Hogue on Coast to Coast AM, Predictions for 2014, Comet ISON Gobble Gobbled, US Iran Deal, War with Iran Avoided? China Claims Airspace over Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands, War Imminent? Seven Volcanoes Erupt, Sylvia Browne Remembered and Hogue appears on Alan Colmes Fox News Radio Show

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (http://www.whidbeyartists.com/schwarz.html).

John Hogue, February 2012. Photo: Linda Schwarz (http://www.whidbeyartists.com/schwarz.html).

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DATELINE 01/01/14: My Coast to Coast AM appearance tonight in the third hour focuses on the most important 18 months humanity has ever had the opportunity to experience. May 2013 through to the end of this New Year of 2014 is the future’s Deep Breath before the Plunge when destiny draws in a draft of potentialities before it exhales and by the new year of the mid-decade, we all plunge into the flood, surfing or wiping out on a new tsunami of history’s quickening. Read more…

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DATELINE 31 December 2013:




To say history repeats itself is misleading. Change and Same are chiseled by the mind’s minter into two sides of a fool’s golden coin called: Past-Future.

The Oracle, a consciousness existing beyond mind and time, holds that currency of history in its hand and knows: opposites are complementaries.

It knows that the more humanity dreams in its mind, stumbling forward like a sleepwalker through history, the more humanity is conned by the mind’s warped view of reality. Thus humanity under the tyranny of mind can neither read nor understand its doom. It overlooks how the more the human world changes, the more it stays the same.

The past is one face as is the future on the currency of mind-time. That’s why sometimes we can progress forward and see the changing religions, politics, the rise and fall of empires and fashion, the troglodytes crowded out by ever ascending new technologies and social and economic experiments in the march of apparent progress.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

This is a limited perception on the surface of us.

Just underneath lurks the same prehistoric savage if crises should scratch the civilized veneer of that progress. Deep down, inside the minds of humans, we are ever hiding from our awareness, the instinctive, the habitual and the traditional-bound primitive.

The spark of eternal consciousness ever possible to awaken in each of us, but rarely engaged, can recognize the dilemma of our minds, circling and filtering out reality, around and around the past-future mindset. The friction caused by change bringing “same” in our lives can be the catalyst for awakening and breaking free of patterns. Awareness can trip the circuit of spiritual understanding. So say the mystics. Meditation as vector can carry us out of mind and out of time to an eternity that is the present—or so mystics say an individual seeker can regard from beyond the chatter of thoughts and ache of emotions—how our social conditioning has given us past-future, fixed-to-be-tied, minds.

That’s why our history repeats itself, but we misdiagnose this as “progress”. This progress is all in our mind playing filter in the name of somnambulant pseudo awareness.

Yet we cannot repress the primal darkness forever.

It will all hatch out what retreats into our collective subconsciousness to reappear again, stirred up from the bed of primordial mind and memory by age-ending travails.

Consciousness is witness to history in its cycles and seasons of death and birth when she bears down in the first cramping of the womb of eras to be born. The water is broken, as it were, by a great paroxysm, a singular, globally impactful event. Afterwards history, like an expectant mother, initially dilates. What follows can be a long labor, a century of contractions.

In the lengthy process of birthing a new historical era, it’s easy to forget the opening, catalytic incident.

History’s water broke one hundred years ago in the year 1914. It didn’t go unnoticed by one of the 20th century’s most significant enlightened mystics and prophets, George Ivanovich Gurdjieff (1866-1949). This Armenian-Greek citizen of the Imperial Russian Empire was in Moscow teaching 30 disciples in his first meditation study group. He foresaw the upheaval of the current era coming with Russia and the European powers mobilizing millions in their march of madness into an auto-suicidal lust for destruction that soon became the First World War. Gurdjieff presciently anticipated that 500 years of Romanov Dynasty rule, and that of many other European monarchial systems, would soon be utterly broken and swept away.

G.I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949), a prophet of remembering the "self" in the harmonious development of man without quotation marks.

G.I. Gurdjieff (1866-1949), a prophet of remembering the “self” in the harmonious development of man without quotation marks.

His chief disciple, P.D. Ouspensky, recorded Gurdjieff’s following prediction: “There are periods in the life of humanity which generally coincide with the beginning of the fall of cultures and civilizations, when the masses irretrievably lose their reason and begin to destroy everything that has been created by centuries and millenniums of culture.” (In Search of the Miraculous, by P.D. Ouspensky)

With the war fever, Europe, the dominant center of world power and economy would have its fragile surface of progress and civility scratched deeply by the bayonet of war, revealing the primal savage underneath its forward moving pretenses.

Starting on 1 August 1914, a one-thousand-year cruise of an unsinkable civilization of monarchial-ruled, world-dominating, European Colonial Empires stoked its boilers and surged pell-mell into the First World War, like the HMS Titanic hitting an iceberg only two years earlier.

The “Unsinkable” sank.

…2014 is essentially no different from 1914.

The water broke then, but the baby of a new epoch was stillborn these 100 years of history’s tightening contractions.

Look there. All around. See the need for another baby water breaking. We haven’t changed, we’ve “Same’d”. AGAIN.

Happy Holidays, everyone. Here’s a little taste of what’s coming inside the special, advance donor’s expanded edition of Predictions for 2014. If you haven’t yet gotten on the list to receive this book by sending a gift donation of $12.50 or a little more via this link to Paypal:  Prophecies. The book will be released to those on the download list by order of the date they donated, beginning in mid-January. Thank you in advance for your support!

DATELINE 28 November 2013

Comet ISON
“Gobble-Gobbled” Up
By the Sun

When in spring 2013 I set down for record my interpretations of prophecies for the eBook Predictions for 2013-2014, I added an extra “Chapter 13” only as a special advance donor’s edition in PDF format entitled “The Hopi Prophecy of the Blue Kachina Star”. In that edition and other articles I inferred that this Comet if it burned blue, and “if” it survived its star-grazing passage round the Sun on Thanksgiving Day, would be considered by many to be the fulfillment of the Hopi Blue Kachina star prophecy. The blue star in Hopi prophecies is either a blue comet, or a blue burning falling meteor, or even the dancing Blue Kachina costumed Hopi initiate revealing his face behind his mask to the uninitiated in a Hopi sacred ceremony. Moreover, there are many other possible “hints” that would thus date our times as the beginning of the destruction of the current Fourth World by ecological disasters, a breakdown of civilization and wars paving the way for the birth of a more enlightened humanity of the coming “Fifth World”.

My extra donors’ chapter looked at these and other possibilities in detail for exactly who or “what” the Blue Kachina star might be and also the two variations of Hopi eschatological lore passed onto us.

Comet ISON surviving its passage around the Sun today was only one intriguing lead, though not the only one, and definitely not the most compelling. You will find in my writings about ISON’s future a reticence. You will read phrases like “if” it survives rather than “when” or “will” survive the passage because I was doubtful. Apparently it has evaporated out of existence as a stargrazing comet originating from the Oort Cloud of ice balls orbiting around the outer frontiers of our solar system. As the NASA people online have been saying, time to paraphrase Monty Python’s “dead parrot” skit: “This comet is dee-ceesed!” “This comet is noooo MORE!”

Another wag at NASA called it the battle between the Sun’s solar fire and Ice-ON…” The subtitle to this article is my contribution: gobble-gobble…

All pun-ishment aside, there are a whole lot of prophetic indications that the Blue Kachina Star has already made its portent known to us, if we but look at it without our expectations. We are in the times of the Great Purification now, and may have been so for many years.

I invite you to link here (click on ISON) to see the page about  Predictions for 2013-2014. At first you will come across an overview and links to purchase the Kindle, Kobo, Nook and Smashwords eTablet editions. Scroll down from these to find a copy of the dancing Blue Kachina image that you see (above). You will find links and instructions about how you can gain a copy of the special Blue Kachina Star edition of Predictions for 2013-2014 that gives a comprehensive overview of Hopi Prophecies of the Great Purification.

DATELINE 24 November 2013

Obama as Iran peacemaker
Foreseen by Nostradamus?

An olive branch offered before the missile launch. That’s the pattern in Nostradamus’ unusually clear and un-cloudy visions of a future war with Iran, details of which his astrological quatrains frame and date for 2015-2016.

Click on the cover to read more.

Click on the cover to read more.

Nostradamus also described a “black king” who would kill an Antichrist candidate, come to power during a Mars-Jupiter conjunction in February 2009 and even in the last hour before war, this modern “king” or world leader might bring peace to the Middle East.

Actions leading up to today have generated far more momentum in the future for war. And Yet a diplomatic breakthrough early Sunday morning in the United Nations offices in Geneva, bode well for a new momentum gathering towards a different future of peace and reconciliation between Iran and the United States.

The breakthrough deal at Geneva is a six-month trial run testing mutual trust. The US and its allies will ease some, but not all, sanctions against Iran that directly affect citizens in ways the Western leaders say they never intended. This would mean some relief is coming to regular Iranians citizens who among other things are suffering from hyper-inflated food prices and a lack of basic medicines. In return, Iran agreed to stop all forward progress on building more centrifuges for uranium manufacturing. They pledge not to switch on their nearly completed heavy water plant in Arak that would have provided an essential manufacturing element for creating plutonium for atomic weapons. The Iranians promised to allow any IAEA (International Atomic Energy Administration) inspectors full access to whatever nuclear installation they like to inspect to test whether Iran is indeed only developing atomic power for peaceful uses. Iran pledged to destroy its uranium stocks enriched to 20 percent and to fuel their program with nothing enriched higher than 5 percent for 6 months, during which time a further round of negotiations by all parties might lead to a comprehensive treaty.

In short, it is the Americans who will AT LAST, allow the Iranians to prove to the world what I have been writing and sensing is the fact: they are not manufacturing, nor do they intend to manufacture, fissionable uranium and plutonium to build an atomic weapons program.

An interesting revelation has come in the clear today. It solves a mystery with objective proof of what my “Oracle” has told me for years, and many of you have read here at Hogueprophecy: that a diplomatic breakthrough was in the works between the US and Iran that would emerge suddenly, surprising the world. I reiterated this intuition again in Predictions for 2013-2014 as well as in this Friday’s most recent HogueProphecy article. (Click on Nostradamus Iran predictions). Now I know why my third eye was “itching”, so to speak. Apparently, the US State Department has been holding clandestine, back channel negotiations, in Oman, with their opposites from nearby Iran for over a year without even Israel’s Mossad secret service or the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu being aware of it. Thus this was not a sudden shift in Obama’s foreign policy but a calculated long lasting effort to do what I’ve often said Obama would consider first before going to war with Iran.

He is, in prophecies of Nostradamus the man destined to be either the peacemaker with, or a terrible war maker against, Iran. He is the “Black King” I described accurately in Nostradamus and the Antichrist, Code Named Mabus, who would kill a candidate for the prophet’s third and final Antichrist whose real name can convert to the code name “Mabus” and do it “on the ground in Pakistan”. That candidate was Osama bin Laden. (Read more about how his name could be decoded in these  Antichrist prophecies).

Obama himself can find his name is an anagram for Mabus. Whether he is is isn’t Nostradamus’ Antichrist depends on events to tell. What is certain to me is that Obama is the “new king anointed” in another prophecy indexed Century 6 Quatrain 24 describing the Mars-Jupiter conjunction that took place in February 2009. That conjunction happened just a few weeks after Obama’s first inauguration ceremony in Washington DC launched the first of his two terms as President of the United States “who” in this prophecy either brings a “calamitous war under Cancer [Sign of the USA]; or, will bring peace on Earth for a long time.”

Whether Obama can live up to that destiny or not will see the following warning either nullified or engaged in the period of 2014 through 2016. With this first historic step towards peace agreed on in Geneva early today, a melting of 35 years of acrimony between Iran and the USA might begin. We are a big step closer to untangling the Nostradamus riddle of the RAYPOZ prophecy. Whatever this anagram represents, he or “it” may yet drag the peacemakers into war over the skies of Iran:

9 Q44
Migres migres de Geneƒue treƒtous,
Saturne d’or en fer ƒe changera,
Le contre RAYPOZ exterminera tous,
Auant l’a ruent de ciel ƒignes fera.

Leave, leave Geneva everyone!
Saturn will change wealth to weapons,
Those against RAYPOZ will be exterminated.
Before the invasion, the heavens will show signs.

The heavens “do” show signs. The great Comet ISON, the “Stargrazer” approaches our Sun and its tail of glowing blue dust and ice is unfurled by cosmic winds making this portent clearly visible to the naked eye in early morning skies. It is burning “blue” as my Oracle predicted earlier this spring. It may actually be the portent of the Hopi Prophecy of the Blue Kachina marking the days of the Great Purification are at hand—a purging of the world by fires of global warming or the renewed fire of human love and consciousness to navigate the death and renewal of an age.

Geneva’s role with the events of today is now made clear and this prophecy written for us in far-off 1558 is Nostradamus trying to help us see the next danger signs. The peacemakers will flee from Geneva in failure “if” we turn our “wealth” into “weapons”—that is, if the war makers and their military industrial complexes in the US, Iran and Israel, can find a way to sabotage the peacemakers. Watch the NeoConservatives in the US Congress, the Zionist Supremacists in the Knesset and the Islamic jihadist factions in the Iranian Parliament try to kill peace if they have a chance.

I have been watching them since the spring of 2007 when I published the first of several updated editions of my eBook, Nostradamus: The War with Iran. Powerful forces cast a shadow over men and women of good will in the governments of the three main potential combatants in a war with Iran: Israel, the US and Iran itself. The best-laid plans in Geneva today, may hit a terrible snag.

Find out who or what RAYPOZ represents as a clue and get the full story of what could happen next in Nostradamus: The War with Iran—Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse, now available on: KINDLE * KOBO * NOOK * SMASHWORDS plus KINDLE (Canada) * KINDLE (UK) and KINDLE (AU).

DATELINE 24 November 2013

China’s military Crisis over disputed Islands
Foreseen by John Hogue

Where peace has a renewed chance in the Middle East, vulnerable as it is, Hogueprophecy has long been warning you for years now of the oncoming corporate military industrial shift to the Western Pacific “war market” in articles and eBooks. The Chinese may have pushed the lever activating this new market on the same day peacemakers in Geneva gave peace a six-month chance upsetting the Middle Eastern “war market”.

I am unhappy to announce that once again my Oracle has had a handle on war’s next hot spot. Back on May Day 2013 it wrote the following forecast in Predictions for 2013-2014 in Chapter 5: China in the Year of the Black Water Snake (in the subsection entitled “Three Sudden Sino-Military Crises”):

The third [Sino-Military crisis] coiling for an unexpected strike can result from a wrong move causing a direct military confrontation between America and China over North Korea and the Senkaku Islands…

China as early as 2013 could bite back suddenly if it finds cause to fang somebody over the Senkaku Islands, encroachment on South China Sea lanes

Today, (RT) Russia Today reported: “Beijing has declared eight uninhabited islands at the center of a territorial dispute with Tokyo part of China’s new aerial zone, warning of ‘defensive emergency measures’ if the zone is violated.

“Saturdays’ Statement by China’s Defense Ministry says that any Japanese planes in the vicinity of Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands need to submit their flight patterns to China’s Foreign Ministry or civil aviation administration and they must maintain radio contact with Chinese authorities.”

This sudden rattlesnake saber rattling and war warning hissed by Beijing, implies its air forces are coiled at the ready to be catapulted off its new aircraft carrier to shoot and splash down any uncharted flights over this disputed island chain off the coast of Taiwan. Japan’s foreign minister officially called China’s provocation “totally unacceptable and extremely regrettable.”

US Secretary of State John Kerry in the afterglow of his Iranian diplomatic breakthrough added today that, “Unilaterally establishing such airspace and restricting flights in the area is extremely dangerous as it may lead to miscalculation in the area. We urge China not to implement this threat to take action against aircraft that do not identify themselves or obey orders from Beijing.”

In these uncertain times under malefic squares of Uranus and Pluto lasting through the middle of 2015, we can all wake up to a new and terrible world of war at any moment—war that no one consciously expected but happened despite ourselves. So deep is our unawareness of our collectively unconscious and habitually driven, stupid actions. As I further warned six months ago in Predictions for 2013-2014, China’s precipitous move and potential miscalculation like what we are seeing today can be a very real catalyst for a direct conflict with Japan and China—happening any time in the next moment—that could quickly drag the US into a military incident because of its treaty obligations to protect Japan. Six months ago I asked my Oracle a rhetorical question about it:

Will there be a Sino-Japanese War in 2013 over these islands?

The Oracle answers: There will be incidents like before. Korea in 2013 has more of everyone’s snake watching attention for much of the year. Look out for a Senkaku incident in the Year of the Horse! January 2014 through February 2015 will see a military crisis over the islands. The Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between the US and Japan obligates the US to side with and defend the Japanese if attacked.

We may not see it coming until early next year at the soonest time. This move by Beijing may actually be a bluff to speed up talks. The Chinese leaders wave the red flag threat of war to scare up diplomatic progress between Tokyo, Beijing and Washington DC to resolve this island dispute. In short, China plays the crazy North Korean card here. Not very smart during a Uranus (Aries) square with Pluto (Capricorn), the latter being the natal position of Pluto in the US birth chart, the source of America’s military and economic power. The People’s Republic of China was born under Libra in 1949. Libra is opposed Aries where Uranus, king of chaos and disorder, is in square with Pluto.

click on the cover to read more.

click on the cover to read more.

In layman’s terms, Beijing, I call on you: LAY DOWN YOUR SABER RATTLING for now, or your best laid bluff might find your nation in a naval incident with the US Navy before you are ready to strike the US with your “money bomb” by mid-decade.

(Click on money bomb to read my Iran eBook’s unexpected, surprise ending.)

Also check out Predictions for 2013-2014 is available now on: KINDLE * KOBO * NOOK * SMASHWORDS plus KINDLE (Canada) * KINDLE (UK) and KINDLE (AU).

DATELINE 24 November 2013

Seven Volcanoes, EF4 Tornadoes
Flash Floods in Riyadh and Sardinia:
Mother Nature on the Warpath Foreseen

I am cranking out anywhere from 1,200 to just under 7,000 words a day on Predictions for 2014, scheduled for release for downloads on Christmas Day. During the “birthing” of prophecies for Chapter’s 1 and 2 last weekend (16-17 November) through Thursday (21 November), I had to insert the following earth changes in an apocalyptic “coda” to Chapter 2. That chapter is called (The “Obamino” Effect). I inserted the following at the end, even though Chapter 2’s commentary on potential political disasters for the beleaguered US president coming in 2014, his hardest year in office, were not directly connected to the “unnatural” natural disasters that took place during its composition. These weird weather and volcanic events continue to indicate an acceleration of flood and quakes is on and continuing since 2011-2012 when Neptune came home to Pisces for a 13-year transit until 2026.

A Catastrophe “Coda”: As you recall I documented the last chapter being brought out of the ethers into print between 16-19 November 2013, with a string of almost daily apocalyptic weather events. They included a killer cloud burst in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 16 November, a unheard of 40-tornado outbreak on 17 November with two never before recorded EF4 tornadoes drawing lines of destruction impossibly far north and late in the year obliterating Washington Illinois, on Sunday. Then on Tuesday 19 November, the skies opened up and dumped a year’s worth of rain on Sardinia, Italy, that victims there described as “apocalyptic”.

Now as I bring this second chapter into the world, I must report that on this day 21 November, SEVEN significant eruptions of volcanoes have taken place in six locations all across planet earth.

Science News reports submarine eruptions just off Nishinto-Shima Island Japan today. Seven thousand miles away in Mexico the Colima volcano “blew its top after a period of relative calm”, says Chris Carrington of Activist Post.

In Guatemala the Fire Mountain spewed lava and thundered explosions rattling windows six miles away. The Yasur volcano on the island of Vanuatu began smothering farmlands in ash.

On the other side of the planet, Mt. Etna in Italy continues is three-day-old pyrotechnic display. Add to this today eruptions on Mt. Sinabung and Mount Merapi in Indonesia, sending out great ash clouds and the latter exploding into action since its killer eruptions extinguished hundreds of people in 2010.

Last but certainly not least was the darling of the US news networks broadcasting aerial shots today of a new volcanic island emerging out of the Pacific in fire smoke and flame off the coast of Japan. Neptune [in its current transit through Pisces ] as the sky and ocean flood maker is also playing its other role as Earthshaker.

DATELINE 24 November 2013

My meeting with Sylvia Browne
Discussing US Presidential Predictions

Well-known psychic and TV media celebrity Sylvia Browne died last Wednesday (20 November) at the age of 77, one day before the eruptions of seven volcanoes in a 24 hour period.

I had the pleasure of meeting her on 10 November 1994. We were alone, waiting in a guest “Green Room”—what they call the bullpen for guests on a television talk show who are waiting to be “released” into the floodlights and the arena for chat with or attack by a host on television. First me and then she were scheduled to appear on such a morning talk show in Portland Oregon broadcast to half a million viewers.

At the time, neither of us knew who the other was, which is a good thing really. The best way to sense an aura without the mind’s projections of fame filters, at least.

My first impression: I was sitting with a large lady with even larger eyes that definitely had an aura of a gifted psychic filling the little room. I began preparing myself by sitting silently, feeling the white light presence my teacher, Osho, taught me to imbibe as Existence “Light” before my “bullfights” with TV hosts This one in particular was a bull-necked, with multiple rolled in his “redneck”, dressed in a three-piece suit beside a contrasting accomplice, at least physically, his fetching color-lady cohost.

I knew of this fellow. I watched his two-dimensional image on the boob tube match his two-dimensional mind when I lived in Oregon. He was that loud talking barroom philosopher type who never has an opinion about things unless he’s never investigated it.

As I let descend the light into myself, preparing to be bull-ridden by this chunky cowboy in a suit,  I felt and heard Sylvia Browne sitting beside beside me shift her large self i. Out the corner of a half-closed eye, I saw her turn and look my way with big eyes growing even larger and alert to the presence my meditation had brought into the room. That was the instant we, “psychically” speaking, broke the third-eyed ice. Moments later we were introducing ourselves and commiserating about the pleasures and pains of being empathic sensitives in an insensitive world.

John Hogue in 1994, the year he met Sylvia Browne.

John Hogue in 1994, the year he met Sylvia Browne.

I told Sylvia I was on the show to deliver political predictions about what comes next after the previous day’s mid-term election in 1994. I had been in Seattle two days earlier standing within 100 feet from the podium where President Bill Clinton was warning the crowd that if they didn’t get out to vote in the midterm elections, his powers to achieve their dreams would be greatly hampered for two years by a Congress controlled by the Republican Party. I was at last physically in the presence of what had been until 1992 a mystery man  I had foreseen and published articles about starting in December 1983. He was the “Democrat, two-term president” who would would follow Ronald Reagan as a two-term president, George H.W. Bush as a one-term president and run for two successful terms in 1992 and 1996.

The elections the following day did go south for Clinton and the Democrats in Congress. The media was in a feeding frenzy the day after, forecasting his future as a one-term wonder. I told Sylvia not to believe a word of it. Clinton was definitely going to win a second term in 1996 according to my accurate Oracle no matter what peeps were peeping in 1994. I told her the Republican Party with their moribund seniority system would chose the wrong candidate, most likely Senator Bob Dole, to run against Clinton. Later when I was out under the television cameras I made those forecasts in public for the first time.

When Silvia Browne had heard them first she immediately opened up, enthusiastically confiding that “Yes! I also see Clinton would win.”

Between psychic forecasters I could recognize her sincerity and her struggle about telling others. Sometimes one needs a nudge, a sign that a vision is shared by another like yourself.

I’ve been in her shoes. Sometimes it’s hard to openly stand up for many of my own Oracle’s predictions that go against what I view as possible, reasonable or it gives me a future vision that goes against the grain of my personal biases. One has to be ready for the psychic backlash when making political predictions. You will always disappoint half who hear it and most will not thank you for it, to say the least. An empathic human being has to be ready and able to transform this energy thrown one’s way.

I’m glad I could help her come out of the closet with a similar vision.  When she came on the show after me she declared the same: Clinton would win in 1996.

The bull-headed redneck in the three-piece suit had already reddened his bald-headed anger directed at me, calling me “insane!” to think Clinton had a chance. Now Sylvia!  He was doubly an unhappy man.

I came back into the Green Room when Sylvia was already being prepped off the set to come on television next. I got in the Green Room just in time to hear the  sidekick of the Cowboy-bustin’-his buttons forecast that Sylvia would denounce my predictions. A classic lame-stream media dog and pony prompt before switching to a commercial. In rushed Sylvia’s husband who I met only briefly before being interviewed. He wanted to make it emphatically clear that Sylvia was NOT going to say anything like that.

I never met Sylvia Browne again but I keep her and her husband always embraced in a special place in my heart. He is also in my prayers, along with Sylvia’s family during these difficult days following her passing.

My assessment of Sylvia Browne as a forecaster is this:

I don’t think she was a false forecaster, but all prophets, even sincere ones must grapple with the false understanding of the conditioned mind that can misread the subjective experience. Moreover, fame and the public demand for prophecies can catch an authentically intuitive person in a trap of having to “perform” for the audience. It is an occupational hazard in our field. Sylvia got caught in this syndrome more than once and it will invariably follow her legacy like a shadow, sorry to say. In my experience I contend that she was indeed a psychic sensitive and like even the best of us, she filters her view of the otherword through the tainted vision of this plane and the human ego. May she now see the other side clearly.

Where the prophet misreads her or his symbols, the recipient of prophecies—you—can often forget his or her accurate forecasts.

Case in point. The fat head who ran that Oregon talk show had me on three years later. I reminded him about accurately predicting Clinton’s victory over Dole on his show. The man who forgot calling me “insane”, blew it off and said, “Well, everyone knew that was going to happen!”

Nicol Williamson, my favorite Merlin the Magician in John Boorman’s wonderfully warped, Wagnerian romp of an Arthurian Legend movie, Excalibur once lamented: “For it is the doom of men that they forget!”

I would prefer not ever to play the “I told you so” card on any of you. Still, the doom of us all is that we do forget. Compassion dictates therefore our  “need to be told” repeatedly, until our “doom” will end in something more golden in the future.

DATELINE 24 November 2013

Hogue on the Alan Colmes Show
(Fox News Radio)
Monday, (25 November), 5 PM Pacific Time

Tune in to your local Fox New Radio station Monday (25 November) 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific and listen to the Alan Colmes Show. I’ll be on the final hour. We’ll be talking predictions about the upcoming US midterm elections in 2014, the presidential elections in 2016 and no doubt the future of other important matters, such as the economy, the emerging Chinese crisis and the future of the landmark peace initiative with Iran.

The last time I did a show with Alan was on television satellite linkup in a downtown studio in Seattle connected to feed to their New York studios for the Hannity and Colmes Show on 31 December 1999. Shaun Hannity spent most of the air time trying to find a way in to discredit me. He thought he found a way when I reiterated my 1998 prediction published in 1000 for 2000 Startling Predictions for the New Millennium about a superhurricane destroying either Miami or New Orleans in one of the first five hurricane seasons of the 21st Century. That’s when Hannity pounced, asking an accusing question, was I just being an irresponsible doomsayer?

I calmly replied, no,  and asked him, “Have you read my book?”

Hannity stumbled to find a retort and I continued, “Those who have read my book know that half of its 1,000 predictions are NOT about doomsday at all but are alternatives “bloomsday” predictions.”

Hannity, still fumbling for words admitted he had read some of those predictions at the end of the book and quickly called for a commercial break.

End of interview.

I’m looking forward to sharing my time solely with Alan Colmes in tomorrow’s show. Without Shaun, there will be enough air for both of us. We have much to talk about! Hopefully we’ll discuss the Fox Network one-hour prophecy special I did called “Predictions of the Millennium”. It was filmed in late 1995 and nationally broadcast in early 1996. It is an important show because I and other guests from different backgrounds accurately forecast that a second attack on the World Trade Towers would take both towers down. We even had a special effects during my segment show a hypothetical attack taking the towers down!  This was a full fiv years before it happened!

One would think Fox would want to do a followup, but no. Since it aired in 1996 and was repeated on FX (Fox) channel two weeks before 9-11 attacks, no one at Fox News has wanted to contact me and discuss this most accurate documentary of forecasts. Hopefully tomorrows radio show with Alan Colmes will be a first step towards thawing the ice and I can help the Fox Network execs confront their fears.

MISSED THE SHOW? Check out theAlan Colmes Podcast page.

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  1. Igor
    Posted 10 January 2014 at 6:11 pm | Permalink

    Hi John,

    I would like to ask, how will Olimpic games in Sochi go? There are many dark clouds around it as many western politics and islamic terrorists wish them all the worst to happen. Will there be terrorist attacks or will Russian security forces preventing them?



  2. Posted 28 November 2013 at 4:52 pm | Permalink

    I understand what you are saying about Sylvia Brown. The same thing happens to me when ever I try to use my ability to make money. It just doesn’t work. I think back in 2009, I created a thread on Below top-secret. Com where I offered my abilities to help others. Sadly I learned that I was only able to focus on one person at a time. I also learned that as I saw one prediction taking place only to have it change as I was writing it down. As my life began to improve, I found virtually no time to answer questions thus shut it down.

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