Nostradamus and the UFO Mermaid

This purported Mermaid or Mer-man washed up on shore in Malaysia in 2006. purports that it is a statue created by Juan Cabana. Here a hoax today, gone true tomorrow as Nostradamus foresaw?

It’s Super “Bowel” Sunday. Let’s take a prophetic holiday. Egypt at the moment of this writing is on hold and some positive signs are emerging that some democratic solution “may” be found. Australia for the moment is drying out from a huge cyclone. And the seventh winter superstorm rolling over the eastern half of the USA since Christmas is a few days away. I’ll have a lot more to share about all the future possibilities of these — the Blue Kachina Star prophecy — and other pressing themes after the Green Bay Packers defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers. (Don’t worry Pittsburgh. My sports forecasts are terribly inaccurate. Except maybe this time.)

I’ve had this blog in my stock for a year. For Superbowl’s sake, this might be the right time to let slip the Mermaids of Nostradamus:


Now for some close encounters of a Nostradamian kind. There may be dozens of prophecies that sound bizarre far beyond the usual weirdness of Nostradamus’ words in cryptic verse. They tell of demons, dog faced men and monstrous angels that may not be what they traditionally seem. The demons may not be devils but outworlders. The dog-faced men are not macabre demi-dogs-cum-gods but estrangers, foreigners, strangers from lands beyond earth. Monstre in old French means “divine omen” not only “monster”. A message from the stars, perhaps, in guise of sky men?

Read a verse to present perchance a stranger from another world, Century 3 Quatrain 21 states:

Au Crustamin par mer Hadriatique,
Apparoistra vn horrible poisson:
De face humaine & la fin aquatique,
Qui se prendra dehors de l’ameçon.

In the Conca by the Adriatic Sea,
There will appear a horrible fish:
With a face (that is) human and its end aquatic,
Which will be taken without the hook.

The Conca River drains into the Adriatic ten miles south of Rimini. The horrible fish may be a submarine or any number of modern, or perhaps future missiles with fins (its end aquatic). The face of this “thing” is described here as human, benevolent, or humanlike. Garencières, a 17th-century Nostradamus interpreter of repute, lived long before the industrial age, or UFO fixations. He thus thought the human fish must be a mermaid. In our age we might project (correctly or not) a technological image of a machine, as I have done. Or we might apply Nostradamus’ image to some amphibian extraterrestrial making contact. A third possibility would create a distant future when humankind uses genetic engineering to branch out into different species. Some of those could be aquatic humans. Finally, this may be something more down-to-earth and closer to our times. How would you, as a 16th-century man, describe someone in a facemask, scuba gear, and flippers, coming out of the Adriatic after some deep-sea diving?

Jacque Cousteau, meet Nostradamus!

John Hogue

(06 February 2011)

PS–More predictions for 2011 HERE.

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  1. Delphina Bluestar
    Posted 1 November 2013 at 9:30 am | Permalink

    OK I have to ask you: Have you read Robert Temple’s Sirius Mystery? Or any of the works of Sir Laurence Gardner? Or Shannon Dorey?
    Odd because in the Animal Planet special had a clip of a merman captured in a fishermans net in no place but the ADRIATIC. Now, yes…the special was fictionalised but it hit on a major truth…
    Not to mention that in 1523 a merman/mermaid was captured in the Adriatic…
    And of course there are the legends surrounding the Merovingians and their ancestor, who was either a sea monster…or a Mermaid…

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