Egypt and Tempers of Hot or Cold Climate Change spell: Food Crisis

A satellite image of the worst of eight weekly and massive winter storms embroiling America since Christmas.

We got through first month of a year I forecast in Predictions for 2011 to be filled with the first klaxon clang of alarm bells of unsustainable policies in economy, ecology, politics and social traditions. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Earth and Sky sends us a message in historic cyclones, monsoon floods crashing into, and inundating Australia. In the North, a string of record-breaking winter blizzards made January the snowiest on record in most cities along the Eastern Seaboard. The largest of these vast weather systems created a gigantic comma cloud that blocked out two thirds of the United States from satellite view, affecting one in three 300-million Americans with flooding rains, two-inch ice storms and 18 to 20 inch snowfalls.

I was recently on Whitley Strieber’s Dreamland show reminding him how the storm patterns of fact began matching satellite images created for the Science Fiction movie The Day After Tomorrow. This movie was based on his and Art Bell’s book The Coming Global Superstorm (1999). Roland Emmerich’s doomsday epic took their concept of a sudden superstorm transforming global warming into a global ice age. In my opinion, their foundation of imagination and research helped Emmerich create his most intelligent action packed super-apocalyptic blockbuster.

Emmerich films work when he forgoes illusions of being a scriptwriter and instead handily directs the excellent and thought-provoking material of others in that role, as was the case in Day After Tomorrow. In 2010 we were all doomed to see him once again conjure the spirit of schlock as his muse — as if he were channeling that greatest of Hollywood kitsch meisters, the late Irwin Allen — to spend a new budget high for a new blockbuster low: that laughable, visually CGI gluttonous end-of-the-world movie, 2012.

Anyway, the satellite image of the largest of eight-and-counting storms slamming the US every week since Christmas compelled me to remind Whitley Strieber on our last show of the apocalyptic blizzard-maker that triggered the new Ice Age in Bell and Strieber’s concept transformed into a Wagnerian Weather Channel shot in Day After Tomorrow.

Does the Ice Age commeth, and soon?

I would predict that it would be the triggering catalyst of the next jump in human civilization between 250 to 500 years from now. That is, if man-made tampering with the climate does not melt an inordinate and rapid flood of fresh water off Baffin Island and Greenland upsetting the great saltwater ocean current systems bringing on an early 100,000 year long winter to the world the day after tomorrow.

I wrote about this theme of “fire or ice” futures as far back as 1990 while living in a sweltering tenement in India outside Osho’s Meditation university/holiday resort. The work was published in 1994 appearing in the chapter The Second Hellrider: Earth Trauma under the sub-section A Greenhouse or an Icehouse Effect? in the book The Millennium Book of Prophecy. This book strove to divide 777 predictions coming from over 200 prophets recorded throughout ancient to modern history up to the 1990s. Their judgment of tomorrow fell into two categories: collective witnesses of doomsday and/or “blooms”-day, visionaries of an end of the world or a way to end world-ending stupidity to forge a golden future.

The conclusion of the prophets and seers was mixed about global warming either cascading into a future of warmth without end or warming triggered a sudden and unexpected age of ice. Fire may beget ice, but that is not made clear in their collected, augured witness.

I invite you to read the book and the collective judgment of seers therein. In my personal effort not to contribute to either climate-changing catastrophe, I for now no longer publish books made of dead trees. I do have a number of copies of Millennium Book of Prophecy for sale here, click on: Bookstore. You will also find my other “tree-book” prophecy classics at this link.

One thing I can and did clearly conclude from reading so many collective visions of a fire or icy future is this: both fire and ice spell famine.

Right now, the future leans to the sky going hot in blazes the grain belts of the world wizened to weeds. Nostradamus is not an Ice-Ager proponent in his prophecies. It would seem from his view back in the mid-16th century – a time suffering the first stages of another bout of the climactic phenomenon called the Little Ice Age — that the future after the year 1999 was hot with winds, famines wars and pirate (terrorist) raids.

Follow, therefore, his vision of the planets Saturn and Mars far beyond the year 2012 into the fires of a globally warmed future

L’an que Saturne & Mars esgaux combust,
L’air fort seiché, longue traiection:
Par feux secrets, d’ardeur grand lieu adust
Peu pluye, vent chault, guerres, incursions.

In the year when Saturn and Mars are equally fiery,
The air is very dry, a long comet:
From hidden fires a great place burns with heat,
Little rain, hot wind, wars and raids.

Here are the windows for climate change wars I described in detail back in 1994 in Millennium Book of Prophecy that the Pentagon finally reported as the main cause of conflicts in the future 11 years later. The comet may be a bearded star portent or a metaphor for a descending missile, shot by the desperate, falling upon the holder of dwindling resources they need to seize to survive in an ecologically impoverished world:

Feb/Mar 2015 — Mars (Aries), Saturn (Sag.)
Sept/Oct 2016 — Both in Sag.
Jan-Mar 2017 — Mars (Aries), Saturn (Sag.)
July-Sept 2017 — Mars (Leo), Saturn (Sag.)
May-June 2025 — Mars (Leo), Saturn (Aries)
April/May 2026 — Both in Aries!
Oct/Nov 2026 — Mars (Leo), Saturn (Aries)

I have marked the first two dates as the next window for a war with Iran (see Iran prophecies). I mark the last three in bold font because they coincide with Neptune (God of Oceans) moving for a long generational transit through the sign of Aries (hot tempers, hot climates).

Those of you know, who have been reading my ten published books made of trees since 1987. Those of you who have followed my blogs on this web site posted and archived since 1999 know. Those of you since 2006 who have moved beyond paper books into the world of my self-published eBooks fashioned out of photons and electrons know my view about the 2020s.

Long after all this hubbub about 2012 comes and goes, the next I designate the next decade as the likely tipping point time of apocalyptic disasters caused by human abuse of resources and the climate that will cause supersystem collapse. In other words, the overtaxed supersystems of fossil fuel, systems of agriculture, the industry of finding and sequestering potable water, the network to transport our basic needs of food, water and power, etc., will start collapsing in the mid-2020s at the latest. If we do not change course in the next few years, there will be a great worldwide famine foreseen by Nostradamus, leading to a “Balkanization” of the world, a descent into chaos.

It may very well be that the year 2011 sounds the alarm of what is coming. If you heed what I wrote in Predictions for 2011 about the coming food crisis of 2011 and other alarm bells sounding the unsustainable and see what alternatives to famine and turmoil are possible, then you can play your part preventing the coming catastrophe of the 2020s.

Nostradamus may have foreseen the threat of civilization’s unraveling when in 2 Q75 he described a future where “bushels of wheat will rise so high, that man will devour his fellow man.”

Famine is not coming in 2011 or perhaps even in the 2020s because of a lack of food but from a lack of imagination and intelligence that sees the human race stupidly waste and mismanage its food stuffs, or lets free market play range free chicken with human hunger. Sooner or later the leaders of the G20, perhaps even in 2011 or 2012, will gather for a world symposium to create a new food price standard that can keep the agriculture business growing and profitable but not at the cost of social upheavals that undermine civilization. A free trade must be enabled that is also free of Darwinian, survival-of-the-fittest price hikes that people cannot afford. Price hikes that pile, as Nostradamus visualized, bushels of wheat stacked like hills while man cannibalizes fellow man because he cannot afford to eat.

The food alarm is ringing in 2011 as I predicted it would.

US wheat futures surges to fresh 29-month highs in late January 2011 as growing concern over food prices drove Algeria to order another large grain purchase on the world market.

Algeria’s government is trying to buy their way out of a revolution like in Egypt by purchasing in one huge order what was expected to be a third of their expected wheat purchase from US sources: 800,000 metric tons! This has pushed January 2011 wheat futures in Europe to their highest level since March 2008.

Other North African and Middle East nations threatened with upheaval have also dramatically stepped up their grain orders since the Tunisian revolution. US global wheat exports since the Russian ban last summer have doubled. The intensifying weather of climate change that caused the Russian ban has so far profited US wheat exporters because violent weather is stifling competitors, like Canada and Australia, the latter seeing much of its grain crop under water from floods and only good now for feeding livestock.

Taiwan and other Asian countries are also bracing for a rush on grain exports hiking prices to the levels setting their own populations out on the street Tunisian-Egyptian style in protest later this year perhaps. To prevent demonstrations, Taiwan will lower its wheat tariffs by 50 percent to stem the tide!

Soft red American winter wheat is scheduled for March delivery to Algeria and several other Middle Eastern nations. In January it was the most actively traded contract, reaching a high of $8.61¼ a bushel at the Chicago Board of Trade, eclipsing an intraday high set last August when a drought led Russia to ban grain exports. Futures ended up 18¼ cents, or 2.1 percent, to $8.56½. How much of this winter wheat will be human friendly rather than feed friendly depends on an early cessation of these record breaking weekly winter storms blowing their icy breath across the US grain belts. Though they dump feet of snow in eastern US states, they leave the winter wheat fields of Kansas and Nebraska freeze dried by polar windstorms sweeping away the snow pack that protects the wheat seeds from freezing to death.

In the opening 10 days of the Egyptian Revolution, food stuffs began running out because of the lawlessness and chaos — most of which was apparently orchestrated by the Mubarak Regime pulling its police forces away to punish the people for demonstrating against 30 years of dictatorship. The cynical aim only, was to make them yearn for law and order rather than yearn for democracy.

The people suffered but they have so far shown know sign of backing down. At the time of this writing, the Egyptian dictatorship had to flip on the Internet or see his Stock Exchange off line in darkness for another week continuing the Egyptian economy crash. Now that Internet is switched on, the social network that started this rebellion over food prices has enjoyed its largest crowds of demonstrators on the streets yet seen. The Egyptian working poor and civil servants are threatening a national strike to gain better wages to pay for food among other dwindling basics hiked ever higher in price. The food pricing issue that started this rebellion becomes a survival issue that takes it to a new level of peaceful resistance to the regime.

The growing spread of the Freedom Square revolution in Cairo to all classes of Egyptian society will face a showdown and soon. The military will take over an interim role of reform referee while aiming to save their power and perhaps see a new Mubarak emerge. Remember, Mubarak “was” the head of a military junta for the last 30 years. The junta will not relinquish power openly. The paternalistic power base in Egypt is as ancient as the Pharaohs. To succeed the democracy movement must keep pressuring the military regime to change. They will also need to ORGANIZE themselves into political parties and committees. STAY IN LIBERATION SQUARE! Do not leave Tahrir Square until you have democracy. Otherwise the army will occupy the square you leave, thinking reforms are now going to happen. Without the “heart” beating in that Square, the revolution will be systematically crushed. Let the social networks not just get them all to the meet ups in Egyptian city squares. The mob needs to become an organized movement, otherwise they give gravitas to a continuation of the military regime.

This revolution is about the begin its most dangerous and equally most potentially positive phase. I will call it the vacuum of political transition. In the next few weeks (indeed in the next few minutes, as I write this update for posting a few minutes before Mubarak is about to speak to his people) the mobs in the street could riot, regime could still roll the tanks over demonstrators, the military could experience upheavals within its inner hierarchy in several palace coups between now and especially sometime after February 23 through February 28 because of a very rare astrological conjunction that unconsciously influences people, perhaps on both sides of this revolution, to run out of patience and heed the temptation to do violence. By the end of February the revolution will spread across the Middle East threatening monarchies in Jordan and the Gulf States and dictatorial governments in Yemen and Syria. This conjunction in Pisces of Mercury and Mars will be the subject of my next post on the oncoming “Arab” Revolution.

Now I wish to write about another temptation to violence. There is a stubborn pressure ready to break the seams of earth rather than regimes and revolutions. We all must carefully monitor between now and February’s end: Bardarbunga.

You will all know that name soon. It is not an anagram for that elephant of child stories (Bardar=Barbar), but it is an elephant sized Bardarbung-a-hole in Iceland. It is a volcano at of the time of this writing experiencing a warm of earthquakes that geologists are convinced is lava (a lot of it!) seeking a way to the surface, big Bardar time.

This “Bardarbunga” is about to go BardarBING, BardarBOOM!

What are the consequences?

Well, prophetically speaking if what my oracle detailed in Predictions for 2011 about natural disasters and climate change weather “redoubling” after the violent year of 2010 continues to be on track, then the eruption of Viking volcano Bardarbunga will unleash an ash cloud twice as large and lingering than its much smaller neighbor with the even longer and unpronounceable Icelandic name, Eyjafjallajokull. The latter spewed a cloud of ash ten months ago, grounding all fights in and out of the Europe for weeks. Bardarbunga, the largest volcano of Iceland may do far worse when the coming Mercury-Mars conjunction will goad more than people to lose their temper. Mother Earth, perhaps, may blow her top at us?

John Hogue

(09 February 2011–Egypt segment updated, morning of 10 February)

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