professor “Steve Irwin” with the outback accent crams our mule-breedin’ Decoders into a cut-away motor home interior that looks like a dining room with furniture.

Professor “Steevo” pulls a lever and CRIKEY! Look at those little blighters go, mate! Like goannas trapped in a sack!

Scott, Christine and Buddy start bouncing off the furniture and walls in a simulated magnitude 7.4 earthquake! What-a-byooteey!

Buddy, the big guy with the linebacker’s physique grabs elvish Christine to steady himself.

Buddy blurts out something like: “Why am I grabbing a hundred pound woman when I ought to grab the bolted furniture?”

Sorry Buddy. I wish I could give your exact quote, because it was very funny.

At the time of this writing, it’s just short of two weeks after the episode first aired and History Channel still hasn’t posted overviews or video clips of the show.

A new show broadcasts every Thursday. I’m looking one last time at the episode page on History Channel’s website before I post this on the morning of 26 January. It shows the DB Cooper episode for 1/6/11, and then skips over 1/13/11 when my Hopi/2012 show first aired. After which we see The President’s Inner Circle episode slotted for 1/20/11.

What am I to conclude about my episode missing?

Anyway, there I was watching the boob tube with a frowning eye on the Comcast cable box’s digital clock advancing one minute before the half-hour mark. There appears bespectacled Brad Meltzer, impressively cue-ball bald and geeky svelte, wrapped in his background of digital chalk boards and floating symbols. Is he going to direct us at last –“now” — to a few sound and picture bytes of my interview?


A deadpan and snooty dissing of linebacker Buddy’s temblor bear-clutching tweak of sleek Christine to steady his balance, squeezes the last seconds out of the first half hour down to empty.

“Trick or Treat!” I thought.

Serves me right taping a show back on Halloween’s Eve, then promoting it internationally.

At least the last time I did a show on 30 October was on ABC’s The View and it was live. All I had to suffer then was Joy Behar’s blurted and misfiring attempts at take-down jokes and a nose-to-nose encounter with the once fetchingly voluminous face of Star Jones eclipsing my entire point of view as she spouted her Christian fundamentalist views while painting all pagans with a broad brushstroke of her righteous contempt. (Click on Last Pope and see what got Jones so upset.)

“Somehow” in the month following my interview being taped, when my Decoded episode was edited and, as they say in Hollywood, “in the can” signed off and finished, the producers either chose or conveniently forgot to tell me I was not in the show I was about to internationally promote.

I’ve been lucky. After doing over 100 documentaries on four continents spanning 24 years of more television work than any prophecy expert in history, this is the first time producers subcontracted to make a show for a network either “forgot” or didn’t “intend” me to know I was bumped.

It’s probably not Brad Meltzer’s fault and certainly not Scott Rolle, Christine McKinley or Buddy Levy’s fault. They’re just doing their job, taking and following directions to the best of their ability. It’s someone else’s job to save or cut the footage in post production.

In a way, I can thank the editorial decision makers.

They did me a service, cutting me out of a mediocre episode.

They also gave me an excellent opportunity.

I can recount in a future blog what they threw away on the cutting room floor. As is my usual preparation for a film shoot, I made notes for what I planned to say. Even if I did survive the cut, even at the best of times, the television genre rarely has or takes the time to go deep into a subject.

So, beyond the limits of what was un-“Decoded” will come an article series about Nostradamus’ Mountain-from-the-Sky prophecy and whether it correlates with the Hopi Blue Kachina Prophecy of the falling star.

John Hogue

(26 January 2011. Updated 28 January 2011)

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