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DATELINE 20 July 2013

Predictions for 2013-2014
Downloads to Advanced Donators

The long wait is over. The downloading has started for what has become an epic 462-page eBook of predictions framing the time starting now until the end of 2014 as the breath before the plunge into a quickening of human evolutionary crisis. Time is running out. Humanity must redefine its place on Planet Earth. We all must chose “which” humanity we belong to: an old humanity that would rather drop dead holding onto the past than change, or a new humanity that “has” a golden future because they bravely face the challenges ahead. This book will weigh visions of our fate succeed or fail.

This special edition includes an extra chapter about the Great Comet ISON approaching later this year and explores whether it will fulfill the Hopi Native American Prophecies of the Blue Kachina Star. The Hopi believe this star is a sign that the Great Purification of the world by fire is at hand. Whether the purifying fire is Global Warming and wars or the fire of an awakening human consciousness and love is our choice of a future to engage.

Only those who advance donate $25.00 or a little more will receive this bonus chapter as my special gift to those who support the continuation of Hogueprophecy with their financial donations.

If you are interested in the book and further, want to help us continue bringing you this website, please make your $25.00 donation at this link:

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DATELINE 03 July 2013

Egypt’s Morsi Taken Down in Coup
Egypt enters Second Revolution
What is Next?

Call it a coup if you’re a Salafist member of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood who won 51 percent of the popular vote a year ago to establish Muhammad Morsi as the first freely elected president of Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood until today had a majority in Parliament. The constitution they authored was based on Islamic fundamentalist interpretation of Sharia Law.

Call today’s action by the Egyptian Army to depose Morsi, abolish his parliament and install an interim government of technocrats to prepare a new round of elections to install a secularist government, and rewrite the constitution “phase two” of the Egyptian Revolution.

In either case the karmic consequences and real problems needing reform await the next government and no matter whether it’s Salafist or secular, chaos is the ruling party in Egypt. Chaos exists because there are two Egypts that interpret law and Islamic order in very different ways. The rural Egypt is conservative, Islamic-leaning, and number many millions on the side of the deposed Morsi and his Islamic Brotherhood. The other Egypt is urban, more educated, more secular and moderate in their interpretation of the Qur’an. They believe government should not dictate to them how to be Muslims.

Egypt Future is in a struggle with Egypt Past. Moreover, the Morsi regime or the secular opposition that might follow it into unsteady power has not successfully addressed the systemic illnesses in Egypt’s socio-economic and political reality.

Any government must face crippling poverty, unemployment, and a population explosion that crowds Egypt along a thin fertile line of riverbank around the Nile with a burdensome population of 84,500,000, adding 1 million more every nine months. If ever there was a country that will go down in the metaphorical flames of a “population bomb” going off, this is it.

The Arab Spring is still poised for an Arab fall into chaos because neither the secularists or Islamists are yet capable of looking beyond their own immediate conceits to see what’s to be done in their faltering countries. They can’t see that religious dogma itself is a systemic flaw cracking the diamond of their dreams. Chief issue among many is the Islamic dogma of literally breeding political power by overpopulating and crowding opponents out. It is not a conscious act but a habit of people programmed under a mindset of dogmatic religion that believes birth control is a sin, yet see no sin in exploding numbers spreading poverty and systemic collapse in societies bursting at the seams with people in marginally arable and outright desert wastelands.

The Egyptians celebrating tonight in their multitudes across urban centers live on a thin green thread of arable land across a country that is otherwise an abject wasteland.

Whether the next government is led by a new Muhammad—I predict it will be El Baradei—or whether a very angry and sizable rural Egyptian faction votes the Islamic Brotherhood back into power, later this year, all Egyptians face an untenable future because Climate Change and their population explosion makes it so.

Indeed, Egypt’s next ruling government may wage a war over water with Ethiopia this year or next, because they are currently constructing a large dam at the headwaters of the Nile.

I have been monitoring this dire future for nearly 20 years, since I laid out these prophecies in The Millennium Book of Prophecy for the “The Great Drought” section. Here is a Biblical prediction about Egypt’s future:

The waters of the Nile shall drain away, the river shall be parched and run dry: its channels shall stink, the streams of Egypt shall be parched and dry up. The reeds and rushes will wither, also the plants along the Nile, at the mouth of the river [the Delta]. Every sown field along the Nile will become parched, will blow away and be no more. The fishermen will groan and lament. Those who throw nets on the water will pine away.

Isaiah (738-687 b.c.e.), Is 19:5-8

Isaiah wrote this centuries after the seven plagues of Egypt in Deuteronomy. It has not happened since. It is waiting in the future, then.

DATELINE 03 July 2013

China has a New Mao Zedong
Facing an old Problem
Of Two Rich Man Poor Man
Beggar Man Chinas

This morning, before the Egyptian Coup, I responded to a Facebook friend who is a photojournalist working in the orient for a German news network and often travels around China. He thinks the new leader of the PRC (People’s Republic of China) Secretary General Xi Jinping, has the ambition to become known as the new Mao substitute for the father and founder of Communist China. Though I say “communist”, the label in today’s China’s rhymes with oligarchic capitalism. Here was my morning observation on this:


To make a long Chinese presage short, Xi (pronounced “Jee”) will oversee a more modest economic growth during the year of the snake (2013). There will the warming signs of the slowdown, and protests in the streets growing louder, but even if he holds these impetuous horses of dissent, the reins begin slipping out of hand in the year of the horse (2014). The Chinese economy will have its first bubble crises and perhaps some incidents on the South China Sea with Japan. Sino-economic woes will also trigger a new round of Little Kim’s brinksmanship on the Korean Peninsula [That’s Kim Jong Un of North Korea].

Xi playing Mao is unavoidable and he will succeed if he knows how to play one China against the other.

I’ve long written about the clay-footed danger of China’s economic-political model. It reminds me of a more modest version of what came before the Communists. China with island cities of economic potential in a sea of impoverished Chinese. Mao galvanized the poor to eventually take down the generally city centered Nationalists. Xi cannot be the same Mao again, destroying far richer cities of 400 million better off Chinese floating in a far larger sea of 1 billion poor Chinese.

Modern China’s current “cities in the people sea” model can only sustain itself by keeping the “appearance” of 6 percent GDP alive. That keeps the peasants’ hope alive that their children can go to town and bring prosperity home with China’s continued urban-centric growth. There’s a systemic problem, though. I’ve been writing for four years now that the 6 percent GDP is propped up by public funds, not private sector growth, which is 4 percent or lower now and falling.

The Chinese peasant dream of prosperity will begin to end in 2014. Xi “will” have to play act as a new Mao and somehow, promote political ideology and sacrifice over capitalism in rural China, while keep capitalism alive in the cities. It won’t work, but Xi will try anyway. He at least knows that China has contained in it many Chinas and he thinks he can rule the regional bosses like Mao once did.

Xi may actually become a dictator when things go sour. He’ll have to pull out the totalitarian rulebook of a Mao, a Gaddafi and a Saddam Hussein, who successfully lorded over their diverse regional or tribal centric countries by playing provincial or tribal leaders against each other vying for the “the Emperor’s favor.” To do that, Xi must achieve cult of personality status like a Mao, a Saddam, a Gaddafi, a Hitler. Oh, I forgot the most successful of these, a Stalin.


You can read my full chapter of predictions about China’s future up to early 2015 in Chapter 5: China in the Year of the Black Water Snake from my forthcoming eBook Predictions for 2013-2014.

DATELINE 03 July 2013

Obama’s New Low
As an Ersatz Leader:
Everybody Spies

President Barack Obama on his Africa tour, which ended this week, once again showed his lack of straightforward leadership skills by skirting issues and blowing over other key controversies with his “above-it-all” passive aggressive personal flaws. While finishing his family vacation on Air Force One touring around Africa, Obama was under great pressure to do some serious public damage control since the Snowden PRISM revelations had delivered the United States perhaps its greatest public relations blow in decades. The country and this president who is on record in countless uplifting speeches upholding America as a benchmark for ethical intelligence gathering and a defender of privacy rights, has been exposed as the least respectful of those rights and the most capable nation on earth eavesdropping on billions through “Big data” dumps into NSA and CIA supercomputers. Obama is the black brother who has talked freedom and acted as “Big Brother” watching private citizens, without warrants delving and storing private information from the Internet on perhaps every American and hundreds of millions outside this country, including comprehensive spy hacks into the governments nerve centers of his own allies!

The uproar from this is huge, especially from America’s European allies. The hypocrisy of American crying fowl over the years about being spied on and hacked when indeed America is the worst one of the spying, hacking bunch, demands the US President explain himself with that talent of oratory that he in his own conceit is often telling us is sooo good. It disturbs me how Obama’s word crafting renders his speeches full of clichés and redundant cannibalized pat phrases in “Obamaspeak” recycled endlessly over the first term of office into the second “with every fiber” of his “being”.

The president’s writing exposes another scandal. Obama is not self critical. The speech writing reveals it, and his quiet boasts about being a better writer than his speechwriters proves that he doesn’t pick people who shine better as communicators than himself. He is no John Kennedy, a great writer, who hired even better ones like Ted Sorensen, to improve his speeches.

Obama had his chance on 1 July 2013 while in Tanzania, to clear the air, show his power to persuade not only his own shocked people but a bewildered world full of friends and supporters of the US who see this spying scandal disclosures as a crisis in Obama’s credibility as a leader to be trusted.

Here we are on the eve of the Fourth of July. The nation, the world was waiting for something of greatness to be said. The world wanted Obama to address specific spying allegations straight on.

What they go at the podium in Tanzania was classic Obama passive aggressiveness in his speech, which I quote:

“Every intelligence service, not just ours, but every European intelligence service, every Asian intelligence service, wherever there’s an intelligence service, here’s one thing they’re going to be doing: they’re going to be trying to understand the world better and what’s going on in world capitals around the world from sources that aren’t available through the New York Times or NBC News.

“If that weren’t the case, then there would be no use for an intelligence service. And I guarantee you that in European capitals, there are people who are interested in — if not what I had for breakfast — at least what my talking points might be should I end up meeting with their leaders. That’s how intelligence services operate.”

A passive aggressive personality when confronted ever skirts an up front answer and reflects the accusation back on the accuser. Such a programmed mind then retreats into generalizations to lose focus on being a target. A passive-aggressor doesn’t want to address what he or she specifically did that was wrong but dissolve it into an abstract that “everybody is doing it”. For instance, Obama can’t even say “I” did it like everybody else. Even that is too much full disclosure.

After tossing out a generalization, the passive-aggressive personality usually chases it with a glib put down, belittling the issue and the critic. You can hear it between Obama’s lines about what’s available in the newspapers isn’t enough. He is talking down to you. He is implying you don’t really get what intelligence gathering is. It’s too big for your understanding. Even though that’s not the point he’s trying to steer you away from. The point is, he does not have a legal right to collect information from private citizens who are not under suspicion of anything and then keep the information. He won’t touch that. He will direct his comments away from that with glib quips.

This speech reminded me of another speech Obama gave in his 2008 Democratic Primary Campaign where he dodged a direct response to criticisms from his opponents, especially Hillary Clinton. Instead, he dismissed the critics, turned his head at the podium, and with brows and smile snobbishly arched, to watch his hand brush invisible dandruff from his suit shoulder.

Well, this statement in Tanzania was a verbal version of rendering billions of peoples’ concern about US surveillance as something thrown back as “everyone is doing it” dandruff to be brushed from the shoulder of above-it-all Obama.

In my forthcoming book, I have a chapter called “The Obama Prophecies”. It looks at the coming four years of this president and it at last answers the question whether Barack Obama, come too soon to his destiny in 2008 as also arrived too late to grasp any potential of greatness. Here are some excerpts from the chapter:

Obama with Neptune squared his Sun is a Leo, fixed personality stubbornly, naïvely believing he can insinuate himself into the power elites and surround himself with Washington and Wall Street insiders in both his first and second term cabinets. He can blindly believe and keeps audaciously hoping that the power of his winning personality somehow can change the aims of oligarchs and elites who are the captains and kings of real power. His Neptune-Sun square won’t let him easily perceive or confront another reality.

You don’t change the elites.

Elitism changes “you”…

Intellectual audacity, being cool and cocky, is one way a man with a male identity crisis masks and contains that deeper struggle from prying outsiders and ultimately hides it from himself. Obama is every bit a cerebral professor-in-chief. He’s a man of theory rather than objective accomplishments coming to power under this square’s influence. The malefic aspect feeds a presumption of, and overconfidence in, the power of his words and his winning charm believing these are capable of moving mountains of bureaucratic and political resistance in Washington. He’s remote like a professor, his psychological character is passive aggressive.

He lacks a virtue most successful politicians have in overabundance. Obama is not a people person. He doesn’t thrill in the wheeling and dealing of office. Lincoln was crafty, mixing it up, willing to bribe and be bribed. He liked to wallow in the political world where Obama is aloof, delicate, and effeminately above it all…

I…predict Barack Obama’s second term will witness wars that are more clandestine with terrorists and redoubled attempts to hide more secrets from the American press and people. He will continue suppressing whistleblowers vigorously.

Predictions for 2013-2014:
Chapter 2, The Obama Prophecies

It is important to note that the above quotes from the chapter were documented and sealed on 6-7 April 2013, a full two months before the Edward Snowden revelations came out.


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  1. Pratima Petersen
    Posted 4 July 2013 at 5:24 am | Permalink

    Hi Arj! These excerpts from the upcoming ebook Prophecy 2013 is such a reminder! There are no guarantees in life one can only be in constant awareness, watching and waiting, letting it be so, seeing things as they are and saying things as they are as you do (which I totally love)! Am so grateful for the meditations that Osho had taught us! I realize that’s the ticket to Freedom! Thank you for all your work! It’s really a vehicle for WAKING UP!

  2. steve
    Posted 3 July 2013 at 11:24 pm | Permalink

    Your description of Obama “hits the nail on the head”. One wonders how he could be elected and what is wrong with our people. I surmise some of it is corruption in our government, the elite putting him in power, a fake election, etc., is it simply the plan to destroy the USA or could he be the catalyst to make us stronger? I can only pray the latter. I am curious of your opinion on some of the “channelers” who claim Obama to be a wise old soul reincarnated to make the world a better place ? I find it to be more propaganda from his supporters…. what do you say?

    The potentials of a soul hit the glass ceiling of the ego personality imposed.

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