St John of Revelation was a Psycho

Somebody had to say it at last. James provided the flint to fire off my response:

Perhaps it is time to wipe the dust from that old family bible & see what God has in mind for the future of mankind since we have made such a mess of this world; and we have. John the revelator says he was ‘in spirit’ when he was shown a vision of man’s future while exiled on Patmos. Revelation 21 shows a whole new world that God will create at some future moment. I find that as something to look forward to.

The feeling or deep desire for a new start runs in many religious traditions. It is a prophetic will to power a house clean.

Roman Emperor Domitian exiled St. John the little Aegean Island of Patmos in A.D. 95. Holed up in his cave, John composed the most famous prophetic housecleaning (house-rub-outing) of the Earth. A fundamental question must be asked. What was St. John’s state of sanity when he wrote the Book of Revelation?

The Siege and Destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans Under the Command of Titus, A.D. 70”, Oil on canvas, 1850.

The last time someone tried to give John of Patmos a thorough psychological examination was in Apocalypse and the writings on Revelation by D. H. Lawrence. He penned this small book just before he died in Provence, France, of tuberculosis at the age of 44. I too share Lawrence’s view that much of John of Patmos’ macabre vision is coming from his suppressed frustrations at being exiled by Rome. I would add that his all-time end-time grump set to parchment arose from a scarred mind of someone with post-traumatic disorder. Who really knows? Maybe he was a survivor of the Roman sack and slaughter of Jerusalem in 69 C.E.

The message passed through a broken medium. The Hebrew Prophet Daniel’s end-time revelation in the Nevi’im is the language of a mystic. John’s second-rate and hyperbolic rehash of Daniel is written in the language of an angry mad man. Daniel’s book is psychic. John’s is Psychotic. Also, there are fundamental points in his narrative that clearly show he intended his prophecy for his own immediate future and not for our times. (See 666). So, if what I’m saying is true, then to summon up desire of God or anybody else to end this world is a mistake. It’s lust for ending life from one who gave up on the world.

It is an anti-life religious disorder overtaking its victims in two phases. I first described them in detail as Prophaganda (a desire to foresee the end of a world one does not understand or hates) followed by Armageddonomics (the economics of doom). Prophaganda is the hypnotic suggestion the mafia of priests and reverends use to condition believers to abuse and make the destruction of the world happen as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Read the full details of this disorder by clicking here: Messiah.

The usual habit is to put all that is wrong about the mess of the world on man not following God’s will. I think the future will see it differently. The blame is on God making a stupid world construct.

Why create duality?

Why create sin?

God is ultimately responsible for sin. He will have to punish us shirking our responsibilities but not punish Himself when he is the father of response-ability. He’s the creator. Thus, he has created all and everything, right? Before there was the word and God created heaven and earth, before all of that, was there any good or evil? Did God not also create these when he created the context of duality?

Back in 1980, before I left America to see India and meet Osho for the first time, I used to work at a head and occult supply shop in Ports of Call, San Pedro, California. The owner of the establishment, in my opinion, pandered to the cliché sensationalism of the occult by calling the establishment “The Prophet.” No picture of Kahil Gibran but a sign at the bottom of the stairway leading into the second floor shop with a stereotypical image of a black cat and a cauldron. If ever there was a rancid meat mirage to attract flies of evangelical attention, this sign did the trick. They came up our stairs daily to save us. The owner didn’t have to deal with them daily, but her employers did.

“For Madmen Only: Price of Admission, Your Mind” was my first read of Osho’s one-on-one counseling of devotees. Pay with your mind sounds like brainwashing? I hope so. Since I read this book back in 1980 I’ve been trying to wash my brain each moment of all the identity, conditioning and crap society has put there with Osho’s meditations. It’s good to be clean.

For today’s blog, I recall two finely dressed male saviors who begged to remind me that Satan created sin in the world. I thought I’d try to test their theology with a question inspired by something I’d just read in For Madmen Only, my first book of Osho’s spiritually iconoclastic writings.

I said, “OK, I get it, Satan created sin but who created Satan?”

That question took them aback and one replied after thinking it over, saying, “God created Lucifer the angel who then decided to become ‘Satan.’ That was his free choice given by God to be evil rather than devote himself to God’s good.”

“Good,” I said. “Quite right. But who is responsible for creating Lucifer? Had Lucifer not been created, had God not given Lucifer the power to go astray… Golly, if God hadn’t even created the notion of ‘going astray’, would we have ‘Satan’ this evangel of ‘sin’?”

The evangelical duo went silent. Neither could give me an answer.

I pressed my point, “The source of evil was Satan, who was Lucifer, who was created by God. Thus, God is ultimately responsible for evil, is he not?”

One of the two faith-fettered fellows to his credit saw the logic and had to say yes. They departed quickly from The Prophet with a desire to tell further biblical “tales” tucked between their legs.

Osho, formerly known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. If something deep inside is stirred by looking into this face. If it reflects back to you a truth already nestled deep inside the being, once forgotten. Now remembered. There are meditations of Osho I would be happy to freely share with you. These meditations have helped me rediscover that light behind eyes, in ego mind-bind, forgotten. If you have a feeling to explore these meditations, just ask by email and information and links will be freely given.

Thus if God is the creator of all, therefore even evil is his responsibility. He need not give people a choice to do good or evil. He could have just created a universe of bliss and peace.

Why did God create disharmony? The Bible in all its evolutions lead to the psychotic prophecies of St. John as its penultimate accomplishment. Even Steven King couldn’t “right” a more vengeful and censuring horror story about the ultimate criminal punishing his creations. Upon reflecting on St. John’s final psychotic book punctuating as last word the “good news” of the Bible, there’s only one revelation worth keeping. God couldn’t have channeled the bible. Men channeled it.

What they call “god” is just the message of their subconscious minds, trying to understand the miraculous mystery of divine existence. Men personified this mystery. They made God their ultimate imaginary friend, like children do. He’s bigger than life, just like a child’s immoderate worship of a hero. God judges his world, breaking his toys and creations just like a child having a temper tantrum.

It’s a new era. Time to stop being childish.

That is why Nietzsche was right to provoke the mindset of people by saying, “God is dead!”

Do you know the whole statement of Nietzsche? Here it is:

“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we, murderers of all murderers, console ourselves? That which was the holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet possessed has bled to death under our knives. Who will wipe this blood off us? With what water could we purify ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we need to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we not ourselves become gods simply to be worthy of it? There has never been a greater deed; and whosoever shall be born after us — for the sake of this deed he shall be part of a higher history than all history hitherto.” (The Gay Science)

Humanity now is free of imaginary friends. Now we can be godliness itself, sharing divine freedom and the compassionate response-ability that goes on with divine freedom from our imaginary friends. That is our golden future. We are destined to recreate a “new heaven” of inner enlightenment and a “new earth” restored to ecological harmony.


More Fulfilled

Predictions for 2010


–Plus further predictions for the US Mid-Term Elections–

I documented the prediction (below) on 1 November 2009. It comes from the Chapter Finding your Groove of Greatness. Barack Obama does have the potential as well as the karma to be another Abraham Lincoln. Many of you might not believe it. Like Lincoln, he is making generally a mess of his first few years in office. Lincoln chose the wrong generals. Obama chooses the wrong economic advisors. Still there is progress, albeit a year late. Obama has advanced his Health Care Reform as I predicted he would, despite great resistance in the Congress. The reform is a work in progress. Congress has passed Obama’s Bank and Wall Street Reform. Like Health Care, these economic reforms will take many years of struggle and regeneration to mature. When I wrote the following, Obama was still enjoying an extended honeymoon with the American People. Here is its future foretold followed by today’s assessment:

“The honeymoon of change arriving without the luggage is over by the end of 2009. This perpetual arrival era of Obama’s presidency also ends. The promise of change must ripen into real change starting in 2010 and though Obama has not a civil war to fight [like Lincoln], he has to drag the status quo over the water, and end this tug of war match with real reform destroying the systemically dysfunctional culture of our body politic and body economic. The defeats in battles of bear market runs in Wall Street are waiting, but like Lincoln, Obama must revive the battle hymn of anti-trust laws, and responsible regulation and redouble the attack once more. Mine eyes have seen the monopolies destroying all the jobs. He must fight his battles not pitting blue against gray but a moderately liberal blue opposed to a new and radical red posing as conservative philosophy.”

Rumblings of a Euro crisis over Greece overshadow Europe. A Tory led coalition in Britain leads a movement across the Euro-zone promoting austerity measures to bring down national debts. This is in direct conflict with Obama’s philosophy of spend now to stimulate economic growth, then pay down the debt later. Obama’s forward economic progress to recovery has hit an oil slick disaster in the Gulf of Mexico that may later goo up the newest economic bubble. Unemployment check payments are running out for millions. The Gulf’s fishing and tourist industries take a slick slamming. Obama’s mistake (as I foresee it) of a six-month deep drill moratorium slams the last Gulf industry standing. Millions more across a five state region are losing their jobs. A bear market and a new recession loom after the autumn leaves have fallen in 2010.

Sarah Palin goes Grizzly Adams Bear market on the President. She plays Obama’s change game with her own “yes we Ameri-can-ism” charismatic attacks on his administration. Palin is full of hyperbole and fury yet makes that fatal GOP mistake in the mid-terms pontificating that real solutions to our economic problems with a litany of Bushism dogma, such as cutting taxes stimulates growth.

“Where have these people been in the eight years of Sarah Palin’s G.W. Bush-whacking?” say the liberals.

A great leap backwards will not win the Republicans the House and the Senate in November. Beyond the potential pitchforking of incumbents and the potential for tearing the Washington establishment all down at the ballot, the mid-term elections can be a battle of progressively conservative versus progressively liberal ideas.

An extreme right-wing red colors much of the core Tea Party movement, even though many who flock to its mostly incoherent cause are members of what I’ve called in previous books and blogs the “Invisible Majority” of American voters grown disenchanted and feeling politically disenfranchised by the Democrat-Republican duopoly running the Federal and State governments.

These independent voters are not generally extremists but they are politically homeless. As the majority of Americans are a bit right of center in their politics it is understandable that many try out the Tea Party scene, or that they might chose to vote in Tea Party candidates as a kind of protest vote.

If I have read my oracle right the aggregate swing of votes will do more to dilute the Republican Brand than throw the Democrat bums out of House of Reps. and Washington DC homes. Successful primary Tea Party candidates like Rand Paul running for the US Senate seat in Kentucky bumped a mainstream Republican hopeful for the chance. However, like many a Tea Party candidate, his extreme views might alienate the moderate mainstream voters in November.

The Democrats may read the signs better than the Republicans this fall, and gain back momentum. Obama “has” revived a battle hymn of banking and Wall Street reform in 2010 that was missing in 2009. Talk of dismantling banking monopolies to shrink “banks too big to fail” into smaller banks is finding Obama’s political push now. He has also had to listen and learn from blue dog democrats what they demand in legislation to pass Health Care in March without a radicalizing Republican Caucus in Congress. Read more…

John Hogue

(20 July 2010)

Read my new book  Predictions 2015-2016:

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