Hogue on Coast to Coast AM, Predictions for 2014, US Winter Storms are Global Warming! Stock Market Future, Four Blood Moons and Israel going to War with Iran, El Nino will cause Hottest Year in History! Al-Qaeda in Iraq Wins War! Jesus has a Gun, Netanyahu Nutty Yahoo and Iran has no Nukes


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DATELINE: 05 February 2014

Now Available at Amazon

It’s time for my annual predictions show broadcast on 650 radio stations across North America and the Caribbean and around the world on Internet. Tonight’s three-hour Coast to Coast AM marathon, with George Noory as host, starts 11pm (Pacific). The topic will be my new eBook: Predictions for 2014. Here is a brief overview about the book and its author posted on the Amazon.com sales page:


In the lengthy process of birthing a new historical era, it’s easy to forget the opening, catalytic incident. History’s water broke 100 years ago in the year 1914. Starting on 1 August, a 1,000-year cruise of an unsinkable civilization of monarchial-ruled, world-dominating, European colonial empires stoked its boilers and surged pell-mell into the First World War, like the HMS Titanic hitting an iceberg only two years earlier.

The “Unsinkable” sank.

2014 will be just like that. History’s water will break again and carry us down the next four years in a tidal wave of breathtaking change. Watch the very nature of systems of politics, society, power grids and economics sustained for 5,000 years, be upended and reinvented in the coming revolution of decentralization.

There’s a planetary crisis and world war coming like nothing we’ve seen before. The future will call it, World War STUPID.

The sum total of our unconscious and habitual actions is reaching its climax. STUPID is our greatest and least-understood enemy. Its further perpetuation in human life could lead to a breakdown of the climate and our civilization. It will require each of us join together and create an “arsenal of intelligence” to win this war.

World-renowned Nostradamus expert and futurist, John Hogue, takes us once again on a captivating, humorous and sometimes frightening prophetic ride through a plethora of dire forecasts and their alternative futures. He will gaze through the magic mirror darkly at the economic “recovery” and disclose whether war or peace will come to Syria and Iran. He will date the time of a tipping point approaching in planetary climate change, and anticipate whether China will be politically and militarily impetuous in this new and stampeding Year of the Horse.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

Peacemakers in Geneva beware! Hogue may have uncovered the secret of “RAYPOZ”, the code name the prophet Nostradamus gave for the person, or the thing, that might cause the next and worst war the Middle East has ever known, and war could be coming as soon as this year!

Hogue, who is 12 and 0 picking winners of US presidential elections, will walk us through the “Obamino Effect” and who wins the US midterm elections setting the political stage in 2016 for who will be the next president. He will warn us against following the worldwide swing of political persuasion from the US, Europe and Asia, towards a rise of nationalism and fascism.

Hogue claims we now live in a “Post-Snowden” world, where one whistleblower has set in motion a shift in the axis of Internet and where a “Greater” Depression can come from an unexpected source. It was U.S. spies who brought the next and hot Economic Depression in from the Cold.

Expect the unexpected in 2014. Be prepared to be surprised, terrified, and enlightened by what is coming in each tablet-page scroll you make of this book.

I have known John Hogue for fifteen years. If John Hogue’s predictions weren’t so uncannily accurate, they’d be uncannily terrifying. Or—no, wait a minute. Uh-oh, they’re both. Better give his book a careful read. Real careful.

Whitley Strieber, author of Communion and The Coming Global Superstorm with Art Bell

A master storyteller!

J.R. Rain, author of “Moon Dance”, “The Body Departed” and “Silent Echo”

John Hogue is author of 500 articles and 24 published books spanning 19 languages. He is a world-renowned expert on the prophecies of Nostradamus and other prophetic traditions. He claims to focus on interpreting the world’s ancient-to-modern prophets and prophecies with fresh eyes, seeking to connect readers with the shared and collective visions of terror, wonder and revelation about the future in a conversational narrative style. Although Hogue in his fiction and non-fiction works mostly writes about the future, after thirty years of prophetic study, he proposes that the future is often a temporal echo of actions initiated today. He strives to take readers back to the present where they are empowered to create a better destiny through accessing the untapped potentials of free will and meditation.


Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

Now Available on AMAZON KINDLE

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Check out the Expanded Edition of Predictions for 2014 (which includes an extra chapter on Stormberger: The German Nostradamus) HERE.

DATELINE: 05 February

DOW Jones Industrial
Drops 326 Points
Then Rebounds:
What is coming next?

This Monday (3 February 2014) Janet Yellen was sworn in to succeed Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. In his final act as chairman, Bernanke had announced the Thursday before that he’d begin tapering his third quantitative easing; in other words, he was going to slightly pinch the fire hose of money aimed at the banks and financial sector at the tune of $75 billion down to $65 billion a month to stimulate the economy.

Because of that pinch, Friday’s market the day after dipped around -189 points to. On Monday, Yellen’s swearing-in day, markets started swearing negatively at a whopper dump of -326 points, leaving economy watchers reminding us that a further drop of 450 points would be cause to call this plummet a market “correction”. Tuesday’s markets rebounded a few hundred points because of the yard sale prices left in the wake of Monday. The buzzard bankers bought the remains. Thoughts about corrections left for now down the bottom line plunging in the future.

That “correction” foreseen by my Oracle is more than an adjustment of the markets. It demands a complete revamping of a systemically cracking edifice that is the fiat economy based on credit and deficit spending. It foresaw the following, recorded on 5 December 2013. Please note that at the time this forecast was recorded Bernanke had been printing and throwing monopoly money for a half year or more at the great recession’s woes at $84 billion a month:

Quantitative Easing will be remembered in the future as a flawed—a Quantitative Easy Money—solution that sustained a fiat system based on credit rather than tangible systems of wealth that profited from debt spending, postponing through bonds “the Bill” being paid. We have now a global economic system that is a Ponzi scheme that has had Bernanke’s quantitative follies pour $84 billion a month mostly into the hands of a corrupt banking system that uses the made-up money to play in the “casino” that is the financial speculation “Wall Street” world.

It goes to a fake, flimflam economy, ballooning the Dow Jones Industrial beyond 16,000 points and not investment into the real economy where real people take risks and sweat and toil and make real commodities, goods, a supply of products to fill a demand of consumers. Speculative gains on Wall Street act like CPR-pumping blood at two percent GDP a year animating the economy’s corpse with what overwrought, corporate-owned news networks proclaim is a “recovery” out of the Great Recession.

Try this. Stop pumping that dead heart QE-one two-THREE!

After that, you’ll experience the real legacy of Ben Bernanke. He was merely throwing minted money at the problem to a tune that even this mutually-assured lying system making up monetary values couldn’t sustain much longer.

Thus we will have in 2014 an economic reckoning…

The one percent of the world’s new economic aristocracy, the CEOlygarcy, collects unimaginable profits made of bubble air, while the vast majority of humanity below the capstone of this pyramid scheme reap more and more impoverished burden. Those in the capstone of power and profit don’t see the revolutions coming and soon. Perhaps as soon as April through May of 2014, when I predict Ms. Yellen will have to tighten and begin closing the tap on Bernanke US buck flood. She’ll soon find out that once you stop CPR on this economic fiat corpse, all appearances of Frankenstein Monster’s animation will also cease. READ MORE…

Predictions for 2014, Chapter Eight:
“The Bail In before the Greater Depression”
(Subsection: Post Quantitative “Uneasing”)

DATELINE: 05 February

The Eastern US will be Snowed Under
By two Winter Storms
Expected to be the Strongest Yet:
Global Warming? YES!

In earlier articles in this stream (below), I addressed the fundamental misunderstanding people have about global warming when it seems not to appear in their own back yards, frosting their own noses during the Polar Vortex. This was the name for the first of a series of powerful winter storms that some of my readers believe are part of an axis shift of the North Pole.

Nope. It’s global warming. When the Earth’s atmosphere comes down with a fever, caused by human CO2 pollution, the body of breathable air is like a human body with a fever. Where most of it burns with heat, a few parts shiver with chills. The chill you saw in the Polar Vortex and the oncoming super chill and snow burial many of you reading this in the north and northeastern US states will soon experience is that chill of global warming. Temps around the world outside of North America’s polar pocket of cold are above average. Indeed, the North Pole is reading above average!

My Oracle recorded on 1-4 December 2013 what you might soon expect when this winter of 2013-2014 with no end moves from frost to fire temperatures:

The Tornado Season of 2014 will be among the worst, earliest and most violent on record. Yes, you will have your weekly blizzards ranging across the eastern two-thirds of the USA, and say, where’s global warming?

Answer: I dare you Americans ask that question in March 2014 when suddenly your shortened and very violent winter becomes a very violent and windy spring along Tornado Alley, with record cold temperatures becoming record highs. The hurricane season along the Atlantic will be quiet except for one or two really bad—Hurricane Andrew-like—visitations. READ MORE…

Predictions for 2014, Chapter Seven:
“Gonzo Weather for Our Hot House Planet in 2014”
(Subsection: El Niño Whirlwinds of Revolution)


DATELINE: 19 January 2014

Israel under the Pall of Four Blood Moons:
DO NOT Go to War with Iran!

Betty Jo asked what is on many Hogueprophecy readers’ minds because, no doubt, this rare occurrence in the skies over the Middle East has a certain and biblically dire association with the scriptures of troubled lands there. Red and bloody moons factor often in the apocalyptic prophecies of the three Doomsday-centric religions born of that dry and harsh region: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Moreover, there are objective grounds for concern that the subconscious sway of conditioning of the leaders of Israel, the US and Iran might make them, accidentally on purpose, become pawns and catalytic agents for creating the promised Battle of Armageddon over the Civil War in Syria and a planned war with Iran come mid-decade. This prompted a reader, Betty Jo, to ask:

John, what is your take on the 4 blood moons on Jewish Holy Days???

MY RESPONSE: The passing of four lunar eclipses causing the moon to turn to blood in the sky during Jewish sacred holidays is a rare event and it “does” relate to milestone moments for the Jewish people. It happened during the two years following the Spanish Inquisition of 1492 that essentially caused the second of two Sephardic Jewish Diasporas out of Spain. The first of which in the 1390s prompted Nostradamus’ Jewish ancestors to cross the Pyrenees to Carcassonne, France and later settle in Provence, the story of which is detailed in my newly released biography on the Life of Nostradamus.

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

The bloody moons appeared during Passover, 2 April 1493 and Sukkoth, 25 September 1493. Then again in 1494 for Passover and Sukkoth on 22 March and 15 September respectively.

The two years after Israel’s War of Independence in 1948 saw blood flow in the Middle East with skies afterwards carrying four bloody moons on Passover 13 April 1949; Sukkoth, 7 October 1949; Passover, 2 April 1950; and, Sukkoth, 26 September 1950.

The creation of Israel, long foreseen in Biblical prophecy as the second to last step destiny must take before the times of Armageddon begin with the construction of the Third and Final Temple on the Mount where Muslims had build the al-Aqsa and Golden Dome Mosques. These being claimed by Islamic Armageddonists as the third most sacred places in Islam. Muhammad prophesied in the Hadith they would be taken back in a great Holy War issuing with the black flags of Jihad out of Afghanistan. Many Muslims, of the Sunni and Shia sects alike, believe this is at hand and the final prophet, the Mahdi, will reappear from his centuries-long occultation to lead it.

The blood of those moons cast its terrible light over the Nakba, the “Catastrophe”, the diaspora of Palestinians out of Palestine, cast out of the new Jewish State that blood moons celebrated after 1948.

The Six Day War (5-10 June 1967) that defined and intensified further tensions in the Middle East towards a destiny of Armageddon was waged between a punctuation in time of bloody lunar portents: the First Day of Passover, 24 April 1967 and the First Day of Sukkoth, Oct. 18, 1967. The second two blood moons came on the First Day of Passover 13 April 1968 and the First Day of Sukkoth, Oct. 6, 1968.

The four blood moons Betty Jo asked about appear on the First Day of Passover (15 April 2014), the First Day of Sukkoth (8 October 2014) and again on the First Day of Passover (4 April 2015) and the First Day of Sukkoth (28 September 2015).

Since I released Nostradamus: The War with Iran—Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse in 2007 and in further new editions coming out in 2012 and just recently in October 2013, I have stated the clear and present astrological danger of war foreseen “in the clear” by Nostradamus. Peace would seem to have a chance in 2014, but it would be followed by the highest chance for war in our lifetime between Israel and Iran in 2015 and 2016. Peace “does” have a chance, but there are men in Iran, America and especially in the highest levels of the Israeli government that lust for a war that has no grounds or factual reasons to happen; namely, the Iranians do not have a nuclear weapons program challenging the rogue nuclear hegemon of the Middle East, Israel.

So, with that said, this was my reply to Betty Jo’s question. I hope all of you take careful heed, especially you readers in Israel and the United States who can stop this future from happening:


Click on the cover to read more.

Click on the cover to read more.

What is the prophetic significance of four blood moons on Jewish holy days in 2014 and 2015? Call it a coincidence. Call it a portend. I call it a warning to Israel and to Bibi “Nutty-Yahoo” (Prime Minister Netanyahu): Your misinterpreting of the signs about Iran may lead to the destruction of Israel.

Seek not to create a Second Holocaust of the Jewish People by pushing a projection of a collective fear of the past on to the future that has no such threat waiting, unless your fears translated into aggressive war, create it.

My book Nostradamus: The War with Iran–Islamic Prophecies of the Apocalypse compiles prophecies from that famous Jewish-born prophet of the 16th century who shares my message.

I share it to you, my readers, and the people of Iran and Israel. It exposes the underlying motivation of misinterpreted biblical and Qur’anic prophecies that under-“lie” what could make Americans and Europeans, in alliance with Israel, bring about an Armageddon with Islamic extremists in Iran, who also wish to drag their people into an Apocalypse.

Please read this book, and then get politically active to spread its message so that this catastrophic war can yet be prevented and peace efforts ongoing in Geneva between US and Iranian diplomats over ending the presumed threat of Iran’s nuclear program may yet survive an attempt of sabotage coming from doomsday nuts in the American Congress. They seek to vote in favor of a new round of economic sanctions against Iran that has only one motivation, to kill peace from coming.

They are Democrats as well as Republican Senators who are thralls of the Zionist Supremacist lobby in Washington that Prime Minister Netanyahu is using to pressure hard US Senators to vote these sanctions in. The peace process is moving positively forward and could very well end the potential conflict from happening. Netanyahu’s heart has been embraced by death. In Netanyahu’s eyes is the blood of those Moons! That’s all he sees. Blood!

He is, deep down, a mad man who believes God has chosen him to save the Jewish people from a Second Holocaust caused by Iran. He is under a delusion and the Jewish State, if they follow along with his fear mongering will be destroyed. Netanyahu is fomenting a threat that simply IS NOT COMING from Iran but coming from an unresolved and collective Jewish trauma that conditions many people in the Jewish State to carry real memories of a holocaust past into a false-flagged threat in the future.

As early as the first edition of my eBook (published in spring 2007), I wrote about this blindness and mass insanity that must be exposed for the sake of preventing this “False” Armageddon from happening:

I fear that modern Israel is a new Samson slipping under the spell of atomic preemption, seduced by a doomsday Delilah myth. In this updated version of the story, the Herculean strong man loses his head, visualizes imminent threat where there is none, becomes self-destructive rather than self-reflective, willing to communicate and reason. He blinds himself to realities. He cuts off his own long locks of power-making hair. He makes his own fear of future persecution real, then chains himself to the death dealing pillars he has erected himself—they are missiles supporting his temple to nuclear war—and pulls them down wiping out his enemies and himself.

Israel’s worked up leadership, past, present and future, is not the only inner government circle caught in a self-convincing propaganda loop of cooked up intelligence about imminent nuclear threats out of Iran. Back in 2006, it had an equally paranoid friend in the US President. Now it must either influence a presidential election to regain a new anti-Iran zealot, or convert the successor of G.W. Bush to join with Israel in his second term in office the military preemption option. It has been long planned. (UPDATED October 2012) Those plans were passed from Bush to Obama. Nostradamus may have foreseen them, and named them.

Nostradamus: The War with Iran
Chapter Three: Samson Seeking a Final Solution

Both blood moons of 2014 fall on the most dire windows in time for a number of this new year’s worst prophetic events, that could include revolution, economic collapse and a sudden explosion of unexpected war in the South China Sea and the Middle East: April-May and October-November 2014. It is the subject of my newest book of forecasts for 2014. Israel right now is making a pact with Saudi Arabia, and as I long forecast and feared, the Arabians will let the Israeli’s strike Iran by flying directly over their airspace perhaps as soon as this spring, although I believe the danger and the bellicose stars more welcoming of this infernal plan by 2015.

Do not think for one moment further that this war is someone else’s problem. Every single one of you, living on this planet, will be directly impacted by this war if it happens! Do not be foolish and think otherwise, or you will “biblically” repent.

Forestall and prevent this future from happening, especially you voters in America. Americans, make it quite clear to your Senators. Israelis, protest a rush to war in your Knesset!

Americans, you do not want this vote of sanctions to pass. Obama says he will veto the bill, but I predict the Zionist lobby will have enough Donkeycrat and Dumbopublican Senators to overrule his veto, unless you ACT, using your emails and letters. Don’t let a foreign power dictate to your representatives where your sons and daughters go to fight and die.

“All we are saying is give peace a chance.”

John Lennon

DATELINE: 10 January

Yes Everybody
In a Polar Vortex

A lot of you living in the eastern two thirds of the frozen United States came visiting Hogueprophecy during the big chill of a historically cold winter storm that registered freeze warnings in every state except Hawaii.

Many of you wonder why I didn’t catch a ride on your interest during the news cycle, as you hunkered down bundled up, reading the cold light of cellphone or computer screens for some comment about the storm’s prophetic significance. A minority of you might have probed my website for some “mea culpa” moment as I am a major Hector, constantly giving you bad prophetic news about Climate Change being a politically correct term used to mollify you and not call what’s happening to the Earth’s climate what it actually is and will be, Global Warming.

Some of you believed I owe you an apology. “Where indeed is the warmth of global warming?” you thought, whilst looking outside at the the ice and snow, regarding the roads closed last week by temperatures plunging below zero for almost 100 million of you living across the Northern Plains and Great Lake States.

How should I explain myself to readers among another 100 million who shivered in temps in the Fahrenheit teens across New England, New York, the Mid-Atlantic States? The same goes for all you teeth-chattering readers residing in what once was the “sunny” Southern States, shaking and quaking from temps in teens and mid-twenties even in what should be sub-tropical Florida. Was I silent online about all this mess because the weather proved global warming wrong?


There is no apology coming from John Hogue, folks. I waited until this Polar Vortex, as it has been sensationally called by weather anchors for ratings, had spent itself and you are now basking in unusually high and rising temperatures for this time of year. That’s when my “teaching moment” should come. Now that you’re not shivering and peeling off all the heavy winter clothes in Florida as mid-twenties suddenly in a few days soar to mid-seventies and temperatures in the low eighties, that’s when I can ask “you” a question: where did your “ice age” of a Polar Vortex go?

You people coming out of the teens into upper forties temps in New York, New England, New Jersey, where is it?

You people in the Midwest enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures in the sixties when you were subzero only a few days before. What happened to your end of global warming?

It is the doom of Americans that they have “ICE”-solationism on the brain when it comes to Global Warming. This country suffers from short climate sightedness. You see the cold outside your houses and think the whole world is just the same as it is under your backside or as small as your backyard projecting brain. When two out of three of you Americans were shivering in this historic cold snap, how many of you looked beyond your homes, your state, beyond your borders at what was happening around the world as you shivered?

It was shocking to those of us—including this author and Hogueprophecy regular readers—who did look.

The temperature maps of the southern hemisphere recorded no cold areas across the summer time temps. Australia was breaking records sizzling hotter than the summer of 2012-2013, their hottest on record! You might have seen on the news empty beaches with sun-loving Australians crowding by the hundreds laying out their beach towels on sand “under” piers to stay out of 120-degree sunshine.

That Sun, by the way, is going through one of the quietest solar maximums in many decades. I ask you people who gather to read and blindly believe websites promoting the “Sun-made-us-do-it” cult of climate change denial—that faith-based and unscientifically supported belief that all global warming is caused by the Sun.

I ask you, where is your Ice Age?

Where are the cooling temperatures that should be stalling global warming now that the sunspot activity is so quiet? Why is the Earth growing steadily hotter and more climate-violent “without” the Sun doing it?

Oh yes! You ICE-solationists in the frigid eastern two thirds of America this week can marvel at “Earth Changes” that a cooling Sun shall wrought; especially if the nabobs who run such Sun-Cult-Doomsday websites don’t show you a temperature map of the northern hemisphere during your very cold Polar Vortex time.

During the Polar Vortex this week, it blipped on the map as just one little island of very cold air sitting like an island over eastern North America. Surrounding it was an entire north-hemispheric half of the planet caught in above-normal temperature readings across Siberia, the Arctic, Northern Canada, Alaska, China, Japan, Mexico, Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Central and Southern Asia, Indonesia the Northern Atlantic and the Northern Pacific Ocean.

When human fossil fuel use pollutes the skies, trapping the Sun’s rays in a Greenhouse Effect, warming the climate, your Mother Nature catches a planetary climate fever. When you have a fever, the contrast of an extreme rise of temperature in your body will also bring on chills.

Americans, your Polar Vortex storm was Mom Nature’s chill as she is burning up from your polluting ways.

My Oracle in Predictions for 2013 and 2014 logged forecasts in early spring 2013 about these sharp and violent temperature swings from Arctic cold to unseasonably warm winter temperatures as a symptom of Mother Nature’s atmospheric sickness:

[The polar ice melts] Three times faster in 2012. The next time anyone digging their way out of yet another blizzard across the north central and northeastern United States asks, “Where’s the global warming?” shoot this fact across Stupid’s bow: The Arctic Jetstream is flattening as a result of polar melt that at times can bring cold drafts from melting ice down as far south as middle America and Europe where it collides with the moist tropical air of a warmer atmosphere now holding more moisture than ever before in civilization’s history causing nation-burying blizzards late into spring. This moisture reaches up from the Gulf of Mexico and interacts with deepening low pressure troughs of spreading arctic air escaping a warming polar region to roar with high winds down into more temperate and heavily populated regions of North America and Europe like it did in 2010, 2011; less in 2012…

It’s doing it again with a vengeance in 2013 and I predict it will continue to keep the uninformed and the dedicatedly ignorant scratching their heads about where the global warming went until the mid-2020s when you’ll all be scratching your heads asking where the polar cap went and the blizzards in your back yards as winters of the future become mostly free of snow.

Predictions for 2013-2014, Chapter 12: It’s Global Warming, Stupid!
(Subsection: The “Fog” in the Boiling Water)

This book is much more than a forecast for one year’s events. Predictions for 2013-2014 is a prophetic epic, spanning the pivotal “last chance” time between May 2013 through the end this new year of 2014 to wake up, reform and forestall a cascading quickening of history beginning at the start of 2015 that could topple civilization in the next decade. The clock of evolution is ticking. You have less than 12 months to prevent or soften this future blow. See how it’s possible to change the course of human destiny:

Click on the cover and read about this new and critically acclaimed eBook.

Click on the cover and read about this new and critically acclaimed eBook.


Available now on:


Click on the cover and read more.

Click on the cover and read more.

DATELINE: 10 January

More Excepts from
2014 will be the Hottest Year on Record

Read this excerpt from my forthcoming book Predictions for 2014:


A recent Time article (“El Niño is on Its Way” [13 January 2014, issue]), reminds us that weather behaving badly can trigger famines that become catalytic agents for wars and revolutions. The two paroxysms of the French Revolution where influenced by crop failures from extreme weather years. The rebellion began in 1789, because of an El Niño that began the previous years. The second upheaval happened in the El Niño of 1793, when the Revolution descended into a Reign of Terror with guillotined heads by the thousand rolled into bloody whicker baskets.

Nostradamus foresaw these events 234 years earlier. He described the French Revolution cryptically as “The Whirlwind”. On face value an appropriately macabre poetic description. However, the mage of Salon-en-Provence hints to those who researched the daily journals and newspapers of those days, more than poetry, but rather, a revolution come from bad weather.

Back in 1997, I wrote the following, to explain this prophecy:


1 Q3
Quand la licture du tourbillon verƒee,
Et ƒeront faces de leurs manteaux couuers:
La republique par gens nouueaux vexée,
Lors blancs & rouges iugeront `a l’enuers.

When the litter is overturned by a whirlwind
And the faces are covered by their cloaks,
The republic will be troubled by its people:
Then whites and reds will judge wrongly.

Many of Nostradamus’ finest predictions are about the period of the French Revolution. We can feel in the language and tone of the Revolution quatrains the prophet’s horror and disbelief as well as his struggle to understand the vision of chaos and blood that has come to him. Twice he refers to it as a whirlwind, a description that may not be just a metaphor but an attempt to date the Revolution. On 13 July 1788, exactly one year before the storming of the Bastille, France was visited by a violent windstorm, one of the worst ever recorded. Named The Great Tornado of 1788 by contemporary journals, this cyclonic storm rained hail the size of acorns and unleashed a phalanx of tornadoes that cut a swath of destruction from Tours, Chartres, and Paris, through Lille and into Belgium.

If Nostradamus had intended the meteorological and social whirlwind to be one and the same, he can be excused for blending two events into one. His vision of the common people [see his “Preface to César”, a prophetic cover letter to his prophecies] overturning the litters of the aristocracy was recorded 235 years earlier.

The irresistible storm of revolution would force the aristocracy to leave France as refugees, their faces covered by cloaks on the windy passage across the English Channel, or leave life with their heads covered by cloaks carried away from the guillotine within a bloody wicker basket. Whites are the Bourbons, whose cockade was white. They ignored the needs of their people and brought disaster upon themselves. Reds signifies the revolutionaries, was as symbolic for that color of rebellion in Nostradamus’ time as it is in our own.

Nostradamus: The Complete Prophecies
(Element Books, 1997), p. 68-69.


El Niño is coming again. Perhaps worse than those that would launch a French Revolution. It will be remembered as the “Super-El Niño of 2014-2016”. The crop failures and social disruptions from this event, ginned up by global warming, will also be a catalyst of revolutions across the globe and will hasten the advent of a Greater Depression than the 1930s.

Temperatures around the world will rise higher than 1998’s record temperatures as the hottest year on Earth ever measured by human beings. 1998 was an El Niño year, as was the second hottest and third, 2005 and 2010, yet these are closely followed by super-heated years becoming more frequent ever since 2010, such as 2011-12 and 2013. This new El Niño might just be so bad that it wakes humanity up from its stupor of STUPID to do the things required to take our hand out of influencing climate distresses.

Predictions for 2014, Chapter 7:
Gonzo Weather for your Hot House Planet in 2014
(Subsection: El Niño Whirlwinds of Revolution)


If you haven’t yet put yourself on the list to receive this book by sending a gift donation of $12.50 or a little more via this link to Paypal, please sign up now. If the above passage resonates with you, please give, and receive a gift in return the “Donors Only” expanded edition of this wonderful eBook in late January 2014. It presages the most important year in your life or the lives of anyone who ever lived through in the last 100 years!

Click on the cover.

Click on the cover.

DATELINE: 10 January

Hogue Predicted the Invasion
And Defeat of US in Iraq
Using the Prophecies of Nostradamus:
What comes next in Iraq?

I am disappointed by my Oracle’s continued successful track record reading the signs of its own intuition while comparing these with the prophecies of Nostradamus that anticipated the US invasion of Iraq and its outcome: defeat and eventual catastrophe for the United States.

Walk with me through time and documented observations since November 2000. See what I have anticipated, and because my warnings have gone unheeded, failed to forestall:

Hogue Predicted US Invasion of Iraq
Two Years before it happened, in 2000:

However, I am sorry to say that I do not see President Bush being a good foreign policy president. He is an isolationist at heart. If Saddam Hussein views President Bush as withdrawn from world affairs, or weak or erratic then you may see the Iraqi dictator risk unleashing a regional-wide war in the Middle East. I believe this war could happen as soon as 2002… Where a Gore presidency will contain Iraq there will be an eagerness in a Bush presidency to settle scores and bring about a Gulf War, Part Two. It will most likely topple Saddam Hussein but not before it gets a Bush presidency bogged down in a Vietnam in the desert and threatens America with 27 to 30 years of terrorist reprisals.

Bush or Gore-Two Presidential Destinies in Prophecy
(Hogueprophecy Bulletin, 6 November 2000)

When the war began, Hogue identified this Prophecy of Nostradamus Describing the eventual defeat of the US in Iraq
By Islamic Extremists:

3 Q61
The great host and sect of the crusaders,
Will be massed in Mesopotamia [modern day Iraq]:
Of the nearby river the fast company,
That such law will hold for the enemy.

At the date of this writing [11 July 2003] a “great host” is indeed “amassed in Mesopotamia.” At the end of the war there were close to 200,000 soldiers, the vast majority being of the Christian faith (“crusaders”) on the ground in Mesopotamia…

…Fast armored armadas of the Mesopotamian encirclement of Republican Guard divisions in 1991 become leaner and meaner armored brigades of the U.S. blitzkrieg of 2003. They plunge across the Mesopotamian delta heading north, northwest for Baghdad alongside the western bank of the Euphrates (“nearby river”)…

…The final line seen in the light of the 2003 invasion, becomes more ominous for America. Indeed, a clearer picture arises of just what Nostradamus might intend for the “law” that will “hold for the enemy.” Saddam’s dictatorial “law” survived the Gulf War of 1991 only to be replaced by a new tyranny–the “Sharia” law of Shiite fundamentalism.

The law of the Sharia will hold Iraq because the American president’s preemptive war and occupation is the catalyst. A force-fed Iraqi puppet democracy will radicalize the country. The guerrilla insurrection will grow in strength long after the US captures or kills Saddam. This insurrection may be the match setting the fires of a 27-year war foreseen by Nostradamus in his famous “Mabus” and “Third Antichrist” prophecies.

What Comes Next for Iraq?
A Sectarian Civil War!
The Consequence of US Defeat in Iraq

Brace yourselves, Muslims of all colors and persuasions. Your Thirty Years War is at hand. The core of the Middle East will be its battlegrounds: Syria already is fighting it. Iraq will descend into it in 2013. It will spread out of Syria and Iraq into Lebanon and Jordan and perhaps western Iran. Like the Christians before you, both sides will funnel arms and mercenary armies into war zones, but this time they are mostly urban battlegrounds, the Stalingrads of the Ummah [the community of Muslim believers around the world]. You Westerners are doing it now, in Syrian cities, as I write this [20 April 2013]. With your infernal outside help, the heartland of the Middle East will be like Middle Europe in the 17th century, turned into a wasteland with half its population destroyed.

Predictions for 2013-2014, Chapter 7:
From Arab Spring to Fall
(Subsection: Neptune’s wave of Salafi Brotherhoods)

Saddam Hussein presaged the sectarian civil war of Iraq between Shia and Sunni Muslims before dangling on a rope in late 2006. Such a breakup of Iraq is coming to break it apart as he foresaw, once the al-Assad regime in Syria goes the way of Libya dragging Syria into a greater chaos, the latter of which I foresee happening later this year shortly after August 2013.

Predictions for 2013-2014, Chapter 8:
Oh, al-Qaeda U!
(Subsection: The New Terrorist Central)

Assessment, 10 January 2013:
Escalations of bombings had already made 2013 the worst year of sectarian death and wounding since the worst year of violence of previous Sunni-on-Shia, Iraqi Civil War in 2007. And yet, it was during August that the world had to take notice. The corporate-owned “happy-faced” US networks had to report the bad news trailing us and growing since our departure from Iraq at the end of 2011: “mission accomplished?”

Not quite.

Click on the cover to read more.

Click on the cover to read more.

Al-Qaeda forces in Syria, that US aid had helped grow strong fighting the Assad regime as part of the Free Syrian Army, were advancing from their Syrian bases in significant numbers since August. They’re now seriously infiltrating neighboring Iraq to restart a Sunni Iraqi “endarkening”: a slide back into sectarian fighting that has recently led to al-Qaeda taking large areas of Anbar Province back from Iraqi (Shia) government control. Ramadi is in their clutches. Fallujah has fallen to their hooded holy warriors.

Fallujah, the Arab “Stalingrad” of street fighting, one of the US occupiers’ bloodiest and hardest won battles. Your bleeding was now in vain, it would seem. Robots replace you, as Obama orders a fleet of drones for use by the al-Maliki (Shia dominant) regime to aid their hunting and destroying of al-Qaeda in Mesopotamia returned, damn the collateral damage. It is a force of terrorism that never could step foot in Iraq if it wasn’t for a US Bush blunder-war started there in 2003. Further Obama blunders feed jihad in Syria, spilling over into Iraq, as I predicted, starting August 2013.

Nostradamus and the Antichrist: Code Named MABUS

Click on this cover to read more about “Mabus”.

The “Law” of “Allah” in extremis is winning back the Iraq US soldiers left behind, when they rolled out of there, no bands playing victory marches, slinking out of country under cover of darkness at the end of 2011. The “Law” has defeated Nostradamus’ host of crusaders as I interpreted Nostradamus had forecast, centuries ago, and even the late Saddam Hussein had predicted it. He one of Nostradamus’ candidates for a fallen anti-Christ. The death of this man, whoever he is, starts a 27-year war. His code name is Mabus.

DATELINE: 10 January 2013

Alex Jones:
Is he Chicken Little Radioactive?

Alex Jones uses his Info Wars media empire as a blowhard-horn turned to full volume to expose the conspiracies of shadow powers behind the US government, or cover-ups of misdeeds and threats to American freedoms from a global cabal that seems responsible for “everything” that goes bumping wrong with the world. He sits in his radio-You Tubed studio in Texas creaking his chair, Emperor Jones overlording his 5 million viewers and listeners. Staunch true believers are these in all and everything that often comes in high-decibel, vocal cord nodes rasping, that signature hoarse bellowing from his great white wide face. Jones, the Brahma of bomb-blast, blasts the news and frightens many of his minions who seem to get high off being paranoid and scared.

A lot of my HogueProphecy readers regularly listen in and watch Alex Jones rant and rage. It is puzzling to me, that Jones and I should share in your hearts and minds the same harbor. We are NOT on the same page, folks. There must be something wrong about how I present myself if you think otherwise, that is, if I’m not merely an object of your entertainment.

I work very hard at Hogueprophecy to undermine any of your projections and anticipation to have paranoia entertained, or your pet conspiracy theories supported as most of them are based on Internet-Yahoo-koo-koo-scholarship, full of sound and fury, signifying little fact.

There is a kind of “methadone” to my madness, unlike Jones who is just “Meth”. I try to “easy down” you fear junkies out of your addiction who seem to be seeking reasons to be afraid about your lives and the future as if it gives you some drug-induced high to be paranoid and afraid.

Don’t get me wrong. You DO have reasons to be a little paranoid and afraid about where human stupidity is taking your civilization in the coming decade. Hogueprophecy, though scary at times in its messages, is NOT intended to be used by you as a drug to be more afraid and disempowered.

You “do” have enemies, most of them built in your subconscious conditioning by society, making you see the world through a filter of illusions.

Your true enemy is the only one inside of you that you have the power to understand and transcend though applying meditation techniques I can share freely if you only ask. These Osho meditations feed your spirit to rediscover its lost Innocence and born Intelligence. All the rest that you think is you, is stupidity borrowed from the outside.

I server the inner, beyond the frightened, easily distracted mind.

Alex Jones feeds your mind with porn journalism.

He has every right to do so, because like him, I support his freedom of speech to do so, and your freedom to watch porn too, whatever kind of kink you need to get your rocks off enjoying. Unlike him, I’m not that sure he’s serving the forces supporting your free speech.

The shadow government is very tricky.

Being a survivor of unsuccessful CIA efforts to kill my commune friends and the successful murder of my spiritual teacher in the mid-1980s, I have some direct experience of what shadow forces in the US government actually act like and what they can do. They also seek patsies in print and journalism.

In the 1950s and sixties they used strategies like Operation Mocking Bird to plant agents into the UFO research community who did a great job pretending to be sincere. These agents gathered large followings and then, at the right moment, began saying crazy stuff, weaving wild conspiracy theories, etc. They thus undermined the credibility of real UFO research and misdirected the mainstream American audience away from questioning real government conspiracies suppressing UFO evidence. In fact, the CIA created the term “Conspiracy Theory” during Operation Mockingbird. They also coined the term, “little green men”, used to disparage those authentic investigators of extraterrestrial encounters with humans.

Operation Mockingbird has since evolved into other CIA propaganda infiltration “shadow ops”. These ever plant cuckoos to undermine citizen movements, as they have done in the 9/11 conspiracy community, to shout and bellow loud like Alex-Jones so that mainstream Americans will be turned off, shrugging off attention and political action to change Washington’s ways because to keep up with the Joneses of the world, is just too weird.

The new meat for Chicken Little clucking, chucking rants is Fukushima’s creeping nuclear disaster. My sources concerning what’s really going on about Reactor Number Three steaming and Number Four have worked right AT ground zero in the lead cast command and control center, just to hint a some of my secret contacts in Japan. The real dangers surrounding Fukushima are being crowded out by a whole lot of panic-mongering false flag waving on Internet, such as the beaches of San Francisco being radioactive.

Don’t get me wrong. I commend those citizens trying to properly use Geiger counters to catch a whiff of any fallout coming across the Pacific to the West Coast of the United States. It is a crime that the government is not doing more to inform the public. Still, amateurs playing nuclear scientists, though they be true of heart, can be equally daunting with the facts as bureaucrats in Washington and Tokyo are nebulous on purpose. Moreover, there’s an emotionalism and zealotry in many of these self-proclaimed “earth warriors” that seems incompatible with a need for serious, rationally disciplined scientific inquiry. It doesn’t matter who you are in this developing story about radiation. If you have made up your mind first, then investigate the evidence second, you will unconsciously pick and choose data that suits your biases. So, when you read the above and you disagree with my provocation, send me verifiable data, not snarky name calling missives. The latter only work to disempower you. Before you react to me, be scientifically skeptical about “you” and test your findings. This issue of radioactivity on US beaches is too important to “Alex Jones-jack-it-up”.

So I caution you, “Robert” a Hogueprophecy reader and others to be skeptical of the Alex Jones, Info Wars report this week, claiming that a radiation hot spot was found on a San Francisco beach reading 1,400 percent above normal. Robert asked me in an email, “It’s Chicken Little, or Chicken Radioactive?”

He was playing with the title to the first subsection of my chapter about Fukushima for Predictions for 2014 where I made verbal sport with tuna—also known as the “chicken of the sea”. The question the first segment of Chapter 4: Fukushima Futures tried to ask was this: Is tuna, the chicken of the sea, swimming past Fukushima actually irradiated or is this concern “Chicken Little” Internet-radiated by hearsay and amateurs reading Geiger counters without approaching their work following scientific discipline and hard skeptical inquiry?

It’s Chicken Little or Chicken Radioactive?

The only thing that’s radioactive about this report is Alex Jones. This man’s “Info Wars” is waging information “War” against facts. Think “Operation Mockingbird” of the CIA, Robert. One of the best ways to keep the public disempowered is to foment fear, exaggerate potential dangers in a way that keeps you caught fixated by false conspiracies rather than the real ones. I don’t know if Jones is an actually plant of such clandestine CIA propaganda operations, but he certainly is acting like an unwitting, witless “tool” for them. Be very very suspicious of whatever he peddles or Info War proclaims.

The radioactive noise coming out of Jones and other “Chicken of the Sea” Tuna fish story mongers on Internet have required I write an entire chapter for Predictions for 2014 about what is real and false about dangers coming in the new year out of Fukushima.

There are real dangers I have uncovered.

There’s two tsunamis coming, one radioactive from “land” going into the Pacific, the other tsunami is not local. It rolls from across the Pacific to wash out Fukushima reactors. My Oracle in that chapter gives the time window for these events, if happening this year and again in 2017.

Click on Fukushima for more information about the eBook, read further excerpts and peruse the table of contents.


I ask you to question everything I say. Do not believe any of it. Test it. I document my predictions in books and articles since 1983 for that reason. Alex Jones may get millions all frightened and excited then quietly move on when his theories and forecasts of imminent government false-flagged takeovers come and go without issue, proof or advent. My successes and failures are all there for your examination and assessment.

Letting time and events be checked by documented journalism or forecasts is one of the few ways we have in this ongoing information revolution to check who are the plausible and good information sources from the crazy-cats. I do this in my investigations and expect you have just as much right to do that when checking out my statements and predictions.

My most important message, and the most intimate, is that meditation is needed to see the world and yourself in a true light. I contend for your testing that that inner witnessing, once reawakened, will give each of you that intelligence to live life to the fullest. The sleeper in Ego can awaken your Existence-given potential and perhaps as consequence of living your lives fully with the aid of meditation—a power of conscious witnessing—running like a thread through your waking and sleeping moments.

Be so blessed, with meditation awakening human intelligence. The world might change for the better.

This should not be your concern or focus, though. “You” are the world. Change your inner being and the world is changed.

You become a world of meditation and perhaps what is engaged by consequence are paths to many beautiful, alternative futures forecasted by great seers about the coming of a New Humanity out of today’s dark womb of monkey mindedness.

All you need is to Contact Me. Put on the subject line: Meditation. No need to even write an email, unless you feel to. Just Meditation. I will then send you freely information and links about the meditation techniques I use.

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If for some reason you cannot leave your comments in the comments box below, just send them to me via the Contact email button. If they are interesting and clearly written, I will post them with my inserted comments. I will even post some of you rare souls disposing promising content with all the dirty literary laundry “spots” of functional illiteracy displayed. So please reread your stuff, use spell check and punctuate. You are being read by the whole world; so don’t look dumb in print. Those who do the best they can will be rewarded with it being published here.


[Entitled: “foolish statements”] Arctic tipping point not even close 6 Aug 11 – For several thousand years, there was much less sea ice in The Arctic Ocean – probably less than half of current amounts – and no tipping point was reached. See Surprise! Arctic tipping point not even close Four simultaneous eruptions on Kamchatka Peninsula – A fifth eruption possible 5 Aug 11 – Ash plumes from two of the volcanoes are visible in this satellite image. Four simultaneous eruptions on Kamchatka Peninsula

The last half of your letter is disjointed from the first concerning tipping points. Be that as it may, isn’t Internet wonderful? You can eventually find information to fit every bias and state of blindness. The key, Chriis, is to know how to watch yourself and know what your biases are because in this information revolution there’s so much data out there that you can easily find what your mind wants to find and think it is truth. Time and events will judge our research, but I will say for the record — and I “have” quite a record of accuracy over these 30 years of publishing — that global warming is head-on in a collision, soon, with the climate tipping. It’s already happening. All around you, Chriis. The fool may be “you”. Pull off your blinders of bias. It may save your life.


I would like to ask, how would Olympic games in Sochi go? There are many dark clouds around it as many western politics and Islamic terrorists wish them all the worst to happen. Will there be terrorist attacks or will Russian security forces preventing them?

As my “Oracle” and “me” are huge fans of the Olympics, winter or summer, we addressed this issue in Chapter 5 of Predictions for 2014. That chapter is a new concept for these books. It takes a wander across one region of the world after another giving predictions that covers most of the world in ways that the other chapters may not be able to do. Here’s the Chapter and its subtitles:

Readings for Regions and Nations

Click on the cover and read more.

Click on the cover and read more.

(1) West goes East, Nationalism Fever 1914 Returns in 2014
(2) The Gulf of Mexico Fishing Crash
(3) South America
(4) The Outcome of the Scottish Referendum, September 2014
(5) The Great Ukrainian Divide Toasted by a White Russian
(6) Will Terror win a Gold Medal in the Winter Olympics?
(7) Angela Merkel and “Greater Germany”, AKA the EU
(8) Marine Le Pen and National Socialism’s Ascent
(9) Libya’s new Civil War Free for “Oil”
(10) Afghanistan’s Vietnamistan of 2014
(11) The Syrian Civil War
(12) Flee! Flee! Geneva Peacemakers, from RAYPOZ!!!
(13) Other Regions of the World in Prophecy

The book will be out before the Olympics begin. Please consider giving us an advance donation to receive the expanded version of the eBook at the end of January by clicking on Sochi.


How can you still believe in global warming? The Earth has been getting colder for the last 15 years and honest scientists finally admit this fact, but to blame the recent extreme cold wave on global warming is so ridiculous that your koolaid must be frozen. The sad part is, there are people out there that will believe you! Thanks, Steve

I don’t believe in Global Warming, I “know” it exists. There’s this thing you and other climate change deniers might look into, rather than send me regularly this kind of comment, or other similarly written letters, based on Internet hearsay about a cooling world. In future, check this out. It’s called “Science”. Check out this other thing called “climate data”. And one more thing, do not trust what you read on the Internet only. There’s this thing called “skeptical inquiry” that uses a discipline called “investigation”. You might use these tools as I have been using them long before there was an Internet to dazzle the biases of our minds with bogus data propagated by those who want to keep you stupid for their own ulterior motives.

Being stupid is a one-way ticket to extinction, Steve. I have followed REAL scientific data on the changing climate starting all the way back in 1979. The science is unequivocal. Your view is soon becoming that of a Flat Earther. Don’t be a part of History’s refuse heap as it advances humanity into the face of new challenges for to solve. Do the science, not denial mongering, otherwise you are the sad one. Using Science rather than the Internet pseudo-climate science just might save your life and the lives of your beloveds and their descendants yet unborn.

And now for something completely different, though related to prophetic theme:


WATERLOO (the Movie). This is an excellent example of the fact that you will never lose the battlefield as long as you still control the enemies mind. The mind is the operating system of the battle ground….we were still learning about this in Vietnam, which we had long forgotten from the Revolution. Wonder if Tolkien got his battle related plot devices from this event?

I love Bondarchuck movies. This one, and his greater war epic, War and Peace. Have you seen his reenactment of the Battle of Borodino and the fire of Moscow in 1812? SPECTACULAR! He had a cast of extras numbering about half the actual combatants at Borodino, 120,000 including 25,000 horsemen.

To your question, both of Tolkien’s major battles in LOTR, Helm’s Deep and the siege of Minas Tirith use the dramatic device of outnumbered heroes making a stand against impossible odds, only to be “delivered” at the 11th hour by a relief force.

This is not the Waterloo model, though it has many of its elements, what with Wellington holding Mont St. Jean ridge all the afternoon of 18 June 1815 against frontal assaults of superior forces, though badly led by a sick Napoleon and his impetuously brave but stupid Marshal Ney. (How Ney could have missed supporting cavalry with infantry and not spiked Wellington’s guns when they were in square is one of the most stupid actions of a commander on the field I’ve ever seen!)

I sometimes think that Ney, Grouchy, Napoleon too, were making bad decisions because they were burned out by twenty years of warfare. After his Austerlitz victory in 1805, Napoleon made a remarkable prediction about how many battles he had left in his gas tank before age, sickness and stress brought on physical and mental burnout.

As it turned out, he was spot on. Borodino being the turning point in his count in 1812 and Waterloo the 40th, and last battle, left in his tank to wage. In both cases he was ill on the day of battle and his decisions showed it.

The appearance in the middle of the battle of Blucher’s Prussians on his right flank definitely pressured Napoleon’s last gamble, to throw in his Old Guard in for one last try to push Wellington off Mont St. Jean. Napoleon believed he was waging a repeat of Marengo (1800). He lost that battle in the afternoon with Melas and his Austrians only to regroup and win it by dusk.

One must remember that when the Guard began rolling back off the ridge that the entire French Army weree watching the impossible happen: the Guard retreating, defeated by the redcoats on the hill. That triggered a mass psychological phenomenon rare in military history. The entire French army picked up and ran.

Remember, the Guard had never lost a battle. I believe that had more to do with the French rout than even the Prussians who General Lobau’s units of Napoleon’s “Young Guard” had effectively checked on their right flank.

The Guard’s unexpected and precipitous retreat triggered a panic in the ranks of exhausted men. They had been sending themselves in wasteful attacks, wave after wave, against Wellington’s commanding defensive line on the ridge where the British could use their superior volley firing tactics against mass battalion bayonet attacks of the French and Ney’s waste of heavy cavalry trying to poke volley-firing British squares at point blank with sabers.

Thus I don’t see Waterloo as a model for Tolkien’s narrative devices, but I highly recommend all of you reading to watch this movie, see the link above!

Also, check out Sergei Bondarchuk’s epic reenactment of the Battle of Borodino, the bloodiest single-day battle of the 19th century, fought on the approaches of Moscow on 7 September 1812. Click on Borodino.

Move the movie forward to the time of 26:40. You’ll see Prince Andre being hugged by the Russian Commander Kutuzov, and a great reenactment of Tolstoy’s bathing scene morph into the wounded being carted from the skirmish at Shevardino redoubt a few days before the terrible battle of Borodino. We see Pierre Bezukhov being (played marvelously by the director Bondarchuk). Tolstoy uses Pierre as our eyes and ears, as witness to the preparations and later the apocalyptic battle itself.

This movie changed my life!

It triggered an awakening! I saw it in 1968 as a teenager. It propelled me on my destiny as a writer and a scholar of history and prophecy. It also launched my spiritual quest. Through it I discovered I had lived in 1812 and the battle portrayed in this movie was where I had died! (I was on the French side, a general of cavalry, killed by an artillery round to the abdomen. I did have time to say, “Beau feu!” (good shot!) before I slipped off the saddle. The 10 year quest to discover this victim of Borodino is the basis for a future book I’m writing on reincarnation.

For those who want to jump to the battle sequence, advance to time 43.26 in the movie.

Also check out my “Prophecies of Napoleon” article: click on Napoleon.

Find my account of a past life concerning that battle in that article

Also, watch War and Peace on You Tube.

Part one (see link above)

Part two:

Part three:

Part four:



And now to the upset “Earth Warrior” who didn’t like me questioning the accuracy of Geiger counter wielding beach colmers of California:

Hi John, I think you are much too negative on the radiation detector users. The device portrays CPMs counts per minute of ionizing radiation. You can find out the average CPM normal of an area and the detector just shows you the data reading. The science is in the data shown on the monitor, the user is only the operator, the data is the news. I’d back off the criticism of the earth warriors using radiation detectors that post on YouTube and let the data speak for itself. You sound too naive and wimpy and not ready to protect the earth. All the best, Art

It’s a little more complicated than that, Arthur. Moreover, your letter is emotional, not scientific. Rather than call me names, why don’t you send me the YouTube links to back up your claims?

I’m asking you to be less emotional and more scientific.

If I’m naive, prove it with solid, unemotional, scientific evidence.

If the “user” is an “Earth Warrior”, doesn’t that name denote a zealot, with a cause?

Does scientific inquiry work comfortably with zealotry?

You use a Zealot’s language of sweeping absolutes. A browse through one article out of 30 years of my work suddenly makes you judge and jury that I’m “not ready to protect the earth.”

When you make such statements, shouldn’t I be skeptical of your ability to interpret data, like the other “Earth Warriors”?

Science needs no cult-minded zealotry. It simply needs data and evidence, properly reported, understood and disseminated. Evidence that undergoes a vigorous self-critical examination.

An ‘Earth Warrior’ sounds to me like someone who’s already got an answer stuck in his or her head before grabbing the Geiger Counter. People who have a conclusion made before investigation often unconsciously select data that supports that conclusion only.

So, can you be of some help to me and replace the “snarkiness” and name calling with solid data?

I am trying to help. I’m ready to be convinced if you are ready to be scientific.

Thank you.



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