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EgyptianMassacre-UpraisedFistDATELINE 16 August 2013

Bloodbath in Egypt Erupts

I am currently watching events in Egypt as they spiral out of control and will soon have a comprehensive review of my predictions pointing to what is currently taking place and what it means for the near future.

In the meantime, I have already set forth those prophecies in my chapter Arab Spring, Arab Fall in my new eBook, Predictions for 2013-2014. Members of my HogueProphecy Bulletin will be the first to know when the new article stream is up. Not a member? Join my free newsletter, click on  Egyptian crackdown.

The official death toll on Thursday was 632. The unofficial death toll exceeded 2,000.

The official death toll on Thursday was 632. The unofficial death toll exceeded 2,000.

Check out my previous articles about the Egyptian Revolution tracking the future up to this dire present situation:

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Guy Fawkes Pharaoh: source,

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MidwestFloodingStatueDATELINE 10 August 2013:

Fires and Floods
Welcome to the Era
Of Flood and Flames

Deadly flash floods inundate 16 states across the US Midwest for a week and counting. Before that the Atlantic coastline states were inundated. One might think that the monsoon has extended its watery reach deep into the temperate zones of America this summer—and perhaps it “has”. Scientists have been forecasting such an expansion of tropical belts of climate for decades that is a direct consequence of human pollution warming the air you breath so that it contains more water moisture—the fuel of our ever more violent weather.

It is not an “act of God”. It is an act of “you”. Every time you get into your internal combustion engine car, you are doing your bit to create an “infernal” combustion of your civilization through human-induced climate change.

The floods are only beginning.

Queensland floods!

Have you noticed the the sudden uptick of the “new abnormal” news reports about regular monsoon showers flooding out large tracts of Pakistan in 2010 and 2011, then putting a third of Thailand under water, including Bangkok for two months in 2012? Australian readers, do you remember Cyclone Yashu, inundating Queensland? And Europeans, did you notice the flooding on the Danube, then the Rhine this year of 2013, and Tornado Alley landlubbers, now you weather the storms of the deluges this week visiting Oklahoma City after a month in May wherein “TWO” EF05 tornadoes cut gashes of devastation through your city suburbs. From December of 2011 to December of 2012, do any of you outside of the Philippines remember the two-Decembers punch of Bopha 2012 and a severe tropical storm the year before that drowned thousands in flood swollen landslides across Mindanao?

My “Oracle” anticipated this age of floods and it will last at least through 2026. Here is why:

The planet Neptune, God of Oceans, returns home to Pisces in 2012. It will swim in its ocean sign for nearly 13 years. In the previous chapter, we saw what great flooding disasters marked its preview when it dipped for a time into Pisces before a retrograde back into Aquarius.

Bangkok, Thailand.

Neptune astro charted a direct course for Pisces when I began writing this book in November 2011. The god of deluge will return to Pisces for its long transit on 5 February 2012. It will be in Pisces until the last day of March in far off 2025, then dip back again for a final refreshment in October-November of that year before embarking on a long transit in Aries in January 2026. After bringing in a meteorological era of unprecedented global rains, flooding, tsunamis, rising ocean levels between 2012-2026, Neptune entering Aries will have added to the storms on continental coastlines a Sun-scorched era of deadly central continental droughts. By that time, Neptune will have stolen greedily the water vapors of ice sheets and glaciers of the world. He will have removed the “eternal ice” of the Himalayas.

Predictions for 2012: Chapter 6
Nature’s War on Humanity:
Year Three (2012)—Upheaval and Flood

Southern California, you are getting a pre-decadenal “taste” of flames licking our mountainside in sudden, violent eruptions of fires to come after Neptune enters Aries that will be far larger and light fire footed than the current Silver Wildfire  The world will see its heartlands desiccating even though the oceans begin to rise “after” Neptune had done with us in Pisces.

The first signs of global warming portray a strange paradox. Changing weather patterns drench the oceanside lands with more flooding rains and visitations by stronger seas and storms. Go inland to the heart of Earth’s continents and watch intensifying floods replaced by wide spreading drought. The continental interiors will continue drying just as the edges flood. So goes the Greenhouse Effect generating more moisture in the atmosphere over the seacoasts while the hotter climate steadily sucks moisture through increased evaporation out of interior lands…

Inner-continental droughts are spreading with greater speed since 2009. Note the lingering drought conditions across wheat fields of Europe, Russia and Siberia in 2010 and the central agricultural producing states of America in 2011-2012, especially in Texas, Oklahoma and up through Kansas, Nebraska and Illinois—cooking field, fish and stream. US papers in 2012 displayed many fish floating belly up in bathtub hot American rivers and lakes. In Texas, the lakes were literally being boiled away by triple-digit heat. The shriveled fish carcasses lying on the cracked mud “stove” of dry lake beds fired by the Sun, appear half-cooked in their last death throe distress from the Sun’s fire in the sky. Heavy melts and flooding rains in the spring of 2013 give the drought pause in the Plains States. This may only be a brief, one-year respite; or worse, an equally vexing drought-to-flood pattern of extremes granting farmers no relief from several seasons of burning Sun punctuated by a random season of flooding fields.

(Read More in Chapter 1, Fire in the Sky from Predictions for 2013-2014).


Tohoku quake and tsunami damage, 11 March 2011.

DATELINE 10 August 2013

A Major Fuk-Up
At Fukushima
For the Pacific Ocean

I have a personal connection to the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl in May 1986 blew its roof and melted down Reactor Number Four, causing a cloud of radiation to stretch across northern and central Europe. At that time I was soon after surfacing four years lived in Rajneeshpuram Oregon to bask in the radiation lightly dusted fields and Chianti wineries of Italy to finish design on the first of 22 books and counting later.

The next “worst” nuclear disaster after Chernobyl came in the aftermath of the Tohoku 9.0 superquake and tsunami that slammed into the oceanside radiological watering whole of Fukushima’s gaggle of water-cooled reactors on 03 March 2011. Ironically, the waves knocked out the generators powering those water coolants thus causing potential explosions and meltdowns of several reactors. It so happens that my brother, Jim Hogue (who is about to come through my door with his wife Linda for a visit) happened to be working at ground zero a few weeks later in a lead-coated control center programming the software to a new nuclear sludge-filtering device intended to clean radioactive Tohoku tsunami debris from the Fukushima Reactor coolant water tanks.

If my brother is late and comes in after dark, I have no worries, as I will most likely see him glowing in the dark upon his approach. (I’M KIDDING! Folks. Please excuse the Bill Maher moment.)

Actually, my brother did a good job watching his Geiger counter and stepping a few feet this way and that to miss the hot spots reading even inside the lead-plated control station. He got the fewest roentgens of the crew, though he did comment later that one has a higher chance of dying from second hand cigarette smoke than from radioactivity in Japan’s heavy human smoke-stacked up culture. Anyway, I am glad he is back “unglowing” with success, soon to arrive.

The Fukushima nuclear disaster will continue to compete as the world’s worst nuclear disaster as long as the Tepco Company keeps hiding their wretched handling of the stored nuclear coolant water that is seeping into the table water and out into the Pacific. Yes, it is not just water running off the coastal hills from rains washing off the surfaces of the radioactive nuclear plant into the ocean.

This is not a scoop from my brother. This is me and my “Oracle” doing a bit of remote viewing.

I predict for the record here that the Japanese Government which has “fortunately” pushed the Tepco company Tepco-going and hopefully gone forever from running the plant, hopefully, will clean things up rather than “Fuk” it up further. They will soon discover that bad management of coolant water is flooding into the ground and openly being flushed out to sea not from natural runoff at all!

The only “good” news I can give those of you, who, like me live on the Pacific Rim is that the kinds of radioactivity leaching and “breaching” out of that totally Fuk-ashima’d-upped fiasco of a nuclear plant has a half-life of only three months and not three hundred years or three hundred thousand years. Small victory if your tuna sushi should glow in the dark. (All I can say is, thank goodness I am a vegan).


However, I must stress for the prophetic record that Fukushima must be CLOSED DOWN completely. Otherwise, when I write my new eBook forecasts for 2014 beginning next month, I may be a harbinger of bad “Nasty-Damus” Nostradamian news. Not for Japan only. My oracle looks over at the land of European Euro-peons.

Does plague along with Euro debt eruptions hide hinted ambushes in this quatrain?

5 Q63
De vaine empriƒe l’honneur indue plaincte,
Galiotz errans par Latins froit, faim, vagues:
Non loing du Tymbre de ƒang la terre taincte,
Et ƒur humains ƒeront diuerƒes plagues.

From the useless enterprise of honor and undue complaint,
The small wandering craft tossed about the Latins — cold, hunger, waves
Not far from the Tiber River where the land is stained with blood.
There will be several plagues upon mankind.

From flood, to drought-induced fires to potential nuclear fire plagues, we now move our hecatombic “happy” news stream to something actually more potentially hopeful, though it does entail the world being purified by fire. But “hey”! There are positive ways to burn implied by the Hopi prophets. Check it out!

Click on Hopi Blue Kachina Prophecies.

Click on the Blue Kachina Star Dancer. Will Comet ISON end his dance?

Scroll down the linked page to the dancing Blue Kachina picture and see how you can get the expanded version of Predictions for 2013-2014 and some good, awareness-lifting news.


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And last but not least, the End.

When is the End of the World really happening?

But we can’t end there…

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Bar Bar Bar, bomb-bomb Iran?

Time to climb aboard the new Noah’s Ark!

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