The New Year begins with US and Iran to the Brink of War and Back again. What “really” happened, and What’s Next? The Coronavirus: is it a Pandemic for Humans and the Economy? Putin Leaving Power in 2024. Bloomberg Polls steadily Surging before Iowa Caucus. Economic Crash windows in Brief. Australia Ablaze down the Fury Road of the Future. And Finally, Of Saturn-Pluto Conjunctions, Impeachment, Trade Wars and Peace

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DATELINE: 30 January 2020

The Funeral of Qassem Soleimani, Tehran. Source: Maryam Kamyab-Mohammad Mohsenifar.

The Funeral of Qassem Soleimani, Tehran.
Source: Maryam Kamyab-Mohammad Mohsenifar.


This first wave of articles launching us into the 2020s, literally saw, what I forecast will be the most decisive decade in history, start off with a BANG! An assassination of an Iranian leader that came very close to setting off tit-for-tat military escalations between the US and Iran that could have repeated what the killing of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, started: A World War in 1914.

You need to know what you are not being told by your governments or your corporately compromised mainstream media. History may repeat itself. The assassination of IRGC commanding General Qassem Soleimani on 2 January 2020, like Archduke Ferdinand shot dead in Bosnia on 28 June 1914, could be the flash point to World War III just as Franz Ferdinand’s killing lit the match of World War I exactly one month later on 28 July 1914. What follows is the true story in four parts the US military industrial complex and deep corporate state in Washington do not want you to know.

Peace is “bad” for business…

DATELINE: 30 January 2020

Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, Chief of al-Quds IRGC Special General Qassem Soleimani. Source AFP

Iranian General Qassem Soleimani, Chief of al-Quds IRGC Special General Qassem Soleimani. Source AFP

A New American “Deterrent”
Kill the Peacemaker!

Things are starting to rapidly change in times of an American empire falling.

First and foremost, long-time allies of the United States in the Middle East, pro-American leaders, such as Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi of Iraq, are willing to entertain becoming a neutral go-between upon first receiving some surprising back-channel communications from the Saudi Arabian government that began back in September 2019. The first of these happened immediately after cruise missiles and drones of Iranian manufacture penetrated US-built Saudi Arabian Patriot missile defenses and surgically struck the kingdom of oil’s biggest oil field and refinery installation of Aramco. Yemeni Houthis, Iranian proxies resisting a Saudi genocidal war in Yemen since 2015, officially claimed they launched the attack.

The Saudi’s counter-claimed Iran did it because the missiles and drones came flying in from the north. I pointed out in my follow-up Aramco Strike article posted a month after the strike on 19 October 2019 that the parts presented by the Royal Saudi Air Force to the press belonged to models of Iran’s earliest cruise missile designs that had been shipped to the Houthi stronghold of Sana, in Northern Yemen by air before Saudi forces and their southern Yemeni allies completely besieged ground and airspace to all Iranian approach, with the help of US Special Forces as advisors, and US Air Force tankers keeping Saudi air strikes and patrols constant and fueled.

Tehran after Aramco was attacked did make some very strong hints to the Saudis and their Gulf allies the United Arab Emirates, that if their installations were so vulnerable to Houthis mounting such an attack, why continue this ruinous war? Why not negotiate a peace with the Yemenis and talk with Iran as well?

The strike showed just how ineffective the US-build defenses were. The Saudis and Emiratis got salvoes of hot air from Washington instead. Trump blustering about US forces being “locked and loaded” for whatever Iran might do next.

The Americans added a few thousand more troops and US soldiers after the strike and bluster, manning more Patriot batteries and personnel ringing the Aramco fields, the Saudis left to pay all their expenses.

It began to look like a pattern.

Earlier in 2019 when Saudi-registered tankers were damaged by limpet mines stuck on bulkheads by Iranians, the US roared like a mouse and added more squadrons based in the Saudi Kingdom.

Gestures of support after the fact, after attacks.

Maybe Washington is all “bully-wimp talk and no do” when it comes down to a shooting war with Iran?

In the ensuing months it was clear this relatively minor attack on Saudi oil drilling and refining installations took far longer to fix and restore a profitable flow of petrodollars to pay for all this do-nothing US help. The Saudi princes began to wonder, Houthis or not, about Iran’s ability to accurately, surgically-even, take out all their oil installations without all that US radar and hardware able to prevent it…

Houthis or not, the harm done by a handful of Iranian weapons was in itself a measured message from Tehran.

It left the kingdom and its Gulf ally the Emiratis feeling for the first time objectively exposed. Could US arms protect them from a full, retaliatory response directly coming over the Gulf in a swarm of thousands of cruise missiles launched directly out of Iran?

Oil production is their only economic reason for existence as a kingdom set upon a vast wasteland of one of the world’s harshest deserts. All of it suddenly gone to blazes of hell fire and black clouds in one full-scale Iranian strike?

Thus the Saudis began testing the diplomatic waters using their Embassy in Baghdad and the Iraqi’s as a back channel to Tehran. According to Adel Abdul Mahdi, the caretaker Prime Minister of Iraq until pending elections are held later in 2020, his Foreign Minister had received a letter from the Saudis as the year 2019 drew to a close. If not a peace, at least Iran and Saudi Arabia with the UAE might establish détente, the easing of hostilities or strained relations between them.

The Saudi letter, passed by the Iraqi Foreign Minister to Prime Minister Mahdi, happened around five days after a short-range missile slammed into a US coalition base outside of Kirkuk, in Iraqi Kurdistan state on 27 December 2019. The base was surrounded by remnants of ISIS fighters, remnants of the defeated Islamic State. Could they have fired the weapon?

US Drone shot of the flaming Iraqi Shia camp, considered a sovereign force by the Iraqi government, which is Shia, that was also supported by the Iranian government, the chief bastion and defenders of the Shia Muslim minority in the world. Source: US Armed Forces

Kataib Hezbollah base set on fire by US F-15 fighter bombers on 29 December 2019. US Armed Forces, public domain.

Two nights later on the 29 December 2019, US F-15 Fighter jets struck three Kataib Hezbollah targets at Qaim near the Syrian border and two in Syria, hundreds of miles west from the Kirkuk incident. They fired on the PMF (Popular Mobilization Forces), Iraqi militias waging war alongside Americans against ISIS. The US jets killed 26, wounding 36.

Unlike what you hear on the mainstream news (MSN) these PMF militias aren’t “Iranian proxies” any more than Canadian forces fighting side-by-side with US forces against Nazi Germany in World War II were “American proxies.” They were allies fighting the black clad, SS Nazis of our day, the brutal Sunni extremists of Islamic State.

The Shia Muslims of Iraq and Iran harbor the largest concentrations of Shia minority Muslims in a sea of 1.1 billion Sunni Muslims around the world, who are religiously at odds with their brand of Muslim worship and have martyred their leaders and persecuted them since the birth of Islam in the seventh century. The Sunnis of ISIS and al-Qaeda take this dispute to apocalyptic levels. They believe they are chosen warriors of the final holy war that will purge Islam by the sword of its enemies, both unbelievers “and” the Shia “apostates.”

So with that understood, if Canadians aided Americans against a mutual and existential threat from Nazi Germany, what is the difference if Shi’ite Iranians aid Iraqi Shi’ites waging their existential fight for survival against Sunni-majority jihadists?

The Iraqi Shia are not proxies of Iran.

They are allies.

Your MSN outlets don’t give you this important context.

You are going to need to know it, the background, the “why” Iranian Shia are fighting with Iraqis.

Back in the spring of 2014, the Islamic State’s black-flowering holy war of death blossomed and rapidly overwhelmed large parts of central and eastern Syria. By June 2014 they invaded Iraq from the northwest overrunning the Sunni Iraqi provinces in their sweeping victories routing four divisions of the Iraqi Army near Iraq’s second largest city of Mosul, further arming themselves with APCs, tanks and artillery, mountains of ammunition and weapons dropped by those fleeing Iraqi divisions.

Hot on the heels of the routed, whom they captured and mercilessly killed in mass shootings by the thousands (because they were Shias), ISIS forces were driving in their captured armored trucks in mobile columns rapidly on their way south to conquer the capital of Iraq, Baghdad.

They conquered the Sunni provinces in ten days, had the Iraqi Kurds to the north digging in, fighting for their lives. The main ISIS thrust bore down on the majority Shia population in the southern provinces of Iraq. The Shia dominated government and the people in the south were in complete panic and disarray.

Then came a rare, public call to all Iraqi Shia from their penultimate spiritual leader. He is rarely known to make one, but when he does, the Shia of Iraq stop and listen. It so happens that this man, Ayatollah Ali-Sistani, who lives in the ancient city of Najaf, a key religious and cultural center of Shia Iraq, was a reader of my HogueProphecy Articles at least from 2003 through 2011 during the US occupation of Iraq. I would receive an email with the letterhead of his organization thanking me for sending my articles online. I am certain their contents were studied by his secretaries, translated and disseminated to Ali-Sistani who is a man of meditation, peace and quietude. I consider him the Mahatma Gandhi of the Iraqi Shia, preferring civil disobedience to fighting if at all possible.

It wasn’t possible in late June of 2014.

Ali-Sistani called for a national mobilization of Iraqi Shias to stop the invasion of ISIS blasphemers. This exceedingly rare fatwa of alarm ended the panic and sent tens of thousands of Shia men in Iraq and neighboring Iran heeding his call to arms, and to form militias. They bravely did what American “Minutemen” might do to thwart a British redcoat attack during the American Revolution, only there was an additional religious fervor for Iraqis. Their history was defined by the persecution of Sunnis as one of the earliest nations to convert to Islam and ever since the creation of Islam became a land soaked in the blood of the Shia martyred, including some of Islam’s greatest Caliphs, such as Imam Ali and Imam Hussayn. The Iraqi cities of Samara and Najaf are built over the bones of such “Shaheed” (martyrs of Islam).

With surprising speed the Shia Iraqis amassed their militias under the command of one who would become a great Iraqi hero in the battles with ISIS to come. Call him in American terms equivalent to General George S. Patton, Iraqi General Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis.

He would coordinate and blend his forces with Iranian volunteers and special forces of the al-Quds special forces of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) and with their commander General Qassem Soleimani, establish the PMF (Popular Mobilization Forces). General al-Muhandis became the chief battlefield front commander with General Soleimani the strategic, overall commander.

For decades the al-Quds elite IRGC forces were already under his command as advisors and fighters training and arming the South Lebanese Shia Arab resistance to Israeli occupation known as Hezbollah. When the US backed, trained and armed the Islamically radicalized Syrian resistance against the Shia al-Assad regime during the Syrian Civil War (2011—) Hezbollah and the IRGC expanded their range fighting alongside the Syrian Arab Army.

Putting this in another World War II metaphor, General Qassem Soleimani became the Shia alliance’s Dwight David Eisenhower. He was the overall, strategic commander like Eisenhower had been for Montgomery and Patton serving in the Western Allied forces in the Second World War.

To Shia Muslims around the world, Soleimani and al-Muhandis would be regarded as heroes for a long string of hard-fought and bloody victories against ISIS and al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria. Their first coordinated victory was checking ISIS from taking the Iraqi capital in a skirmish along the approaches of Baghdad International Airport in July 2014.

From 2014 through 2018, Generals al-Muhandis and Soleimani steamrolled the Islamic State out of Iraq, back into Syria in some of the bloodiest battles in modern Middle Eastern history, culminating in the Stalingrad of the Arab world, the nine-month Battle of Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city of 1.8 million people. Of the 30,000 young Shia Iraqi and Iranian men who died fighting ISIS in this war, the lion’s share fell at Mosul in close-quarter battle, along with 50-to-100,000 Iraqi civilians in the crossfire.

The civilian death toll was inordinately high for two reasons. The street fighting had decimated the Iraqi Shia and Iranian militias requiring they stand off and allow the US and Iraqi air forces to level entire urban neighborhoods where ISIS used the civilians, mostly Sunni Iraqi Muslims, as human shields. The US strategy of blasting down entire cities full of non-combatants became a pattern also in the complete destruction of other towns and even the capital of ISIS, al-Raqqah in Syria which many human rights and UNO leaders said approached the level of a crime against humanity.

Be that as it may, by 2018, the Islamic State was shattered and on the run, in Syria and Iraq. US participation on the ground was minimal, advisory at best. Americans trained a lot of the Iraqi soldiers that fought and died in Mosul and later in Syria. These 5,200 Americans were invited to return troops to Iraq, by its government in 2014. The 2,000 that advanced into Syrian Kurdistan were not. They also stood off and let the Syrian YPG Kurdish militias do the close fighting and dying while American artillery and air assets pounded Syrian cities back to the stone age like al-Raqqah killing another 15-to-20,000 civilians.

But despite what President Trump boasts or the MSM exults, the biggest military accomplishment US forces pulled off was not defeating ISIS but taking advantage of others who came to blood-soaked grips with them while US forces made a land and Syrian oilfield grab of northeastern Syria down to the Tigris River. The Americans were in Syria for those oilfields, easy pickings while Iranian, Hezbollah, Iraqi Shia and Syrian Army units were bogged down actually fighting the main forces of ISIS south of the Tigris River.

By the end of 2018, General Soleimani, the Shia Eisenhower, won this war against the Islamic State. And his victories were even acknowledged by the American military who gave him praise as a hero, a military savior.

To achieve this, Soleimani played warrior “and” shrewd diplomat, like General Eisenhower who kept the American, British and French allies united with his power as a gifted politician—one destined to become President of the United States.

Soleimani managed to coordinate and keep in his alliance the Iraqi and Syrian governments, the Iraqi and Syrian standing regular armies, plus their irregular PMF militias, fighting alongside the Lebanese Shia Arab militias of Hezbollah. Together under his leadership, they destroyed ISIS as a state and further isolated its remnants. Jihadist fighters affiliated to Al-Qaeda have also been contained in Syria’s Idlib Province where they today prepare to fight a losing last stand.

Fast forward to 27 December 2019. A coalition camp surrounded by ISIS near Kirkuk. A missile fired, a US contractor expired…

The year 2019 ends with US jets bomb drilling several bases of Iraqi Shi’ite militias, their allies, on the Syrian frontier in the fight against what’s left of ISIS. The Pentagon accused their allies of committing “repeated attacks on Iraqi bases that host Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR) coalition forces.”

As usual the Pentagon gave no evidence to back the claim. It gave no comment to ISIS surrounding that Kirkuk coalition base likely firing the missile that killed one American contractor.


The Million-Man Iraqi march in Baghdad, and demand for the US to leave Iraq!

The US attack enraged Iraqi citizens and government officials across the Shia majority population of Iraq. As a “guest” invited by Iraq to return in 2014 to help them fight ISIS, their “guest” just attacked their hosts with impunity and no proof.

The Office of the Prime Minister of Iraq officially stated, “The prime minister described the American attack on the Iraqi armed forces as an unacceptable vicious assault that will have dangerous consequences.”

The day after the attack, Iraqi Shi’ite Ayatollah Ali-Sistani gave a more measured read of the situation in his statement. For the record he agreed with the US that some of these groups were responsible for, “illegal practices.” However he backed the Iraqi Prime Minister, condemning the US attack, adding, “the Iraqi authorities alone are entitled to deal with these [illegal] practices and take the necessary measures to prevent them.”

The killing of Iraqi soldiers by US missiles sparked largescale and violent demonstrations by thousands of unarmed Iraqi Shia militiamen during the final few days left to 2019 at the gates of the Vatican-sized 108-acre fortress complex that is the US Embassy in the center of the Green Zone in downtown Baghdad.

The rapid developing situation stemming from the strikes on the 27th and 29th, prompted the Saudis to make a big diplomatic move. Riyadh started overtly playing sides. The witnessing source of these historically shifting affairs was none other than the pro-American Prime Minister of Iraq, Adel Abdul Mahdi.

A letter was sent from the Saudi embassy in Baghdad to Iraq’s Foreign Minister who handed it to PM Mahdi. It appeared the Saudi Arabian government was opening a channel to discuss seeking détente with Iran! In other words, a major drawing down of tensions between the two regional superpowers.

Iraqi Prime Minister Mahdi would be the go-between. On 2 January  Mahdi asked if General Qassem Soleimani in Tehran if he could come to Baghdad overnight and read the letter in his presence at a scheduled liaison in the Prime Minister’s office at 8:00 am, 3 January 2020.

Soleimani agreed to come, flying post haste from Tehran hoping to interpret and take back the Saudi message to Iranian President Rouhani and the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khamenei.

Mahdi dutifully notified his American ally, President Trump and Secretary of State Pompeo that Qassem Soleimani was coming for that meeting which might bode a diplomatic breakthrough to lower tensions in the region. Mahdi later told the press that President Trump encouraged him to go ahead with the meeting and keep him posted.

The Americans were told Soleimani’s jet would land just after Midnight on 3 January (Iraqi Time) at the Baghdad International Airport. Given the importance of Soleimani his entourage would be greeted and escorted to the Prime Minister by Iraq’s hero of the ISIS war, al-Muhandis and his lieutenants.

The Shia Iranian General “Eisenhower” and Shia Iraqi “Patton” met at the airport that in 2014 had been the location of their first victory against ISIS. They entered the same car. The large motorcade pulled away heading for the meeting scheduled at the Iraqi Prime Minister’s office in the Green Zone.

Prime Minister Mahdi received a message from the Americans, possibly Pompeo himself. He was informed that the US was about to kill Soleimani with a drone missile and asked to give his permission.

Axios reports his exact words being that he “could not accept a political assassination” and that such an assassination attempt would be a grave violation of Iraqi sovereignty.

The US drone missiles were fired!

Soleimani’s motorcade in flames minutes after the drone strike.

Soleimani’s motorcade in flames minutes after the drone strike.

They blasted to bits the motorcade around 1:30-to-1:45 am (Iraqi Time) on 3 January 2020, killing nine top Iranian and Iraqi military aides including the greatest heroes of the war against ISIS, Generals al-Muhandis of Iraq and General Qassem Soleimani of Iran.

The US killed an allied general and assassinated the second most powerful leader of a country for which it wasn’t at war.

Here then is the dark consequence I forewarned readers about in an article published on 23 October 2017. (See IRGC)

President Trump had been advise by his pro-Iranian war neocons in his cabinet to declare the IRGC and its commanders a terrorist organization.

That puts international law at cross purposes.

A civilized state cannot assassinate a leader of a state on a hunch or without declaration of war on provable grievances of being attacked. If you, however, should declare that leader a terrorist—something only the Trump Administration has dared to officially do—all civilized behavior is set aside. A state leader, you merely “un-state” as a terrorist for killing?

With such a precedence, who is next?

Your state leaders? Perhaps your own president…?

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DATELINE: 30 January 2020

Several million Iranians in Tehran throng toward the Soleimani and al-Muhandis Funeral. Source: Tasnim News Agency.

Several million Iranians in Tehran throng toward the Soleimani and al-Muhandis Funeral. Source: Tasnim News Agency.

The “Mourning” After, of the Shia Muslims
Before the Counterattack

Mourning came to Iraq with the sun’s rising to cast dusty desert winter light upon seas of millions of Shia Muslims who absorbed that happy light and cast it back in the color black. A black sea of crying and angry human beings flooded down wide boulevards of Iraq’s capital first to Kadhimiya, a Shia pilgrimage site in Baghdad. Then the dark-hearted flood penetrated the Green Zone government block to wallow and rise lament in an Iraqi state funeral.

A truck carrying the nine coffins draped in the appropriate national flags of the Iraqi and Iranian slain rode through the parting black human waves with soldiers atop it catching black shawls of woman, the khaki keffiyehs of Shia militia men, rubbing them on the coffins of their dead commanders, Generals Qassem Soleimani and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, then tossing them back to those who threw them, as mementos to be worshipped and prayed to. By the time the truck harbored into the wide Green Zone square for the state funeral the soldiers had caught, rubbed and flung back tens of thousands of these forget-me-nots of martyrdom.

The mourning oceans of humanity be mostly black, they let flutter and float above their surface thousands upon thousands of Iranian, and Iraqi flags and portraits of the dead generals, some with expressions penetrating and grave, others loving and smiling. If you are an American watching the mainstream news you might not recognize Soleimani for the softening eyes and loving smile he was capable of showing to those who weren’t trying to kill him but loved, thanked him for saving them from al-Qaeda, Israel, ISIS and American threats of sanction and death…

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DATELINE: 30 January 2020

Iranian Fateh-313 cruise missile launch. Heading for US bases in Iraq! FARS News Agency

Iranian Fateh-313 cruise missile launch.
Heading for US bases in Iraq! FARS News Agency

Read Right the Message of Iran’s Rhetorical Attack
On US Military Bases across Iraq

A day into the middle of the night after official mourning ended, Iran dramatically responded!

IRGC surface-to-surface missile batteries in Western Iran heard their radio headsets crackle with the code to launch “Oh Zahra!” It is a woman’s name in Arabic and Persian. It could have stood for the Prophet Muhammad’s daughter Fatima-Zahra. A woman who is beautiful and bright. Or it might directly stand for the Persian meaning (sparkling, bright , in this case the launching of the first of three-to-four waves each set aloft 15-minutes apart of what the Iranian press claimed were 23 missiles fired on US bases in neighboring Iraq.

Cameramen of the Fars News Agency were present filming take-offs from mobile launchers hiding behind a long earthen blast berm illuminating the Iranian desert as they roared and ascended like golden stars, or dire portents for the future, bright flowers of death and revenge, in videos soon broadcast across a world, holding its breath.

Oh Zahria! I was witnessing the first time flashing salvoes of the first Iranian “Conqueror” or Fateh-313 cruise missiles ever shot into Iraq, targeting US bases.

It brought such dire questions before a sharpened attention.

Were these the first dazzling rocket warning lights of a US-Iranian full-scale war I had so long written and warned about, especially for the last 13 years?

Would the dark night of war spread across the Persian Gulf region setting it ablaze with immolated oil fields and refineries and US bases, warranting a US counter-attack…?

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DATELINE: 30 January 2020

Source: Alaa al-Marjani.

Source: Alaa al-Marjani.

What is the Next Move?

With one strategically blind and arrogant drone death stroke, the assassination of Iranian Qassem Soleimani and Iraqi Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis has brought US-Iranian tensions into new and uncharted territory. It has been uniquely met by a missile attack directly on US military bases, openly launched from Iran into Iraq, the attack not clandestine but publicly declared by the Iranian government and Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

American arrogance has caused a self-inflicted strategic wound. Washington’s brazen and lethal disrespect of Iraq’s sovereignty may have lost them Iraq itself as a platform to base their troops, even though the Pentagon announced as January 2020 drew to a close that three new US bases will be constructed along the Iraq side of the Iranian border.

That these are near or inside Iraqi Kurdistan hints of a US withdrawal in the future out of the Shi’ite two thirds of Iraq to Kurdistan.

America’s new “deterrent” murder policy has turned at least two thirds of Iraqi people against them who are Shia and who run the government of Iraq. They have disrespected the Iraqis in these impulsive killings of generals and militia and shown themselves to be occupiers and invaders once again, not allies.

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DATELINE: 30 January 2020

Click on this link and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

Click on this link and read more about this new book and where the Ukraine crisis is taking us next.

World War Three with Eyes Wide Shut?!

I’m getting a number of similarly un-thought-out observations from people who countenance freely and loosely the idea that nuking Iran is a quick, easy and painless way to take out a US problem.

No name of the following comment will be tendered. I hide it to protect the willfully guilty. She’s talking about “they” being Iran. The brackets are mine for clarity:

They want to play with nuclear power [America]? Now would be a good time to turn Iran into a nuclear waste dump? Japan has all that radioactive waste to dispose of at Fukushima? Lots of thirsty sand in Iran!

My Answer to all who think this way…

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DATELINE: 30 January 2020

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. Source: ©Sputnik, Dmitry Astakhov.

Vladimir Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. Source: ©Sputnik, Dmitry Astakhov.

Putin “will” Leave Power in 2024
And Not Remain a Dictator For life

For the record I’m just going to tell you how it will be, as presciently straight as I can. These changes proposed by Putin, laid out by Medvedev, will redistribute power from the Russian President to the Duma (Russian Parliament). Putin is systematically taking power away from the Russian executive branch in the coming four years. He begins by giving the Duma powers to appoint a prime minister. He will then appoint a cabinet to be approved by parliament. Or, as Putin put it in his State of the Nation Address, “In this case, the president will be obliged to appoint them; that is, he will not have the right to reject parliament-approved candidacies…”

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DATELINE: 30 January 2020

320px-Bloomberg-2020-presidential-campaign-logo-FREE.svgBloomberg slow-but-steady Advance
In Polls before Iowa

Fox may be speculating how well he might do in the upcoming Iowa caucus and the New Hampshire primaries. But really, he’s not even campaigning in either. He’s putting all his campaigning eggs in one basket full of states called the Super Tuesday primaries (3 March 2020) chasing it with several hundred million more dollars of ad campaigning. That’s also when Bloomberg will start appearing in full, live campaigning mode, especially as now Super Tuesday includes an early showing of the biggest Democrat blue state out there, California. Big blue CA, joins Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado (with caucuses), Georgia, Massachusetts, Minnesota (with caucuses), Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Vermont, and Virginia in what is the closest thing to a national primary election we’ll see this year.

The press attacking Bloomberg for trying to “buy the Presidency” are missing the realities of our times, astrologically speaking. Only millionaires and billionaire oligarchs can make an effective run in 2020. This is the final year Saturn will be in Capricorn (business), along with Pluto in Capricorn (more establishment and big business) with Uranus in its fall in Taurus, the sign of fascism taking on a corporate mask this Fourth Turning. That’s the name futurologists Strauss and Howe gave to an 80-year global crisis cycle, the last happening in the 1930s and 1940s with the Great Depression and Second World War. Here we go again with a variation on the last global crisis theme…

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DATELINE: 30 January 2020


Australia Ablaze down the Fury Road of the Future

I’ve been watching the catastrophe of Australia on fire for some weeks now. I used to live in Australia in Manly (Sydney) in 1988-89 plus went to Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and their beautiful environs. I know what Australia can dish out weather wise, usually more intense drought, heatwave, thunderstorm and tropical cyclones than most places.

In normal times Australia’s weather compared to other lands can seem more extreme.

But this….!

This is Peter Weir’s Last Wave if it were instead a firestorm movie! It is apocalyptic. I have friends who live northwest of you in the hills of Victoria state. He is a sculptor and she an artist and the creator of the tarot card deck I use for online readings, the Osho Zen Tarot Deck. They have built a fire bunker on their farm property with filters, air ducts in a sandstone fortress half buried in the ground. I’m sure they have breathing gear and oxygen too. I have a lot of readers and friends Downunder that are under threat from these fires.

The fire maps have wreathed that great sunburnt desert continent’s green coastal zones set all on fire! My readers outside of Australia need to know this is happening.

They may not know that it has burned so bad that the Australian Navy has evacuated thousands of people along the ignited coastlines. I’ve seen thousands of people near about Manly, New South Wales, where I have many friends, camped out on the beach, ready to wade out into the Coral Sea to get away from the flames…

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DATELINE: 30 January 2020

Source: Jhkang1517. ©Creative Commons.

Source: Jhkang1517. ©Creative Commons.

Economic Crash Windows in Brief
As they Presciently Stand

Hogue reader “Clare” on 13 January wrote me a question so many of you daily are asking. Here’s my answer to you all as things echo back from the future about the world’s present economic actions:

Thanks for your quick response, John, my main question is about timing of a possible recession/stock mkt in the US and abroad – if you can briefly let me know what you see going on in the economy this year and next.

Hi Clare, I can’t rule out a roll out a prelude to recession caused by Chinese quarantines to stop the spread of the Coronavirus…

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DATELINE: 30 January 2020

Tibetan Astrological Diagram in Copper, late-1800s.

Tibetan Astrological Diagram in Copper, late-1800s.

Of Saturn-Pluto Conjunctions, Impeachment
Trade Wars and Peace

Capricorn in this case rules the governing establishment in politics and economic power. Out of the “frying pot” Pluto conjunction, Saturn moves into the “fire,” so to speak, in the second half of February in a transit over the US birth chart position of Pluto at 27 degrees Capricorn. This gives opposition and polarity great magnification as Pluto at America’s birth was in opposition to Neptune in Virgo—the aspect of US boom-bust economic and political cycles. Moreover, this transit of Saturn illuminates the limitation of those who have fallen into a near-hysterical attempt to get rid of Trump…

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